Undeceived informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this resistance campaign for Arma 3.

Notice that due to the implemented persistency stuff (weapon pool, take equipment over to next mission, etc.), a restart of the campaign is needed in version 0.8!

  • Minor bug fixes and adjustions
  • Bug fixes
  • Final preparations for the MANW contest
  • Dubbing added
  • Outro cutscene added
  • Bug fixes

Written on 2014-10-29 by Undeceived


geloxo released his GX Zeus Advanced Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Currently one of the limitations of Arma3 curator module (aka Zeus) is a proper exportation system to allow further editing and usage on other missions. Therefore I have created a simple script set to bypass this situation and also enhance the Zeus experience by allowing multi-editing tasks shared between several Zeus players in real time, online or offline.

    This script set is configured for Arma 3 by default but can be also used with other addons such as All in Arma, Unsung, Iron Front or any Arma 3 and Arma 2 based addons.
    The content is published as script instead of as an addon to allow an easy integration with any mission and due to it´s small size. In the future I may create an addon if needed or integrate it with GX Addons pack but currently it´s not needed.
    This adds a powerfull extension to the great Zeus module approach and I hope it helps editors and mission makers to develop intense missions until we can have a true 3D editor available in game.

    There are similar addons available which allow real time edition and exporting but the main advantage of this one is that it is compatible with any mission, as it does not require to have the script running on them due to the usage of native sqf format exporting instead of a propietary one.

    • Advanced real time edition in SP and MP, supporting native sqf language
    • Zeus players can access the content created or imported by other Zeus players in real time in MP.
    • Real time data exporting to clipboard, game RTP log file and jayarma2lib log file in SP and MP (clipboard is disabled by BIS in MP).
    • Real time data importing from multiple pre-saved scripts sources in SP and MP.
    • Configuration of available items for Zeus editors
    • Standard and advanced editing modes
    • Example mission included
    • Most common elements edited by Zeus can be exported, but anything accessible via script commands can be added to the list in the future. Currently the following is exported:
        a) Units (including group members)
        b) Vehicles (including their edited crews)
        c) Static weapons (including their gunner)
        d) Buildings and other static objects
        e) Any object position, direction, vectorup, damage and soldiers UnitPos (eg: prone)

Written on 2014-10-29 by geloxo

Alexander submitted his XLA FixedArsenal addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod 'fixes' an issue with the default Virtual Arsenal. The Virtual Arsenal has a 'whitelisting' feature that allows scripters to determine what items are or are not available. However, this feature does not mesh together too well with composite weapons, i.e. weapons that have attachments by default. There is an issue on the ArmA3 feedback tracker that can be seen here. The bug prevents you from loading a loadout that contains a composite weapon, even if the weapon is whitelisted.

    • Added support for partial loading. You can now load saved outfits that contain non-allowed items.
    • Changed whitelisting behaviour: Player inventory is no longer added to the whitelist.

Written on 2014-10-29 by Foxhound


McRuppert released an updated version of the Jurassic Arma - Raptor Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds a fully functional velociraptor to arma 3. it can be controlled by both the player and a custom made AI routine.
    There is a male and a female version of the raptor and several texture variants for each of them.

    the focus for this release was to create a stable platform to develope more creatures on. so the raptor is basically the prototype for other species that might be added later.
    the goal was mostly getting one creature fully fleshed out and as stable as possible. since arma is not really designed with anything other than humans in mind, it was necessary to deactivate certain features like inventory access as much as we could.

    • attacks:
        the raptors have two types of attacks.
        the standard claw/bite attack: this will do a certain amount of damage on each strike.
        and the jump attack: this will, if aimed successfully, make the raptor pin down its victim and maul him to death unless the raptor gets killed in the process.
    • jumping:
        in addition to that the raptors are able to jump. the jump will take into account how fast you are moving when it's triggered and the direction you are looking at (both horizontal and vertical).
    • HUD:
        when the raptors are controlled by a player they have a simple HUD that shows the most important info.
        the current attack (left), the amount of health the raptor has (right) and the amount of fatigue the raptor is currently suffering from.
        fatigue, as for humans, has to be managed for the raptor too. every attack, jump and sprint will cost stamina.
    • AI:
        the raptor AI routine consists of a basic detection system, an attack routine and an idle mode. detection is based on distance, line of sight and field of view.

