RTEK submitted his Cloaking script.

    Quote :
    The idea comes from when I was searching for any cloaking scripts in Arma 3 or 2. The best I could find was from this youtube video. Sadly, the video was from July, 2014, and the maker hasn't yet posted up the script for it. So I set out to figure out how to recreate it, because it's just awesome.

Written on 2014-10-08 by RTEK


Ovenmit informed us he released an updated version of the SA58 which he ported from Arma 2 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I have ported one of my favourite weapons from Arma 2. Everything seems to be working as far as I can see. New muzzle system is in place.
    I may still tweak the config based on comments or my own findings. I plan to make a new texture too in a future release.

    • Ammo tweaks
    • Added Joint Rail support

    Although it will work without ASDG Joint Rails it is strongly recommended you have it.

Written on 2014-07-18 by Ovenmit

-=XTRA=-Larsiano posted a new update about the upcoming version of the Dutch Armed Forces mod on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Version 0.9001 eggbeasts revision (21-07-2014):
    • added: mission [SP/MP] EVO by eggbeast
    • added: mission CombatAirAssault Celle day 1 & 2
    • added: MARSOC units
    • added: Eggbeast's weapons module:
    • updated: all vehicle weapons, tracers and damagehandeling & sounds
    • updated: zeroing added to MG and tank turrets
    • updated: added GPS, NV, TV to tanks, paladin & aircraft
    • updated: added wheelbrake & afterburner to aircraft
    • updated: different ammo typs per vehicle and caliber,
    • updated: vehicle loadouts and gear
    • updated: Lynx errors, many small & big fixes by eggbeast
    • updated: 'Updating base class' config
    • updated: suv plate & rover ambu patch
    • updated: female soldiers & paladin textures
    • updated: F35 SMDI texture & icon
    • updated: missing SAR pilot icon
    • updated: vehicle & unit icons

You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Dutch Armed Forces wip topic.

Written on 2014-07-05 by -=XTRA=-Larsiano


Zooloo75 released his You're Dead addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    What does this mod do?
    When the player is killed, their screen is blacked out and all sound is muted.

    Why would anyone want that?
    It provides a much more "realistic" experience. When you're dead. You're dead.

    It's a simple mod. Really. Just a few lines of code, but I feel that it's a small thing that can add more immersion to the game.
    It should be multiplayer compatible too.

Written on 2014-06-28 by zooloo75

Blazenchamber released a new update on the Armaholic forums about the Specialist Military Arms mod.

    Quote blazenchamber :
    This is a weapons and attatchments addon that will feture some really cool and unique models to the game for everyone to enjoy.
    We currently have 11 new weapons, 9 assault rifles and one sniper all with variants of each weapon.
    Each will have custom ammunition and sounds.

You can find more information, view all new screenshots and leave your feedback in the SMA - Specialist Military Arms Mod wip topic.

Written on 2014-06-24 by blazenchamber

RocksBr has submitted this cooperative mission for Arma 2.

    Quote D.T.B Brazil Clan :
    Goes at the end of a war in Chernarus, but contain major armed conflicts.

Written on 2014-06-21 by RocksBr

Firefly2442 released an updated version of his Arma Mission Briefing Conversion tool on the BI forums.

    Quote firefly2442 :
    Just a small program I put together for converting missions.
    This program batch upconverts old OFP and Arma style missions to the new briefing system used in Arma2. It parses the briefing.html file and pulls out the appropriate sections and creates a briefing.sqf file. Debriefing is still kept and saved to a new briefing.html file.

    It's mostly untested at the moment, although it seems to be able to run without any errors.

    Hopefully this is helpful to someone who is nostalgic about all the great old missions that are out there. If anyone wants to add support to this program for converting from Arma2 to Arma3, I would certainly love to get a pull request on Github.

    • Made a couple of tweaks and improvements. Should be able to run on more missions now without failing.

Written on 2014-06-09 by firefly2442

TerroRPL2 has submitted this singleplayer mission for Arma 2.

    Quote TerroRPL2 :
    In last times, OPFOR has just taken the USMC's armory in field. They were prepairing for a war. You're being sent to support the USMC and clear: Armory site, Novy Sobor, Stary Sobor and Kabanino. (I'm new in creating missions, I don't know how to ask tasks, however, it'll display to for example: Get in, clear, move etc...) You'll have 3 squads in your high command: 2x infantry, 1x tank platoon (The mission is very hard, so stay alert.

Written on 2014-05-18 by DarkXess

Soner released an updated version of the battleWarden:RCon tool on the BI forums.

    Quote Soner :
    ´╗┐battleWarden is a highly flexible toolset for the anti-cheat engine BattlEye which is being used in the popular tactical military simulation known as ArmA 2. Currently it only consists of battleWarden:RCon (commonly known as ArmA 2 RCon), a powerful remote control tool for Armed Assault 2 servers running with BattlEye.

    The development started back in the year 2010 when there was not any remote control tool available for administrators featuring a graphical user interface but only a standard console-based program provided by BattlEye itself. This case resulted from the fact that there was not any official specification of the BattlEye network protocol released at the time. Thus we decided to analyse the whole protocol and to build our own fully compatible BattlEye client which was then integrated into a new flexible GUI for the Windows platform. After its release it quickly became the de facto standard remote control tool among the server administrators in the Armed Assault community.
    Since then battleWarden:RCon has been updated consistently in order to support all new releasing features of BattlEye. By this way we ensure to fit all the needs of the Armed Assault administrators.

    • supporting admin names
    • now has some premium features (except battleWarden:Spy) for Non-Premium version.

Written on 2014-05-15 by Soner

In this weeks wip report we feature 26 projects by different authors. When you want to view all wip updates make sure to click "read more.." at the bottom of this news item otherwise you might miss out on some interesting new addons and mods coming to the Arma series.

Arma 3 - Czechoslovak army 1938-1945

Arma 3 - Su-35S Flanker E

Arma 3 - Irish Armed forces Mod

    Slatts posted a few screens showing the different style helmets he is currently working on.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Airfield Logistics

    Peral announced his Airfield Logistics project and released some first screenshots.

      Quote :
      This mod is made up of four logistics vehicles consisting of a A/S32A Towing Tractor, B-600 Towing Tractor, Still DFG 3/4106 Forklift, and Manitex Liftking USN6. The towing tractors will tow planes and helicopters, and the forklift will lift and load cargo onto aircraft (directly with United States Air Force mod C17 and C5).

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Boeing F15SE Silent Eagle

    Randomslap started working on the F15SE (model by dezkit).

      Quote :
      The Boeing F15SE Silent Eagle is an upgraded McDonnell Douglas F-15 with stealth features. It contains upgrades like RCS (radar-cross section) treatment, weapons bays and other fifth generation fighter technologies. Today, the F15SE Silent Eagle is still under development by Boeing, but it will be the most up to date F15. In this ArmA 3 mod, I have tried to make it as accurate as possible. I have included features like weapon bays, mounted hud on the pilot's helmet, a co-pilot seat, F110-GE-129 engine nozzels, and many more.

    - BI forums

Arma 3 - Star Trek: Road to the Stars

    Abs released a new video in which you can see what you will see as captain of a Constitution class starship.

    - BI forums

Click "read more.." to view this weeks entire Work In Progress report!!

Written on 2014-05-11 by Foxhound

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