RocksBr has submitted this cooperative mission for Arma 2.

    Quote D.T.B Brazil Clan :
    Goes at the end of a war in Chernarus, but contain major armed conflicts.

Written on 2014-06-21 by RocksBr


TerroRPL2 has submitted this singleplayer mission for Arma 2.

    Quote TerroRPL2 :
    In last times, OPFOR has just taken the USMC's armory in field. They were prepairing for a war. You're being sent to support the USMC and clear: Armory site, Novy Sobor, Stary Sobor and Kabanino. (I'm new in creating missions, I don't know how to ask tasks, however, it'll display to for example: Get in, clear, move etc...) You'll have 3 squads in your high command: 2x infantry, 1x tank platoon (The mission is very hard, so stay alert.

Written on 2014-05-18 by DarkXess

Morieza released in our forums a new version of this mission for Arma 2 and/or Arma 2: Combined Operations.

  • Added: Center-Peel /Aussie Peelback tactic with AI teammates, peel option: left/left-back, right/right-back, formation heading.
  • Improved: Lowering starting-skill and resetting auto-increase-skill multiplier, now the easiest mode will no longer become the hardest, now if enemy unit dead, units remaining in his group will gain an extra skill (more casualties more group skill), new 20 difficulty mode, end mission bonus = +1%..... +400%.
  • Improved: Few ruins of destroyed buildings will be hidden to avoid OPFOR AI stuck when they trying to change group formation heading direction near ruin.

Take The Red On v1.02

Arma 2: Combined Operations (Optional)

Written on 2014-03-02 by morieza


ForzaJuve informed us he released an updated version of his Liberation of Chernarus campaign on the BI forums.

  • Fixed issue in mission #7 where the A-10 on occasion will continue attacking targets after the initial objective is completed
  • Fixed issue in mission #8 where squad 'talking' may be disabled for the whole mission. Also greatly reduced the probability of this happening in some other missions
  • Also stopped enemy squads from patrolling Moglievka in mission #7

Written on 2014-02-01 by ForzaJuve

Sled88 released in the BI forums this survival mission in alpha status for Arma 2.

    Quote Sled88 :
    I want to release it now because I want to create the rest of the story with your hint and opinion. In fact of gameplay it should be working fine in this version. Maybe some small bugs are still there, if you find some plz report them. In this version the storyline is thin and we focused on gameplay... the COOP-version has not been tested so far...

    Short word to the story... (not finished):
      In march 2014 hell breaks out. A virus is infecting more and more people und the military seems to be dead in this area. So you will have to survive this nightmare, find survivors, guns, hideouts, hints and a way to escape from that island.

Written on 2014-01-27 by Sled88

gianlucaBR has submitted where you must hold a USMC FOB that was attacked by a group of 235 insurgents.

    Quote gianlucaBR :
    Ok ladies listen up , 3 hours ago our FOB was attacked by a group of insurgents , until now we know that 200 insurgents killed 8 marines however the assholes are coming back for a second attack using OUR FOB as their base of operations.

    Ladies, this will not happen. Our strike group is getting ready, we will have 6 Venoms and 1 osprey ready to get in there and hold the FOB at all cost. Ammo and supplies will be provided in the HQ however the FOB is without any kind of supplies, our pilots will have to take care off this, good luck and GET SOME !

Written on 2014-01-21 by gianlucaBR

Maarten11 has submitted a mission where you have to clear the outskirts of Chernarus from any hostile.

Written on 2014-01-16 by Maarten11

Kutze has submitted a cooperative mission created with the Arma 2 Free demo where Russian Marines seize to retake Berezino.

    Quote Kutze :
    The Chernarussian Defence Forces Militia and Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star Insurgents have engaged in a battle of supremacy over the districts of Berezino. While the Chernarussian Defence Forces currently hold the city, the Guard Motor Rifle will be tasked to launch a Boots On The Ground Operation to seize key targets in Berezino from the Chernarussian Defence Forces.

Written on 2014-01-03 by Kutze

zedhunter has submitted this Team Death Match gamemode mission for Arma 2.

    Quote zedhunter :
    Finally after months of testing and development i bring to the arma community a one of a kind map that does not require any mods of any kind, the map features: an intro, 2 large trenches, 2 mortar pits, a medical tent on each trench, a minefield that looks a lot better and lags less with mortar shells and an ammo crate with enough gear to play all day long.

    This map was made to give a feel of high intensity combat and fear that has been missing from most arma maps for a long time, although this map was originally made to influence strategic planning and combat tactics as well as team building. This map also tests quick thinking and marksmanship as well as precision as within a second u could end up with a bullet in your head if your the unlucky guy who had made the decision to run across the field with an m4 and a few mags or not keep low in the trenches.

    The map has been made to handle 40 players so that practically anyone could host the map with 40 people.

Written on 2014-01-02 by zed hunter

Cat Toaster as promised one week ago has submitted the separate pure AAS-Missions-Release featuring different Rulesets for Hosts with and without enabled AI today. There´s also a new feature for Mission-Designers that allows to place Flags at different elevations now.

It fully supports/requires the earlier Addon-Package Installer V1.1 .

A Ruleset-Cleanup was made, so AAS now Features a new "Default Ruleset" and two popular Community-Rulesets (Armacalypse and ).

These AAS-Missions (entirely made by Armacalypse-Community members) are new/updated in this release as well:
    • Armcalypse Now (Duala)
    • Battle for Zappado (Panthera)
    • Broken River (Panthera)
    • Coastal Roads (Panthera)
    • Dunes Reloaded (Panthera)
    • Jalovisko Disko (Namalsk)
    • Lake Ukane (Panthera)
    • Saint Pierre (Everon)
    • SnowEPass (Namalsk)
    • Strike@Lesce (Panthera)
    • Tara Bridge Sweep (Namalsk)
    • Town Rush (Panthera)
    • Village Run (Panthera)

Written on 2010-05-23 by Big

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