Aphex26 released an updated version of his Karia Terrain on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    A small terrain I made just to teach me the in's and out's of terrain building. Even if most of what I learned is that BI makes terrible tools.

    • Smoothed and lowered some micro-terrain to look more natural.
    • Added 3 small forest to strategic points around town.
    • Clutter improvements.
    • More ditches

Written on 2016-10-19 by Aphex26


The acemod released an updated version of the ACEX on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ACEX is an extra package to compliment the ACE3 modification for Arma 3. It contains additional components on top of the ACE3 modification that provide extra functionality and is entirely optional.

    The mod is built modularly, so almost any included PBO can be easily removed from the configuration. This way, a team can maintain its own tailored version of ACEX by simply excluding any components they don't need, or those possibly in conflict with other mods. Modules themselves, e.g. the medical system, also include various customization options, allowing mission designers to tweak the overall experience.

    ACEX has been updated to V3.1.1!
    This is an hotfix to address the "ACE Sitting is outdated" error message since the ACEX update from yesterday.

    • Fix "File ace_sitting.pbo is outdated" (#39)

Written on 2016-10-19 by Armaholic

Janez informed us he released an updated version of the Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion plugin for the Notepad++ opensource editor on the BI forums.
This plugin which was originally made by Nicolas and updated for Arma 3 by GossamerSolid, Sanjo and Bakerman.

  • added: few missing commands introduced with 1.58
  • added: commands introduced with 1.60
  • added: commands introduced with 1.62
  • added: commands introduced with 1.64

Written on 2016-10-19 by Sanjo


ViperMaul informed the community about the release of a new version of the Community Base addons (CBA) on the BI forums.

    Quote ViperMaul :
    This release adds Join Rails compatibility to pistols and bipods from the Tanoa expansion and tweaks various small issues with the AI and settings functionality. It also removes old, long deprecated and/or non functional code mainly stemming from the days of Arma 2. We also fixed the "callsign" composition attribute from the Eden-Editor by inserting our own custom MP compatible function.

    • Added: Format versions of ERROR_WITH_TITLE() macro
    • Added: ERROR_MSG() macro to display on-screen message and log
    • Added: Some state machine enhancements
    • Improved: Formating of log macros
    • Improved: Internally use format log macros where possible
    • Improved: Check for removed cba_linux.pbo
    • Improved: Removed a semicolon to indicate a return value
    • Fixed: A typo in a function header

Written on 2016-10-19 by ViperMaul

Lumnuon released an updated alpha version of his New York City, USA on the BI forums.
This map was previously released as "Governer´s Island, New York".

    Quote :
    The terrain is 16km^2 big and keeps the original scale of the real world terrain.
    Mask/Sat: 8192x8192px
    Height: 4096x4096px (1px/m)

    Real location
    This map is a recreation of Governer´s Island, which is located right under New York´s financial district.
    Governer´s Island served several different purposes and was opened to the public in 2003. Roughly ten yours later Governer´s Island was to receive a massive overhaul which is reflected in this Island as it was happening.

    • Added:
        - More lights in Brooklyn and Manhatten
        - More detail in Brooklyn and Manhatten
        - Expanded Brooklyn
        - Added flooded highway to Brooklyn
        - Complete wall around Brooklyn
        - Harbor posts near Manhatten International Terminal
    • Changed:
        - Adjusted the height of the roof over the main pier of Liberty Island
        - Improved the satellite image
        - Changed the name of the terrain from "Governors Island, New York" to "New York City, USA"
    • Fixed:
        - Metal bolards on Liberty Island that are sunk into the ground
        - Small dirt path on Liberty Island

Written on 2016-10-18 by Armaholic

Cunico released an updated version of his Spec4Gear addon on the BI forums.

  • Added the missing GPNVGs of which I updated the positioning and size to fit the new helmet. I also adjusted the shine/plastic of the nods.

Written on 2016-10-18 by Armaholic

Blazenchamber released an updated version of the Specialist Military Arms on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    We have updated the latest SMA with some small fixes.

    This update has adjusted the Elcan zeroing default to 100m. Also for some people who Prefer their 4x Elcan optics to work more in line with BI's 4x we now have an Optional Pbo for the Specter to allow the choice to either run both versions of the Elcan or just the one you prefer.

    The choice is yours but there are trade offs to having the 3d 4x zoom on the Elcan so try it and make your own mind up on which you prefer. We don't really need a massive debate here on the forum about it this is why i gave people the options.
    Also optics have much less glare.

    We also fixed the weapon accuracy.

    • Fixed config patches error corrected class names
    • Fixed default zero on Elcan optics now 100m
    • Added ELCAN_ALTZOOM_C pbo in optional folder gives people choice on how they prefer optic to work
    • Adjusted Glare from some optics for clearer view
    • Fixed missing grip pod compatibility on some of the custom HK416 variants
    • Fixed missing Recoils pbo now sets correct Recoils
    • Added Gemtech one suppressor now compatible with 556 weapons
    • Fixed Dispersion values on weapons to correct inaccuracies
    • Fixed SKS ammo not working
    • Fixed optional Vanilla ammo pbo missing class name and now correct folder
    • Fixed cba_jr errors

Written on 2016-10-18 by Armaholic

Ryan White submitted his 2035 Australian SF Retex.

    Quote :
    An Inaccurate Australian SF Mod.

Written on 2016-10-17 by Ryan White

KokaKolaA3 released an updated version of his ACE 3 Extension on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This AddOn adds the ability to perform new Actions and Animations via ACE 3 Interactions Menu.

    • Added 14 new Animations ~thanks to Direone!
    • Added "Static Poses"
    • Added "Attention"
    • Fixed some bugs
    • Renamed some Poses
    • Added Serverkey

Written on 2016-10-17 by KokaKolaA3

The Iron Regiment Team submitted the Iron Regiment Serbian Army mod.

    Quote :
    This is our second enhanced modification for of the Serbian army, mode there are several kinds of uniforms and bulletproof vests and a pair of vehicles that after are to be added.

    • Added new uniform Vetrovka M93 and new uniform M10
    • Added New rifleman classes
    • Added new tank T-72A
    • Changed camoflague on BTR60
    • Returned Mi-24v
    • Changed camoflague on Mi-8
    • Added new ACU camoflague on NATO helmets for Zandarmerija
    • Removed YAK-131

Written on 2016-10-17 by _Zeratul_

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