Danleigh released a bunch of new screenshots showing the latest progress he made with his No Cure mod, an open world, zombie & human survival mod, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Welcome to No Cure an Arma 3, open world, quest driven zombie survival modification . (SP for now)

    Set on Atlis you will face many challenges in a new Post apocalyptic environment. You will need to hunt and scavenge for essentials to survive and stay fed and hydrated. Once the essentials are taken care of you can begin exploring deeper into the mist of the dead where you will find life stealing bandits, struggling survivors, and settlements hanging on to existence. All with one common instinct …. To survive the deceased lands riddled with flesh eating death.

    This apocalyptic modification offers a large quest system with a main story to follow if you wish or if nonlinear is your fancy then that’s covered too..

    • Hours of quests to play through
    • Needs system hunger/thirst/sleep
    • Loot system providing what you need to survive but not with out challenge
    • Building system from small camps and barricading buildings to full blown settlement building. Fancy building an entire town … no problem.
    • Interaction with anyone willing – Pick up quests / recruit followers / learn information/ and much more
    • Crafting and farming system
    • New heavily edited Altis map to give it post apocalyptic feel
    • And a lot more

You can find more screens, videos and information in the No Cure WIP topic.

Written on 2016-03-09 by Danleigh


Sacha Ligthert submitted his SL's AI Skill Setter.

    Quote :
    SL's AI Skill Setter is a mod that sets the skill and other behavior of units determined by the admin or mission maker with commands made available by Bohemia Interactive for ArmA 3. Since BIS has improved the AI to the point where it satisfies my needs but vanilla still are Rambo Sniper AI, I needed a mod that reduced these skills without adding extra fluff. So I made this mode.

    What differs from this mod (as far as I've seen) compared to other mods is that this just reduces the skill and allows you to change a few characteristics. And this either through SQF, triggers or a debug console on the fly in the way the script is set up (it loops).

    • Sets AI skills to pleasing levels that allows for long firefights (and punishment if you make mistakes)
    • Has default settings, but allows for changes to be made on the fly through scripting, triggers or the debug console
    • Works with AI local to the game. So Zeus running this mod would set spawned unit skills automatically
    • Makes use of SQF offered by ArmA 3

Written on 2016-03-09 by ligthert

LuzifR released his CZ75 Breaching Doors Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script locks doors or gates of ArmA3-Buildings in a trigger area and makes it possible to force open them with a Claymore charge.

    • Breaching Doors
    • Parameters buildings percentage, doors percentage and building class
    • Works on dedicated servers
    • ACE3 compatibility
    • Works only with ArmA3 buildings at this time

Written on 2016-03-09 by LuzifR


Rebelvg released an updated version of his Murshun Easy Way Out addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    It's a suicide mod. When things go really bad and there's no way back it's just a nice gimmicky way to end a mission or to disconnect from the server. The video should be pretty self-explanatory.
    I made this for a community I'm playing with and we played with this quite a lot. So everything works fine in the multiplayer and you can use this on AI too.

    • A few clean ups and keys for the mod.

Written on 2016-03-08 by rebelvg

Rebelvg released an updated version of his Murshun Cigs Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Why murshun cigs? It's just a name of the community I'm playing with and made this mod for. Had no idea for another name so I decided not to change it.
    The video is pretty self-explanatory.
    The mod utilizes ewk_cigs addon and ace's self-interaction menu so ewk_cigs and ace3 are required to run the mod.
    Mod is fully multiplayer compatible so you will hear the sound of the matches from other players and you'll see the smoke coming from the cigarette synchronized between all clients.

    • A few clean ups
    • translation system
    • a translation to the French language
    • keys for the mod

Written on 2016-03-08 by rebelvg

Giallustio released an updated version of his =BTC= Militia on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I've made this quick port for my unit but I'd like to share it with the comunity.

    This addon adds two factions to Arma 3.
    The base A3 guerrila is now available in the editor with new groups.
    A completely new faction has been added for your middle-east operation.
    The new faction has almost 60 different uniforms and 30 headgears to guarantee an high randomization for your units.
    A lot of groups and vehicles are available in the editor and usable with Zeus.

