IvosH_cz released in the BI forums this mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes.

    Quote IvosH_cz :
    You are in the enemy territory. CSAT is preparing deployment of the seismic generator weapon. Your mission is to find location of seismic generators and destroy them.

Written on 2015-05-23 by Armaholic


Cyril Figgis has submitted a new version of the orignal BIS Showcases with RHS units.

  • Gunships - Swapped Ka50 for Mi24V due to transport limitations on the Ka

Written on 2015-05-22 by Cyril Figgis

Zenophon informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this mission pack with cooperative missions.

  • Abduction
      Improved: Opfor group size now scales to player count
  • Ambush
      Improved: Indfor patrols are spawned at the start
      Improved: Indfor patrols scale with player count
  • Checkpoint
      Fixed: Vehicle disappears when the driver is killed
      Fixed: Some odd AI driving behavior
      Fixed: Removed some debug markers
  • Sweep
      Improved: Limited the number of Opfor vehicles
      Improved: Reduced Opfor infantry scaling with player count
      Improved: Opfor infantry and vehicles also scale based upon sniper presence
  • Vendetta
      Improved: Opfor patrols now scale more based upon player count

Written on 2015-05-22 by Zenophon


aliascartoons released in our forums episode 12 from a co-op campaign (The Dawn of New Altis Republic) of 16 missions.

    Quote aliascartoons :
    Special unit called Freedom Fighters of the New Altis Republic (on short NAR FF) is required to save NATO SF and help them exfiltrate. Good luck!

Written on 2015-05-22 by aliascartoons

Cruoriss informed us he released a new version of his open wolrd pve mission with multiple tasks to complete in the BI forums.

    - Added : Leights OPFOR Pack compatibility (add 11 new faction)
    - Added : Mission translated to french with the help of Helios, contact me if you want to help translate in other languages
    - Added : Players now use the endgame vanilla revive (recruited AI still use A3 wounding sytem) HOLD SPACE TO REVIVE
    - Added : Loading screen picture made by Helios
    - Added : RHS 0.3.7 US helicopters + Insurgents vehicles
    - Fixed : Player could get stuck in swiming animation after base creation
    - Fixed : Player could start the mission without a map, making manual base placement impossible
    - Fixed : Zeus1 undefined error
    - Fixed : Immortal ammobox in f&d task
    - Fixed : Zone AI sometime getting a waypoint to [0,0,0] map position assigned
    - Fixed : Zone AI sometimes fleeing
    - Fixed : Zone AI naval units will only get waypoints assigned in the water now
    - Fixed : Some tasks not creating properly due to possible mod conflicts
    - Fixed : Few .rpt logs, various errors

Written on 2015-05-21 by Cruoriss

SPhoenix released in the BI forums his latest cooperative mission for Arma 3.

    Quote SPhoenix :
    A recent detonation has been detected by seismographs in a depopulated part of Kazakhstan. A flyover by a KH-13 satellite confirmed an underground detonation of a non-nuclear, kiloton-rated exotic warhead through the emergence of a large crater. A second flyover revealed a massive build-up of Russian military forces in the area, presumably to assess the impact and aftermath of this new type of warhead.
    Considering the lack of intelligence on this new weapon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are worried. The DoD has ordered a raid to gather soil samples from the blast site. A team of Navy SEALs were inserted by an MV-22 but were met with large caliber arms fire and large infantry opposition. All units are KIA. They have left an engineering UAV on site with which to collect the samples, as well as an Mk6 mortar for support. You will be dropped in with a CH-47 towing a Stomper RCWS. We suggest you get in, collect the samples and get out as fast as you can.

Written on 2015-05-20 by SPhoenix

player_1k has submitted where you transport and ship gold.

  • Added prisoner of war camp. Units can be captured based on morale and hunger levels.
  • Added multiple difficulty levels from easy to very hard.
  • Added proximity explosives. Enemies deploy explosives which can be disarmed
  • General cleanup
  • Modified and fixed enemy movement and behaviour.
  • Other minor fixes.

Written on 2015-05-20 by player_1k

Pinaz93 released an updated version of his Pinaz Retexture Project - SU-35 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm now releasing the first pack of retextures for the SU-35!

    • Skins:
        - Algerinian Air Force (Pre-CSAT) in Opfor-Algerinian Air Force
        - Algerinian Air Force (CSAT) in Opfor-CSAT
        - Argentinian Air Force (CSAT) in Opfor-CSAT
        - PLAA (both grey and blue camo) (CSAT) in Opfor-CSAT
        - Iranian Air Force (Pre-CSAT) in Opfor-Iranian Air Force (the camo I have make isn'tthe one from Arma 3 but similar to the one that it's used on ours days)
        - Iranian Air Force (CSAT) in Opfor-CSAT
        - Chernaus Air Force in Indfor-Chernaus Air Force
        - North Korean Air Force (Pre-CSAT) in Opfor-North Korean air Force
        - North Korean Air Force (CSAT) in Opfor-CSAT
        - CSAT Red Tigers in Opfor-CSAT (The best squadron of the CSAT, composed by pilots from all the countries of the alliance)
        - Russian Naval Aviation in Opfor-Russian Air Force (VVS)

Written on 2015-05-19 by Pinaz93

BatSpoggy sent us this Instant-Action mode that puts you quickly into a small platoon-sized firefight.

    Quote BatSpoggy :
    This mission puts you in a random location with orders to conduct an advance to contact.
    It is intended for use as an Instant-Action mode that puts you quickly into a small platoon-sized firefight.

    VAS has been incorporated to give you the opportunity to use any gear you see fit, and the mission will begin on your signal.

    There is a random chance for both friendly and enemy armor to appear in different combinations, although this probability is set quite low to avoid every mission being overrun with armor. It's meant to be infantry with the occasional armor threat/help to add spice, not a full-on combined arms battle.

Written on 2015-05-19 by BatSpoggy

Pinaz submitted an updated version of his F-16C retexture All in One Pack.

    Quote :
    I did some new textures for the F-16C and I want to share them with you.
    Now I did an All in One pack, in this pack you will find all my previous skins packs (italian air force, ukraine, fictional usaf aggressors, Altis Air Force, etc), plus all new textures I have made and the new one that will come!

    • Added TWAS weapons to all my aggresors skins
    • Added Russian weapons to the F-16s in the opsfor side, thanks to (John Spartan and Saul for the weapons)
    • New Skins:
        - Takistan AF (PRE-CSAT) in OPFOR-Takistani Air Force (F-16s recived after the events of Arma 2, armed with standard NATO weapons)
        - Takistan AF (CSAT) in OPFOR-CSAT (after the country joined CSAT it's armed with russian AA weapons)
        - Egyptian AF (PRE-CSAT) in INDFOR-Egyptian Air Force (armed with standard NATO weapons)
        - Egyptian AF (CSAT) in OPFOR-CSAT (after the country joined CSAT it's armed with russian AA weapons)
        - CSAT Red Tigers Squadron (The best squadron of the CSAT, composed by pilots from all the countries of the alliance, it use russian AA weapons)
        - Venezuelan Air Force

Written on 2015-05-19 by Pinaz93

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