tslava has submitted a singleplayer mission where a special forces group are sent to neutralize local CSAT forces.

    Quote tslava :
    CSAT forces occupy the whole Altis. A peninsula Cap Strigla seems to be an ideal place for an American invasion. However, it is first necessary to neutralize local forces, specifically AA defence in the area. Sergeant William Sikorski and his group have been given this task.

Written on 2015-07-25 by tslava


IndeedPete released an updated version of his European BLUFOR Re-Texture addon on the BI forums.
The Euroforce XEH - CBA Support addon provides CBA Extended Eventhandler support which is needed for example in ACE3, for the self interaction menu.

    Quote :
    This addon features a re-texture of Arma 3's NATO faction, both conventional and special forces in Altis, Black, Desert, Navy, Snow and Woodland camo schemes.
    It's about a fictional combined European force, founded in 2023.
    Notable operations are the ending of the Altian civil war in 2026, the deployment during the Balkan wars in 2028 as well as the Altis incident and follow-up events from 2035 until 2037.
    Today, EUROFORCE operates in over 50 countries on four continents.
    Notable ongoing operations are the peacekeeping mandate in Israel and Syria, the Japan Airlift, the Saint Petersburg blockade and the assistance mission on the US west-coast.
    Forces are organised in fleets, each capable of conducting operations by land, sea and air. Their command structure is loosely based on Mass Effect's Systems Alliance.
    This release comes with a teeny tiny showcase campaign consisting of five quickly thrown together missions about the redeployment on Altis, roughly two months after the events of the M.E.R.C.S. campaign.

    The promised update is here! It improves all uniform textures and changes the EF Altis and Desert colour schemes. Apart from that, CSAT Snow Tigers received their compatibility adapter addon to support ACE3 and its self inetraction menu. Enjoy!

    • Fixed: New MX rifles and headgear were partly turquoise / blue.

Written on 2015-07-24 by IndeedPete

Kimi_uy released an updated version of his Helmet Mounted Displays Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I decided to make a few changes on the HMD of the vanilla helicopters, cause they were either broken or too small.
    It's made for the Little Bird, Ghosthawk, Hellcat, Merlin, Comanche, Orca and Kajman.

    • Multiple Changes to the UI.
    • New helo skins made by Patchwork!
    • New helo crew helmets by Patchwork!
    • Fixed IR jammer error
    • New keys

Written on 2015-07-24 by geraldbolso1899


AUTigerGrad released in the BI forums a dynamic insurgency mission.

    Quote AUTigerGrad :
    Terrorists threaten the stability of N'Ziwasogo. UN Forces, attempting to bring the starving population food and supplies, are under constant attack by rebel militia groups, IED attacks, and suicide bombers. Your task as the head of a small UN security detail is to locate and eliminate these terrorists and protect the people of N'Ziwasogo.

    This mission is a dynamic insurgency. There is no set "task" to do. You and your team must investigate potential hot spots of terrorist activity throughout the entire country and eliminate the threat with the support of UN forces. You have dynamic Close Air Support and Helo Transport, as well as dynamic reinforcement capabilities.

Written on 2015-07-24 by Armaholic

AUTigerGrad released in the BI forums a rescue style mission.

    Quote AUTigerGrad :
    US Special Forces must rescue a captured Blackhawk Pilot and extract from the snowy confines of Russian held Thrisk. This mission includes completely customized units, including arctic loadouts for both US and Russian forces.

Written on 2015-07-24 by Armaholic

IndeedPete released an updated version of his CSAT Snow Tigers addon on the BI forums.
The CSAT Snow Tigers XEH - CBA Support addon provides CBA Extended Eventhandler support for CSAT Snow Tiger units which is needed for example in ACE3, for the self interaction menu.

    Quote :
    This addon adds a full re-texture for Arma 3's CSAT faction. The "Snow Tigers" are a multi-national CSAT detachment specialised in combat in Arctic regions.

    • Fixed: Alive support should be working now.

Written on 2015-07-23 by IndeedPete

Boris Vacula released in the BI forums a new version of his Stress Fortress mission.

