Sabre[Dust] submitted his JATO Script for C130.

    Quote :
    This is a very simple JATO script, it creates jet assisted take off - actually rocket assisted take off.
    It also features the reverse thing I call JASL (jet assisted short landing) inspired by Operation Credible Sport.

    It works in single player, multiplayer and on dedicated server.
    Things can get messy with multiple users / AI using it at the same time due to me not fully understanding the concept of variables/scopes in MP.
    Sometimes the rockets might blow up so use at your own risk.

    The parachute drop at the end of the burn time is fictional afaik. I just got carried away by my first success with scripting a little. Just ask me for a version without parachutes if necessary.
    Someday I might make it into an actual mod with custom rockets attached to the plane properly.

Written on 2014-07-12 by SabreD


Reynaert submitted his Field Rations script.

    Quote :
    Always wanted to add a bit more realism to your missions without mods? This very simple script allows you to add that little bit of realism. With over 20 kinds of meals based on the United States rations of 2012. The script is user friendly, easy to use and easy to edit to your preference.

    • Able to eat or drink after receiving a field ration.
    • Eating or drinking a ration sets your damage to 0.
    • Sounds included.

Written on 2014-05-11 by Reynaert

Opteryx released his OPX MLODs on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote Opteryx :
    These are most the old OPX mlods for Armed Assault (ArmA 1).

    A few people have been tracking me down and requesting me to release the ArmA1 OPX MLODs, now I've been kind of reluctant to do this because I've always felt they were subpar quality compared to other content and especially now that they're 6-7 years old, but I figured what the hell, they've just been sitting here on my HD for years doing nothing, so here goes.

    This is most of the OPX content, a few things have been removed for various reasons, but there a lot of content for people to improve on these models if they feel like it.
    I highly encourage people to enhance the quality of these p3ds beyond what I was capable of at the time.

    Also, there are (almost) no source textures present due to my current internet connection being very slow, so you'll have to work with the UV maps and .paa files already released.

    If you have any further questions, just ask in the release thread.

Written on 2014-02-24 by Opteryx

Naught released an updated version of his AI Caching and Distribution script on the BI forums.
This script was designed to dynamically cache and distribute AI units across machines for maximum performance.

    Quote Naught :
    This script will be my first fully-autonomous script, meaning no setup required! This script is completely plug-and-play, with no dirty work required. It will cache all AI units and spawn them when players get close to them, and will automatically distribute AI across multiple headless clients. And the best part is is that you can still use your current method of AI spawning, whether it's through the editor or via a script. The only requirement is making a headless client slot, which is very simple and shown below.

    Now mission makers who have been too intimidated by the script knowledge needed to make headless client or cached/respawning AI missions can utilize all of the performance benefits that it brings with them! Even users who already have implemented headless client will benefit from the script immensely due to the pure efficiency of it's caching and distribution mechanisms, which are much better than most which are already implemented in missions.

    There are a few important fixes in this release, so I'd recommend updating if you can.
    This is a full-release, but does not contain a guarantee of any type of support.
    Bugs and other issues should have been found and patched through testing, but are still possible in the RC. If you find one, report it back in this thread or on the Github issues page.
    This release candidate has been deemed stable enough to be used in production environments. Proceeding v1.0 updates should be sparse, should contain nothing major, and should not be mandatory.

    • Fixed: Crewed vehicles retain their states over caching and distributions.
    • Fixed: Units now properly retain set positions if specified before caching/distribution.
    • Fixed: Vehicles are no longer distributed (needless operation).
    • Fixed: Setting of vehicleVarName should now propagate to all machines.
    • Fixed: Renamed array manipulation function to match syntax (minor edit).

Written on 2014-01-28 by Naught

McKnightG submitted his Static C-130J Halo script.

    Quote McKnightG :
    So heres my first template on Armaholic. This is a template that allows the player to teleport to a Static C-130J. Once in the Static C-130J players can walk around freely and halo when ready by exiting out the rear cargo door.

Written on 2014-01-06 by McKnightG


JTS informed us he released an updated version of his Nametags script on the BI forums.
The archive contains both the singleplayer as well as the multiplayer version of this script.

    Quote :
    This is a nametags script. Despite the same colors as in mission 'Evolution' - this is my script.
    Made 2 examples - for SP and MP (for MP means, that names will be displayed only by players). You can change the colors. They are defined in local variable in the script. For now, it supports 30 players. You can change this if it's needed.

    • Fixed bug when you open map

Written on 2013-12-29 by JTS

Rydygier informed us he released an updated version of his Sneaky Hunter AI script on the BI forums.
Sneaky Hunter is an AI algorithm that simulates animal-like hunting behaviour of controlled unit against chosen unit(s).

    Quote Rydygier :
    Some time ago I thought, it would be fun to have AI, that will hunt down the player or other AI, cunning beyond simple "Where he is? There? Charge! Argh!". More complex, thorough simulation with many factors handled even for the price of extended CPU cost. Sometimes in such situations I just sit down and write the needed script, and have no peace until done. This is such case...
    Code is experimental. Any feedback, ideas, opinions etc are highly appreciated!

    • This code does some heavy calculations, was tested for single Hunter, and this is recommended number of controlled units.
    • Sneaky Hunter AI is designated as opponent for player, but should work well also against AI. Was tested for single prey for now, but designed also for more.
    • Hunter has to his disposal two customizable senses: sight and smell.
    • Sight is specified by two parameters: light sensitivity and movement sensitivity. It decides, how easily Hunter will spot the Prey according on daytime, weather, size, speed, background (sky or not, surrounding terrain) and knowledge factor (memory).
    • Smell helps to follow not visible Prey by its trail. Each Prey will leave "footprints", that Hunter can scent. Old footprints will be erased, also rain gives small chance for removing some parts of the trail. Smell (range) is strongly affected by wind (direction and strength).
    • If there is no Prey nor trail known, Hunter will loiter randomly.
    • If Hunter see the Prey, his behaviour depends on situation. His goal is surprise attack, preferably from behind. Will charge anyway if close, but otherwise will approach, fast or stealthy, only when flanking the Prey (out of Prey's FOV). If catched in the FOV, depends on situation can hide low and not move or run out of LOS, then try to outflank keeping out of sight (heaviest calculations here including sector-based LOS analyze and pathfinding).
    • Is most dangerous at night, in the dense forest when visiblity is poor.
    • Hunter strikes with bare hands (melee).

    • minor code fixes

Written on 2013-11-21 by Rydygier

Raoul submitted the Simple Airstrike Script by him and Pizzadox.
This script allows you to simply call in airstrikes by using the action menu (scrollwheel).
Current stryke packages are:
  • 1x GBU 12 (strikes within 1x1m area)
  • 2x GBU 12 (Strikes within 1x1m area)
  • 4x GBU 12 (strikes within 50x50m area)
  • 8x MK82 (Strikes within 50x50m area)

Written on 2013-11-21 by raoul1234

Garverick submitted his USMC Sahrani Base template.

    Quote Garverick :
    A Base for USMC located on the Southwest airfield of Sahrani equiped with 31 Different Infantry Units, 11 Light vehicles, 4 Light Armor , 2 Heavy Armor, 1 Artillery Vehicle, 10 Aircraft including 6 Rotary Wing and 4 Fixed Wing.

Written on 2013-10-31 by Z.Grimm

CharlieSp submitted his BAF Forward Operating Base Pouncer template.
This FOB contains multiple heli-pads, a medical tent, vehicle storage area, automatic entrance/exit gate and barracks.

Written on 2013-10-10 by CharlieSp

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