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160th SOR Australian Arma Community
One of the only Australian communities running as US army and USMC, with a vast range ... Read all..
Strategic Outcomes - Recruiting
=SO= Strategic Outcomes is a tactical Realism clan.

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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit - Now Recruiting!
[URL= ... Read all..
31st Marine Expeditionary Unit | Arma 2 Realism |
The 31st MEU is a ArmA 2 CO realism unit. Our Main focus being the Mod: ACE.
We are ...
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GeCo Night Event
The German Coop Community invites all German speaking Community members to take part ... Read all..
Special Operations Command Australia has moved onto to ARMA 3!!!
What is Special Operations Command Australia (SOCA)?

Special Operations Com ...
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AAG - Amphibious Assault Group is recruiting!
Hello, let me start out by introducing myself, in-game people know me as Giorox and i ... Read all..
Buffalos Tactical Squad
Buffalos Tactical Squad is a squad of special forces anti-terror for the UN. It has s ... Read all..
1st Ranger Battalion Realism Unit Recruiting ACE/ACRE
1st Ranger Battalion

We need you!

[/u ...
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Black Eagles Team Arma 3
BlackEagle's looking great soldiers to give everything on the clan to fight against o ... Read all..

Screen of the week

Panicsferd has submitted a singleplayer rescue mission.

    Quote Panicsferd :
    A day ago we got some very reliable intel that stated our undercover spy that we planted within the CSAT ranks was captured and is being held in Neri. We are sending in a Diver Team, Callsign Sierra to verify the intel and then rescue that VIP so that we will not lose the information that he has acquired.

Written on 2014-04-15 by Panicsferd


Kiory informed us he released an updated version of his Skull Mask addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    It's been a long time since I've dabbled with hats, so I wanted to do something a bit special.
    A day one challenge, in where I try to make something half decent in a day, including sculpting a high poly model, retopo into a low poly, unwrapping, texturing, O2 stuff, config etc, it was a fun project and I hope to do more in the future.

    Without further a due, I present the Skull Mask, it's totally way better than my balaclava, and any cool people should really use this instead, I will be making another update soon so it actually has ballistic armour etc, so it'll be quite functional as headgear.

    Become a bonafide baddass today, or not, it's up to you lady man.

    • Fixed specular map
    • Added armour values, you'll be saved ONCE, rarely twice when shot in the head, depending on caliber.
    • Added 2 more variants through hidden selections
    • Hidden selections are now supported.

Written on 2014-04-15 by Kiory

Mp5gosu released an updated version of his Unmanned Cargo & Support Vehicle U.C.S.V. on the BI forums.

    Quote Mp5gosu :
    This addon adds a new unit to the game. The U.C.S.V. (Unmanned Cargo and Support Vehicle). The purpose of this unity is simple: Transporting.
    It is designed as a very flexible, lightweight and fast aerial unit to provide strong and efficient logistics support.

    This is my very first addon for ARMA ever. So if there are any bugs, let me know.
    Any feedback and critics are welcome and appreciated.

    • fixed Shading
    • enhanced/reworked textures
    • additional texture added
    • more details added
    • flight model changed to helicopter behavior due the lack of an appropriate flight model
    • config has been completeley rewritten
    • Field Manual entry added
    • Mod-Descriptions & Graphics added
    • highly optimized all LODs
    • added flare launcher
    • added PiP functionality
    • adjusted pilot and optics view
    • adjusted general behavior to act more natural
    • Wreck LOD added
    • Shadowcasting improved
    • size adjustments
    • clanlogo support added
    • removed hooking ability
    • optimized performance
    • unnecessary nametags removed

Written on 2014-04-15 by mp5gosu

Genesis92x released an updated version of his Vcom AI script suite on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I am releasing the first version of my AI script suite. This script suite is a plug-and-play script package that uses FSM's and compiled code to make AI react in a more fulfilling way.

    Well what does this even do?
    First off, go ahead and download this and just use the radio commands. It will give you a brief overview of what you can expect from the AI changes.
    The showcase is important because it shows tests with vanilla AI and Vcom AI. It should be easy to see the difference this way.
    - Vcom AI Showcase 1.00 (Do not use this for missions, it is only for showcasing!)

    • Varying AI accuracy
    • AI Communication
    • AI Cover
    • Improved Flanking
    • AI Responsiveness
    • AI Suppression
    • Weapon Utilization
    • Garrisoning
    • Formations
    • Vehicle Disembarking
    • Visual Cues
    • Customization
    • Respect

    • accidently deleted a bit of code that affected the AI and their cover taking abilities (thanks VRCRaptor)
    • fixed the players not being able to suppress the AI properly

Written on 2014-04-15 by Genesis92x

LordHeart informed us he released an updated version of his LHM Glasses addon on the BI forums.

    Quote LordHeart :
    LHM Glasses provides a visual screen tinting based on the glasses/goggles being worn, also effects the brightness of the sun as glasses should.
    Provides an improved goggles/glasses experience, where the item worn has the potential to break from explosives to occur from shockwave of explosives.
    Rotor wash from nearby helicopters effects visuals.

