player_1k has submitted where you transport and ship gold.

  • Fixed dead body removal
  • Added new enemy attack mode
  • Added delivery of supplies from local markets
  • Added enemy units' ability to permanently shut down Transport Inc. operations at mines
  • Added enemy's use of gold from destroyed gold transports to purchase better armor
  • Added "very easy" difficulty level
  • Reworked morale changes in West units to have West's reputation with individual tribes affect morale
  • Added player ability to set road blocks which halt Transport Inc. units approaching the road block
  • Other minor fixes and cleanup
  • Added the reporting of active mines by tribes to East units

Written on 2015-05-28 by player_1k


bboy released in the BI forums first mission of a WIP campaign for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    Quote bboy :
    About project:
    Hi to all community! Long time pass since i did something new for ArmA 2... Well, probably someone asks why I waste my time making campaign for A2 when there is already a A3. I'm not satisfied with the A3 and therefore I still play good old A2 campaigns. One of the best campaigns for A2 I have ever played is FALLOUT. And from there comes the idea to do something similar, but lil' bit different.

    Wanderers should be an A2 campaign (if I ever made it...), not so apocalyptic, but for example in the country where, after a great future war, remained only chaos, a story where the rest of the people in the country are struggling to survive by finding common goods and exchanging them with others for the things that they need. There are lack of water, food, medicines, working cars, hiding places, weapons... For the main map I chosed Chernarus. Main character is the independent guerilla soldier (as you will fighting on independent side).

    I already did the first mission. It should be able to see the essence of the story. Also, there is fully explained briefing. Mission is complete and can be played as single player. I made a small intro but I preparing a nicer one if I decide to make a campaign. This mission is without addons, but (in future) i will put back in the fight our old forgoten characters like O'hara, Herrera, Pierce, Reynolds, Sykes, Rodriguez... but in a slightly different form and release.

Written on 2015-05-08 by bboy

SlovakianLynx released a new version of his Autumn Leaves singleplayer mission on the Armaholic forums.

  • Added czechoslovak dubbing!
  • Changed the alternative end (the player now has to drive or move on foot back To Zelenogorsk base when the chopper crashes).
  • When the player completes every objectives and hidden tasks, he will receive a medal at the end.
  • Changed the face of Daniel Bishon to "face61".
  • Many more smaller improvements.

Written on 2015-04-14 by SlovakianLynx


Mamatterer has submitted a TvT domination mission for Fallujah island.

Written on 2015-04-06 by mamatterer

[CZ75]-LuzifR has submitted an update for the ACE version of the Escape Chernarus mission made by Engima of Östgöta Ops.

  • Chernarus Winter Version added
  • Intro changed
  • Parameter changed

Written on 2015-04-04 by LuzifR

Arigato released in the BI forums where you fight to liberate the city from the Free Syrian Army.

    Quote Arigato :
    Homs is a city in the center of western Syria, also it is an administrative center of the province of Homs. From september to december of year 2011 there were a lot of hard fighting between rebels and government forces in the city. By the january of year 2012 the city was fully occupied by forces of Free Syrian Army. Right now Syrian High Command in a process of preparation to a military operation to liberate the city.

Written on 2015-03-28 by Arigato

SHJ Sudio has submitted a new version of the remake of the original OFP Red Hammer campaign.

  • fixed: All intros were changed and can be skipped again.
  • fixed: empty objects Wire, Shed were in cwr2_Wire and cwr2_Shed changed.
  • fixed: Tents East and West were in cwr2 Objects Tent changed.
  • fixed: 26port.cain Ende1-Ende5 (any taskHint) display.

Written on 2015-03-23 by SHJ-Studio

CimaleXXI has submitted a singleplayer mission where a Portuguese heliborne unit is tasked to carry out a small scale search and destroy operation against an MPLA guerrilla group after they have successfully attacked a farm in Portuguese Angola.

    Quote CimaleXXI :
    October 1972: A Portuguese heliborne unit is tasked to carry out a small scale search and destroy operation against an MPLA guerrilla group after they have successfully attacked a farm in Portuguese Angola.
    Attacking defenceless farms in rural areas is a typical strategy adopted by MPLA guerrillas with the purpose to break down morale of Portuguese nationals in the colony, and forcing the portugese army to send troops and assets in their pursue, while the guerrillas are digging in and prepare sometimes deadly traps and ambushes, or more often running away, leaving the Portuguese frustrated in the attempt to catch them.
    Operacao chuva de fogo starts (Fire rain), player will lead a platoon of airborne Portuguese fuzileiros supported by Alouette III and Puma choppers.
    The task is simple but hard: secure the farm, pursue the MPLA guerrila group and neutralise them.
    CAS will be carried out by two G-91 R and an armed Alouette III chopper.

Written on 2015-01-18 by cimaleXXI

eggbeast released in the BI forums an updated for this series of evolution missions based on Vietnam era featuring the The Unsung Vietnam War Mod.

  • optimised since release of mod, to prevent mission seizing up halfway through (due to excessive trap laying by the VC)

Written on 2015-01-13 by eggbeast

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