cortez471 informed us an updated version of the EPM RCon Tool by Uncle Dave has been released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a tool to help manage your Arma 2 or Arma 3 server.

    • Fixed an issue with connecting to the server via command Line
    • Ability to add your admin name via command Line
    • Fixed an issue that was causing notifications to ignore the timeout
    • Fixed the banlist not showing! (Should never be an issue again)

Written on 2015-12-29 by EPM Cortez


Sacha Ligthert released in the BI forums an ArmA 3 port of the original Dynamic Zombie Sandbox for ArmA 2.

    Quote Sacha Ligthert :
    This is a sandbox based on zombies and demons. It spawns in random zombies (the slow variates) based on given parameters, cars to drive around in, fortifications to build your bases and loot to use against Zombies. It is in every way a sandbox!

Written on 2015-12-19 by ligthert

Mathias_eichinger released his Quama Alpha camo uniform addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This mod adds a retextured NATO uniform in QuamaAlpha pattern, a renamed pattern provided by AlligatorFists (
    This pattern appears to be suitable for typical temperate ArmA3 environments.

    This is my first addon, more with more clothing is likely to follow!

Written on 2015-11-15 by mathias_eichinger


Warden_1 released an early alpha version of his Royal Norwegian Armed Forces Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is just an early alpha version containing only the MP7 with a few camo patterns (mostly Norwegian based for our mod but I did include an AOR1 paint since that's all anyone really cares about in all honesty...).

    If you would like to help out by doing an animation or importing accessories please let me know, I am totally fine with giving out my source files for the MP7, however I would like to know who has them and what they are using it for and be allowed to use any derivatives if you improve upon mine.

    People we are actively seeking:
    - Modelers
    - Animators
    - Importers
    - Weighers
    Very open on skill level, we can try and help you if you are willing to learn and help out.

Written on 2015-10-24 by Armaholic

TheBarret submitted his Simulation of random civilian activity script.

    Quote :
    This script is fairly simply but it can be as advanced as you want it to be if you want to tinker with it,
    it mimics city or town activity with preset buildings that it will be entering.

    What does it do?
    Script will repeat a process for a civilian unit finding a road, once it does locate a valid building,
    picks a random location inside that building and go inside and idle for x seconds.

    For some it would bother if a mission is inside a ghost town instead you want some civilian activity going on.

Written on 2015-10-14 by TheBarret

Ole1986 submitted a forked version of indepth666's Rcon Toolkit py3rcon.

    Quote :
    py3rcon : Rcon toolkit for linux to manage your Arma3 / Arma2 servers.
    py3rcon is a Python3 client for Battleye Rcon protocol. It's designed with ARMA2 and ARMA3 in mind but may also work with other implemenation of the protocol.

    • admin commands through in-game chat
    • repeating messages to inform players
    • restart interval
    • textual graphic interface for linux
    • modular based python scripting language

Written on 2015-10-08 by intuz

Clayman updated this singleplayer mission for ArmA 2 in the BI forums.

  • Updated mission to work with OA V1.62

Written on 2015-10-05 by Clayman

imperator_pete released in the BI forums a cooperative mission where you must liberate Chernagorsk from Chedaki forces.

    Quote imperator_pete :
    Chedaki forces have been using the security of Chernogorsk to launch artillery attacks on CDF forces located in South Zagoria. BM-21 GRAD launchers have been hammering Mogilevka through the night.

    Yesterday afternoon CDF armour command attempted a direct armoured assault and was halted at Prigorodki by determined anti-tank defenses. It has now fallen on the 23rd Motor Rifles to attempt an infantry break through to liberate Chernogorks and halt the artillery attacks.

Written on 2015-09-14 by Armaholic

J has submitted fourth episode in his Armageddon Z series.

    Quote J :
    The Demons have snatched the team leader from the evac chopper using a 6th dimension portal.
    Lost, Alone and Armed with just a handgun you must survive and locate weapons, ammunition, supplies and a sat phone suitcase to call in reinforements. HQ has reported that there is a scientist in the town that has a cure for the infected. Find the scientist VIP and get him to the helo evacuation LZ. Provide High Priority Level Security and Protection we need him alive ...This is a Threat Con level Delta Mission Good Luck!

Written on 2015-09-12 by t1specialist

Phantom Six released in the BI forums a new version of this mission where You are ISIS militants who had infiltrated Sharpur and will be preparing to destroy a new kind of oil the US had found.

  • Replaced CUP MAAWs with RHS Javelin
  • Replaced CUP Stinger with RHS Stinger
  • Fixed loadouts so you don't have to reload at start of mission on dedicated servers anymore
  • Added notifications that scouts reported that final wave of enemies will arrive ETA 7 minutes

Written on 2015-08-18 by Phantom Six

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