Outlawled informed us he released an updated version of his Mag Repack mod on the BI forums.
This mod takes all the bullets from each magazine in the player's inventory and repacks them into the fewest magazines possible.

    Quote Outlawled :
    This is my magazine repacking mod. It lets you consolidate your non-full magazines so that you don't just walk around with a bunch of almost-empty magazines all the time like an idiot.
    It comes in both an addon as well as a script version!

    iP58PO, who is a super great person, took the time to update my broken scripts and send me the updated script version a few days ago, and I finally sat down and re-figured out how to turn scripts into an addon.

    Hopefully, everything is working now.

    I didn't sign the addon version because I reinstalled Windows a while back and forgot to backup my private .bikey thing, but I dunno if any servers even use the addon version. They generally use the script version, so the addon version is really just for singleplayer. And you don't need a key for singleplayer, so...yeah.

    Also, thanks to everyone for the emails and PMs of support and feedback! I really do appreciate it, even if it takes me a while to reply!

    Here's hoping BIS never updates ArmA 3 again!b]Changelog:
    • Fixed: GUI bugs caused by the latest ArmA 3 update.
    • Fixed: Not all belt magazines were recognized as belt magazines (anything with 100 or more bullets will count as a belt now).
    • Fixed: Tracer ammo and non-tracer ammo were able to be mixed together.

Mag Repack v3.1.2

Community Base addons A3 (only for the addon version)

Written on 2015-08-08 by Outlawled


Ranwer135 released his Repair Wheel and Engine Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Inspired by and with well-knowledge of DayZ Mod's mechanics, It simply repairs the wheels and engine of a vehicle. It also checks if they are already healthy.

Written on 2015-08-08 by Armaholic

KokaKolaA3 submitted his KKA3 Insignias addon.

    Quote :
    This adds the following Insignias to Armed Assault 3:
    • Germany
    • Germany with Falcon
    • USA
    • USAF
    • Navy Seals
    • Bomb Squad
    • Like Squad
    • Windows 10
    • Girl
    • Sniper

Written on 2015-08-08 by KokaKolaA3


Ianbanks submitted his ARMA 3 SQF Cheat Sheet.
This is a pdf document with a single page cheat sheet of core language elements of SQF.

    Quote :
    I often find myself going back to the same biki pages on SQF to check basic syntax or look for commands for the basic types (especially after coming back to SQF scripting after a break). To save a bit of time I've done up a cheat sheet for all of the core language elements in SQF. It also contains a table of operator precedence for SQF, which helps explain exactly where and when parenthesis are required.

    It is up to date with commands from ARMA 3 revision 1.48, and also includes a number of commands from the development build (1.49) that are expected to make it into the next release (1.50).

    The cheat sheet covers the core language of SQF, including:
    • Operator Precedence
    • Control Statements
    • Breaking Scopes
    • Exceptions
    • Locality
    • Types
    • Functions and Parameters
    • Strings, Numbers, Vector and Arrays
    • Configs
    • Case Sensitivity of Comparisons

Written on 2015-08-07 by ianbanks

released in the BI forums a new version of this cooperative mission where your objective is to defend the Zargabad military base from a Taliban assault.

  • Added 20 minute auto complete timer for first objective

Written on 2015-08-07 by Phantom Six

James45-Youtube released his New Faction addon Milice Force.

    Quote :
    Hello to you, Again, I leave a faction, (this time it is black is white) .. You like? Subscribes you is playing with his mod.

    As you can see, There are few textures beug on some vehicles, it will be a day very soon.
    Textures: Uniform, Cap, Vest, Vehicle, Thank you very much for looking at the description, all new information will be send per ad on the band's page DLCG ARMA Version: 2.0.1.

Written on 2015-08-06 by James45-Youtube

Stoasha_Madjic released an updated version of his ArmA 3 Hunting Mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    A new project in the works. There's a playable and mostly bug free version out already.

    • RPG and role play like singleplayer gameplay style, progress can be saved to continue at a later point.
    • Mod put together from stuff found on Armaholic
    • Hunger, thirst, sleepiness, and means to fight them.
    • Engage in bushcrafting and hunting using an extensive arsenal of (old, new and modded) tools, weapons and items.
    • Fully functional and customizable bows and arrows.
    • Extra animals to hunt.
    • Earn money through various means, and spend this improving your hunting equipment.
    • Slow paced but challenging gameplay, and enjoyable experience for all.

Written on 2015-08-06 by Stoasha_Madjic

The CWR² Team released the first version of the Italian Armed Forces expansion for the Cold War Rearmed² mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Today we proudly present you another Expansion for Cold War Rearmed².

    Based on an idea by CimaleX, and with thanks to kind donations from Pedagne Mod we were able to create a basic set of Units, Weapons and some vehicles.
    As always, Marseille77 created the high quality textures while von Knudenberg quickly made custom weapon animations and OMAC did the beta testing.

    We hope you enjoy this expansion and eventually make good use of them!

Written on 2015-08-06 by CWR2 PR

Arkhir released his Mk 1 eyeballs mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    It's a simple mod that adjusts your objectViewDistance dynamically, based on your current field of view.
    I was frustrated that I had to manually readjust my objectViewDistance when I wanted to observe something that was far away.

    How does it work?
    It analyzes your current zoom level and adjusts the objectViewDistance based on it. Default zoom (0.933...) is going to render your default objectViewDistance setting, while focused eyesight (default hold right mouse button, 2.8 zoom) is going to increase it a bit, etc.

    The effect maxes out by setting your objectViewDistance as high as your viewDistance setting is while the zoom reaches 38x (12x in-game - default binoculars at full zoom).
    That means you can see stuff that is really, really far away, which is useful if you're doing anything that requires this perk, be it long ringe sniping or tank-on-tank combat.

    Transition is as sharp as you want it to be. It's going to be very mild if your oVD is ~= to your total vD, it's going to be very sharp if your oVD is << than your vD.

Written on 2015-08-06 by Armaholic

Mynock released in our forums the second mission in this series of mini missions designed to be fun and quick for either a single player or a small group.

    Quote Mynock :
    Play as a CSAT soldier aiding a local patrol in repairing their broken radio in the field.

    A patrol reported radio troubles earlier in the day and is now late returning to base. Per standard operating procedure, they will be holding their last reported location. Link up with them and repair their radio. If it cannot be repaired, escort the patrol back to base so the radio can be replaced before tomorrow's patrol.

Written on 2015-08-06 by Mynock

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