Glowbal submitted an updated version of the Combat Space Enhancement mod which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A few of you have send me PMs asking where I have been. It has been a while since you last heard from me on the BI forums. Unfortunately I have to announce that due to circumstances in the Arma modding community, it is no longer feasible for myself to continue work on CSE. I'd like to thank everyone for their support over the past year, it would not have been possible without you.

    Coming with this announcement, I also release the for now last patch for CSE. The changelog is small however, as I did not have the time these past months to work much on CSE.

    Eventually, due to the fact that the game and the environment of it change due to Bohemia releasing new updates, things changing, new awesome modifications being released in the future, features within CSE might no longer function over time. If the need arrives, there are other good alternatives available for some of the functionality we provided with CSE, such as AGM, made by a bunch of awesome people, who are very active in the Arma 3 modding community.

    My thanks to everyone involved in the project, contributors, developers and users. It has been a blast.

    • Fixed: Logistics load bug
    • Fixed: minor issues in f_modules

Written on 2015-03-31 by Glowbal


Paolo Camorra submitted his Get Classname script.

    Quote :
    Get Classname is a script what allows you to get every classname (Inside your inventory or outside). You just wear it ingame or pointing on it, open the menu and click a button. It copies the classname into your Clipboard so you don't have to type it down.

Written on 2015-03-31 by Paolo Camorra

S@ndBob informed us he released his [MIS]Tow Tractor on the BI forums.
This tractor is used to pull aircraft.

Written on 2015-03-31 by S@ndBob


Phantom Six released in the BI forums a new version of this mission where You are ISIS militants who had infiltrated Sharpur and will be preparing to destroy a new kind of oil the US had found.

  • Demoman is now a repair specialist as well so you can repair vehicles.

Written on 2015-03-30 by Phantom Six

Cutkiller26 [SIRA] submitted his Script Powerpoint.
With this script you can easy make a animated briefing for you're missions. And give more fun options for mission maker.

Written on 2015-03-29 by sirateam

Spaceman0372 released an early version of his BD Pipe-Layer Project: LMGs on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Though still heavily a WIP, the BD Pipe-Layer goal is to bring some not yet seen variants of the M249 and the Mk48 to ArmA to help virtual operators lay down some more effective hate on the enemy. By endgame for the project, there will be several different paint jobs, home brewed real to life sounds and (hopefully) some other goodies thrown in. I'm doing this on my own in the little free time that I have so updates will not be too frequent but I'll try my best to keep up with a SITREP when something new comes into play.

    So far the only things I have in game are currently the Mk 48 Mod 1 and the Mk 48 SOPMOD. All optics from the major packs like FHQ, RHS and RH work with them, no ASDG just yet.

    Here ya go! Feel free to leave some feedback!

Written on 2015-03-28 by spaceman0372

CastledCard has submitted his take on the classic Insurgency PvP from Arma 2.

    Quote CastledCard :
    The classic Insurgency PvP from Arma 2 is back! Play as either the cache hunting BLUFOR, or the cache defending OPFOR.

    BLUFOR are to locate all three caches and destroy them, or eliminate all OPFOR tickets to win. OPFOR win by emptying BLUFORs ticket count. BLUFOR have the advantage of military superiority, but OPFOR have the element of surprise! Towns are filled with local OPFOR forces, and civilians. OPFOR can lay down traps around caches, and blend in with the locals.

Written on 2015-03-28 by CastledCard

[CCG]Cyborg submitted the first version of the CCG FARC Guerilla addon.

    Quote :
    AAF like faction with special abilities.
    This Mod was designed for a special type of terrain.
    It works with AliveMod after you have declared the Faction mapping and it works with DAC (Dynamic AI Creator) as well.

    • works with AliveMod.
    • works with Dynamic AI Creator.
    • Cars will be placed on nearest Road automatically and turned in the right direction to drive by.
    • Mortars will scan for near by Infantry Groups and join them to give accurate fire support.
    • Mortars protected with sandbags.
    • AI Units will turn on their flashlights at night.
    • Groupleaders have a 30% chance to call for Air support when they have spotted an enemy.
    • AI shoot with tracers.
    • AI Units are not bulletproof like the Vanilla Units.
    • AI Vehicles are filled with crews.

Written on 2015-03-28 by CHIMERA_Cyborg

Armalusa submitted the first version of the Portuguese Uniforms Armed Forces addon.

    Quote :
    This mod is modified based on the original Portuguese Armed Forces [ PAF ] byTansvanio . This mod simulates the Portuguese uniforms and was changed to the Portuguese community Armalusa.

Written on 2015-03-28 by armalusa

Rokzy Rules from the R3CS team released the first version of the Civilian M-900 skin pack templates on the Armaholic forums.
This pack contains four M-900 civilian skins for you to spice up your missions.

Written on 2015-03-28 by Foxhound

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