    Quote Boris Vacula :
    This mission is based on a simple "horde mode" style gameplay where you defend your base against a large amount of enemies in several attack waves.
    It's designed for quick and short coop sessions where you get to the action right away without having to travel much.

Written on 2015-07-23 by Boriz

IceBreakr submitted an hotfixed version of his famous Isla Duala Terrain for Arma 3.
When you have downloaded version 3.3 already please delete it completely and download this new version 3.33!

    Quote :
    Pssst! Duala 3.2 is out, this time infantry units included... and weapons too. Big thanks to all participants to the project, especially nzdfcrash!

    Isla Duala is a fictional 100km2 African island divided into two countries: Molatia on North and Afrene on South. Border runs along the river and there is a constant tension between both countries. Both countries are backed by different developed world countries that abuse their natural resources: oil and diamonds in Molatia and tourism (natural beauty) in Afrene. Recent discovery of rich oil reserves on Hazena (NW Molatia) ignited the old hatred between countries and Molatia is using fresh income to boost its military. Agressive Molatia is ready to invade weakened Afrene... but US/Europe forces with UN are there to keep the balance and enforce peace.

    African vegetation can be seen everywhere: towns, savannah, desert and jungle. Duala is pretty dry land, but some areas near water feature lush forests and thick greenery. Savannah covers most of the land, while sand and mud is around river beds and beaches. There are no really large hills, rare ones feature rock formations. Guys travelling savannah will find shelter from the sun under acacia trees. Some water rich areas feature thick undergrowth with large datepalm trees and other palms and bushes. There is a vulcano on NW island of Hazena(Rep. of Molatia) but it is resting for many years now.

    Interesting Facts:
    - project took two and half months to reach release state. After the first couple of updates Duala became one of the most popular islands in the community. Project recieved a lot of praise... so, new update came to build on gamers experience.
    - Operation Flashpoint's Tonal is a big inspiration and you can find a tribute - a town looking exactly the same as on Tonal. Author is happy to recieve good review by one of the original makers of Tonal.
    - Duala got mentioned in several PC Gaming magazines and even in Arrowhead Expansion you can spot the reference in the credits ticker
    - it is considered one of the most played custom islands and I hope you get a lot of playing hours on it in A3, too.

    • added vast new region: Taris Island on North
    • over 332,000 placed objects
    • various improvements
    • 90s Afrenian rifleman is now armed
    • added intro with towns
    • added Kamaz open & covered trucks for both factions
    • added Fennek (unarmed & HMG) to Afrenian scout vehicles
    • added Leopard 2A4 Evolution to Afrenian Army
    • primary weapons made compatible with new bipod function

Written on 2015-07-23 by IceBreakr

Quiksilver submitted an updated of his Soldier Tracker (Map and GPS Icons / Markers) script which he released on the BI forums

    Quote :
    A system for showing Soldier, Vehicle and Group information on the Map, GPS and HUD.
    Designed for scenario authors to have a powerful, high-performance and highly flexible solution to presenting player, vehicle and group information on the map, GPS and HUD interfaces.

    • Optimizations enabled by 1.48-introduced script commands.
    • Improved admin/debug/dev config option, to draw all units/vehicles/objects if desired.
    • Fixed: If you do not want incapacitated shown on the map/gps, their player icon is now invisible. Prior version, the icon would be purple.
    • Fixed: Related to the above re shown wounded, the Group hint card can allow/disallow indication of injured/incapacitated soldiers.
    • Tweaked: Hardened against script errors with more isNull checks.
    • Added: File for download separate from example mission

Written on 2015-07-23 by Quiksilver

Bakerman released an updated version of the Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion plugin for the Notepad++ opensource editor on the BI forums.
This plugin which was originally made by Nicolas and updated for Arma 3 by GossamerSolid, Sanjo and now Bakerman.

  • Supports all current (2015/07/23) ARMA3 functions and script commands.
  • CBA functions also included.

Written on 2015-07-23 by Sanjo

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