Cool=Azroul13 released an updated version of the Urban Patrol Script on the BI forums.
The UPSMON script was originally created by Monsada for Arma 2, improved by Rafalsky, Nordin and Shay_Gman and ported to Arma 3 by Ollem. Cool=Azroul13 is now working on further improving its usage in Arma 3.

    Quote Cool=Azroul13 :
    This is a personal project to enhance IA in combat and making easier mission edition. I have used the version 2.0.3 of Urban Patrol Script de Kronzky. I have to congratulate Kromzky for his script UPS.sqf that has inspired me for doing UPSMON.

    • AI improvements:
        - There is a General commander that organize the attack and defence of all UPSMON squads in the same side:
          o Squads of AI fights together as an army, so they comunicate each other by radio the enemy known positions.
          o flanking manauvers are taken depending on friendly position.
          o General commander can order to surrender entire side if army is seriously damaged
        - AI has enhanced actions and movements in combat:
          o AI can use smoke grenades.
          o AI run crouched when enemy is near or under fire.
          o AI does fire suppression and squad movement can be supressed by fire too.
          o AI moves are influenced by morale, so in low morale they can retreat.
          o AI can lay mines if enemy tanks are near.
          o AI avoid snipers when fired by uknown enemy.
          o AI paratroop near objectives if they take an hely.
        - AI take use of enviroment:
          o AI may use static weapons you place on map.
          o AI may use empty land vehicles for moving and or to attack.
          o AI may use empty helys for moving and or to attack.
          o AI uses buildings to take defence position and patrol them when leader thinks than enemy is near or using it.
    • Performance:
        UPSMON Script runs 1 time every 20 seconds for every group of IA, new movements calculates every 60 s or less depending of under fire, enemy knowns.
        I have been implementing some functions in spawn mode to exploit the multithread of processors with very fast results.
        UPSMON has been tested in CHS comunity with more than 30 people and more than 25 groups of IA with UPSMON and the conclusion was perfect performance.

    • Corrected: error in Fortify module (variables not defined)
    • Corrected: error in clones module

Written on 2014-06-26 by Cool=Azroul13


Someguywho released an updated version of his 160th SOAR and US Air Force Pararescue addon on the BI forums.
This adds black helicopters for the 160th, helicopter crew helmets with face masks, new uniforms and vests for the CSAR!

  • Made compatible with full release

Written on 2014-06-26 by someguywho

F.Ahlman submitted an updated version of his Arma3 launcher / server browser for Arma 3.

    Quote F.Ahlman :
    This is a small standalone server browser/launcher for Arma3 with support for multiple "launch profiles" with different mods and configurations.

    • Favorites
    • Recent servers
    • Multiple configurable "launch profiles"
    • "Rage quit"
    • Simple search/filtering

    • Fixed - Change server query protocol to Steam instead of Gamespy

Written on 2014-06-26 by F.Ahlman


Moerderhoschi released his MDH TopDownAttack addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I really miss some fundamental features in ArmA III and decided to make the short Titan launcher to be able to do Topdown Attacks. I'm started with this addon at the begining of June and now im like to share my work with the community.

    • You are now able to switch between direkt and topdownmode.
    • You are able to lockon ships, cars, tanks, infantry and helos.
    • Minimal attackRange -> directMode: 10 meters -> topDownMode: 65 meters
    • Maximal attackRange -> 2500 meters
    • Added display for targetdistance
    • When no target is locked the rocket is wireguided (like in Vanilla ArmA III)

    • fixed massive .rpt errors
    • fixed long loading time when mod is activated
    • fixed extreme long lockon time one some systems
    • fixed icons on wrong position when other aspect ratio than 16:10 is used
    • fixed conflicts with/disables other mods

Written on 2014-06-26 by Moerderhoschi

Baildude12 has submitted this mission where you can practice in a multitude of different air vehicles in lots of situations.

    Quote Baildude12 :
    In this mission what you do is quiet simple, you learn or practice flying. You can do anything from basic flying, gun runs, to even killing your own engine and attempting to auto rotate your way to the ground without dying. There are enough spots in the mission for you and 5 of your friends to come practice or screw around, you choose.

Air Vehicle Training Center Co-06 (@)

Required Addons
Arma 2

Written on 2014-06-26 by Baildude

Here is number three of our recently introduced video round-ups in which we will inform you about all the new videos our videomakers have released in the past week on our youtube channel.

Since early march we are working together with a few well known and lesser well know videomakers from within the Arma community who create videos of all the different Arma content which is available.
All of them have their own unique way to make videos the way they like. By cooperating with different people we hope to offer you a channel on which you can find different videos in the style you like about the Arma series.
In the Armaholic youtube channel you will find showcases, reviews, previews and gameplay videos of missions, mods, addons and scripts released for the Arma series.

We hope you will subscribe the Armaholic Youtube channel, watch the videos and like the videos to show those authors their work is appreciated.

This week we highlight the Arma 3 Weapons Addon - STI Weapons: Machineguns video made by Ironman.
"This Armaholic review video shows the STI Weapons: Machineguns addon for Arma 3.
This is a private project I've been working on for a while, mostly for private use but I figure others might enjoy it too. There are more packs to come like Rifles, Pistols and Launchers.
The pack includes 9 Machineguns in the M249 and M240 family, more might come in the future."

Of course the past week there were more videos released and you can view them all by clicking "read more.."!

We are still looking for more people who are interested in a cooperation with Armaholic to create videos for our channel.
When you see this and do currently make videos and are interested to join the team to make the channel a succes for all involved you can always contact Foxhound and have a talk how we can work together.

Currently the active team of video makers consists of:
  • JezaGooner, visit his own channel here
  • TheSwissMAVERICK, visit his own channel here
  • DanishARMA2, visit his own channel here
  • RoyalGamersUK, visit his own channel here
  • oO Para Oo, visit his own channel here
  • Ironman, visit his own channel here

We hope to hear from you!


Written on 2014-06-25 by Foxhound

Jeza informed us Someguywho released an updated version of his Us4ces units on the BI forums.

    Quote Someguywho :
    Future US Army soldiers need a future camo. Woodland and arid camo uniforms with vests in OCIE. Now with helmets too!

    • Made compatible with full release

Written on 2014-06-25 by someguywho

Etzuu released in the BI forums an updated version of this cooperative mission where you must purge the enemy from the city and destroy all the caches!

  • AI improvements
  • General Polish

Written on 2014-06-25 by Big

Zooloo75 has submitted a new version of his Dynamic Cover System mod. This mod allows players to take cover behind objects and automatically pop-out of cover when they aim down their sights.

  • Cover and exposure detection code improved.
  • Now works inside interiors.
  • Above exposure added.

Written on 2014-06-25 by zooloo75

Blazenchamber released a new update on the Armaholic forums about the Specialist Military Arms mod.

    Quote blazenchamber :
    This is a weapons and attatchments addon that will feture some really cool and unique models to the game for everyone to enjoy.
    We currently have 11 new weapons, 9 assault rifles and one sniper all with variants of each weapon.
    Each will have custom ammunition and sounds.

You can find more information, view all new screenshots and leave your feedback in the SMA - Specialist Military Arms Mod wip topic.

Written on 2014-06-24 by blazenchamber

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