Hawaiian submitted an updated version of the Flight deck Crew Personnel by him and BGirlTray.

    Quote :
    Aloha, a friend and I made these flight deck crew personnel and thought we'd share the work,. Comes with a pair of re-textured UGVs. Please read the "ugv how to" on applying the textures, enjoy!

    • Blue Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Red Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Yellow Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Brown Jersey w/ pant variant
    • White Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Purple Jersey w/ pant variant
    • Flight Deck Medic
    • Landing Signal Officer

    • dumbed down the file size
    • fixed rvmat paths to the right path
    • fixed the Landing Signal Officer by having him spawn without weapons
    • added a few more variation of glasses for the LSO
    • cleaned the SQFs for all the units
    • made the uniform texture to 2048x2048

Written on 2014-10-11 by Hawaiian


Goliath86 released the GLTH Compass addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a very simple addon that enlarge the default Arma 2: OA compass to be more readable.

    This is compatible only with ArmA 2 OA 1.62 and above.
    Tested with ArmA 2 OA 1.63 Vanilla and ArmA 2 OA 1.63 with Unsung mod (@UNS).

Written on 2014-10-10 by Goliath

Scorpio submitted his CH-49 Rescue pack.

    Quote :
    This adds five rescue helicopters to your Arma 3 game.
    It features Algerian, Canadian and Danish versions.

Written on 2014-10-10 by Scorpio


Beazley released his MAN truck Tempest retextures on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The BIS 'Tempest' truck looks quite a lot like the British Army's MAN trucks. This retexture gives them a paint job to match.
    Yes, I did want to retexture the fuel truck, the closed transport, etc. as well, but they're done with proxy models - which means no replacing the textures with hidden selections and so without the unbinarised models it's impossible.

    Can you make your own retextures based off of these? As long as you send me a PM here letting me know - just for interest's sake. I'll also reward you with the .PSDs of my textures.

    Please provide feedback. I will attempt to fix any bugs as soon as possible.

Written on 2014-10-10 by Beazley

Beazley submitted an updated version of his UIcorrections modification which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Increases immersion by removing unrealistic HUD elements, improving your gameplay experience.

    • Removes the peripheral dot HUD elements
    • Adds full screen night vision goggles
    • Removes the awful vignette built into A3
    • Removes the reload icon that shows with an empty magazine
    • Adds an accessible dot map marker (tap 'Up' once)
    • Disables idle animations
    • Removes the pointless 'command bar'
    • Removes ammo, magazine and grenade counts from infantry HUD
    • Enlarges grid numbers for easier reading
    • Enlarges compass for easier reading of bearings
    • Modular: simply remove the .pbo of any modules you do not wish to use

    • Added UIcompass (slightly enlarges in-game compass for easier reading)
    • Fixed key/signatures

Written on 2014-10-10 by Beazley

Beazley informed us he released an updated version of his No BLUFOR Radio Protocol on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Increases immersion by removing BLUFOR AI radio callouts and subtitles.

    Make sure everyone on your server is playing on the same level - without AI hints.
    Make sure nobody is plagued by the robotic AI voices.
    Make sure no screenshots of your unit's operations are ruined by radio subtitles.
    Keeps the callouts for OPFOR/GREENFOR - you still hear those enemies shouting, for more 'mersion.

    • Added a module to force requirement in a mission.
    • Fixed keys

Written on 2014-10-10 by Beazley

Jona33 released an updated version of his Easy Redress Functions on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I present to you five different redress functions and an extra function to easily create your own redress functions (coming soon, needs a bit tidying up). A common complaint about ARMA III is it's lack of vanilla content, hence many people turn to mods but for me if I see a mission with a list of ten unit mods that mission will be ignored. However there are only four factions in game which limits the mission maker. These functions use purely vanilla content and aim to help remedy that situation.

    • British Units
    • FIA Units
    • Militant Forces for Altis Units (MFA)
    • CSAT Special Forces Division Units (SFD)
    • CSAT ALT
    • Altis Police Departement Units (APD)

    • New script added: "GetLoad.sqf",see bottom spoiler
    • New Script added: "Alternative CSAT", slightly less futuristic CSAT without the defender series of helmets but with advanced uniforms. Simulates a slightly less advanced and less well equipped CSAT.
    • Changed: "LIGHT" and "HEAVY" APD units now wear Police Caps rather than their old military caps.
    • Fixed: " No entry 'config.bin/CfgWeapons'" Error-took about two hours of bug hunting but finally found the cause and added an extra check to deal with it.

Written on 2014-10-10 by Armaholic

JTS informed us he released an updated version of his Nametags script on the BI forums.
The archive contains both the singleplayer as well as the multiplayer version of this script.

    Quote :
    This is a nametags script. Despite the same colors as in mission 'Evolution' - this is my script.
    Made 2 examples - for SP and MP (for MP means, that names will be displayed only by players). You can change the colors. They are defined in local variable in the script. For now, it supports 30 players. You can change this if it's needed.

    • - Fixed syntax errors (Bad performance of the game).

Written on 2014-10-09 by JTS

Lordprimate released an updated version of the Group Link 5 Special FX Edition on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    To fully port GL4 to A3, special FX features included.

    What are the differences between GL5 CORE and GL5 FX?
    GL5 CORE is AI only (GL5_System.pbo) for servers and those who use Blastcore, don't want FX, dubbing etc.
    This Group Link 5 Special FX Edition is the full GL4 port including FX, dubbing, blood, burning buildings etc. Literally everything is here (although some may still be broken/buggy).

    zorrobyte works on the GL5 Core Repo (link) while Lordprimate works on the GL5 FX Repo (link). Any changes I make to the GL5 Core repo (updates, bugfixes, etc) get upstreamed (merged) into the GL5 FX repo.

    • fire and smoke in buildings works and looks much better
    • "Fuel smoke" feature now is affected by the wind.
    • Ai surrender and use proper hands above head anim.
    • Graphics settings enhancement. Adds more graffical options for those with super PC's
    • Crew_FX, when a vehicle with passengers is exploded/blown up the crew has a random chance of being ejected "dead" or "alive and on fire".
    • I made Super Simple Icons for the modules instead of the default ones.
    • Further Effort into getting Idle animations to work.
    • groups would only split up into smaller goups if the group size was 7 or more.
    • I tried to touch the weapon rearming feature let me know if it works.

Written on 2014-10-09 by zorrobyte

Conroy released an updated version of his Log and Change User-Placed Markers script on the BI forums.

    Quote Conroy :
    This script will check for certain character prefixes in the text of markers and run the specified code, if a match is found.
    The functionality included in this release ranges from being able to easily change a markers appearance, to displaying them in 3D in the game world, as well as global "admin-markers", that can not be deleted by non-admin players.
    In theory you could execute any kind of script, that might be useful in a mission, once you assign it to a pre-defined markertext prefix.

    The script was initially used in an organized PvP environment, where it was necessary to quickly place markers, that contain a lot of information.
    It might be less suited for public missions, where players have little chance to get familiar with the scripts functions beforehand.
    (Especially since it all works off a markers text and not via an additional interface.)

    • Updated the script to work with the latest A3 version and added some new functionality.
    • Added "Admin-Markers" to the script. (global markers, that can not be deleted by non-admin players)
    • Also generally added more comments in several of the files and included an example mission.

Written on 2014-10-09 by Conroy

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