Massi released an updated version of his Italian Special Operations units addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote massi :
    I’m updating all my units pack in order to fix uniforms issueand to add new optional config for the vehicles that are now disabled by default as requested from several users, I’ve also added some ported A2 uniforms and reworked all camos.
    There are also some other fixies you’ll find in the changelog.
    Hope you’ll enjoy this new update !

    • Fixed: uniforms errors
    • added ported A2 uniforms: arctic suites, PCUs, NBC suite
    • added new MICH helmet models
    • added SD ammo to all units (good for stealth missions)
    • added optional config for vehicles that are now disabled by default
    • adjusted OPS CORE size
    • added BONUS units: NBC, PCU
    • Reworked camouflage textures
    • improved: units loadout, groups and config

Written on 2015-11-21 by massi


Mad_Cheese released an updated version of his Command & Control addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    C2 is an addon that will optimize your control over AI-squadmembers. Complex tactical orders can be issued in a matter of seconds.

    I updated the addon to version 1.4 and am happy to say: I managed to realize a little dream of mine with the addon now being en par with it's role models.

    • Milestone: Hud mode indicators now snap to any surface. Buildings can use positions inside and outside.
    • Added: Planning tablet now handles unlimited units via pages
    • Added: Units can be dragged on TeamColor buttons in planning tablet. Hold CTRL to drag multiple units.
    • Added: Running orders for HUD mode. Forward Peel: CTRL+SHIFT+RMB. Backward Peel: CTRL+ALT+RMB . Can be overridden.
    • Tweaked: HUD mode indicators were improved and now demonstrate unit orientation
    • Tweaked: Supression indicator snaps to any position of surface intersect, rendering mousewheel height obsolete
    • Tweaked: TeamColor buttons system was overhauled and now work in the same fashion as it does in the radial menu.
    • Tweaked: Tablet Tracker groups now receive correct group icons. Size is still reflected visually.
    • Tweaked: TeamColor buttons in planning tablet made bigger for better access
    • Fixed: 3D-Indicators are now removed if player gets killed
    • Fixed: Action menu disabled while positioning supression indicator
    • Fixed: F-Keys unit selection in Planning Tablet work again
    • Fixed: CTRL+SHIFT+F# to select units 11-20 in HUD mode works again
    • Fixed: Player no longer falsely takes command over a group he was joined into.
    • Manual updated

Written on 2015-11-21 by mad_cheese

H-Singh informed us he released an updated version of his U.S. Joint Special Operation Command addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I build this mod because of the requirements of JSOC special operations units.
    I added "75th Ranger STB (UCP & OCP Uniform) and will add more units in future like (USAF STS, USN Devgru, Marines Raiders) etc.

    This is a re-texture mod for the realism unit "U.S. Joint Special Operation Command".
    Right now, It includes 2 camos (uniforms, vests, headgear, backpacks, equipments, TFR Longrange Radios) & Flags

    Its fully compatible with ALIVE & MCC.

    • unknown

Written on 2015-11-20 by Armaholic


vanschmoozin released an updated version of his Medal Of Honor - Project Honor on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Being a long time user of mods/addons (since the ol' operation flashpoint days!) I figured it was high time I started making some of my own content. These are my very first attempts at anything mod related. I know they are just simple reskins, and that I'm a few years late to the reskin party haha but I have had a blast working on these this last week or so.

    So, with that being said, I present to you one of my favorite camo patterns, Project Honor, from the Medal Of Honor game franchise. I think it works great with the arma terrains, both A2 and A3. I hope you guys have as much fun playing with them as I have had making them. Mod is signed, and should just be good to go! ( being my first release I'm sure there will be bugs, but just let me know of any and I'll do my best to fix them)

    This is a "part 1" of the series. I want to do another release with more vests/bags/uniforms, and even get into making new models. But one step at a time haha.

    • fixed the config for the special vests in m81 and Project Honor
    • includes the IND uniform, vests, and kitbags for the OGA faction.

