EricJ released an updated version of his A-164 Wipeout Skin Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    - Plane_CAS_USAF_01 (A-164 Wipeout [MDARNG])
    - Plane_CAS_USAF_02 (A-164 Wipeout [USAF])

    Original base texture from BIS, with edits to represent the actual colors of the A-10 (of which the Wipeout is obviously modeled on) and features one representing the 104th FS, Maryland Air National Guard, 2035, from Baltimore, Maryland. The [USAF] one is a more “generic” scheme in case you don’t like the MDARNG version.

    • Added the generic Canadian scheme

Written on 2014-10-28 by Foxhound


Riten submitted his Global Conflicts Mod.

    Quote :
    This addon allow you to play as Ukraine Ground Forces, 95th Airmobilie brigade or unmarked Russian Troops. I hope that this mod will help you to create some new missions about Europe conflits. In future I'll add more units and vehicles (WIP), any suggestions are welcome.

Written on 2014-10-28 by riten

Cirav has submitted an updated version of the İmrali Island, a small Turkish island used as a prison island.

    Quote Cirav :
    İmrali is a small Turkish island in the south of the Sea of Marmara, west of the Armutlu-Bozburun peninsula within Bursa Province. It measures 8 kilometres in the north-south direction with a width of 3 kilometres, and has an area of 9.98 square kilometres. The highest peak is Türk Tepesi at an altitude of 217 metres above sea level.

    It is currently a prison island, so it is prohibited to fly over the island or fish near its shores.

    • Improve the vegetation from the satmap
    • Trees too close to each other in the forest
    • Trees on the road East of island's main buildings
    • No track at the entrance of communication tower
    • Trees on the road at the entrance of communication tower
    • "Air boat" on the West and South coast
    • Add some bushes in the forest
    • Add some objects

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar

Written on 2014-10-28 by [OFCRA]Cirav


Tortuosit released an updated version of his Dynamic weather script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The script creates dynamic weather, is heavily configurable, has starting presets, weather trends and min/max values. Standard behaviour is that script lets weather cycle between min and max values. But you can also pin the weather at a specific level with the "constant" trend.

    - Presets are respecting min/max values.
    - Rain min/max is not available, as rain control is usually taken over by ArmA.
    - Generally, fog levels are more likely to be low.

    Weather changes / trend changes are executed every 20 minutes with no brute force, i.e. no abrupt changes and no cpu spikes (except at startup). After all, especially cloud/overcast change is slow in ArmA.

    Script is for SP usage, I have no clue about MP. The script is derived from a script of forum user Meatball.

    • Bug fixes and slight reorg to Addon menu
    • own wind and rain thread. Its experimental, needs some work.
    • Island templates, i.e. full weather definition can be applied per Island/World. Enable it in config file and copy island definitions to user config, as described on the downloadpage.

    Please check your config files in Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\userconfig\tort_DynamicWeather\, at best, overwrite them with the newly distributed ones.

Written on 2014-10-28 by tortuosit

shay_gman submitted an updated version of the Mission Control Center Sandbox 4 for Arma 3 which he released on the BI forums.

Quote shay_gman :

    I feel like I need to share with you guys the future of MCC from our end: You probably asks why do we add game mechanics (such as the interaction system) to MCC? Well the truth is that they always been there in MCC 2 for ArmA 2 we added weapons' silencer scripts and LHD spawning stuff exc. We believe and aim to get all this building parts that you like and combine them all together to a complete game changer. What if we could provide you a persistent battlefield with generated missions from time to time, and RTS command for the commanders to build there bases exc... The options are endless so we are now finishing the building blocks and starting the combining part so even people who don't use MCC to build mission will "know" once they are in MCC game.
    So as always be patient as good things will come your ways. We are listening to your request and reports and doing are best to deliver this tool for the community. So again, enjoy - and vote for us.

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us:
    - MakeArmaNotWar
    - MakeArmaNotWar

Written on 2014-10-28 by shay_gman

1stLt.J.Aero Aka AeroDuhMedic has submitted a Pre-Campaign Mission where AAF, PMCs & CSAT have Gathered Together to plan a push to end the Blufor's Reign over Altis.

