Armitxes released his Visual Studio Code - SQF Plugin on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Microsoft Visual Studio Code is a new, but already very known Code Editor. For those who don't know VS Code, it's pretty much like Sublime Text.
    Today I wrote a SQF Plugin for VS Code, there isn't any documentation about Plugins released yet as VS Code is in a preview state - means you can expect much more features to come but may also encounter some bugs (haven't found any).

    Works on Linux, OS X and Windows.


Written on 2015-07-10 by Armitxes


Dirty Haz released an updated version of his Bandage System script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Patch up your wounds with bandages! Removes one bandage on use. Take bandages from dead bodies to gain more. You start with two however, this can be changed in the init.sqf file. You can also count your bandages! The script currently supports two languages, English and Spanish.

    • Progress Bar
    • Bandaging
    • Take Bandages
    • Count Bandages
    • English Language
    • Spanish Language

Written on 2015-01-27 by Dirty Haz

Aloe submitted his Easy NameTags script which displays the name and type of a unit you are looking at.

    Quote :
    Display over head the name and type of non playble units.
    Script use the 8th element in addAction params array for execute (very little CPU cost).
    Only for Units!
    Maximum distance for display 10m
    Only for singleplayer missions! Multiplayer: not supported.

Written on 2014-11-03 by Aloe


JTS informed us he released an updated version of his Nametags script on the BI forums.
The archive contains both the singleplayer as well as the multiplayer version of this script.

    Quote :
    This is a nametags script. Despite the same colors as in mission 'Evolution' - this is my script.
    Made 2 examples - for SP and MP (for MP means, that names will be displayed only by players). You can change the colors. They are defined in local variable in the script. For now, it supports 30 players. You can change this if it's needed.

    • - Fixed syntax errors (Bad performance of the game).

Written on 2014-10-09 by JTS

Reynaert submitted his Carrier Template.

    Quote :
    I was making a carrier map for my unit when the ArmA 2 servers went to Steam. The unit was lost and I was sitting here with this template. The template has been tested 1 time with 6 players and works properly, we haven't discovered any errors so far.

    Template based on the Marine Corps

    • LHD elevator at the south side of the carrier, able to lift vehicles and personnel.
    • Artillery module able to fire all kinds of shells.
    • Tomahawk missile that can be pointed out anywhere on the map.
    • HALO option.
    • Steam catapult and arresting gear for aircraft.
    • R button for flares (Since this map was not designed for OA.)
    • Aircraft service.
    • Ability to save gear.
    • M136's are disposable and require no rocket.
    • Backpack for a 2nd primary firearm.
    • Special effects for nearby explosions.
    • Being shot causes the same as above.

Written on 2014-09-27 by Reynaert

Typically Royal has submitted a very Short And simple script which allows you to blow your self up just like a suicide bomber.

Written on 2014-09-21 by Armaholic

KangarooSwag has submitted a template of a United Nations Outpost situated on the outskirts of Zelenogorsk, in the shadow of Green Mountain.

    Quote KangarooSwag :
    This project was born out of a need for a UN base, as i had noticed there seemed to be a lack of UN-exclusive Outposts.

    Along with the base constructed by the USMC in the North of Chernaurus (Wartorn Plateau), a UN force retained a small garison on the outskirts of Zelenogorsk, to help prevent another insurgency and provide humanitarian aid in South Zangoria.

Written on 2014-09-01 by KangarooSwag

KangarooSwag submitted his KS Russian Firebases & Airfields Pack template.

    Quote :
    A compilation of Russian Firebases and Airfields, complete with a fully equipped Artillery Base. All outposts have been fully fleshed out, containing many ambient features that add tone to your missions :). There are three main parts of the release:

    A Forward Operating Base
    An Airfield, fully stocked with air vehicles
    And an Artillery Base, equipped with multiple batteries

    All are situated towards the Northern Border of Chernaurus, which is keeping with the knowledge that Russia is north of the country.

Written on 2014-08-27 by KangarooSwag

KangarooSwag has submitted a highly militarised plateau staffed by USMC personel in the North of Chernaurus.

    Quote KangarooSwag :
    In the aftermath of Operation Harvest Red, a recovering Chernaurussian government requested that the USMC retain a small outpost on a low plateau in the northern region of the country. Over time, the situation developed and another war broke out between the CDF and Insurgents. This time, Russia openly supported the rebels and threatened to engage the US base in Chernaurus. This caused the plateau to be pre-emptively upgraded to wartime standards.

Written on 2014-08-24 by Armaholic

KangarooSwag submitted his Fortified North-Western Airfield template.

    Quote :
    A fortified version of the North-West Airfield, (Chernaurus National Airport).

    All gates have been fortified and edited to open only for blufor.
    The wire mesh perimeter fence has been replaced with hesco barriers, making for an (almost :) impenetrable outer wall.
    The actual base itself has been broken roughly into 4 parts:
    • A CDF Outpost
    • A UN Base
    • Refuge Camps
    • And American Camps and Hangars
    Base is stocked with plenty of weaponry including ground and air vehicles and MTVRs packed with custom Cargo's. Custom signs for each outpost and the main gate have also been created.

Written on 2014-08-17 by KangarooSwag

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