    • Reduced and adjusted various glasses colour
    • Fixed dust appearing on screen for seemingly no reason
    • Adjusted the handler for when to remove the effects when killed
    • Made changes to how dusty surfaces are calculated should work across the board now.
    • Dust in eyes has degrees of effects

Written on 2014-04-15 by LordHeart


LordHeart informed us he released an updated version of his LHM Static Drag on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    LHM Static Drag allows dragging of static weapons (editor placed or setup) to place them in a more suitable situation. Allows for raising and lowering of dragged objects for better placement.
    Allows for dragging of smaller crates (optionally larger crate configs are included).

    • Russian translations
    • Spanish translations
    • Added weight restriction to dragging of objects
    • Renamed functions to be more agnostic as to what is dragable.
    • LHM_Static_MaxWeight variable added for dragging weight.
    • Locking of static weapons when dragging to disallow players to enter it
    • Disassembling weapon will stop drag.
    • Added mortar support
    • Added an optional PBO that allows dragging of Box_XXX_AmmoVeh_F, XXX_supplyCrate_F crates.
    • Added support for dragging of smaller crates limited by "weight"
    • Fixed dragging and lowering/raising of height on a dedicated server.
    • Added variable "LHM_DisableDrag" checking if an object can be dragged or not.

Written on 2014-04-15 by LordHeart

Taosenai released an updated version of his Tao Modular Realism modification on the BI forums.

    Quote Taosenai :
    TMR is a modular, open-source modification for Arma 3 aimed at increasing realism and complexity without sacrificing engaging gameplay and accessibility. Currently it includes only a small number of features, but more are being developed. TMR is meant to be used in all environments: single player, multiplayer co-op, team vs. team, even open-world scenarios.

    I am the king of rapid updates for stupid bugs, but at least I get some little new feature in each time.
    Thanks to AW-Conroy for reporting the autorest directionality bug, which was the thoughtless result of an overenthusiastic last-minute optimization (which saved 0.06 ms!).

    • Fixed: One line fix to script reloading after save/load rather than after abort/continue.

    Which version should I use?
    Download TMR Modular Realism if you are playing singleplayer or multiplayer on servers which are also running TMR Modular Realism.
    Download TMR Modular Realism - CSO (Client Side Only) if you are using TMR in multiplayer on servers not running TMR, or if you would like to avoid certain issues in singleplayer missions made without TMR in mind (e.g., the official campaign).
    Use only one at a time!
    Server administrators not running TMR should use the TMR-CSO key to only permit connections from players using the CSO version.

    TMR now recommends ASDG Joint Rails for use with the autorest module. Without it, you will not be able to attach the bipod accessory (“tmr_acc_bipod”).
    If you would like visible, animated bipods, use TMR with ASDG Attachments.

Written on 2014-04-14 by Taosenai

Rydygier submitted an upated version of his HETMAN - Artificial Leader addon for Arma 3.

    Quote Rydygier :
    Same, as HAC for Arma 2, HAL is intended to enliven the battlefield of Arma 3 the same way a human leader would operate. HAL does not deal with the manner in which orders are executed (unit level), but mainly deals with the issuing of orders. In other words, this addon gives one or both sides of a conflict a field-commander level AI.

    • several code tweaks and fixes
    • fixed a mistake in manual

Written on 2014-04-14 by Rydygier

penneyfour has submitted an updated version of his realistic fixed wing ground and air traffic module for Altis.

  • This mod is now a drag and drop module
  • Can be used in either native ArmA 3 or with All-In-Arma
  • Player can use the "tractor" truck to tow aircraft to spawn location
  • Player can drag boxes and containers (works well with IgiLoad)
  • Aircraft are pushed back prior to taxi (rather than just taxiing out)
  • Sample mission provided
  • ReadMe! added
  • added sidechat able to turn on or off
  • added auto spawn for A3 native aircraft
  • added IgiLoad Script support
  • added IgiLoad support - aircraft held at ramp
  • added IgiLoad support - aircraft ramp open
  • added IgiLoad support - aircraft ramp close
  • fixed flashing lights deleted at cycle end
  • added aircraft now face west at spawn
  • added push back feature (with tow)
  • fixed public variable errors fixed
  • fixed cleaned up inefficient scripts
  • added fuel hose (needs addon) support
  • added ground crew added
  • added DynamAA made into a module (yay!)
  • added ability to tow empty aircraft
  • added 700+ aircraft classnames for spawn
  • consolidated classname parameters
  • fixed ALS lighting for Native A3 use
  • fixed holdshort bug at Rwy4r departure
  • fixed departure for selakano and Ammoloi
  • sdded ability to pull/push boxes/containers
  • fixed C-17 deleteVehicle causing ArmA crash
  • added roadcone marks manual spawn locations

Written on 2014-04-14 by penneyfour

Dr Death JM informed us he released in the BI forums an updated version of this Sector Control gamemode mission for Arma 3.

  • took out vvs
  • added sonic boom
  • added the ammo sigh to first cap for both teams

Written on 2014-04-14 by Dr Death JM

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