LykosMactire released hotfix version for his Operation: Trebuchet Reskin pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Welcome Troopers and Marines!
    Welcome to the Operation Trebuchet Reskin pack OPCAN. Made to add more "canon" inspired schemes
    to the OPTRE mod.
    Starting with the Alpha release with no playable single units but uniforms and vehicles will be playable.

    What is OPCAN:
    Operation: Canon is a reskin pack of the OPERATION TREBUCHET mod. With reskined0 uniforms based around the Halo Series up to halo 3 and vehicle reskins.

    • Added Wetsuit and rebreather functionality to ODST gear
    • Added Naval Dress uniforms
    • Added 1st ODST uniform

Written on 2016-05-21 by Armaholic


FoxRazgriz submitted his Pop Up Targets script.

    Quote :
    Pop up targets are the easiest (and by far safest for your ArmA 3 character) way to train skills like accuracy, reaction time, and unit coordination, and with the introduction of the ArmA 3 Eden editor, placing down pop-up targets has never been easier. However, scripting the implementation of these targets can be a hassle for mission makers.
    So I have compiled a library of pop-up target scripts, each with their own unique features, all of which can be used to create fluid and immersive training scenarios within ArmA 3.

    Included scripts have the ability to:
    • Pop up all targets in a list of targets
    • Pop up a random number of targets from that list of targets (pop up 6 out of 10 targets)
    • Pop up a random range of targets from that list of targets (pop up between 5-7 out of 10 targets)
    • Pop up random targets on a delay timer
    • Pop up a sequence of targets, one after another, with optional delay feature
    • Pop up a random sequence of targets, one after another, with optional delay feature
    • Check to see how many targets out of a list are up, with optional display feature
    • Return all targets to the down position, with optional display feature
    • Work with both Actions and in-script calls

Written on 2016-05-20 by FoxRazgriz

Maxjoiner released a wip video and some screenshots on the Armaholic forums showing the Max Women addon he is currently working on.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Max Women WIP topic.

Written on 2016-05-19 by maxjoiner


Keeway informed us he released the Polish Special Forces Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is the first release of our Polish Special Forces Pack.

    In this pack we want to bring you some stuff that Polish Special Forces uses nowadays. For now pack consists only few retextures of great G3 Unfiroms made by Cunico and Sabre.
    These are Camogrom, A-TACS FG, A-TACS AU and Arid. But that's not all ! We also add some polish flags on these uniforms and polish special forces insignias as well.

    Hope you enjoy playing on our mod.

Written on 2016-05-18 by Keeway

Tortuosit released his tort_escape addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a stupid little mod - @tort_escape - which I sometimes use in SP.

    What it does:
    Press a key (Default: CTRL+Numpad-Enter) if you feel desperate; then your player escapes to view direction. Only your player, not with his vehicle. Penalties per-application can be defined.
    Escapes are positions on land only, thx to SHK_pos script by shuko. I have no plans for fancyness like cool teleport animations etc.

Written on 2016-05-18 by tortuosit

Austin_medic released an updated version of his AUSMD Editing Tool on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This tool is a combination of a few smaller programs that can help speed up some repetitive tasks by generating SQF code based on the parmeters you enter. This oculd also help by preventing you from making accidental typos and breaking the command/function you are trying to use.

    • Automatic updating, the program will periodically check if the server has a newer version of the program and will then download and notify you that a new version is availiable.
    • Touched up a few things in description.ext editor
    • Fixed SQF analysis so it properly functions (and also searches up to 6 sub-folder depth!)

Written on 2016-05-18 by austin(medic)

Freghar released his [ACE] Chestpack addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Loosely inspired by FSF SacVentral and Zade's Backpack on Chest, this "mini mod" has a simple goal - to put your backpack on your belly, freeing the backpack slot for something more immediate, like a parachute.

    These are some of the features I missed in all other implementations and the reason why I wrote yet another such mod from scratch:
    • preserving ammo counts in magazines during chest/back switch, no magazine-refill cheating
    • preserving attachments/magazines of weapons in backpack during chest/back switch
    • full Multiplayer compatibility, incl. Join-in-Progress (spawning new unit or taking control over existing one), Respawn, even TeamSwitch should work
    • works with Zeus-controlled AI units

Written on 2016-05-18 by Armaholic

Aliascartoons released his Volcano Script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Script showcase on ALTIS for when a camp fire is no longer enough. Find a hill and make your own VOLCANO!

    I'm still trying to find a sane solution to make lava flow. The biggest issue is adaptability, we need volcano to work on any hill we choose, number of particles and bounce is another factor that will burden the enging.
    Some textures and lights could be a direction to follow. Let me know if you have an idea. Thanks!

    Un-pbo the mission and read the comments or watch the video tutorial for more information.
    Play around with the parameters and let me know what values create the best effect for you. Thank you!

    You can use, adapt and/or modify the script as you see fit.
    If you find nice ways to modify the script for better effects let me know.
    Tested on dedicated but not in MP, any feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you and have fun!

Written on 2016-05-17 by aliascartoons

Grumpy Old Man released his GOM fnc vehicleTuning script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Gives certain players the ability to upgrade cars.
    This one was fun to work on, did it in roughly 2 afternoons, turned out ok.
    The dialog has improved quite a bit in the last few hours, the video doesn't show all features.

    • GPS Tracker
    • Bulletproof Tires
    • Ejection Seats
    • F.O.G. Machine
    • Cruise Control
    • Change Vehicle Paint
    • Modify Accessories (Backpacks, Bumpers, Lightbars) where available

Written on 2016-05-16 by Grumpy Old Man

The ArmA Warfare Cooperation released an updated version of the AWC Arms on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The ArmA Warfare Cooperation (AWC) is a cooperation of multiple german clans focusing on tactical, immersive and realistic ArmA Gameplay. We share a modset and a TeamSpeak 3 Server.

    Why have we created this addon?
    This weapons addon was created by some of our members to get some weapons ingame that make for a good variety in the weapons we can choose from and therefore the roles our members can fill in.

    • updated 12.7x99mm ammo class

Written on 2016-05-15 by Armaholic

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