Belbo submitted an updated version of his ADV Move Respawn Marker Script.

    Quote :
    This script creates a respawn marker for every player that follows the current group leader of the player after a specified amount of time.
    The respawn marker is put in place in a radius around the group leader of the player. If the player is group leader, the marker is placed around him.

    • fixed small problem for dead players

Written on 2014-07-20 by Belbo


Noven released in the BI forums a new alpha version of his mission that takes inspiration from Civ Life Mod for ARMA, Payday: The Heist and a few things from Grand Theft Auto among other games.

  • Hideout gear save/load added
  • Visual indicator when safes are being drilled
  • Clothes randomized on start
  • Some civilian skins changed (to prepare for drug missions)
  • Reduced Mastermind bribe cost to 5k (from 20k)
  • Many actions re-written to be compatable for players joining after the mission spawned. (NOTE: why does bis_fnc_mp no longer do this?)
  • 1 less job will spawn to increase server performance
  • Vehicles lock/unlock will be persistent. You can now lock/unlock your car after dead / disconnected

Written on 2014-07-20 by Big

toadie2k informed us he released the first version of his HLC AR15 Pack and an updated version of his HLC-Core addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    In the 1950s, Small arms company Armalite (then bought as a division into the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation) was founded to create firearms that focused on utilising the latest in material design to bring to market light, better weapons. The company, under the orders of legendary Chief Engineer Eugene Stoner brought to market two notable rifle designs to the table in it's early life - The AR-10 and AR-15. The AR-10 competed initally for the Infantry Combat Rifle trials, which it ultimately lost to the M14, but the overall concepts and rough design layout it created layed the mould for it's lighter caliber succerssor: the AR-15. Both systems have a direct gas impingement system - gas is tappedback via tube to the bolt to apply direct gas pressure on the bolt to cycle. The system as designed was simple to strip and operate, light and ,with the correct spec ammo, accuracte and reliable. First adopters of the AR-15, the US Air Force and Army Special Forces, sung high praise of the rifle, ultimately leading to it's introduction to service with the Marines as the M16. Unfortunately too late for Armalite itself, dissatisfied with the response in the market prior to wide adoption, sold the AR-10 and AR-15 patterns to Colt, and AR-10 to a Dutch company. Armalite had a few smaller successes with other stoner ideas (Notably the AR-18), but the company never really saw widespread success and closed it's doors in 1988.

    Today, the AR-15 stands not as one weapon ,but as a family platform of largely interchangable variations on the concept, with wide adoption in Military, Law Enforcement and Civilian shooting areas. This pack reflects just some of that variety, not to cover the bog standard M4s and M16s, but some of the more exotic variations.

    HLC_Core is the central core to the weapons sets released by Toadie. It contains mostly, shared resources like magazine icons, some material templates and textures, sounds, etc. It's required to run any hlc prefixed mod/pbo file.
    Why? Because some mods are going to share resources and that's just how it is. It contains ALL the animation gestures for the HLC mods, so if you're using them for another mod, you'll need this for those too.
    Figure this is a better way to do it than to have them all in separate PBOs, and thus a pain in the nutsack to huntdown.

    • Added animations for the following
        - HLC_GestureReloadAR15_BAD_WS
        - HLC_GestureReloadAR15_BAD_DR
        - HLC_GestureReloadAR15_catch_WS
        - HLC_GestureReloadAR15_catch_dr
    • Updated 5.56mm EPR,SOST and SPR to reflect adujstments made by Spartan0536
    • Contracted spread angle on HLC_12G_Buck- should group tighter.
    • Abandoned "public" mod fork. Public build is now same build as internal testing version.

Written on 2014-07-19 by toadie2k4


RedPhoenix released his RPA - ASOR Selector Box addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    It adds a ammo box where you can use the ASOR Gear Selector by Lecks.
    It's not bound to a mission, it's universal and also usable with Zeus.

Written on 2014-07-19 by RedPhoenix

KoffeinFlummi released version 1.1.1 of the BWMod on the BI forums.

