gc8 released in the BI forums a new version of this PVP mission where the main goal is to capture or destroy enemy device

  • Base now has possibility to change gear
  • Improved outposts (works as respawn points) Enemy can be destroy the outpost by removing the flag.
  • Bug fixes

Written on 2015-04-20 by Armaholic


Article 2 Studios released a fixed first alpha version of the Operation Trebuchet mod on the BI forums.
Operation Trebuchet is a Arma 3 total modification based on the popular xbox franchise halo.

    Quote :
    The mod will be based upon the war between the unsc and the insurrectionists in the outer colonies. Operation Trebuchet was the last major offensive against the insurrection before contact was made with the covenant. Our mod will be focused on the common soldier rather than the elite spartan warrior. You will be able to experience the halo universe from a new perspective.

Written on 2015-04-20 by Armaholic

Cleggy submitted an updated version of his British Ridgback PPV addon which he previously released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Ridgback is a British modification of an American built 4 x 4 MRAP.
    Desert camo variant armed with a turret mounted HMG and 1 x FFV position.

    • Model tweaks extra LODs etc.
    • Config change: now found under NATO > Armored
    • Added a Woodland camo variant

Written on 2015-04-20 by cleggy


blckeagls released an updated version of the Resource War Client files on the Armaholic forums.
Resource War is an open sandbox environment with base building, resource gathering, and a complete crafting system.
As of version 0.2.9 this project is no longer maintained, neither supported!

    Quote :
    I have discontinued working on this mod due to low interest.
    Therefore I am going to release the server files.
    Additionally you will need two server instances. This uses a headless client to keep track and spawn the objects (buildings and vehicles) and AI base guards.
    You will need to configure Arma2Net and Arma2Net MySQL as well as MySql Server for this to work.

    Again. I am no longer supporting this mod. Please feel free to take from my work and do what you want with it.

    What makes this mod so great:
    Base Building (Build a base from scratch, walls, floors, storage areas)
    Crafting System (Everything in the game was crafted by another player)
    Player Driven Economy (Player set the price of items for sale)
    Auction House Style Traders (Set price and quantity of items/resources you crafted for sale)
    Persistent Database (Everything is saved after restarts)
    Ability to capture resource locations (90+ different resource locations to capture and hold)
    Hire-able NPC to guard your base (AI units that can guard your base)

    What we want: We want a fun environment for teamwork and PVP. We have a few features that are being worked on for the BETA version such as a proficiency system. We are open to the communities ideas on how to improve the game and add additional content, so if you have any suggestions we want to hear from you!

    • included server files
    • included database file

Written on 2015-04-20 by blckeagls

Riouken submitted an updated version of his cTab - Commander's Tablet addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote Riouken :
    cTab, "The Commander's Tablet", is an Arma 3 add-on that provides players with quick access to command and control features including Blue-Force Tracker, UAV video and control interfaces and unit helmet camera access.
    The add-on includes a Rugged Tablet for command units, a field-portable Android Device for tactical units, in-vehicle map devices, and helmet mounted cameras for non-command units.

    • Support for updated CBA keybinding API (introduced with CBA 1.20 RC6)
    • Prevent TAD from being accessible when using a parachute
    • Added 500m zoom-level to small TAD
    • Fixed player's camera breaking when exiting UAV full screen view while in a vehicle
    • Fixed control of new target designator turrets (introduced with marksman DLC) from the Tablet's UAV screen
    • Immediately terminate UAV cameras if UAV is distroyed
    • Added own helmet cam back into the list of accessible helmet cams (to reduce confusion)
    • Sorted helmet cams by group ID
    • Made area around the map gray instead of black to increas readability of off-map markers / units
    • Made TAD map tools follow mouse cursor instead of map center. This also allows for measuring distances to off-map destinations.
    • Discrepancies between cTab client and server versions will now be reported to RPT on both client and server via CBA versioning
    • Available UAVs / helmet cams are now automatically refreshed on tablet whenever the lists have changed (lists are updated every 30 seconds), eliminating the need to switch modes or close and reopen the tablet for the display to refresh
    • Added UAV type to list of available UAVs to help with orientation
    • Re-Categorized helmet cam item to show up as face-wear (goggles) in Arsenal. Note: It can still be moved anywhere else in the inventory without losing its capability
    • Fixed keybinds not working in Zeus and causing RPT errors after update to CBA 1.20 RC6

Written on 2015-04-20 by Riouken

The Red Hammer Studios released an updated version of the RHS: United States Armed Forces and the RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation on the BI forums.

The changelog is massive so please visit the downloadpages when you want to know what has been changed, added, removed and improved.

    Quote :
    With a little delay we are proud to present to you 0.3.7! This released from the beginning was planned as a bug fixing version so we focused mainly to stabilize the platform and add some realism features, including getting the mods up to scratch with all the things added to Arma 3 1.42 version. But don't be afraid! There are still plenty of new toys to play with! Read the full changelogs here: and

    From version 0.3.7 we have moved to version and mod based server keys. This should stop people with incorrect versions joining servers.

    • Countless new vehicles: tanks, cars, IFVs and APCs for both sides to use, as well as atmospheric objects like radars.
    • Completely new soldier models and dozens of gear objects make for over 700 possible unit customization possibilities. Use the supplied virtual ammo crates to quickly make your own custom setups.
    • New weapons and attachments. Have everything at your disposal to take on your enemy.
    • Realism enhancements: full PhysX support and realistic configurations, complex Fire Control Systems for applicable vehicles. New user interface items representing control and awareness systems of vehicles to increase atmosphere and gameplay dynamics. Also our constantly expanding and improved decal system has even migrated to the US side.
    • Fully ZEUS compatible.
    • Fully ALiVE compatible. Many thanks goes towards ALiVE team making sure RHS Evolution can be enjoyed using ALiVE Framework!
    • Fully Task Force Radio compatible. Many thanks to the developers of TFA and their effort making sure everything was in place for you to enjoy it right out of the box! TFA will even contain new radios made in the style of our units!
    • Future-proof: sling-loading will work once they make their way to the stable branch. If you are playing on development branch you should have these features enabled already! FFV will come later as releasing it now would cause problems for those of you playing on the stable branch.
    • Many many more...

Written on 2015-04-20 by Soul_Assassin

Mikey74 informed us he released an updated Alpha version of the SAMO Squad Action Menu Orders addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    It's finally here!

    Testers had no issues with this version. 0.35 had an INIT issue so if the mod does not init, meaning you do not get a "Samov0.36a is Live!" message.
    -pls make sure you have latest CBA
    -pls post what Mods running and where Samo is in mod order

    No idea why but I have to run AIATP above CBA for tank main gun to fire. Don't ask me why it is just so after hours of experimenting.

    • New Cba Keybinding added

Written on 2015-04-19 by mikey74

RobertHammer released an updated version of his RH Acc pack on the BI forums.
This RH Acc (Accessories) pack for Arma 3 contains various accessories and scopes for different weapons.

  • compatible with latest A3 bipods
  • added 2 bipod attachments

Written on 2015-04-19 by RobertHammer

RobertHammer released an updated version of his RH M4/M16 pack on the BI forums.

    Quote RobertHammer :
    This is the M4/M16 pack for ArmA 3 and contains various ar15 rifles and attachments to them.
    There's also ammo box for these weapons.

    • compatible with latest A3 bipods
    • new camo variants of Hk416s
    • fixes of various issues

Written on 2015-04-19 by RobertHammer

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