Toadie2k sent us an updated version of his NIArms AUG Rifles which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This pack of AUGs contains the 3 major iterations of the AUG design (the A1, A2 and A3), as well as the civilian Semi-Auto-only Special Reciever. With the exception of the A3, each of these comes in 3 barrel lengths firing 5.56x45mm NATO , and the A1 and A2 are also available in 9x19mm. all of these AUGs are available in three colours. The A3, Due to the quad-rail forgrip is only available in it's rifle length. However, it also has a GL-equipped model.
    Oh yes, and you can swap between different lengths of barrel from the action menu (or if you use AGM- self-interact). So,yes. Yes you can carry the standard rifle and a conversion kit,then with mere seconds delay go straight into running your AUG as an SMG.

    • Clean up and improve AI usage for AUG pack (Credit: Robalo)
    • Updated to use macros
    • Adjustments to Dexterity
    • Added GL reload animations to hlc_rifle_auga3_GL (and variants)
    • Corrected GL sight animation hlc_rifle_auga3_GL and adjusted eye memory points (solved #13)

Written on 2016-11-24 by toadie2k4


Toadie2k sent us the updated version of his NIArms AR15 Rifles which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    In the 1950s, Small arms company Armalite (then bought as a division into the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation) was founded to create firearms that focused on utilising the latest in material design to bring to market light, better weapons. The company, under the orders of legendary Chief Engineer Eugene Stoner brought to market two notable rifle designs to the table in it's early life - The AR-10 and AR-15. The AR-10 competed initally for the Infantry Combat Rifle trials, which it ultimately lost to the M14, but the overall concepts and rough design layout it created layed the mould for it's lighter caliber succerssor: the AR-15. Both systems have a direct gas impingement system - gas is tappedback via tube to the bolt to apply direct gas pressure on the bolt to cycle. The system as designed was simple to strip and operate, light and ,with the correct spec ammo, accuracte and reliable. First adopters of the AR-15, the US Air Force and Army Special Forces, sung high praise of the rifle, ultimately leading to it's introduction to service with the Marines as the M16. Unfortunately too late for Armalite itself, dissatisfied with the response in the market prior to wide adoption, sold the AR-10 and AR-15 patterns to Colt, and AR-10 to a Dutch company. Armalite had a few smaller successes with other stoner ideas (Notably the AR-18), but the company never really saw widespread success and closed it's doors in 1988.

    Today, the AR-15 stands not as one weapon ,but as a family platform of largely interchangable variations on the concept, with wide adoption in Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian shooting areas. This pack reflects just some of that variety, not to cover the bog standard M4s and M16s, but some of the more exotic variations.

    • Use macros FTW
    • Corrected skeleton dependency conflicts between hlc_rifle_colt727 and hlc_colt727_gl
    • Recentered hlc_rifle_ru5562
    • Clean up M203 cfg for AR15
    • GL Reload Animations added
    • Hiddenselections Created for all weapons
    • Side Attachment proxy positions corrected
    • Animated Zeroing corrected for .300 Blackout Weapons
    • hlc_rifle_honeybadger Now has suppressor as default state.Can still accept attachment suppressors.
    • Zeroing on non-zeroable sights no longer is adjustable
    • Added: BCM "Blackjack". .300 Blackout variation on Jack Carbine, per request of Spartan0536
    • hlc_rifle_SAMR VFG replaced

Written on 2016-11-24 by toadie2k4

Toadie2k sent us the updated version of his NIArms AK Rifle Pack which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The Kalashnikov family of rifles have a long-standing legacy in firearms . What started in 1945 as an effort to supplant the Mosin-Nagant in soviet infantry service resulted in one of the most prolific bloodlines of semi-automatic rifles in history. Within this AK pack you'll find a broad selection from the family history and role-defining variations, starting with the original milled receiver AK47 an going through to the coming of age in the AK12. To augment the suite, a selection of optical and muzzle attachments are at your disposal. This is not an exhaustive pack, but it should cover enough roles and variants to suit most needs from a practical standpoint.

    • Fix UI for 2rnd burst fire mode
    • Remove redundant code in AK pack, use macros for GP nades
    • Cleaned up Magazine material paths in hlc_wp_ak
    • Add weight based dexterity related attributes to AK pack

Written on 2016-11-24 by toadie2k4


ARCHaim submitted his ArmaPlace: Deployable underwater scooter.

    Quote :
    Deployable underwater scooter.
    Can be carried as a two backpacks, assembled into the Water Shadow scooter and again dissasembled in two backpacks when needed.

Written on 2016-11-24 by khaimovmr

ARCHaim submitted his Deployable boat addon.

