Soronelite released the first version of his his =ARC= NATO Offensive Mods - Vehicles Packs on the Armaholic forums.
Please note the German Vehicle Pack requires the Vehicle Common Pack!

    Quote :
    Here is the first official release of ours ARC vehicles packs. Its not much but this is still a little plus for our NATO Offensive mod.
    Textures need a lot of work, but here is the first version. Thanks.

    You can use them without any others mods if you use only empty vehicles, but if you want crew you need to use the propre units mods. (Ex : use the ARC GER_UP for the ARC German Vehicle Pack)

    • Vehicle Common Pack:
        - MAT-V (Woodland / Desert / TacMen Black / UN)
    • GER Vehicle Pack:
        - Fennek (Woodland / OD / Desert / Tropentarn / UN)
    • UK Vehicle Pack:
        - Lynx (Army / Desert / OD / Royal Navy)
        - Merlin (OD)

Written on 2015-02-25 by soronelite


X39 informed us he released an updated version of his Medical System 2 on the BI forums.
The changelog is very long so if you want to see all changes in version 2.0 beta please refer to the downloadpage.

    Quote :
    "X39s Medical System 2" (XMS2) is the sequel to the successful MedicalMod: "X39s Medical System 1" (XMedSys).
    Its main focus is a more plausible medical system which is even more diverse than its predecessor!
    Just like XMedSys, XMS2 will be highly configurable and modable using various script events, however, new to XMS2, you can configure it using simple to use functions to add new items or modifications you think would fit XMS2!

Written on 2015-02-25 by X39

Zooloo75 submitted his KetsuSuite.

    Quote :
    KetsuSuite is KetsuCorp’s modder productivity tool which allowed their development to become a breeze for documentation and automation of repetitive tasks. This tool was written by Gavin N.Alvesteffer for KetsuCorp and the ArmA modding community.
    KetsuSuite is planned to be expanded upon with more features which are aimed to mitigate the modding process for ArmA. Development began on February 24th, 2015.

    Included in v1.0:
    • Readme (PDF); covering usage of the software.
    • Two modules: CfgSounds generator & Config Parser

    With this tool I was able to add tons of sounds to a mission without having to mess around with configuring every single sound for many hours. I simply dragged and dropped the sounds to my mission folder, ran the KetsuSuite CfgSounds Generator on my mission, and ta-da, all my sounds were available to use in only a few clicks!

Written on 2015-02-25 by zooloo75


JShock submitted an updated version of his Redressing Script.

    Quote :
    This script allows for a mission developer to essentially dress units to his/her liking, from insurgent armies, to just about anything. This script is, as far as testing can tell, mod friendly all you need are the classnames.

    • Added functionality to exclude factions of a certain side.

Written on 2015-02-25 by JShock

Zooloo75 submitted his ArmA Config Parser tool.

    Quote :
    ArmA Config Parser (ACP) is a highly advanced tool designed to analyze Armed Assault config files in their raw format (.cpp) and extrapolate precise information effectively. With ACP developers can now save hours of time searching classnames, especially in the case of large mods where data is abundant and find precise information that cuts development time down. Originally developed for KetsuCorp's upcoming GEAR modification (General Equipment Addon Release), the software included provided them the edge in listing content data for such an expansive project with over 10,000 classnames. Developed by KetsuCorp.

Written on 2015-02-24 by zooloo75

BadHabitz informed us he released his PG Services Replacements addons on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Weapon replacement packs: If you want PG Services units to use weapons from popular mods.
    The Combined Replacement Pack contains individual files for all six weapons mods.

Written on 2015-02-24 by BadHabitz

Pepe Hal released an updated version of his Unlocked Uniforms addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This small addon unlocks every uniform to all factions in Arma 3.

    You can now loot and wear any uniform you may find (be it military or civilian clothings) - regardless the faction you belong to.
    Note that wearing an enemy uniform doesn't allow to pose as an enemy : uniforms don't affect side relations.

    • Added support file for Niko's Uniform Megapacks.
    • Added two support files for the RHS mod : one for each side. Make sure to use both if you are running the "Escalation" bundle.

Written on 2015-02-24 by Pepe Hal

NeoArmageddon released an updated version of his Visitor3/World Tools Object Export to Terrainbuilder tool on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This tool simply converts the object exports from Visitor3 (ArmA2/OA) and World Tools to a file format that can be imported into Terrain Builder (ArmA3). It is also able to add random values that are missing in Visitor3 as the randomization is a template option there.
    Also the tool can fix the northing and easting of you object coordinates.

    The converter is written in C++ using Visual Studio 2013 and Qt for UI-elements.

    • Fixed a bug causing incorrect northing/easting

Written on 2015-02-24 by NeoArmageddon

Major Desync submitted an updated version of his Gorgona island addon.

    Quote :
    Gorgona is a small island located in the Ligurian Sea, 37 km off the west coast of Italy and 35 km north of the island of Capraia. Inhabited and fortified since ancient times, it is now home to an agricultural penal colony, housing 50 prisoners, including those convicted of murder and other violent crimes, as well as Mafiosi. The prisoners work the island's farms, moving freely around the island by day tending crops and livestock, returning to the prison buildings before the evening curfew. In the history of the prison, only one prisoner has escaped, though it is not known if he survived the long swim to the mainland. (Source: Wikipedia)

    Though based on the real island of Gorgona, this terrain differs somewhat from the actual island. Firstly, the terrain is larger - measuring 3.7 km from north to south, and 2.6 km from east to west (compared to 2.1 km and 1.6 km respectively for the real island). Secondly, the terrain is a lot less steep than the real island. Finally, while the terrain's buildings and roads are based on the real thing, I've taken a lot of liberties to produce some interesting locations for Arma3.

    Gorgona's size, topography, ground cover, and locations make it perfect for small-unit infantry actions and stealth missions with an emphasis on close-quarter combat.

    • Fixed: Buildings and markers not appearing on editor and in-game map.
    • Fixed: Crash on exiting Arma 3 after previewing Gorgona in the editor.
    • Fixed: Intermittent issue with activation of environmental lights on first load in to editor or missions.

Written on 2015-02-24 by Major_Desync

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