    • Fixed shadow bug
    • Added wounds textures

Written on 2016-03-08 by Giallustio

Nightmare515 released his BLUFOR MBT-52 Kuma on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Hiya! I created a BLUFOR retexture for the MBT-52 Kuma, complete with correct crew, tracer color, and stored weapons. I also included the source files, including the textures in both XCF and PSD formats.

    You may use the content inside as long as you credit me! I hope y'all enjoy!

Written on 2016-03-08 by Nightmare515

Lappihuan submitted the official ported version of the Namalsk island from Arma 2 making it available for use in Arma 3.

    Quote :
    After a few moths of Work we proudly present you Namalsk ported over to Arma 3 with a very nice face lift.
    Me and the Exile Mod Team worked closely together with Sumrak the Original author of Namalsk to bring the island to Arma 3 and upgrade it on a lot of levels.
    Currently the download only includes the Map itself, modules and other things included into Namalsk will follow later, maybe even the campaign.

    Namalsk Background Story
    Namalsk history dates back approximately to the 50s of the last century. In these times, began colonizing islands in the Bering Sea. The former Soviet Union saw clear benefits from use of these islands by intensified tensions of the Cold War. On Namalsk were built military facilities, such as Brensk, Norinsk, Northern and Southern military base, or a spy transmitter on the highest mountain of Namalsk - Seraja.
    These buildings also came with the inhabitants, who settled mainly in the north, where today stands the capital city - Vorkuta. Residents began to live on Namalsk with mainly fishing, the construction of 2 ports - Lubjansk - small port in the north and Tara, a large port on the island just near Namalsk. The southern region later found other than a military use and began to mine coal here. Coal mining has caused the construction of the railway line from the coal mine Sebjan port on the island, called by the port there, Tara. They also built the northern grasslands of the collective farm Jalovisko.
    On Namalsk lived in 2008 approximately 1,100 people. With the coming financial Crisis nations around the world began to think more about investments and savings. In 2010 the Russian government has decided to leave some localities, especially in the Bering Sea, among them the island Namalsk. But when after few more months, when government more and more openly talked about moving people, Namalsk stopped responding, there was, after unsuccessful attempts to survey, in May 2011 sent the Russian army. Encountered here, at first glance a deserted island, at second, not so .. What happened next?

Written on 2016-03-07 by Lappihuan

Autigergrad released an updated version of his Regional Ambient Sounds Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So I'm a very active mission maker for my group and one of the areas I like to focus on is immersion. Whether we are patrolling the streets of an Afghan city, or perhaps we're helping defend a village in Nigeria from Boko Haram militants, I like to feel as though I'm actually in that region.

    So I decided to put together these "packs" of authentic regional sounds to be used in missions.

    My first two collections are for African or Middle Eastern themed environments. These packs include:
    -ambient crowd noise/chatter
    -regional music
    -authentic news broadcasts discussing the topics of the region
    -other stuff (that's the scientific term)

    I figured some of you may enjoy adding these to your missions as well.

    I'm not a modder and I'm not a coder, just an avid ARMA fanatic who wanted to help make the ARMA experience better as much as I can. I hope you like them.

    • added both African and Arabic songs
    • added Arabic speech over loudspeaker
    • added multiple radio news soundbites from events occurring to both regions (Libya, Sudan, etc.)
    • added ISIS propaganda speech
    • added Military Radio chatter for Afghanistan missions
    • for those requesting longer looped files, I actually created a 6 minute British-specific radio loop, covering both local and military news, as well as recreational radio chatter (Premier League news). Should be nice to use at your home FOB when you are walking through the barracks!

Written on 2016-03-07 by AUTigerGrad

MAD T released an updated version of his NSS Admin Console on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is an Administrating / Debugging / Mission development tool i wrote long ago for the NSS Gamers community.
    There was soon not much need for it anymore so it was released to the public and rarly being worked on for updates.

    • Added: Hint based variable monitor which keeps running as a hint message when the GUI is closed
    • Added: Loading / saving and exporting of Zeus creations (only objects)
    • Added: Placed / loaded objects via Zeus are shared amongst each console user for cooperative editing.
    • Zeus: Every object gets saved even if another curator has placed it

Written on 2016-03-07 by MAD T

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