Olli_ released an updated version of his FC-37 Thunder addon on the Steam Workshop.

  • Re-enabled PhysX to fix flight model

Written on 2015-01-16 by Armaholic


Phantom Six released in the BI forums two new cooperative missions for Arma 3. Do not forget to check the requirements for Oil Leak mission.

    Quote :
  • Avengence Needle:
      CSAT forced have expanded out of the Middle East and into the West.
      They have murdered your people in Greece in Agia Marina and you have retreated.
      You and a few other rag tag group of guerillas shall seek revenge against the new CSAT regime,
      taking out their convoy and road block, then escape Agia Marina.
      You are poorly armed.

  • Oil Leak:
      You are ISIS militants who had infiltrated Sharpur and will be preparing to destroy a new kind of oil the US had found.
      The new oil is highly volatile and will blow up extremely huge if it comes in contact with fire.
      This new oil can be used for weaponry or converted to a safer state for longer lasting gasoline for civilians.

Written on 2015-01-16 by Phantom Six

R34P3R has submitted a new version of this single or Coop Mission up to 4 Players with several tasks like hack, eliminate, destroy, find and secure...

  • Fixed the Virtual Arsenal only working on host machine

Written on 2015-01-16 by S3Ri0US


Bamse released an updated version of his Kimi's US Helicopters AGM Fast Rope Compatibility Patch on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This patch enables fast roping on a few of the US helicopters found in Kimi's US Helicopters modpack.
    The following helicopters will be able to drop ropes:
    • UH60M
    • UH60M_green
    • UH60M_MEV
    • UH60M_MEV_green
    • CH_47F
    • CH_47F_des

    • Fixed mod dependencies (added AGM_FastRoping)
    • Chinook: Moved floor hatch rope so it's attached to ceiling instead of magically floating in the middle of the hatch.
    • Chinook: Fixed floating aft rope
    • UH60M: Removed the left rope on the two MEVs due to, well ... no realistic way of having one there

Written on 2015-01-15 by Bamse

Mikey74 informed us he released the final version of the Artificial intelligence Support System 2 on the BI forums.
Artificial intelligence Support System is now called Artificial intelligence Support System 2!

    Quote Mikey74 :
    AISS2 is an AI enhancement. With AISS the AI will respond to incoming fire from other units. They will drop to the deck and start searching for the enemy shooting at them. They will also drop if friendly fire is to close. AI will also call for support from other units, artillery, CAS, infantry, tanks, and/or Mechanized units. Reaction and reaction times are based on each units skills. If low skill they will react slowly and poorly.

    AIM team is moving on from AISS2. We are starting a new mod. AISS2 will be updated only to fix bugs we may have missed. The fine toothed comb is wore down pretty good, but there is always a chance we missed something.

    Special thanks to all thats help me on this mod. Starting with xmdm, oda72nd airborne Niko flyinpengiun, Dos Attorney, all the modders before me who has tuaght me so much, and most especially to my biggest and most fierce critics The AIM Team Cosmic Sttosin Froggy, Redarmy, JC Ralph, and probably other I cant remember your name! Sorry and thank you all for all the help tips and advice on this. Please give it a try its come a long way!

    • Adds easier to find userconfig in @aiss folder. please move Userconfig folder to main A3 directory
    • stops some of the units from getting stuck as much. remember if there moral is very low they will get stuck especially if they have low skill set.
    • fixed support bug where units didnt return to original wp's
    • few other minor tweaks untested as of yet except by me. Sorry AIM team but had to fix few things immediately.

Written on 2015-01-15 by mikey74

olegator6 has submitted a singleplayer mission wwhere you take the role of a saboteur.

    Quote olegator6 :
    You - the saboteur, who called Feather Svan.
    Your task is using the UAV and own resources to disable system interference, that prevents our radio communications,
    and adjust artillery fire on the enemy stronghold.

Written on 2015-01-15 by Oleg1502

MrEwok released an updated version of his EWK_HMMWV's (HAFM Extension) on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This pack gonna add all HMMWV's form arma2 and more, with upgraded visual an features.
    This addon is an extention pack for the HAFM - ArmA 2 HMMWVs import.

    • Added Slingload compatibility for all HMMWV
    • Added Firing from vehicle on SOV variant

Written on 2015-01-15 by MrEwok

geraldbolso189 informed us he released an updated version of his A-164 Wipeout HUD Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Continuing with my strive to upgrade vanilla content here's a Wipeout HUD Mod.

    What it does?
    It changes the absolutely useless and cluttery HUD from the Vanilla Wipeout to a more easy-to-read HUD, removing all those hideous bars and tapes. I based it off the DCS: A-10c HUD.
    HUD includes everything noted on reference pictures.
    I also changed the field of view of the pilot so instruments are more readable.

    • Revised Modularity for the GAU-8 (for 3rd party addons)
    • Changed the Attitude indicator for the A-164
    • Other stuff

Written on 2015-01-15 by geraldbolso1899

Zeealex released a fixed version of her FEMAL3 addon on the BI forums.

  • fixes some proxy issues and no textures/model issues on certain LODs

Written on 2015-01-14 by Zeealex

Toadie2k sent us the updated version of his HLC FAL addon which he released on the BI forums.
At the same time he also released an updated version of the HLC-Core (for changes see the downloadpage), so make sure you download HLC-Core version 0.86 as well!

    Quote toadie2k :
    FN FAL, right arm of the free world, designed by the late Diuedonne Saive for Fabrique Nationale in the 1950s. The FAL largely was considered a hit, with the British Commonwealth adopting or manufacturing variants (generally known as the SLR), Brazil, Austria and adopting it as main infantry rifles, and swathes of small contract purchases thoughout it's lifetime. IMBEL continues production of the FAL to this day, effectively unchanged from it's original configuration alongside variants that modernise the platform, and in the civilian realm DS Arms produces FAL and SLR build for the shooter that range from the mundane SLR to Dedicated marksman platforms and the peculiar OSW.

    The SLR in here was actually one of the first things I tried my hand at in Arma modding. No joke I have images from 2 weeks post launch of the Alpha with the SLR in. Kind of pleased with how far even a year brings all this along

    • Added Aim-over-the-top and day/night filter modes to PVS4,and AOTT to SUIT
    • Added mk316 and Barrier Ball magazine loads for G3
    • Altered Inheritance of suppressors.

Written on 2015-01-14 by toadie2k4

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