Sabre[Dust] submitted his JATO Script for C130.

    Quote :
    This is a very simple JATO script, it creates jet assisted take off - actually rocket assisted take off.
    It also features the reverse thing I call JASL (jet assisted short landing) inspired by Operation Credible Sport.

    It works in single player, multiplayer and on dedicated server.
    Things can get messy with multiple users / AI using it at the same time due to me not fully understanding the concept of variables/scopes in MP.
    Sometimes the rockets might blow up so use at your own risk.

    The parachute drop at the end of the burn time is fictional afaik. I just got carried away by my first success with scripting a little. Just ask me for a version without parachutes if necessary.
    Someday I might make it into an actual mod with custom rockets attached to the plane properly.

Written on 2014-07-12 by SabreD

|TG| Will released his Anvil Mission Editor and Framework on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Announcing the first supported public release of the Anvil Editor and Framework, version 4.3 ALPHA. The Anvil Editor is a windows application (requiring .NET 4.5) which lets you very rapidly generate small or large scale multi-objective COOP missions for ArmA 3 when used alongside the official ArmA 3 editor. It creates missions that use the light weight Anvil Framework which is bundled with the editor.

    • Point and click to create objectives, ambient occupation zones and the initial spawn point
    • Five selectable objective types (Assassinate, Capture, Destroy AA, Destroy Tower, Gather Intel)
    • Shift-click in the editor to link objectives (so that completing one unlocks the other)
    • Create end mission triggers on any objective or when all are completed
    • Select the type of objective, what is shown in the player tasks, the level of enemy occupation and capture rewards
    • One-click inclusion of SQF scripts, including setting up the description.ext and init.sqf
    • The editor can pull in changes to markers made in the official ArmA 3 editor and works alongside changes made in the official editor

Written on 2014-07-12 by mecharius


Igor Drukov released a new version of this cooperative pack in the BI forums.

  • Added: new mission, 'Data Raze'
  • Changed: streamlined and fixed, 'LRRP OPs'

Written on 2014-07-12 by Igor Drukov

Craig released an updated version of his UK Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Craig :
    12 UK camouflage Uniforms and 3 standard black,green,tan, using the independent side uniform, some have both coloured and subdued flag patches, I also included A test mission with all the gear in an ammobox and aslo paper doll gear menu for you to view all the stuff, class names are in the missions folder, UK_Pack.Stratis UK_Pack.sqs file.

    I have redone balaclavas and officer uniforms which I have named work uniforms are in the newest sp pack update.

    • Added : work uniform all camouflage Patterns
    • Added : Baseball Cap x4
    • Updated : uk balaclavas
    • Updated : 1995 Dpm Tropical camoflage
    • Updated : 2000 Dpm Desert camoflage
    • Updated : 2010 Multi Terrain camoflage

UK Pack v1.2

SP Pack
Arma 3 Dev Build

Written on 2014-07-12 by craig

Abs released the first version of the Star Trek: Road to the Stars - Class F Shuttle on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Afraid of transporting? Conduct your away missions in style with the Class F shuttle! Capable of seating 7 crewmembers in its spacious interior, the Class F shuttle provides the ultimate in 23rd Century comfort for all members of Starfleet!

    The Space Map not included.

Written on 2014-07-11 by Foxhound

Pepe Hal released an updated version of his Unlocked Uniforms addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This small addon unlocks every uniform to all factions in Arma 3.

    You can now loot and wear any uniform you may find (be it military or civilian clothings) - regardless the faction you belong to.
    Note that wearing an enemy uniform doesn't allow to pose as an enemy : uniforms don't affect side relations.

    • Added support file for the RDS A2 Civilian Pack.
    • The Bootcamp uniform introduced with Arma3 1.24 is unlocked - however, the 1.24 build is not required.
    • Fixed Issue with one of the BlueFor guerilla uniforms.
    • Fixed Unlocked Kerry's guerilla uniform.

Written on 2014-07-11 by Pepe Hal

Chortles released the LHD, which he ported from Arma 2, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod is essentially meant as a no-frills, no-other-mods-required successor to Myke's old Arma 2 mod which allowed the Arma 2 LHD to be spawned in the Editor instead of being just part of the Utes terrain, combining that with a port of the Arma 2 LHD's components and some incorporating changes of my own (i.e. utilizing certain Arma 3 files instead of Arma 2 files, renaming some named selections and animations in English, etc.).

Written on 2014-07-11 by Foxhound

BlackViperGaming released in the BI forums this mission to practice how to land safely without any harm to you or the helicopter after an engine failure.

    Quote BlackViperGaming :
    I was playing around in the editor, trying to make a mission for myself to test my skills at autorotation. I finally was able to get it to work and I thought hey, I might as well release this. So in the mission you spawn on the airfield, and you can select which helicopter you wish to fly and once you are in the air you have the option to kill the engine (removes all fuel) and see if you can land safely without any harm to you or the helicopter. For this mission, you as the player are invincible. But be careful, as your aircraft are not. I find this extremely helpful in learning how to fly helos.

Written on 2014-07-11 by BlackViperGaming

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