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Screen of the week

Ruthberg released in the BI forums a a dynamic outdoor shooting range mission.

    Quote Ruthberg :
    This mission is intended to be used as a dynamic outdoor shooting range.
    You control the mission by using the action menu.
    Enable or disable bullet path tracing, spawn new targets or check your last bullet impact.
    Teleport to any location by left clicking on the map while holding ALT on your keyboard.
    Use LEA or RSLO to change your gear.

Written on 2014-07-27 by Ruthberg


Churrofighter has submitted a cooperative mission where the USMC invade Bjørnøya Island.

    Quote Churrofighter :
    Recently recovered intel has revealed that Ivan has setup a sigint site in the Barents sea.
      · Weather: snowing, windy, freezing.
      · Terrain: very wooded island.
      · Enemy: paramilitary militia froces, 1182nd guards motorized regiment, approximately 40 opfor personnel armed with small arms and btr's.
      · Friendly: vma-211 providing fixed-wing close air support.

Written on 2014-07-21 by Churrofighter

Joe98 released in the BI forums a new mission where you are faced with the same tactical situation but you use 5 different weapons so it needs 5 different approaches.

    Quote Joe98 :
    The first set of missions were set on the Proving grounds map and the crossroads was surrounded by thick scrub.

    This set are at a crossroads in Takistan. This time the crossrords are surrounded on 3 sides by buildings.

    A small party of enemy have advanced to a nearby crossroads. They were seen filling sandbags. It is now late afternoon. We need to take the crossroads before dark, otherwise they will probably reinforce the position overnight.

    Your mission is to re-take the crossroads.

Written on 2014-07-18 by Big

TigerForce has submitted this random operations mission designed for cooperation with a maximum of 32 players.

    Quote TigerForce :
    Mission designed for Cooperation whose the purpose is to accomplish several random operations.
    - Each class has its own authorization (example : Only the pilots can fly)...
    - Rank system
    - Gather intel from the civilian to accomplish the mission
    The difficulty and the number of enemy forces depend on the number of players on the server.

Written on 2014-07-08 by TigerForce

Chestronco has submitted a short gamemode where Germans are defending a town In Neaville.

    Quote Chestronco :
    The Germans Have A.I also defending just for a little bit of help as they are massively out numbered. They are outnumbered by 12 Units, The max amount of players is 36. This is a 12 v 24 Match. [Germany have 12 Players]

    At the German spawn are 3 tanks some AT Cannons and Mg's, there are also a couple of transport vehicles. U.S consist of 4 tanks 3 transport vehicles 2 half-tracks and 5 Jeeps, 2 Jeeps mounted with Browning's.

    The German team have as long as it takes the U.S to perform an attack, to prepare and observe the advantages and disadvantages they have to be able to repel the attack.

Written on 2014-07-05 by chestronco


Lance has submitted his second mission to where you have to put an end to Iranian Ultranationalist.

    Quote Lance :
    Charlie 6 was sent to eliminate the Iran Ultranationalist "Musilini Hassan" however Charlie 6 was being ambushed by Iran troops before they could get their hands him. Delta Force and Bravo are to reinforce Charlie 6 before it's too late to save Charlie 6 and then proceed to eliminate Musilini.

Written on 2014-06-29 by Secret

Lance has submitted his first mission to

    Quote Lance :
    FSB Special Forces trying to capture Zargabad Airfield.

    • Paratroopers in the area.
    • Motorized Infantry
    • And much more.
    • New Starting Sound Track

Written on 2014-06-29 by Secret

Rip51 informed us about the release in the BI forums of a new version of this mission where you must complete it with minimal loss.

  • In setting the mission added new parameter "NUMBER OF ENEMY INFANTRIES";
  • In setting the mission added new parameter "NUMBER OF ENEMY LIGHT VEHICLES";
  • In setting the mission added new parameter "NUMBER OF ENEMY HEAVY VEHICLES;
  • In setting the mission added new parameter for Task Force radio "TF RADIO (LIGHTWEIGHT MODE)/TF RADIO (SERIOUS MODE)";
  • Added 4 Vodnik
  • minor fix

Delicate Balance Co-29 (@) v0.72

Arma 2
Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
Community Base Addons
Fallujah (Optional: Fallujah version)
CAA1 project (Optional: Sahrani version)
Lingor Island (Optional: Lingor Island version)

Written on 2014-06-29 by RIP

Sander has released a hotfix for the latest version of his mission pack containing coop missions for the Cold War Rearmed² mod on the Armaholic forums.
These missions are also playable on singleplayer.

    Quote Sander :
    Version 5.0 adds ten new missions to bring the total number of coops included in the pack to 190.

    New files:

    Grail Quest has Special Forces eliminating caches of surface to air missiles.
    Rotational Loss features an ambush and raid by a resistance group.
    Scud Shunt has resistance fighters ambush a column and destroy a comms post.
    Worth Adam features a combat search and rescue operation by Special Forces.
    Flashpoint Mutation has a guerilla band take back its camp to reacquire AT.
    Repulsive Act features a defence against armour and infantry before a counter-attack.
    Weather Struck has Naval Infantry destroy armour and ammo supplies before extraction.
    Hill Holder features the defence of a hilltop position against Soviet attacks.
    Mech Cool has a mechanised squad clear enemies from the village of Saint Adam.
    Punitive Damages features a clearing operation by motor rifle troops.

    Full details are reproduced in the CWR2 coop pack thread.

Written on 2014-06-28 by Sander

Baildude12 has submitted this mission where you can practice in a multitude of different air vehicles in lots of situations.

    Quote Baildude12 :
    In this mission what you do is quiet simple, you learn or practice flying. You can do anything from basic flying, gun runs, to even killing your own engine and attempting to auto rotate your way to the ground without dying. There are enough spots in the mission for you and 5 of your friends to come practice or screw around, you choose.

Air Vehicle Training Center Co-06 (@)

Required Addons
Arma 2

Written on 2014-06-26 by Baildude

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