    Quote KoffeinFlummi :
    The BWMod team's goal is to supply the Arma 3 community with a set of vehicles, weapons and equipment to be used in 2020 by the German Army, like the IdZ system and vehicles currently being introduced, such as the IFV Puma.
    We are not associated with the BWMod for OFP and the earlier Arma games, but since the team around that mod abandoned the project, we will continue where they left of and equip players with high-quality vehicles and weapons.

    • Fixed the sounds for v1.24.
    • The crew of the desert Leopard now has the correct uniform.
    • Adjusted the position of the turret display thingy (it was covering the zeroing on some resolutions).
    • Removed the "magic radar".
    • You now cannot save the options anymore while editing a key.
    • The J├Ągertrupp now has 1xMG4 + 1xMG5 instead of 2xMG4.
    • Fixed some "Updating Base Class" errors.
    • The Navipad detail key kann now actually be changed.

Written on 2014-07-19 by KoffeinFlummi

Lt Col C.O'Neil released the updated version of his ATACS Camouflage Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This mod contains the new ATACS camouflage (AU and FG) which I have used to retexture BLUFOR units and vehicles, I have worked weeks on end making this, I have just started coding which is the main cause for the amount of time it has taking me to create the mod.
    More will come with future updates!

    • Added: USA Team Leader [ATACS-AU/FG/Mountain/Night]
    • Added: USA Heavy Chest Rig [ATACS-AU/FG/Mountain/Night]

Written on 2014-07-19 by LtColONeil

Trixie released an updated version of his British Weapons which contains different British weapons and accessories on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds different British weapons and accessories. Current release features:
    • L110A1
    • L7A2
    • L129A1
    • L131A1
    • L85A2
    • L85A2 RIS
    • L85A2 UGL (Still WIP)
    • L86A2
    • TA648
    • TA31F-RMR
    • Eotech 553
    • Elcan C79
    • CompM4 Aimpoint
    • PEQ-2

    • AI should now use the weapons instead of switching to sidearms.
    • Fixed "missing bone" .rpt spam due to outdated .rtm's. Massive thanks to Apache7 for helping me with this!

Written on 2014-07-19 by Trixie

LordJarhead informed us he released version 1.0 of his JSRS2.2 soundmod on the BI forums.
This is a release where LordJarhead packed all previous patches and the older fyll version in one so the full package is completely up to date. No additional patches need to be downloaded anymore.

    Quote LordJarhead :
    J.S.R.S. is a Sound modification. This sounds less exciting at first than it is, doesn't it? Oh, but it is much more than just your typical sound modification. Simply because not only does J.S.R.S. essentially offer toally new sounds for ArmA 3,
    but offers much more in that it also extends the game with new sound-based features in-game which were originally
    though not possible.

Written on 2014-07-19 by LordJarhead

Grace has submitted his Real FV510 Handling and power Mod.

    Quote Grace :
    Here you have a very small mod (2kb) which increases the realism when driving the FV510.
    The upgrades (or downgrades) made are the following:
      - Engine now produces 550hp (410Kw) With 1900 torque (23.5hp/T), representing the Perkins V8 Condor Engine
      - Added a 4 Speed Automatic gearbox with gear ratios of 2.2,1.6,1.1 and 0.9
      - Max road speed of 75KPH
      - increased Gear selection speed by 0.2sec to 0.3
      - Increased FV510 Turning circle
      - "Turbo Key" Removed, 100% Throttle from Go, so no random 85% unless you hit the "Turbo Key"

    • Restored Engine power that for some reason died during the update.

Written on 2014-07-18 by Grace

GvsE released an updated version of the Brugger and Thomet Mp9/Mp45 by him and Alwarren on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The addon contains the Brugger and Thomet mp9/mp45 in different variants.

    • compatibility with asdg rail system (all previous configs obsolete now)
    • no mag visible when magazine well is empty
    • added sound to selector
    • compatibility with Arma3 bootcamp sound revision

Written on 2014-07-18 by GvsE

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