Lifetap informed us the 3 Commando Brigade released an updated version of the 3CB BAF Weapons on the BI forums.

    Quote :

    I'm very pleased to announce the major release of our 3CB_BAF_Vehicles, along with updates to 3CB_BAF_Weapons, 3CB_BAF_Equipment and 3CB_BAF Units.

    • Added KITE scope
    • Added MAXIKITE scope
    • Fixed arsenal compatibility with RC1.68
    • Fixed logo incorrectly displaying in VA and Eden
    • Fixed L16 unit animation to prevent 'standing' bug
    • Fixed L16 accuaracy issue
    • Fixed L16 autofire issue
    • Fixed L16 'shiny' destruct textures
    • Fixed M6 accuracy issue when firing on sloped ground
    • Fixed M6 eating ammo bug
    • Fixed L115 reload. Not longer pulls out of scope view
    • Fixed UGL sound tails broken after v1.66
    • Fixed STHUD icon for L7 and L110
    • Improved grenade and UGL smoke rounds
    • Improved UGL, M6 and L16 flare rounds

Written on 2017-03-16 by Armaholic


DirtySanchez released an updated version of his DP Build Everything Arma on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    2300 + buildable items for any arma 3 scenario, mission, SP, MP or editor FUN!
    eXpoch Vector Building system Lite
    -Build from inventory (Double Click item)
    -Remove built object (Left-Windows key)
    -Object Snapping (NumberPad 0)
    -PhysX toggle (NumberPad 3)

    If you have seen it on Altis, Stratis or Tanoa in Arma 3, I am 99.9% sure its in here.
    Everything from Helpers, VR, Buildings, Military to PopUp Targets and SilverWare.
    We even have every Shoot House and every Karts track piece, nothing was left out!

    The list is so long I can not put it up here, instead its included in the mod in a neat list.
    Everything was made into a CfgMagazine and the built objects into CfgVehicles.
    This is a long going idea that has had many renditions and evolved with me over the last few years.
    The original addon release was labeled as DonkeyPunch Addon for Exile in December of 2015.
    This release is for the entire ArmA 3 community to be able to use at their pleasure.
    If there are any milsims, mods or missions that would like help incorporating this into their work, give me a jingle.

    • Fixed: Original Arma 3 crates still had their inventory. Clear through configs.
    • Fixed: Did the same to all Sling Load Pods and Containers
    • Cleaned up: Many crates had items with no picture. This is due to no editor preview available from arma 3. Changed most to Prop.jpg or alternative
    • Added: New Menu for spawning crates. Hit CTRL+B to open the menu. Click a crate and click the spawn crate button below!
    • Added: Optional AddAction scroll wheel to open the menu
    • Added: Ability to turn off the crate menu should you run this on MP / Coop / Scenarios (readme for more info)

Written on 2017-03-16 by Armaholic

Badbenson released his Enhanced Visuals on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds Enhanced Visuals to your Arma 3 game.

    • NVG visuals changed:
        - bloom (especially lights and bright objects
        - more film grain
        - less visible goggle overlay
        - scan lines overlay
    • Laser pointer:
        - day light laser pointer
        - optional 3d line and dot

Written on 2017-03-16 by Armaholic


Ltf released an updated version of his 2000 Era US Smocks on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    These are retextures of gorka suit model made by PuFu. There are 7 variations.

    • Tweaked 3 color desert camouflage

Written on 2017-03-15 by Armaholic

Maxjoiner released a wip video on the Armaholic forums showing the Max Coast Guard Patrol Boat addon he is currently working on.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Max Life pack topic.

Written on 2017-03-14 by maxjoiner

mathias_eichinger released his Tanoa Infantry unit on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds your basic grunt-like Tanoan Infantry. Just some light infantry that use to drive around in an armored APC and hump it through the jungle.

    The units can be found as single soldiers, as well as a grouped squad and a car under BLUFOR and that "Tanoa Infantry unit" name.

Written on 2017-03-14 by Armaholic

Armitxes informed us he released an updated version of his Visual Studio Code SQF Language on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a new, but already very known Code Editor.
    Works on Linux, OS X and Windows.

    • Splittet all commands based on when they were introduced. This way you can for example tell VSCode to only provide you commands for ArmA2 or Take on Helicopter commands if working on older / alternative versions.
    • Added Support for common Community Projects such as CBA or ACE (thanks to bux)
    • Added Linter (does not conflict with SQFLint)
    • You now receive warnings on using deprecated commands (in futher development, please report any missing deprecated commands or functions). Note that you must setup the config properly for this to work.
    • You now receive warnings on using common reserved function namespaces such as "CBA_" or "ACE_" without having such enabled.
    • Several changes on README, package, etc.

Written on 2017-03-13 by Armaholic

Aphex26 released an updated version of his Karia Terrain on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    A small terrain I made just to teach me the in's and out's of terrain building. Even if most of what I learned is that BI makes terrible tools.

    • Adjusted Satellite image.
    • Flattened roads.
    • Performance increase in town.
    • Added concrete to town.
    • Improved clutter performance.

Written on 2017-03-12 by Aphex26

Autigergrad released an updated version of his African Factions for CUP on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This faction pack allows players to create a wide range of scenarios in an African setting using only CUP mods. I will continue to add to this pack.

    Currently there are 6 fully fleshed out and playable African based factions in this pack:
    • An African Rebel faction based off of Somali Pirates set to Opfor Faction name: CUP_AFR_Reb
    • An Islamic African Insurgent faction based off of Boko Haram and Al Shabab set to Opfor Faction name: CUP_AFR_M_Reb
    • A full standardized African Army that speaks Farsi set to Independent. This force has Infantry, Special Forces, Tanks, APCs, Helicopters, and Fighter Jets. Faction name: CUP_AFR_Army
    • An African based UN Peacekeeping Force set to Blufor that speaks French. Fully equipped with UN vehicles and aircraft. Faction name: CUP_AFR_UN
    • An African Civilian faction. Faction name: CUP_AFR_CIV
    • An African Muslim Civilian faction. Faction name: CUP_AFR_M_CIV
    These factions are fully compatible with both Zeus and ALiVE.

    • Changed all faction generic names to African based
    • Changed the language of the IND Army faction and the Christian/Western themed Civilian faction to French

Written on 2017-03-12 by Armaholic

Devastator_cm released his Devas Autopilot Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    There were some requests to have my recent script as a mod and here you are. It is working like the "Pitch Hold" setup which can be found for instance by F-16s.
    Basically it is trying to hold the altitute when it is turned on but let's you to still to adjust speed, do pitch, yaw and roll.

    Here you can find the script version: Devas Autopilot.

    • Keeps the climbing ratio at 0
    • Gives possibility to pilot adjust speed, do pitch, yaw and roll while autopilot is open. Autopilot returns airplane to 0 climb ratio after control is released
    • Autopilot automatically turns off when the speed is low or when engine is not running
    • Gives autopilot functionality to every air vehicle at mission start automatically
    • Only driver can turn it on/off

Written on 2017-03-12 by Armaholic

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