maquez [Q-Net] informed us he released in the BI forums an update for his Insurgency cooperative mission for 20 RHS:AFRF vs Leights OPFOR.

  • updated for Leights OPFOR Pack v0.6

Written on 2015-01-26 by Q-Net_maquez


maquez [Q-Net] released in the BI forums a new version of this cooperative mission based on the classic A2 Insurgency made by Fireball and Pogoman.

  • updated for Leights OPFOR Pack v0.6

Written on 2015-01-26 by Q-Net_maquez

L'etranger informed us he released an updated version of his Virtual TrainingSpace 4.0 mission which he ported to Arma 3 on the BI forums.

  • fixed UI bugs
  • fixed fastrope issue
  • Improved fastrope render
  • Improved vehicle lift render
  • fixed & improved VTS revive system
  • Improved vts_isStealableUniform option
  • Updated UPSMON scripts by Azroul
  • Update HC system to use the new method.
  • Other fix for stuff BIS breaks

Written on 2015-01-26 by L_etranger


barbolani has submitted a Dynamic Whole Map mission, for SP or MP Coop, focused on Resistance Infantry and Guerrilla Tactics.

    Quote barbolani :
    • Totally dynamic: missions, enemy and friendly assets, positions, etc..
    • Around 16 Sidemissions, including convoys, defense, rescue, logistics and much more to come!
    • Theatre: Whole Altis: The whole island is your battlefield, decide tactically and strategically where to attack or defend.
    • Resistance logistics: No "magic" unlimited weapons and ammo boxes. You need to gather resources, on whatever way, to equip your squad. You will have to earn every single bullet. Load ammoboxes content to any truck.
    • Civilian Support: There's a Civil War in Altis. Your actions will affect Civilian perception of your side, which affect to the territory you control, how many assets and manpower you receive and much more.
    • World Power Support: Each faction is searching for support from external parties (NATO and CSAT) to win the war. Achieve a nice support from NATO and you will be able to act in coordination with them.
    • Enemy AI Commander: AI reacts to your movements and manages their economy.
    • Friendly AI Management: Some functions which will make easier to deal with your AI squadmates.
    • Enemy Comms: Destroy Radio Towers in order to disturb enemy communications and make it more clumsy on it's response.
    • AI Improvements: Some additions to AI, like using smoke for cover or while dismounting, surrendering, rappeling, paratrooping, use of fixed positions, airstrikes and many more.
    • Persistent Savegame: You won't loose your game progression on mission updates.
    • Experience the typical "Arma Combined Arms Experience".
    • As random as possible, so there are not two missions exactly the same. Anything may happen, anyway, anytime, anywhere.
    • Scripts: UPSMon (Kronzky, Monsada and Cool=Azroul13), Addon Free Stat Save System (zooloo75).

Written on 2015-01-26 by BARBOLANI

D-Day & BOX has submitted a new version of this template of a platoon size base, inspired by a old large Danish battalion size NATO base during the 90'ies war in Bosnia.

    Quote D-Day & BOX :
    F.O.B VALHALLA version 2.0 is a platoon size base, inspired by a retired, large Danish batallion size NATO base during the 90'ies war in Bosnia.

    This is a base / FOB ment for the community that want a 'real life feel' experience of a base layout.
    - With this update (version 2.00 from 1.00) we have totally remade the FOB and made it better. We have removed all MOD requirements and this v2.00 is now totally Vanilla, so anybody with Arma3 can run this template.

Written on 2015-01-26 by D-Day

Craig released an updated version of his SP Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote craig :
    This pack contains flags, hats, goggles, backpack, Plate Carrier and Tattoo skins.
    I also included a test mission with all the gear in an ammobox and aslo paper doll gear menu for you to view all the stuff. Class names are in the missions folder, dsl_gear_selection_v1-4.Stratis US_Pack.sqs file.

    • Removed : Paper Doll gear menu
    • Fixed : uniforms being duplicated in the arsenal
    • Changed : Hunter camo
    • Updated : headgear,backpacks, Weight and armor
    • Updated : Uniforms can be worn by all blufor,opfor,independant
    • Added : Blue Helmets without U.N logo
    • Added : Beret2 black,Blue,Brown,green,Grey,Red,tan,Yellow
    • Added : Beret3 black,Blue,Brown,green,Grey,Red,tan,Yellow
    • Added : Hood black,green,tan
    • Added : Hunter camo Offroad,Balaclava
    • Added : Hunter2 camo
    • Added : A-Tacs FG camo
    • Added : Nod Urban camo

SP Pack v2.5

Arma3 Dev Build

Written on 2015-01-25 by craig

SabreD released an updated version of the Antonow An-2, which he ported from Arma 2, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This addon adds some An-2 variations to Arma 3. Some are made up and some resemble a random selection of real planes.
    They have different characteristics and specialities:
    - The standard variants have slightly different top speeds but otherwise the flight model is similar
    (The vintage AirRacing versions have slightly more powerful engines but may stall at lower speeds -
    interesting side fact: the real An-2 has no stall speed mentioned in its manual according to wikipedia)
    - The snow versions are slightly faster. The skis are purely aestetic. The plane really behaves as if it were on wheels.
    - The sea plane version is designed to be operated on water only.

