JohnHansen released an updated version of the Brazilian Defence Forces mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Brazilian Army Infantry, Air force Infantry, Marines.
    UH60 Black Hawks (Army and Airforce), AH1 Sabre, A29, Super Lynx and Army Truck.

    • Added Camofaces.

Written on 2014-07-28 by Foxhound


geraldbolso1899 informed us he released an updated version of his US Helicopters (HAFM Overhaul) Mod on the BI forums.
This is an edited version of Aplions Arma 2 US Helicopters import addon.

    Quote :
    I know a lot of people wanted to continue the legacy of Aplion, and I decided to take a chance at doing so.
    I stayed away from the BIS forums thread because I wanted to do my own adaptation.
    Lots of changes were made, especially the flight model and weapons.

    • HMDs for blackhawks, Chinook, Venom, Viper and Apache
    • New flight model for every chopper (with Arma 3 physx
    • Added Laser Designator for Apache and Viper.
    • Hellfires come in 3 variants:
        1- AGM-114L Longbow Hellfire Anti-Tank (Radar guided, well, more like IR guided) Fire and Forget.
        2- AGM-114K Anti-Tank Warhead (Laser Guided).
        3- AGM-114N Thermobaric Warhead (Laser Guided).
    • Rockets now have 3 settings that can be swapped like any weapon with the "change weapon" key. The three settings are:
        1- Single
        2- Pairs
        3- Ripple 4
      You need one click for every shot, that is, keeping the fire button pressed won't fire full-auto.
    • M197 Gun (Viper) and M230 Gun (Apache) now have a bigger dispersion and can be zeroed by locking it to the laser.
    • Replaced the gunner optics in the Apache, Viper and Venom.
    • Turrets now slave to the ground once you stop moving the mouse. The Downside is that you can only move the turret when heads down.
    • Replaced the broken sounds on the weapons to Vanilla Rockets/Missiles/Cannons
    • With the integration of physx you can finally autorotate if shot down. Previously you the rotors freezed and you became a ballistic stone.
    • Added a more items and gear on the inventory of the helos.
    • Other stuff i can't remember.

    • fixed Eventhandlers error.
    • Minor tweaks to stuff.

Written on 2014-07-28 by geraldbolso1899

Zenophon informed us he released an updated version of his Infantry Occupy House Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script teleports AI units into nearby buildings at appropriate window positions. Units will stand and face the window so they can fire out of it. Units are moved to random windows every time. If there are enough units, every possible window will be covered; otherwise, you won't know where they are watching. When there are multiple possible windows to face, units will face one at random. Units will not face a windows more than 5 meters away, and the windows will have a reasonable field of view.

    By using this script, you no longer have to manually place units at windows and struggle with the 2d editor. This script allows you to easily simulate the AI occupying buildings and defending their position realistically. It works for just a few units to surprise players, and on a large scale to put dozens of enemies into defensive positions all across a city.

    The function is carefully optimized for almost no performance impact, allowing it to dynamically examine each position for the best possible results. There is no debug, argument checking, or defensive code, to make it as simple and fast as possible, so make sure the arguments are correct.

    • Fixed: Units facing the wrong window
    • Added: Parameter for distance to select multiple buildings
    • Added: Parameter for units being on a roof
    • Improved: Now checks that unit has a good FOV from the windows
    • Improved: Units can no longer face a windows greater than 5 meters away
    • Improved: Units on a roof now crouch
    • Tweaked: Height of human eye to the exact value in ArmA

Written on 2014-07-28 by Zenophon

coldice4 has submitted a mission where your objective is to interrupt the propaganda broadcast

    Quote coldice4 :
    Enemy forces are broadcasting propaganda over the radio tower near Kavala. You lead a small unit equipped with silenced weapons and explosives. Your mission is to interrupt their broadcasts, no matter what.


Written on 2014-07-28 by coldice4

Roh_Z the Lord_Booka submitted an updated version of his WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Force addon.

    Quote :
    WarfareThai Ex. Thai Armed Forces ([WFT]EX-TAF) is aimed at adding the Thai Armed Forces to Arma 3.
    It includes Thai Armed Forces (Modern), Thai Armed Forces (CSAT-2035), Free Thai Movement (2035), Takistan Kingdom Army, Takistani Insurgents, Chernarus Defense Force, Chernarus Insurgents, and some minor factions.

    • Fixed error cannot found weapon "Auto545x39_AKMSU"
    • Added animal: Cow
    • Added Flak Jackets
    • Added items: Camping Lantern, and Kitchen Knife
    • Added M16A4, M16A4/M320 and AK-105
    • Added animals can be gutted by double clicking at kitchen knife.
    • Changed raw meats can be cooked by double clicking in front of any flaming object.
    • Fixed some minor issues

Written on 2014-07-28 by lordbooka


OzDeaDMeaT released his OzDM Teleport Script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This script allows mission makers to quickly and easily add teleportation to their missions.
    Features Include:
    • Ability to Hack Teleporters to deny the enemy the ability to teleport to that location
    • Ability to Repair Hacked Teleporters
    • Map Icon Change depending on if Teleporter is ONLINE / OFFLINE and the Side that owns it
    • Ability to Disable Hack Ability and just utilize Capture Mechanic
    • JIP Compatible
    • Easy to Implement
    • Restrict Specific Item Types through Teleport (No Weapons etc)

    The Demo mission is a 16v16v16 mission on the Island of Stratis. The Mission will be complete when all objectives are owned by a single side.

Written on 2014-07-28 by OzDeaDMeaT

Bulldozer has submitted a new version of this singleplayer mission where you have to halt a convoy and then take on the 2 ammo trucks to the main base.

  • Changed the description of the EXT.
  • Fixed some text.

Written on 2014-07-28 by Bulldozer

Wiggum released in the BI forums a cooperative mission where you must destroy a fuel truck captured by pro-Turkish separatists.

    Quote Wiggum :
    • No Addons required
    • No respawn
    • Predefined loadouts, no VAS, no Virtual Arsenal
    • Simple revive script
    • Decreased AI accuracy
    • Improved AI behaviour
    • Random enemy placement, patrols and reinforcements
    • Less players means less enemies

Written on 2014-07-28 by Wiggum

Zooloo75 has submitted a fun, small, simple PVP game mode.

    Quote Zooloo75 :
    A small project that aims to provide a simple, fun, player vs player game mode for multiplayer.
    It is similar to Battlefield's Conquest game mode in which players from two teams fight to capture objectives and deplete their opponent's tickets for victory.

    The twist is that the default weapon ballistics are replaced in favor of more weighted projectiles to emulate airsoft pellets; heavier and slower. The mission is addon-free, requiring no overhead for servers to host the mission.

    The area-of-operation is a closed-off forested area with lots of vegetation for concealment and cover.

Written on 2014-07-28 by zooloo75

Muecke has submitted a new public version of his Capture the Island mission where you fight the opposite team to control the island.

  • Opfor Squad-leader has a 2nd RPG now - Opfor AT Rifleman lower price
  • changed buildings for small and big Air-factory
  • added correct Radius for some buildings
  • added a flagpole to primary buildings for better recognizing
  • updated the new [R3F] logistics
  • added "Karts" to civilians & towns
  • added a button in options menu to check the main parameters
  • added a info to check your load-out weight in gearmenu
  • added a parameter to control fatigue
  • tweaked some things to the AI commander
  • minor fixes here and there

Written on 2014-07-28 by Muecke

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