    • You find the raptor now under resistance => Dinosaurs
    • AI minor fixes and improvements
    • Sunglasses now hidden
    • Guy cant shoot anymore when getting mauled
    • Texture/UV fixes
    • HUD : the 2 different weapon types have now different symbol color
    • Raptor is know tagged as "unknown" when spottet by soldier

Written on 2014-10-29 by Foxhound

Foxcat released his Fascist Rebel Faction AAF Enemy Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Flash: Refugees picked up by NATO vessels operating in the Northern Aegean have indicated that an ultra-nationalist fascist militia has taken over several islands in the area. Recent satellite reconnaissance data for the island of Altis confirms their allegations of war crimes being committed, and almost the entire civilian population has been displaced as a result of their recent arrival leaving large population centers abandoned, except for military forces.
    Whats left of the Greek government has officially requested international assistance in dealing with this crisis, as local defense forces including the battalion strength AAF led by Col. Georgious Akhanteros have not been heard from in the past 48 hours.
    A NATO advanced landing force is being prepared for deployment immediately, and according to the Pan-Asian news network and other intelligence assets, CSAT has dispatched an amphibious assault fleet from the Black Sea to the Altis area. Escalation threat between all parties involved is unknown given this new common enemy and humanitarian crisis, but what is clear is that fascism must not be allowed to spring up in Europe again- that threat must be dealt with before all others.

    This is a new enemy faction pack chock full of authentic Nazi killin' flavor. They are reskins of AAF units representing an Ultra-Nationalist Fascist militia, which sadly is a pretty realistic threat to the area in current events.
    These units are not designed for players and their loadouts specialized for AI control. This is part of a project to attempt to add AAF as a playable faction in BECTI missions by freeing them up of their town occupation duties.

    I abhor Neo-Nazism and the fact that they exist in Greece at all after what the Greek and Yugoslavian people suffered under Nazi occupation is enough for the cringiest of cringes. I call opun all forces fighting on Altis and Stratis to blow these guys to kingdom come, the more the better- and bonus points for posting videos of these guys getting lit up by the heaviest firepower you can think of!

Written on 2014-10-28 by Foxhound

RaZieL submitted an updated version of his Russian camo addon.

    Quote :
    Russian camo make by Raziel for Redline mod (make by Elements Gaming).
    It contains 10 different camo's:
    • Gorka E Summer
    • Gorka E Autumn
    • Gorka Izlom
    • Grey camo
    • KLMK 1 camo
    • KLMK 2 camo
    • Flora
    • Digital Flora
    • SURPAT
    • Oreh

Written on 2014-10-28 by raziel29

Meatball0311 released the first version of the SOCMOD on the BI forums.
The main pbo of the SOCMOD is the soc_gear.pbo. All gear, uniforms, helmets and vests are located here and will be required for any SOC units.

Written on 2014-10-28 by Meatball0311

LAxemann released his LOSounds2 mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    LOSounds2 is a soundmod and therefore changes some of the game's sounds. (surprise!)
    Everyone once sat there, playing ArmA or trying to describe a specific weapon sound to a friend.
    We will give you the sounds that sound exactly like the ones you showed to your friends.
    The sounds were recorded by me and my friend JeremiahRose, formerly know as Odium.

Written on 2014-10-28 by LAxemann

Dirty Haz has submitted a game-mode team-work based for co-operative and PvP game-play. Capture and hold the strongholds in Kavala for your team. The first team to reach 150 points wins the game!

    Quote Dirty Haz :
    Capture and hold the strongholds in Kavala for your team. The first team to reach 150 points wins the game! This game-mode is team-work based for co-operative and PvP game-play, with various roles from Team Leader, Combat Medics and more, every part of the team is vital. At present the game in based in Kavala but other locations are imminent.

    Earn Experience Points by killing the enemy and by capturing and holding the strongholds. It is planned in the near future to use the Experience Points to level up your role, the higher the level the more assets will become available.

    Earn money by killing the enemy, you can use money to purchase assets. The ways that you can earn money are due for an upgrade in the near future.

    There is a shop system where you can purchase assets. (Weapons, Weapon Attachments, Vehicles and Aircraft). These will all provide advantages when playing the game so it won't be too easy and you will have to work to obtain your advantages.

    Each time you play you will find that any accumulated money, XP, Weapons and Weapon Attachments will have been saved from previous games. Any vehicles or aircraft that you purchase won't save so you will have to purchase them again. (If destroyed or after mission restart).

    One of the great things about Stronghold is that you don't need other players online, it is designed to have a great PvP game-mode but if you are playing solo then AI will step in to make up the numbers.

Written on 2014-10-28 by Dirty Haz

SwatSTEAM released an updated version of his Sweet markers system addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This system fully changes the BIS's marker system.

    • Simple and easy-to-use interface, which is also fully customizable.
    • All changes are saved in your profile.
    • All interface elements are clickable and have hotkeys if needed.
    • Easy change of type, colour, direction, size and channel of the marker.
    • Ability to quickly place markers without opening/closing interface.
    • Ability to save markers placed on the map and load them in other missions.
    • Automatic route drawing. (Wip)
    • Ability to enable/disable some functions of this add-on in map maker settings.
    • 9
    • Unique maps module: each unit has its own map with specific markers placed. A unit can pick up a dropped map and see the markers of the map owner, but they are not updating. (Wip)
    • English and Russian languages.
    • Tested with more than 150 players on Weekly Open Games.

    • Marker's direction now can be changed more easier.
    • Ability to draw lines.
    • Route highlighting is enabled (WIP, use it on your own risk)

Written on 2014-10-28 by swatSTEAM

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