Written on 2015-11-20 by vanschmoozin

EricJ released an updated version of his A-164 Wipeout Skin Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    - Plane_CAS_USAF_01 (A-164 Wipeout [MDARNG])
    - Plane_CAS_USAF_02 (A-164 Wipeout [USAF])

    Original base texture from BIS, with edits to represent the actual colors of the A-10 (of which the Wipeout is obviously modeled on) and features one representing the 104th FS, Maryland Air National Guard, 2035, from Baltimore, Maryland. The [USAF] one is a more “generic” scheme in case you don’t like the MDARNG version.

    • Fixed USMC and US Army skinned Hurons, textures now appear using the new Texture List system

Written on 2015-11-20 by Armaholic

Armitxes released an updated version of his Visual Studio Code - SQF Plugin on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a new, but already very known Code Editor. For those who don't know VS Code, it's pretty much like Sublime Text.
    Today I wrote a SQF Plugin for VS Code, there isn't any documentation about Plugins released yet as VS Code is in a preview state - means you can expect much more features to come but may also encounter some bugs (haven't found any).
    Works on Linux, OS X and Windows.

    Version 0.3 is now released together with a windows installer.

    • Fixed escapes in string
    • Fixed a weird issue where code snippets weren't suggested
    • Added this project to the marketplace and the VS gallery

Written on 2015-11-20 by Armitxes

Jester released in the BI forums an updated for this quick tutorial mission to help you practice your Helicopter Skills.

    Quote Jester :
    This is an updated version of the Helo Training Mission that does not require any addons.

    When Armaholic posted my first mission, I realized that I had been remiss in not offering a vanilla version that would run on any install of ArmA 3. This new version also has a new feature that allows you to practice your Sling Loading skills.

    HOG Mechanic for ArmA 3 is included in the example mission, so make sure you take a couple repair kits to help repair your helo in the field.

Written on 2015-11-20 by Theopolus

Elite Accidentyl released in the BI forums a new version of his campaign where the United States sent their most elite units to liberate the Altis island of ISIS militants.

  • Added failsafe trigger for mission 3 where plane wouldn't properly delete.
  • Reduced damage threshold for weapons cache from 0.5 to 0.3 for completion trigger on mission 4.
  • Added failsafe trigger for cache on mission 4 and removed RHS weapons cache completely.
  • Removed debug hint in mission 6.
  • Reduced accuracy and other AI skills for most missions.
  • Increased Delta Force AI sub skills to be more bad ass.
  • Changed player to "Demo specialist" on mission 4 so you can use the toolkit.

Written on 2015-11-20 by Armaholic

Sacha Ligthert has submitted a remake of an ArmA 2 classic.

    Quote Sacha Ligthert :
    I've ported the original Roadblock Duty by Reezo to ArmA 3. Because I loved playing the original version with my friends and the one of PFC Burnes just didn't cut it (sorry). So after all these years I decided to just write my own.

Written on 2015-11-19 by ligthert

da12thMonkey released an updated version of his F-16 skins for the recently updated F-16C Fighting Falcon by Firewill on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Contains addons for Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Greece, Turkey and Portugal.

    • version
      • Fixed: accidentally uploaded the wrong version
    • version 1.1:
      • I've updated the config to the updated standard loadout, with a Master Arm switch enabled
      • added some of the stuff that Firewill included in the updated texture template such as the dirt overlays
      • added a couple of additional details to the textures such as No Step/Walkway lines on the upper surface and the engine warning line on the underside.
      • Displaynames for the Dutch, Belgian, Danish and Norwegian skins have been changed to F-16AM instead of F-16C.
      • New additions are F-16C Block 50/52 and Block 50+/52+ in Greek and Turkish schemes (different squadron markings between those with/without CFTs) and a Portuguese F-16AM.
      • There's also a mod.cpp logo to help find the skins I did, in the editor.

Written on 2015-11-18 by da12thMonkey

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