O2Phelps submitted the first version of his UK Police Uniform & Vest addon which he also released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod provides a UK looking police uniform & vest to your loadout.

    • Uniform
    • Vest

Written on 2015-06-29 by O2Phelps


PnK2 submitted an updated version of the Serbia Mod.

    Quote PnK2 :
    The Arma 3 Serbia Mod (shortly: =A3SM=) contains todays and also modern era units 2015-2035: infantry, vehicles, armored vehicles, tanks and air force as well as airplanes, helicopters (transport and combat ) and UAV aircraft.

    • Added some new vehicles to ArmA3 Serbia Mod,
    • Better vehicle textures and their improvement,
    • Some new units and reskin fix on some uniforms,
    • Added to mod three SP scenario missions
    • Added one domination style SP campaign

Written on 2015-06-29 by PnK2

Marseille77 released an updated version of his BGS Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Marseille77 :
    This addon deals about the Federal Boarder Guard of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) that existed from 1951 - 2005. Today it is called Bundespolizei (Federal Police).

    • Borgward B2000 A/0, DKW Munga 4 an VW 181 added
    • UH-1D replaced with uparmed/retextured version
    • Pilot (base) has new sidecap
    • Border sign model corrected
    • VW T4 wheels fixed

Written on 2015-06-29 by Marseille77


Whiplash has submitted a mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes focused on Russian Spetsnaz behind enemy lines on a search and destroy mission

    Quote Whiplash :
    Russian Spetsnaz forces have been deployed behind enemy lines and are currently preparing for a Search And Destroy mission which will devastate the enemy in this area. The Spetsnaz team have made a camp on the woods and have weapons and ammo stashed there , everything they need . They are surrounded by enemy forces , patrols , Quick Reaction Forces groups waiting in case of an attack .

Written on 2015-06-28 by PSK_Whiplash

aliascartoons released in our forums episode 14 from a co-op campaign (The Dawn of New Altis Republic) of 16 missions.

    Quote aliascartoons :
    ABDALLAH started his own Night of the Generals operation.
    Your job is to buy us time to evacuate all NATO personel and CSAT HVTs and their families. You have to attack and stop the enemy convoy by any means.

Written on 2015-06-27 by aliascartoons

Dave Jones has submitted his mission playable in singleplayer and coop modes where your objective is to destroy the AA & force the enemy off the island.

    Quote Dave Jones :
    A full Mission with voice actors, custom soundtrack, virtual Ammobox and multiple objectives including one optional objective, your task is to eliminate AA defenses protecting a radio tower that you need to bring down with satchel charges. You then need to stage a full on assault on an enemy base by calling in helicopter CAS, fixed wing bombing CAS (Don't forget your laser designator) artillery and even radio in alpha squad to charge forward and help you in capturing the island. This mission is very action packed, lots of explosions and multiple play styles to win. You can either go in quietly and take out the enemy using stealth, or go in loud and use launchers & Satchels. there are 2 mission files included, you can go in alone in single player, or join up with a friend and play it as a coop

Written on 2015-06-27 by Archamedes

Gvozdeni puk has submitted this mission where you have to destroy all ammo depots and oil facilities.

    Quote Gvozdeni puk :
    At the small island ISIS Forces took oil facilities. Russian government decide to destroy all ammo depots and oil facilities. Russian FSB got a order this tasks. At the farthest point of the island begins helicopter landing. After that we have to be imperceptible if you want to win. Good luck!

Written on 2015-06-26 by gvozdenipuk

Gvozdeni puk has submitted a new cooperative mission for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    Quote Gvozdeni puk :
    You watched the movie? Just now you have chance to be actor in this mission! Good luck!

Written on 2015-06-26 by gvozdenipuk

Megagoth1702 informed us he released two tiny soundmods on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Although I have put my mod on ice until BIS releases a more stable sound platform, here is a tiny piece of audio. One of the main complaints I read is that sonic cracks are annoyingly loud up to the point where you can't hear the enemies rifles anymore and they do not sound convincing.

    Here is something I put together:
    • Megas Sound - Sonic Cracks
        I lowered the volume and replaced the samples.
    • Megas Sound - Quieter Vanilla Cracks
        If you want to keep using the VANILLA sound cracks, here you go - I only changed the volume levels in this package.

Written on 2015-06-26 by Megagoth1702

TheEvanCat informed us he released an updated version of his The CSAT Modification Project on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The CSAT Modification Project is something that I've been working on to create a more conventional aesthetic feel for the OPFOR faction in Arma 3: something that many people weren't too pleased with. This includes changing elements that seemed to be outlandish and out-of-place for the rest of the game like the Protector Helmets and the CSAT Fatigues. The assets included in this pack are designed to provide the familiar feel that people want, but still stay faithful to the BIS setting to allow for an appropriate enemy for the setting's BLUFOR to fight. This also facilitates replacement packs for campaigns and missions involving CSAT on 2035 NATO, since it'd be odd to have 2014 Iran versus a BLUFOR that's twenty years more advanced. So now comes the release after roughly two months of work.

    • Added black versions of the Zafir, Rahim, and Navid weapons with the addition of new hiddenselections to them.
    • Added new handgun holster proxies to vests.
    • Fixed issue with damage selection on certain Abda turret LODs.
    • Fixed ballistic protection on helmets and vests.
    • Fixed icons for SOF and Recon engineer units.
    • Improved distant Abda LODs.
    • Improved Azad weighting.
    • Updated magazine loadouts of every unit (some of which were dated way back to a year ago.)
    • Updated replacement configs to reflect recent changes.

Written on 2015-06-26 by TheEvanCat

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