player_1k has submitted where you transport and ship gold.

  • Resistance units come out at night
  • Added time acceleration
  • Added soldier check-in areas
  • Fixes
  • KORD units have less armor

Written on 2015-11-25 by player_1k


foxdie has submitted a new version of the original co30 Domination 2 West AI OA by Xeno with a save feature.

    Quote foxdie :
    • Mission parameters dialog (select main targets, side missions, artillery max dist., ranked, ...)
    • Unlimited saves
    • Switch team unit

Written on 2015-11-06 by foxdie

Officer D released in our forums his latest mission for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    Quote Officer D :
    1. Disembark at the shore close to Ykspihlaja and secure the area.
    2. Take out the army base south located by Tuulensuia. Try and find some armor to continue the mission.
    3. Go to the Thirsk Airbase and hijack the radio transmitter located there.
    4. Find the hidden suitcase in Thirsk. Search in the green barracks buildings.
    5. Make your way to the south lighthouse and wait for extraction.

Written on 2015-10-27 by Officer D


SlovakianLynx released in our forums a new version of this unofficial sequel to EMSI’s campaing 89’.

  • Packed the campaign into pbo. (how silly to forget...)
  • Fixed the problem with missing dubbing sounds.
  • Fixed the problem, where the chopper didn't want to take off, when a squad member was dead in mission Indian Summer.
  • Some other smaller improvements.

Written on 2015-10-14 by SlovakianLynx

Wesley Wilson has submitted a campaign where you take different roles in a Russian Army that invades Chernarus in retaliation for the murder of his Vice President.

    Quote Wesley Wilson :
    Since the fall of the Soviet Union Chernarus has become a "troubled Country". After years of civil war and hostility toward Russia a chance for peace looked promising. On August 1st 2015 The Vice President of The Russian Federation met with The Chernorussian president to sign a historic peace treaty. It ended with the assassination of the Russian Vice President. The Chernorussian government fearful of Russia and its response quickly claims it was a terrorist attack.
    Russia doesn't buy it. Russia believes the Chernorussian government was behind the assassination. After 2 weeks of meetings at the UN nothing is learned. Russia invades Chernarus on November 14th 2015 for Vengeance for the assassination of the Russian Vice President. Now you must bring Total Victory For Mother Russia, and bring those responsible to Justice.


Arma 2

Written on 2015-10-12 by redbaron

Clayman has submitted a new version of this combat search and rescue mission.

    Quote Clayman :
    Combat Search and Rescue.
    Two of our men have been captured on a secret mission far behind enemy lines. Tomorrow morning they will be publicly executed. Of course we cannot accept this. It is your mission to rescue our comrades and return them home safely...

Written on 2015-10-04 by Clayman

Pisces72 has submitted the first chapter of a possible fictional campaign that deals with a conflict between the Laretian Republic and the United States over the territory of the small treaty state of Nogova.

    Quote Pisces72 :
    The purpose of this upload is to provide interesting and realistic (more or less) missions for ArmA fans. The events, countries, characters, the way they are depicted and everything else is entirely fictional and subjected to the author’s artistic freedom.

Written on 2015-09-29 by Pisces72

SHJ-Studio has submitted a campaign where you take the role of Robert Ryback, a black op soldier.

    Quote SHJ-Studio :
    Many years after Nogova's guerilla wars against the Soviet. NATO forces controlled the island, monitoring the area.
    The residents were happy, finally able to feel safe in their own homes. They were free to plant crops, go shopping and live normal lives for several years. Then suddenly, something happened again, something that felt so familiar and nightmarish. Russia didn't seem to accept the loss that the Guba's Army had suffered earlier. They launched an attack, trying to finally take over the whole island. The war cost the citizens of Nogova dearly. Many civilians died and were captured by the invading Russians. Yet NATO hasn't announced, who commands this invading Russian forces. NATO expected this war to happen again some day. That's why they have been working on a special weapon to defend Nogova.
    This new weapon was few platoons of highly trained special operatives,who are used to hostile environments and extreme situations. They fight silently and skillfully and can complete almost any mission they receive. They are called on for the most difficult and critical tasks because no other soldier can fight and operate with such perfection. The number of Russians on this island is overwhelming, so NATO is relying almost solely on the success of these Elite Operatives. You will take part in this operation as one of these Special Operatives, former 7th Marines Battalion's grunt,
    Lieutenant Robert Ryback. With these new Elite Operatives, NATO expects this second liberation war of Nogova to be quick, effective and lethal.

Written on 2015-09-16 by SHJ-Studio

MiranDMB released in our forums this campaign for Arma2: Combined Operations available in Russian and English.

    Quote MiranDMB :
    Chedakia army attaked Chernorussia. After one year World Council declared an independent republic Chernarus. But US does not recognize this and sent troops. In response, the government Chernarus asked for help from the Russian Federation. In some missions you have to coordinate air and ground forces.

Written on 2015-09-16 by MiranDMB

xTRICKYxx has submitted a remake of the mission called Retreat! with the Invasion 1944 mod.

    Quote xTRICKYxx :
    Allied forces encounter a large SS Panzer division. This mission is difficult as the Allies. It is very beatable with the right equipment. Ammo and Weapon boxes near the mortar men. If spawning as the American Sniper, then the ammo boxes will be right there. There is a friendly machine gun nest, but it will be under heavy fire, so I do not advise being there.

    Be wary of the flanking group of elite SS soldiers. They will try eliminate retreating troops. Plan your retreat wisely, as you will want to carry as many weapons into the mountain to start the guerrilla war. While Retreat may be the easy choice, it is possible to hold the line.

    Enjoy! This is a great mission for sniper practice for either side.

Written on 2015-09-04 by xTRICKYxx

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