Rodeostar42 submitted a new version of his Enhanced High & Low Script.

    Quote Rodeostar42 :
    The concept of " water temperature " and " oxygen concentration " ? It is a script that gives:
    • Water Enhanced:
        • Depending on the time and the water temperature is staying on the surface of the water or water leads to death
        • Elapsed time until death depends on the time zone month ( season ) in the game
        • up to the land , if get on a ship and helicopter to recover from hypothermia etc., but the degree of fatigue will be Max
        • is possible underwater work to avoid such as hypothermia if wearing a wet suit
        Oxygen Enhanced:
        • leads to death in about 15 seconds, the oxygen concentration is thin at an altitude 3000M more
        • oxygen concentration if fitted with a jet pilot helmet (A3,RHS,CUP,USAF) is kept normally
        • in an aircraft , such as a highly regardless of helicopter and jet has been pressurized

    • Change over to the 5000M the oxygen concentration is diluted advanced from more than 3000M
    • Fix the switching of the effect on the smooth
    • A problem was fixed for a certain period of time is not also died too
    • Elimination of the bug that also on board the ship not be out of water
    • Other small fixes

Written on 2016-04-13 by Rodeostar42


Maxjoiner released some new screens and a video showing the Sheriff Bus and Civilian Bus which will be in the next updated of his Max Life Pack on the Armaholic forums.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Max Life Pack WIP topic.

Written on 2016-04-12 by maxjoiner

Road Runner released an updated version of the CAG HK416 (Geiselle SMR), which was given to him by Toadie2K, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Okay guys, here's the CAG HK416 with the 10" Geiselle upper, made and donated to me by Toadie2K, without whose generocity, this wouldn't have been able to be released.

    Don't get overly excited, I'm sure there will be better models in the works, but this gives you something to use till that addon arrives!

    It uses the SMA suppressors as default, as they're the best models out there just now, and it uses ASDG rail system as well, again I tried to use the SMA stuff but that didn't work too well, as they have a unique configuration for their ASDG's.

    • Added some better looking shadow LODs
    • Added a couple of extra view LODS, with lower Poly's/faces/vertices
    • Removed all the "compatible" list of suppressors, now they should work with most mods APART from SMA 2.3 as they've configured their Muzzle and rails differently from Robalo's ASDG Joint Rails (CBA3)

Written on 2016-04-12 by Road Runner


The Iron Regiment Team submitted the Kosovo Albanian Terrorist addon.

    Quote :
    In this mod we are representing UCK terorists which are making a lot of chaos on Kosovo and Metohija from 1998 till today!
    This is the modification consists from more classes:
    1.UCK Militants
    2.Black Tigers

    • Updated HLC weapons
    • Removed RH pistol pack
    • Mosin Nagant fix error

Written on 2016-04-12 by _Zeratul_

SAXON submitted his Australian Police Officer addon.

    Quote :
    The Australian Police officer can have various uses for your Arma 3 experience.
    Another use is for any type of mission on the Australian map.

Written on 2016-04-12 by sabergamingtlu

Planelover390 informed the community on the Armaholic forums he is working on the Thunderbirds F-16 Reskin using the F-16C Fighting Falcon Standalone by Firewill.

You can find more screens and information in the Thunderbirds F-16 Reskin wip topic.

Written on 2016-04-12 by planelover390

Nakkas22 from the UNSUNG Team has sent us a new update about the current status of the UNSUNG Vietnam War Mod for Arma 3.

    Hello all! I'm Barden from the UNSUNG Vietnam War Mod PR Team and I'd like to re-introduce you all to UNSUNG.

    The UNSUNG team has awoken from their slumber to bring you guys the new and improved UNSUNG Vietnam War mod for ArmA 3. From planes and jets, to helicopters and APCs, UNSUNG has got your fix to those cravings to return to the 'Nam. With Bigstone as the Team leader for the ArmA 3 Alpha release stepping down, Sgt_Savage whom helped bring version 2.6 to ArmA 2 has returned to the position of lead Dev, to guide us through the next instalment of the unsung series. The work we've done to get you guys the mod in a series of updates which will hopefully satisfy your needs until full release. The Bravo release is coming out very soon, however we already have our Alpha release available for download! You can do that via Armaholic HERE or via our own website HERE.

    We also have a Steam group where we post regular announcements and also events that involve UNSUNG and it's development, including progress reports on the development of Bravo Release!
    Steam Group

    If you don't know what UNSUNG is you can read up on a little on our history UNSUNG History

    If you also own ArmA 2, here's a link to our previous release!
    ArmA 2 - UNSUNG Vietnam War Mod version 2.6

    We are also looking for any people with developer experience such config writers, modellers, texture artists and especially those whom have experience in porting A2 content to A3, taking advantage of PhysX and other engine enhancements.

    So if you would like to volunteer or have any questions in general for the members of the PR team or Dev team please send us an email.

You can find some more screenshots and videos by clicking "read more..".


Written on 2016-04-12 by Nakkas22

Raspu86 released the German SEM 52 for TFAR on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The SEM 52 SL is a German handheld radio introduced in 1995. For TFAR it has the same characteristics as other Personal radios like the AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-148 and Fadak.

    • Default Personal Radio for the BWMod faction
    • Day and night version

Written on 2016-04-12 by Armaholic

AUTigerGrad released in the BI forums a new version of this mission where you are tasked with throwing back the Molatian forces and conquering the region.

  • Added Mutli-Respawns
  • Added Vehicle and Troop spawners
  • Added Built in Headless client support.
  • Other major upgrades

Written on 2016-04-11 by Armaholic

Degmancro released his Croatian Military Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Designed for authentic gameplay and built upon the improved CROAF elements, the mod delivers Croatian military uniforms, equipment and gear into Real Virtuality 4 engine.

    • Low weight:
        - No need to download huge dependency packs
        - No vehicles, weapons or replacement items (to avoid having duplicates when used with other mods)
    • Made with Quality:
        - Real world Croatian military patterns in high definition were in use to create the reallistic looking textures
    • Content:
        - Woodland, Desert, Special Forces and Navy designs

Written on 2016-04-10 by DegmanCRO

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