Desusa has submitted a new mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes.

    Quote Desusa :
    Norwegian special units act against terrorists in the mountains

Written on 2015-02-05 by DonDesusa


-=XTRA=-Larsiano released the German Medicopter 117 (Bell 206) & Pilot addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Here you have a Medicopter 117 of the German Emergency Responce team. A different chopper then the original since that model is not available in Arma as we speak.

Written on 2015-02-05 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano

Froggyluv released an updated version of his KyeCam-Sp addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Allows you to clearly see the guy who shot you dead as well as more cinematic death for player.
    Always hated running to AO for 10 minutes only to get shot dead by unknown. Simply restores old fashion way of showing enemy. Just made it for myself but figured someone else might enjoy it.

    • Less glitchy transitions
    • New and better angles

Written on 2015-02-05 by froggyluv


Goschie released in our forums an Arma 3 port of his Advance The Flag Mission Pack for Arma 2.

    Quote Goschie :
    Advance The Flag was originally made for the game Arma2, but today it is being released to Arma3! Advance The Flag is a dynamic, zone capture based game mode. Unlike other zone capture systems, however, ATF utilizes flags that you advance to the opponents base to win the game! There are 3 modes in different combinations to choose from. Standard ATF allows you to redeploy the flag closer and closer to the enemy base. Micro ATF allows you to actually pick up the flag instead, and then ultimately deploy it near the opponents base.

Written on 2015-02-05 by Goschie

mons00n released in the BI forums a cooperative mission where you and your squad are assigned to infiltrate and destroy the craft to secure these technologies from Takistani Hands.

    Quote mons00n :
    Hi everyone! Today I'd like to share with you a mission of mine that has a rich history dating back roughly 2.5 years. It was my biggest and most ambitious Arma2 mission, but when the Arma3 alpha launched development kind of trailed off. With the recent releases and updates to @MEC & @CUP I had most of what I needed to port the mission to A3. Ligneous Steed is a product of countless hours of planning, tweaking, and writing between myself and my good friend Unfrail. I hope you all find it challenging, interesting, and most of all fun. Please enjoy!

Written on 2015-02-05 by Armaholic

mons00n released in the BI forums a new versionof this simple 8-man coop mission that takes place in the late evening on Stratis.

  • Added support for 3 more players, now 8!
  • sync overcast values to all clients after mission start
  • Fixed AI weapon loadouts in singleplayer
  • Cleaned up a lot of previous script issues
  • Added SRS revive script (lobby parameter option)
  • Added lobby parameter option to turn on a fatigue reduction script

Written on 2015-02-05 by Armaholic

Djangodev released a video and some screenshots of the reporter addon he is working on on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I wanted to showcase the first release of my work on the reporter immersion.
    It consists of custom skins and a digital camera:
    • recording studio
    • vehicules
    • camera
    • roof sign

    Comments and critics appreciated

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Reporter addon wip topic.

Written on 2015-02-04 by djangodev

Cyril Figgis has submitted this mission where you go out for a hunt with your cousins.

    Quote Cyril Figgis :
    Go out for a hunt with your cousins! This is a very simple (and my first really releasable) mission. This will be the first mission of a decent campaign if people like the play style. Please report any bugs, and enjoy!

    It has been an uneasy year in Altis since the 2028 coup. Despite skirmishes between ethnic Stratans and government forces in the North West, a relative calm encompases the small island nation. For now at least....

    Its time for some relaxation. Go hunting with your cousins!

Written on 2015-02-04 by Cyril Figgis

Lt.Killer submitted the Dynamic AI Spawn System script by him and Cpt.Killer.

    Quote :
    This script does it all. It works with any units as long as you have the class names. It will randomly spawn groups of enemy 360 degrees around you after activation. The enemy groups will have random weapons, random sizes, random skill level, random amounts of groups spawned in, and at random times. They will then move towards you at a random speed in a random formation. I know that's a lot of random.
    After a bit of setting up with your own prams inside the .sqf file you will truly have a dynamic operation area when you activate this trigger. You can use the trigger many times in different parts of your mission and it will still work. It works great for enemy counter attacks.
    I have put together a small video that shows off all the features of this script. I have only tested it with men, but it should also work for vehicles as well. The video is a very basic visualization of how the script works and its up to you to best interpret how it is best used in your mission. I have had some amazing games with this script. The feeling of not knowing if a massive push all from one side is coming or being completely surrounded makes it that much more intense and satisfying.

    • Enemy will move to attack you!
    • Random group sizes
    • Random number of groups
    • Random weapons inside that group
    • Random 360 spawn location
    • Random spawn delay
    • Random movement speed
    • Random Formation
    • Random skill

Written on 2015-02-04 by Lt.Killer(SAS)

Lecks informed us he released his ASOR Vehicle Selector script on the BI forums.
This script allows you to choose and spawn vehicles with a preview in a customizable fullscreen interface consistent with ASOR Gear Selector.

Written on 2015-02-04 by Lecks

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