    It can be used on ground but only because I didn't want to interfere with the ability to put it on a beach or go back into the sea from there.
    Go in and out of the water very slowly! The artifical float script needs time to catch up.
    In reality you would have to manually attach special wheels to the floats as far as I know. This is not included currently.
    By the way it has to be flown with caution. It's a lot slower than the other variants. Don't expect to get over mountains as easily as with other planes.

    - The armed versions are for fun really.
    I just put some random cannon on them and changed the flight model to an arcade more jetlike version.

    • Prop Blur added and removed (didn't look good)
    • Fixed issue where Door Gunner could take control
    • Gunner can be selected from Editor
    • Acceleration decreased slightly
    • Armed Version door is now open by default so AI can shoot out better

Written on 2015-01-25 by SabreD

Major Desync submitted the first release of his Gorgona island addon.

    Quote :
    Gorgona is a small island located in the Ligurian Sea, 37 km off the west coast of Italy and 35 km north of the island of Capraia. Inhabited and fortified since ancient times, it is now home to an agricultural penal colony, housing 50 prisoners, including those convicted of murder and other violent crimes, as well as Mafiosi. The prisoners work the island's farms, moving freely around the island by day tending crops and livestock, returning to the prison buildings before the evening curfew. In the history of the prison, only one prisoner has escaped, though it is not known if he survived the long swim to the mainland. (Source: Wikipedia)

    Though based on the real island of Gorgona, this terrain differs somewhat from the actual island. Firstly, the terrain is larger - measuring 3.7 km from north to south, and 2.6 km from east to west (compared to 2.1 km and 1.6 km respectively for the real island). Secondly, the terrain is a lot less steep than the real island. Finally, while the terrain's buildings and roads are based on the real thing, I've taken a lot of liberties to produce some interesting locations for Arma3.

    Gorgona's size, topography, ground cover, and locations make it perfect for small-unit infantry actions and stealth missions with an emphasis on close-quarter combat.

    • Terrain dimensions: 4.1 km x 4.1km
    • Terrain area: 16.2 sq. km
    • Island dimensions: approx 3.7 km x approx 2.6 km
    • Land area: approx. 6.5 sq km.
    • Heightmap resolution: 4 m/pixel
    • Elevation range: -50 m to 230 m
    • Approx 112,000 objects
    • Hilly, heavily forested terrain, with large olive plantations, and rocky shorelines.
    • 1 main village, with several surrounding farms and compounds.
    • Locations: Prison, junk yard, port, helipad, cemetery, castle, radome installation, military camp, research station.

Written on 2015-01-25 by Major_Desync

Kiory released an updated version of his L85A2 addon on the BI forums.

    Quote Kiory :
    Here we go again, more promises and disappointment for you all! No I'm kidding, I aim to finish it this time around.

    So I've completely re worked the L85A2, rebuilt the LP model and cleaned up the HP model for better baking results. The textures need more work, but are passable for now. Currently it supports the 6.whatever the calibre is suppressor, couple of scopes etc, the basic stuffs.

    The sounds, well the sounds are pretty decent, I had to purchase some from Pond5 and I'm glad I did, worth the investment because this rifle has never sounded this good, in my opinion (but there will always be some people out there that are displeased)

    Oh, and there's a pink version.

    • added the LLM MkIII
    • added Surefire flashhider which does minimize muzzle flash
    • added the BFA which does infact omit damage completely

Written on 2015-01-25 by Kiory

Leight released an updated version of his OPFOR Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    What armies are in addon:
    • ISIS militia
    • ChDKZ militia
    • African militia
    • Afghan militia
    • Afghan National Army & Police
    • Ultranationalists Army
    • Chernarussian Defence Forces
    • Iraqi Army
    • African Civilians
    • Afghan Civilians
    • removed black ops mercenaries
    • fixed error with afgan civilians
    • added CDF army
    • a few changes in .pbo files, please read readme inside
    • changed Afghan Army uniforms to ANA Camo, digital
    • fixed the rest of reported errors
    • removed ISIS logo because of german restrictions

Leights OPFOR Pack v0.6

RHS Escalation

Only required when you use the OPFOR HLC Config
ASDG Joint Rails

Written on 2015-01-25 by Leight

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