EricJ informed us he released an updated version of his Weapons Pack containing different weapons on the BI forums.

    Quote EricJ :
    This adds different weapons, magazines and items to your Arma 3.

    • Game should not crash to desktop when selecting weapon in Arsenal or VAS
    • QD silencer texture fixed
    • Some other fixes too.

Written on 2014-08-17 by Foxhound


Lala14 informed us he released an updated version of his Interior Lighting script on the BI forums.
This adds a red light in the back of vehicles for night missions.

  • Fixed error popping up when in a vehicle that is not listed in the array
  • Added cockpit lights to all the transport/ammo/repair/fuel trucks for all factions

Written on 2014-08-17 by Lala14

BangaBob informed us he released an updated version of his Drag Dead Body Script on the BI forums.
This script hides dead bodies by dragging them out of sight and is fully dedicated MP compatible.

  • Respawn Event Handler scrapped.
  • Animations called globally.
  • Players can load/unload bodies into vehicles.
  • Tested on Dedicated for JIP issues

Written on 2014-08-17 by bangabob


The ALiVE Team released an updated version of ALiVE - Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment on the BI forums. The Advanced Light Infantry Virtual Environment (ALiVE) is an easy to use modular mission framework that provides everything players and mission makers need to quickly set up and run realistic military operations in almost any scenario.

    Quote :
    ALiVE is a dynamic campaign mission framework. The editor placed modules are designed to be intuitive but highly flexible so you can create a huge range of different scenarios by simply placing a few modules and markers. The AI Commanders have an overall mission and a prioritised list of objectives that they will work through autonomously. Players can choose to tag along with the AI and join the fight, take your own squad of AI or other players and tackle your own objectives or just sit back and watch it all unfold.

    Mission makers may wish to experiment by synchronizing different modules to each other, or using standalone ALiVE modules as a backdrop for dynamic missions and campaigns, enhancing scenarios created with traditional editing techniques. ALiVE can significantly reduce the effort required to make a complex mission by adding ambience, support and persistence at the drop of a module.

    The 0.7 update is all about Logistics. Logistics is a critical feature of warfare and no battlefield would be complete without it. We have built a fully functioning battlefield logistics system that reflects the continual demand for supplies and battle casualty replacements required to maintain operational effectiveness of front line fighting forces. Our credibly realistic, fully autonomous Military Logistics system assesses the tactical situation and delivers BCRs and vehicles to the front line Operational Commanders (OPCOM) on demand. Of course these supply routes are vulnerable to interdiction, allowing players to disrupt enemy supply lines by ambushing logistics convoys, choking off the vital flow of supplies and having an actual, meaningful impact on the enemy’s fighting power.

    Recognising that players need logistics too, we have added a simple “lift & shift” system that allows players to move objects and ammo crates in cargo and tow vehicles. When using the Database module, you can now benefit from full persistence of every object the player interacts with. ALiVE Player Logistics is On by default when running ALiVE but can easily be enabled or disabled with a module in the editor or in game from the ALiVE menu. This is useful if you prefer to use one of the other logistics systems made by the community. Note that Persistence should work with them too but there may be some conflicts - please provide us with feedback! Additionally, there is an ALiVE Player Resupply tablet to request new vehicles, equipment and AI units from the same logistics force pool as OPCOM.

    We didn’t feel that was quite enough for an incremental update (!) so we have also developed a Custom Objectives Module. This neat module can be placed anywhere on the map to quickly and easily create pre-populated military objectives, complete with one of several custom compositions. It can be used standalone or integrated into the operational planning layer by syncing to OPCOM.

    The Logistics Update is a major milestone for us and it has been a massive effort turning our original concepts into reality.

    Release Highlights:
    • Battlefield Logistics System
    • Player Logistics System
    • Player Resupply
    • Custom Military Objectives Module
    • Persistent Player Vehicles and Object
    • Combat Support Enhancements and Fixes
    • Support for current stable version of A3
    • Indexed several new community maps
    • Lots of bug fixes

Written on 2014-08-17 by friznit

mecharius released in the BI forums a cooperative campaign create using the Anvil Editor or Framework.

    Quote mecharius :
  • Angel Fire [CO62]: The Prologue to the campaign is fought across all of Stratis as NATO try to destabilise the CSAT and force them to retreat to Altis. Ths mission features randomised objectives all over Stratis, ambient occupation, unlockable equipment and =BTC= logistics support. It was built as a test bed for new ideas which will make their way into Episode 2 of the campaign...
  • Night Assault [CO12]: Episode 1 of the campaign, NATO try to establish a beachhead on Altis by sending in a small force of NATO troops to complete a few key objectives.

Written on 2014-08-17 by mecharius

benw informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of his latest cooperative mission.

  • Increased difficulty
  • Changed lz position
  • heli inbound position now randomized

Written on 2014-08-17 by benw

Jeza informed us teriyaki released his Call sign Insignia pack on the BI forums.
This pack adds different callsign insignia's to your game.

Written on 2014-08-16 by Foxhound

EvroMalarkey released his ASCZ A2 Map Fixes addon on the BI forums.

Written on 2014-08-16 by EvroMalarkey

Gulozwood released an updated version of his Infected Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Based on the Shaun - A simple zombie AI script by Bluebär posted on Armaholic few month ago,
    I kept sounds from his script and the "contact" function that check if targets are visible or not.

    How it works:
    For now infecteds spawn in houses only (can be modified easily), you just have to create some markers on the map and put there names in infected.sqf,
    after that, triggers will be created after mission start.
    When player enter the infected zone infecteds are spawned, deleted after they leave.
    When he spawn the infected start to move at randoms points around his initial position, then he start running to any blufor target he will see in a 75m radius.
    when the infected is close enough he will hit his target, 3 times and you're dead.

    As far as I know, no player or ai limit and it work in SOLO/SERVER/DEDICATED, on my poor dedicated (2cores/4Gb, 1Mb upload) it run pretty well.
    no player or ai limit.

    • new triggers
    • infecteds now use different posture, crouching and crawling

Written on 2014-08-16 by Foxhound

Churrofighter has submitted a Vietnam version of =[A*C]= code34's original War in Takistan (WIT) : Operation Iron rains Co-40 (@) cooperative mission.

    Quote Churrofighter :
    "War in Vietnam (WIT): Operations Iron Rain" is a cooperative mission that takes place in Vietnam. U.S. forces are trying to establish a semblance of peace by blocking the vietcong who roam the jungle. The North Vietnamese army supports the vietcongs that will combat ARVN forces in the south.

Written on 2014-08-16 by Churrofighter

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