DirtySanchez released two versions of his Open Chernarus Project on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds new enterable buildings to Chernarus.
    You can use CUP / A2OP / A3MP / AiA and these should work fine.
    Tested with A2OP at this time and works well.
    Tested with CUP Terrains at this time and works well.(Thanks SPOOK)

    Search and Replace PBO is included now.
    This will run on the server postinit. Meaning PLUG AND PLAY for server owners.
    No need to replace buildings on your own.

    • Open Chernarus Project:
        - Fix Chernarus NWAF Control Tower if you run JBAD buildings
        - Flickering issue of old texture from MAP after building was removed is corrected with this update.
        - New key
    • Open Chernarus Project with JBAD requirement:
        - NWAF Control Tower even though hidden and removed still had Texture appearing with the new replacement.
        - This update corrects the issue and it now looks as it should
        - New key

Written on 2017-01-14 by Armaholic


Davidoss released his Supply drop script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script gives the functionality for resupply drop in MP/SP scenario.
    Created because the bis support resupply drop is not working in MP currently.

    • Switched to FSM
    • Switched execution to server
    • Improved scripting

Written on 2017-01-13 by Armaholic

Davidoss released an updated version of his CleanUp script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script deletes all in game dropped gear, dead bodies, damaged vehicles without crew, wrecks and ruins in MP/SP.
    Can be used for whole map area or for zones, using markers or triggers (trigger type "NONE") with defined area.

    • Changed usage of BIS_fnc_inTrigger to inAreaArray command
    • Set lazy evaluation for conditions

Written on 2017-01-13 by Armaholic


Direone released an updated version of his Static animations pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm glad to present to you my Static Snimations Pack for Arma 3. I've started this work for me at the beginning but now I've decided to share my static animations with all the members of the great community of Arma 3. I hope you will enjoy my work and surely I will update the pack in the future.

    • added 6 new poses

Written on 2017-01-13 by Armaholic

Direone released an updated version of his combat poses pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A pack of combat static poses.

    • added 21 new poses
    • removed the folder with pics i will upload them separately

Written on 2017-01-13 by Armaholic

Deathstruck released an updated version of the 2035: Russian Armed Forces addon by him and Mindas on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds a fictional "future" version of the Russian Armed Forces to ArmA 3. It can be used to complement the other 2035 factions in the game.
    Featured are unique uniforms, vests and gear (with their own models and textures) and included is the regular army, recon, paratroopers, Spetsnaz, sniper teams etc.
    For now, a lot of vanilla ArmA3 assets are utilized, especially vehicles which are retextured with the modern russian camo.

    Another thing included is our own weapon pack featuring AK12 variants, AEK, Pecheneg etc. Marskman DLC features are compatible as well.

    We plan on expanding the roster, gear and armament with further versions. Same goes for some of the ArmA3 assets/placeholders (CSAT RPG-42 etc.) that will be replaced in the future.

    • A brand new Desert pack (Units, vehicles, weapons)
    • All weapons in 3 camo versions (Black, Desert, Forest)
    • Same goes for vehicles (Green, Desert, Nakidka)
    • New weapons: PP-2000 and ASH-12.7
    • New Kobra EKP-8-18 Optics
    • Added infantry units in Urban (Izlom) camo
    • New helmets, hats, vests, belts in various camo
    • Scouts in brand new camouflage and equipment
    • New Spetsnaz units replacing the old ones (basic and desert version), new models, camo, equipment
    • Config adjustments (weapons, units)
    • Minor model and texture fixes
    • Fixed reported issues

Written on 2017-01-13 by Armaholic

Adacas released an updated version of his Military Gear Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a personal project of mine for Arma 3 community. I aim to bring additional assets for character customization in Arma 3. This mod will cover new uniforms, vests, headgear and other related stuff.
    I will be making completely new models and also port some of them from Arma 2 or other artists work if I get their permission.

    So it is time for the new update. All focus was on uniforms. I have reworked the texturing workflow for the uniforms so that uniforms would look even better. Right now I'm gonna take a one week break from this project and focus on studies since upcoming week is Mid Term Exam week.
    I want to hear your opinions on the uniforms. The scale of pattern, the colors. I'll fix those in later update.

    • Added PCU Jacket + G3 Field Pants uniform
    • Updated most of the textures
    • Fix a lot of minor issues

Written on 2017-01-13 by Armaholic

Jarrad96 released an updated version of his Australian 2 Commando and NZ SAS [SFF] on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A Special Forces Faction [SFF] that adds the Australian 2nd Commando Regiment and the New Zealand Special Air Service. The 2nd Commando are based on a 2015 Afghanistan deployment, while the NZ SAS are based on a 2011 mission to Benghazi.

    The 2nd Commando Regiment have a similiar role to the US 75th Rangers- to draw out and engage enemy forces supported by specialist elements like the NZ SAS. They are armed primarily with the M4A1 and CQBR Carbines, with the HK417 and M14 EBR, as well as the Minimi, in supporting roles. They wear Multicam uniforms and have Australian flag patches.

    • Added:
        - Sniper units.
        - Spotter units.
        - NZ Autorifleman units.
        - Commando MAAWS units.
        - NZ SAS now have the HK417 for a DMR.
        - Units now have role icons in Editor/Zeus.
    • New Squads:
        - Rifle Group added
        - Gun Group added
        - Commando 'Squad' changed to 'Section'
        - MAAWS Team added
        - Sniper Team added
    • Removed Australian flag from NZ SAS forces.
    • Fixed bug with units.

Written on 2017-01-13 by Armaholic

Uro released his Structure: 'Memorial to The Fallen' on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    After hearing the sad news that Bushlurker - a fellow countryman, mod author and all-things-terrain(GIS) expert is no longer with us I needed to direct my energies into making something to remember not only him by, but also all the other modders who have also passed.

    In a homage to community authors, contributors and mentors who are sadly no longer with us, for thier commitment and dedication to empowering the community with thier knowledge and never ending enthusiasm in aiding comrades I created a memorial that can be incorporated into Arma terrains.

    Rest In Peace...
    Paul 'Bushlurker' Pelosi, 5th August 1960 - January 2017.
    Randy Stratton, 12th January 1980 - 3rd April 2014.
    James 'Planck' McNicoll, - 15th December 1952 - 7th April 2010.

Written on 2017-01-12 by Armaholic

Incontinentia informed us he released an updated version of his Incon Airpower script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Script package for Arma 3 mission makers that allows players to call in air support for target tracking and air strikes. Unlike other CAS scripts, Incon Airpower simulates high-altitude strikes where the aircraft is neither visible nor audible from the ground. As such, the aicraft itself is not spawned, only simulated, thereby avoiding all the hassle of Arma's pilot AI. Works best in single player and low-player-count COOP (lots of players using tracking may cause considerable server lag).

    Perfect for missions involving SF teams working behind enemy lines to call in coalition airpower onto enemy assets (as in the ongoing real-life operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq / Syria).

    • Configurable number of sorties - call for air cover repeatedly up to the maximum number of available CAS missions.
    • Added a configurable interval between unsuccessful requests for air cover - an unsuccessful request no longer means no chance of air cover for the rest of the mission.
    • Timeout on radio messages - if you don't respond in a reasonable (configurable) time, the script will reset, preventing various issues with the script remaining active forever and not resetting.
    • Script now resets on player death.
    • Enhanced accuracy of tracked strikes.
    • Better handling of completed and aborted missions.
    • Other tweaks and refinements.

Written on 2017-01-12 by Armaholic

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