    Quote :
    Can be carried as a backpack, assembled into the rubber boat and again dissasembled into the backpack when needed.
    Inspired by original OHally's Boats mod that seams to be outdated since 2013 year.

    • Fixed class inheritance

Written on 2016-11-24 by Armaholic

Incontinentia informed us he released his Incon Scripts A3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Basically, INC_Scripts_A3 is a collection of scripts for Arma 3 mission makers (currently only 3 but I am planning more if I can get around to it). They are primarily designed to be used with ALiVE and ACE in SP / Co-op scenarios.

    These are available as an early Alpha.

    • INC_Undercover
        Go undercover as a civilian, become a local hero, recruit other civilians, cause mayhem. Features an optimised detection system that allows you to maintain cover as long as you are careful and choose your targets well as well as automatic group persistence for recruited AI between persistent ALiVE sessions. Designed specifically for ALiVE - be the guerilla.
        Requires: CBA, ALiVE Civ Placement Modules (for civilian recruitment)

        Status: Experimental release. Feature complete, untested in Coop but works well in dedicated server / SP environments.
    • INC_Intel:
        Enemy units drop intel when they are killed. Allows units to hack into enemy radio networks and see nearby groups on the map, as well as track cellphone contacts. Also reveals enemy installations.
        Requires: CBA

        Status: Initial (early Alpha) release.
    • INC_groupPersist:
        Provides persistence for non-playable AI teammates (in player group) between play sessions when ALiVE data is present using iniDBI2. Saves full unit information for up to 11 AI teammates and loads it when there is corresponding ALiVE persistent player information.
        Requires: CBA, ALiVE, iniDBI2, (works best with TADST in SP / Coop locally hosted dedicated server sessions)

        Status: Experimental release.

    Check individual readme files in the respective addon folders for more information.

Written on 2016-11-23 by Armaholic

DL++ released a bunch of new screenshots showing the latest progress he made with his No Cure mod, an open world, zombie & human survival mod, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    With No Cure you will face many challenges in a new Post apocalyptic environment. You will need to hunt and scavenge for essentials to survive and stay fed and hydrated. Once the essentials are taken care of you can begin exploring deeper into the mist of the dead where you will find life stealing bandits, struggling survivors, and settlements hanging on to existence. All with one common goal…. To survive the deceased lands riddled with mutated death.

    On the screens below you can see some units and some forest screens from the new terrain currently being built:
    • zombie dogs and survivor units
    • Forests from the new terrain

You can find more screens, videos and information in the No Cure WIP topic.

Written on 2016-11-23 by DL++

Jeza informed us Bnae released an updated version of his Bnae's Arsenal on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Bnae's Arsenal is upcoming addon created by Bnae.
    Main idea is to create more content to Arma 3 with quality as close as possible to the original quality of A3.

    • version 0.31:
        - fixed no entry error
    • version 0.3:
        - New textures
        - Double-barreled shotgun and sawed-off version
        - Shell holder for shotgun
        - Tactical 8-80x56 March (Not ready)
        - New reloading sound and animation for L-35

Written on 2016-11-23 by Armaholic

Kerc Kasha released an updated version of his Weapon Eventhandler Framework on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod is designed to act as a framework for other mod makers to extend the base games weapon event handlers to allow for easy to configure sound effects and animations upon firing a weapon. For the most part it's designed around the idea of bolt action rifles, pump-action shotguns and any other manual bolt operation weapon.
    Another benefit to the mod is it allows for manual bolting of weapons, which is currently set for when you're looking down a scope allowing you to see where your shot lands before bolting.

    On it's own the framework does nothing but with a configured mod (such as Toadie's upcoming AWM/AWC modpack), these features come to life.

    • Resolved config warning messages
    • Resolved scope private error message

Written on 2016-11-22 by Kerc Kasha

Raptoer released the Pooter's enhanced ASR AI on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Pooter's enhanced ASR AI takes the base ASR AI (currently version 0.9.34) and modifies the behavior of AIs who encounter danger.

    Specifically it causes AI to get into cover behind specific objects (any object that is tall enough is eligible).
    It also causes AI to counter attack if they have detected danger and then were left alone for long enough. If the AI are continuously detecting danger then they will not counter attack until the danger has ended.

    The mod is compatible with both single and multiplayer, however I have never tested the campaign with it.

    There are expanded settings in the userconfig for various delays as well as the maximum distance at which the AI will attempt a counter attack.

    There are three downsides to using this mod:
    1. Slight performance decrease per instance of AI detecting danger (mainly the first time each group detects danger).
    2. AIs can be a little cowardly, especially at long ranges. The AI will go into cover, then may decide that it really likes the cover and sit there.

    • Fixes debug problems

Written on 2016-11-22 by Armaholic

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