Shamwill submitted an updated version of his US Armament Pack which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote Shamwill :
    After months of working on these, I am proud to present to you: Sham's US Armament Pack! This is meant to add conventional weapons used by the US Military today to your game! These weapons are all made by yours truly and parts may come from other members of the community aswell with their permission ofcourse. This is my first real models so please go easy on me if they don't live up to your standards! I tried my best and continue to do so as this mod is not complete yet. I'm releasing it just to see reactions. I will improve the models as you point out the problems with them if you are interested to do so and will also add features you'd like me to add to them as long as they are reasonable and up to my ability. This mod will overtime, replace my M16 pack that I have provided before.

    • Re-added remodelled and retextured M27 IAR with WORKING Grippod!!
    • added M92FS Pistol
    • Added rail cover to all ar 15 platform railings
    • Fixed multiple Geometrical and texture issues
    • Other small fixes I cannot remember

Written on 2016-03-31 by Shamwill


JTS informed us he released his PM Compact (A2) script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A personal messages script for ARMA 2.

    • Send private messages to any player
    • Received messages will be stored in your inbox
    • Ability to remove messages
    • You can disable the reception of messages
    • Notification when a message is received
    • ARMA 3 GUI style
    • Compact dialog window
    • The recipient selected in the list is remembered

Written on 2016-03-31 by JTS

Grumpy Old Man released his GOM - Skydive from car and paraglide scripts on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Purpose of these scripts:
    Enable players to parachute out of an airborne car (Island best suited for this = Isla Abramia by icebreakr), also allow players to paraglide using a parachute backpack and a short sprint.

    I made these scripts as a little side project, some of you already know what I'm working on, the rest of you will see it in the foreseeable future, heh.

    • GOM_fnc_skydivingCar will safely add a parachute to units leaving a vehicle mid-air, it will also eject AI units from the same group as the player, as soon as the player ejects.
    • GOM_fnc_paraglide will work if the unit has a parachute backpack equipped and is sprinting for a short amount of time.
    • When doing this on a slope you're pretty much guaranteed of getting airborne.

    • GOM_fnc_paraglide.sqf:
        - Added display of wind speed, wind direction, time airborne and distance travelled during flight to GOM_fnc_paraglide.

Written on 2016-03-31 by Grumpy Old Man


IndeedPete released an updated version of his A2C - Arma 2 Cutscene Animations in Arma 3 addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon ports a bunch of cutscene animations from Arma 2 to Arma 3. It is not complete yet but it already provides mission creators with more variety for their cutscenes. Note that most ported Arma 2 cutscenes show up under Cutscene or Unknown categories in the animation viewer.

    I know, the original release was just yesterday but I decided to put in the most requested dancing and suicide animations. And then I ended up discovering and porting 60+ other cool anims as well. So, time for the first update.

    • Added: Over 65 new animations thanks to Undeceived.

Written on 2016-03-31 by IndeedPete

SuN has submitted a rescue style mission playable in singleplayer and cooperative modes.

    Quote SuN :
    A Special Forces team from the USMC embarks in a mission to save two members of a missing recon patrol captured by the local militias.

Written on 2016-03-29 by SuN9491

Cat Toaster as promised one week ago has submitted the separate pure AAS-Missions-Release featuring different Rulesets for Hosts with and without enabled AI today. There´s also a new feature for Mission-Designers that allows to place Flags at different elevations now.

It fully supports/requires the earlier Addon-Package Installer V1.1 .

A Ruleset-Cleanup was made, so AAS now Features a new "Default Ruleset" and two popular Community-Rulesets (Armacalypse and ).

These AAS-Missions (entirely made by Armacalypse-Community members) are new/updated in this release as well:
    • Armcalypse Now (Duala)
    • Battle for Zappado (Panthera)
    • Broken River (Panthera)
    • Coastal Roads (Panthera)
    • Dunes Reloaded (Panthera)
    • Jalovisko Disko (Namalsk)
    • Lake Ukane (Panthera)
    • Saint Pierre (Everon)
    • SnowEPass (Namalsk)
    • Strike@Lesce (Panthera)
    • Tara Bridge Sweep (Namalsk)
    • Town Rush (Panthera)
    • Village Run (Panthera)

Written on 2010-05-23 by Big


R.M009 has submitted a new SP mission for ArmA2.

Quote R.M009 :
You basically have to survive the worst battle in the Cherna-russian war, between the Americans and the Russians trying to take over a major airport'll love this

Enjoy :)

Written on 2009-09-14 by Big

Muzza has released and submitted a new singleplayer mission for ArmA2 in our forums.

Quote Muzza :
Orchestrate the downfall of airbase palenie, any way that is available to you. Lure and ambush the defenders; launch a sneak attack on the heart of the enemy's operations or just 'spectate' with the rifle of your choice whilst you call in the air cavalry.

Written on 2009-07-23 by Muzza

Tajin has sent us a new script which you can use to add some additional fun to your ArmA2 missions.

Quote Tajin :
I present you: The Sheep!

This small script will allow you to put one of the most feared weapons from worms in your ArmA mission, the sheepbomb.
A sheep with the satchelcharge strapped to its back will appear and walk forward until it gets close to an enemy (it only recognizes enemies that you've spotted), it then follows the enemy and blows itself up.
You can ofcourse also trigger the satchel remotely as normal, or disarm it.

A testmission is included, if you want to add it youself follow the steps explained on the download page.

Written on 2009-07-12 by Tajin

Starce has sent us one of the missions he made for ArmA2.

Quote Starce :
This is one of my missions I've created for ArmA2. When you startup the mission, there will be multiple icons on the map. Most are self explanatory, but the missions objectives follow:

Destroy the CDF's Shilka in the first town, move through all of the other towns and assassinate the two officers somewhere inside the red circle of Chernagorsk. Sneak your way through.

Written on 2009-06-29 by Starce3

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