Silola informed us he released the third video in which he shows his latest progress with the X-Cam prototype map.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the X-Cam prototype map WIP topic.

Written on 2014-11-24 by Armaholic


Pepe Hal released the first version of his HAL Protocol addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon aims to fix the constant radio chatter when leading an AI squad in Arma3.

    Combat shouts are greatly reduced while leaving the rest of radio protocols intact;
    odd/annoying behaviours such as soldiers constantly saying "Cover me!" in stealth mode or repeating "Target in sight!" are fixed : enjoy your quiet and sneaky patrols just like you did in Arma2!

    All variations of "Cover me!", "Covering, go!" etc. have been disabled in both stealth and combat mode;
    constant shouts such as "Ready to fire!" and "Contact!" have been completely disabled.
    Note that AI units still report spotted target, acknowledge orders and report in as usual, only useless and repetitive behaviours have been edited.

    Each side has its own config file, allowing you to tailor your SP experience:
    - HAL_protocol_BLU.pbo: modifies the following radio protocols : RadioProtocolENG, RadioProtocolENGB and RadioProtocolENGVR.
    - HAL_protocol_IND.pbo: RadioProtocolGRE.
    - HAL_protocol_OPF.pbo: RadioProtocolPER.

Written on 2014-11-23 by Pepe Hal

Grace informed the community on the Armaholic forums about the Syrian Army Units addon he is working on.

    Quote :
    I am trying to represent the current syrian national army in its current state being led by assad, by the documentaries , pictures and videos I have seen, I belive my units are very similar.
    I am slowly adding a few more camos and variations to helmets , hats and vests before moving on to the vehicles.

    Here are a few screen shots I have done showing a few units I am working on.
    I am planning to add some T72's and BMP-2's with crewmen as well as some units with military hats and berets.
    This mod will require RHS Russian federation Mod.

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Syrian Army Units WIP topic.

Written on 2014-11-23 by Grace


NonovUrbizniz released the first version of the SMD Sahrani A3 addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Sahrani, the original terrain from Bohemia Interactive's "Armed Assault" is being lovingly brought up to current standards and beyond. M1lkm8n and myself have spent countless hours documenting and fixing placement issues, bugs, and shortcomings of the terrain. Further, M1lkm8n has opened, improved, or port forwarded 100's of BI buildings and objects. Special attention has been paid to every minor detail and that same faithful attention to detail will be continued as I take the project forward.

    Sahrani is a fictional mid atlantic island that features varied terrain, dramatic views, and amazing city design. SMD Sahrani has improved ground textures, building and object placement corrections, and a VAST library of custom buildings which have many features, and are a constant work in progress. Both M1lkm8n and myself will continue to improve and add functionality to BI's vast library of buildings and objects.

    The contents of this package are:
    • The Sahrani Terrain - (smd_roads.pbo, smd_sahrani_a2.pbo, smd_sahrani_a2_scenes.pbo, smd_sahrani_artif_obj.pbo, smd_sahrani_veg.pbo)
    • Ground textures (higher resolution, new files, new blend)
    • Different Grass/Rock "clutter" blend
    • Countless object placement fixes and adjustments
    • Any/All A2 objects/buildings possible called directly from Arma CA folder to save on package size, and ensure latest BI models
    • Dozens of previously opened BI Building LOD errors have been corrected and smd_building features as below have been added
    • Open Variants of previously closed BI buildings with features including:
        - Animated doors (and in some cases) shutters, and windows.
        - Several buildings with SFX to accompany the door movement (Ammo Bunker, All Garages, and Aircraft Hangar)
        - Individual shattering panes of glass
        - Improved pathings, roadway, and other LOD's
        - Animated Destruction for Doors on 2 buildings with 2 variants each
        - Animated Destruction for 1 Building from roof to foundation. Blow it apart bit by bit

    • Added: Arma 3 Lighting
    • Added: Arma 3 Weather/Fog
    • Added: Arma 3 Oceans
    • Added: Arma 3 Ambient Life
    • Added: Arma 3 Surfaces (vehicles are slowed offroad, footsteps make the correct noises on ground surfaces)
    • Added: SMD Units - RACS, Black Ops, Tiger Camo, and Atacs Sniper
    • Added: SMD Vehicle - MH9 in "Magnum PI" colors
    • Fixed: "Satmap tiling issue" (no more checkerboard in the map preview, or in the air)
    • Fixed: Refueling Option removed from Gas Stations

Written on 2014-11-23 by NonovUrbizniz

Albertfish released an updated version of his Menu Extension addon on the BI forums.
This mod aims to make it easy to mod makers to add custom GUIs to the game menus.

    Quote albertfish :
    This mod introduces a couple new buttons into the in game menu. These buttons can be expanded to reveal several other buttons that can be added in by mission makers and mod makers. These buttons can be used to open GUI displays through the menus. This mod aims to make it easy to mod makers to add custom GUIs to the game menus.

    For mission makers and script makers, this can be a great alternative to having actions in the scroll wheel menu.

    • Added a function option that allows this mod to call a function to create the dialog
    • No longer requires you to use closeDisplay

Written on 2014-11-23 by albertfish

Muecke has submitted a new public version of his Capture the Island mission where you fight the opposite team to control the island.

  • inlcuded Helicopter DLC functions & features
  • extended hint system positiv/negativ/neutral
  • tidied up gear menue
  • improved JIP for MP
  • limited hesco walls to 4 because they are bugged
  • decorated the helipadsquares
  • removed attach/detach for boats
  • added towing to boats
  • added DLC choppers to buylist
  • sanitized units prices and buylist
  • reformed and finaly fixed the transport duty
  • added gimmicks to transport duty
  • tweaks & fixes

Written on 2014-11-23 by Muecke

Corporal_Lib released in the BI forums this mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes.

    Quote Corporal_Lib :
    "Angels, Charlie has a new assignment for you girls: Save Aggamenon, a proeminent Greek politician and a friend of mine from ISIS terrorist claws! Be fast, be furious, be glamorous and bring him back in one piece! I´m counting on you angels... "

Written on 2014-11-23 by Corporal_Lib

Phantom Six released in the BI forums his latest cooperative mission.

    Quote Phantom Six :
    ISIS Forces have shot down your helicopter that is heading home from combat.
    You have fallen into a crater and must hold out against incoming ISIS fighters.

Written on 2014-11-23 by Phantom Six

Phantom Six released in the BI forums an update for this mission where you must hold off against a horde of ISIS soldiers from getting the oil field.

  • Removed ISIS skin due to setobjecttextureglobal no longer working on dedicated server

Written on 2014-11-23 by Phantom Six

GigaS informed us he released a new version of his latest singleplayer mission in the BI forums.

  • Bug fixes
  • Added 2 new optional addons

Written on 2014-11-23 by gigas27

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