    Quote 1stLt.J.Aero Aka AeroDuhMedic :
    I'm currently working on a 5 part Campaign where AAF, PMCs & CSAT work on pushing NATO troops back to the mainland of Greece, Each Mission will consist of all units being playable so in other words it'll be a Massive Multiplayer Campaign, "SPOILER" First 2 missions will take place on Stratis, Only Mandatory mods will be Pomigit & BadHabitz Private Military Company Unit Pack, I have all the parts for Altis in mind, I just need to put my ideas in the editor.

    This Mission is a hype mission for the Campaign itself, Combat will take place, AAF, PMC & CSAT Troops have gathered to defend their Captains, Reports of a NATO Scout was last seen retreating to a hill to the east

Written on 2014-10-28 by 1stLt.J.Aero

[EVF] Alex is working on a new island for Arma 3 called "Isola d'Elba" and sent us some first wip screens showing his work.

    Quote :
    EVF group present the WIP of Isola d'Elba, [EVF] Alex imported a 1:1 scale satellite image of 28.000x28.000px(1mt/px), the dimension are of 27x18 km for a total surface of 223 square Km, the island include 2 main city, 10 villages, 1 airport, 60% of island are cover by forest.

    You can find some info about the real area here.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Isola d'Elba WIP topic.

Written on 2014-10-28 by Fr3eMan

AustinAtSt has submitted this singleplayer mission where as a survivor in the post-apocalyptic world, you must fight to defend your Stronghold.

    Quote AustinAtSt :
    Stronghold aims to become the first true post-apocalyptic scenario for ArmA3, providing a unique experience unlike any other scenario in the ArmA modding community. With the focus of an atmospheric environment, players will become immersed in an Altis wasteland that will feel alien to the most experienced of Arma3 players. The environment accompanied by an original story will also give Stronghold hours of lore for players to discover as they progress through the game.

Written on 2014-10-28 by AustinAtSt

Super-truite released an updated version of the ArmAGeddon gamemode and at the same time the ArmAGeddon addon by him and Make Love Not War on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ArmAGeddon is a Coop Multiplayer game mode.
    You have to flee Altis while the island is sinking!
    CSAT forces are fleeing as well and you have to try to steal a vehicle to escape. Tornadoes, earthquakes, meteor falls etc. will spice up your journey!

    Typical game:
    * you spawn with few ammos, even sometimes with no weapons, no map ect.
    * Find equipment left by retreating CSAT forces in the buildings or try to eleiminate the CSAT's which are left to get their gear.
    * Try to find a chopper quickly (remember the water level is rising). Either follow discretly CSAT's (they are likely to call for an extraction) or
    find a abandoned one (usually those have no fuel or need to be repaired (Repair tool kits and fuel canisters can be found in buildings if you are lucky)

    Try tweaking your graphical options to be able to have the particle effects at least in 'high'. You will have better tornadoes, meteors ect.
    Also, there are two new options for particle effects: "Ultra" and "Armageddon".

    • Addon changelog version 1.1:
        - added new sound effects
    • Mission Change log version 1.15:
        - fixed: Tornado Particle effect radius was too small sometimes
        - fixed: sound of thunder was not playing
        - fixed: the ghosthawk is now locked
        - added: Sync of the tide level across network
        - tweaked: number of abandonned choppers increased
        - tweaked: respawn is now closer to the group
        - tweaked: engines of abandonned vehicles are less likely to be destroyed
        - Fixed: respawn parameter issue
        - Fixed: Refuel with fuel cannisters is now working
        - Fixed: Respawn marker now invisible
        - Sync of tide is now a parameter for server admin

Written on 2014-10-28 by super-truite

Murciélago has submitted a new version of this mission engine, for Arma 3, created from scratch to bring the CTF missions to the next level.

  • Cosmetic changes in code and mission info.

Written on 2014-10-28 by murcielago

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