player_1k has submitted where you transport and ship gold.

  • Added Map Menu
  • Added option to exclude addaction actions
  • Increased reputation points earned from civilian tasks
  • Changed the keys for modifying support coverage
  • Fixes

Written on 2016-08-04 by player_1k


KommieKat & nettrucker have submitted an OPFOR campaign where you play different characters of Vietnamese PAVN soldiers laying Siege on the special forces camp at Plei Me.

    Quote KommieKat & nettrucker :
    The Story is based on real events happened at Plei Me special forces camp in October 1965

    In the late summer and fall of 1965, the PAVN B-3 Front is established in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The PAVN units are the 320th, 33rd, and 66th Regiments. General Chu Huy Man is charged with the mission of bringing the new high tech 1st CAV Division to battle, learn how it fights with air-mobile tactics and new modern gear and put this into writing for dissemination to all PAVN and Viet Cong units.

Written on 2016-06-05 by nettrucker

JTS released in our forums a new version of the pre-history of his Escape coop missions. 01: Escape, 02: Escape, 03: Escape and 04: Escape. This is, what happened 6 years ago...

  • Fixed: Camera doesn't shake when you enter PSI area

Written on 2016-05-22 by JTS


SHJ-Studio has submitted a new version of these 10 classic Operation Flashpoint scenarios on Chernarus island.

  • fixed: Difficulty User Save activated.
  • fixed: RPT file, Duplicate entries in the Stringtable.
  • fixed: Pathfinder, AH-1Z waypoint arrival shortened.
  • fixed: Pathfinder, Shilkas position in Gvozdno changed.
  • fixed: Pathfinder, Both AH-1Z destroyed group player moves to the next waypoint.
  • fixed: Village, setFriend veined.

OFP Classic A2OA (@) v1.3

Arma 2
Arma 2: Reinforcements
Group Link 4 Special FX Edition (Optional)

Written on 2016-03-31 by SHJ-Studio

Zathmo has submitted a mappack with 10 linear missions for Unsung Vietnam mod.

    Quote Zathmo :
    This is a map pack I created for the Unsung Vietnam mod for Arma 2. The map pack includes 10 linear missions and one sandbox mission. I plan on adding more missions or making a second mission pack if I receive a positive response from the community.

Written on 2016-03-20 by Zathmo

Matthewlet has submitted this mission where you have to eliminate all insurgents.

    Quote Matthewlet :
    Complete all of the tasks, all of which include killing insurgents. NOTE: This is my first mission, so if it isn't very good please don't hate. If you have any suggestions to make my missions better please leave them in the comments section.

Written on 2016-03-20 by Matthewlet

CimaleXXI has submitted the first mission of ITA DLC troops after the Malden island crisis.

    Quote CimaleXXI :
    In response of alleged increasing cross-border activities by our national oil company, the Takistani autorithies closed definitively the border at the end of November 1985, then since the first days of December, troops movements supported by APCs and light tanks were observed close the area.
    The night of 5th December Shapur e-Dalanper border guards informed ANA HQ of large units of TA (Takistani Army)' 191st Division (17th mechanised Rgt.) moving towards the border station and the oil rig site 10 miles inside Shapur territory in the Shapur Mansu area, the border guards were ordered to abandon their position and do not open fire to the Takistani troops.
    The following days were characterised by intense but fruitless diplomatic actions between the british government and Takmir, Takistani authorities declare that now thanks to the Takistani military presence the disputed area is clear of illegal and potentially terrorist activities, but during a NATO summit both british prime minister Mrs M.Tatcher and his italian colleague wants the Takistani out of the Shapur corridor soon, and mobilised two elite units of their respective armies (2Para and the Folgore Bde), among these are elements of 187th Para Rgt (mechanised) and 9th Paracommando Rgt from the italians, while british have deployed the entire 2-Para Rgt with full support units and air assets.
    The mission is rather articulated, Italian troops lead by player have to launch a dawn surprise attack against the Takistani troops that occupy the oil rig in the Tegger Mansu area and push out the entire Takistani military presence from the Shapur corridor.
    The disparity in forces is more than evident, Takistani troops are equipped with state of the art weapons and vehicles, they have the best of everything supplied recently by the soviets that want to keep them as reliable allies, while italian troops are equipped and armed with 1970s era weapons and equipment.
    The Takistani are rather well trained but are less disciplined and organised, they lack of battle experience, in fact they have been involved only in minor clashes and border accidents with minor countries and guerrillas, where they performed in a 'not particularly brilliant' manner.
    Instead italian soldiers deployed here are well trained ay high NATO standards and forged to war during the last months, italian soldiers fight well always against a stronger and well armed enemy, if they are well motivated disciplined and trained by top officers and NCOs.

Written on 2016-02-28 by cimaleXXI

WubWubz has submitted a mission where you will need to survive endless waves of Insurgents, Guerrillas, and Russians while using your resources at your base.

    Quote WubWubz :
    Hello! This is my first time submitting something to the great Armaholic universe so please forgive me for any mistakes I might make.The mission I have created is a mission you could play 1000 times and still not see the same battle again. This mission relies on the great Ambient Combat Module. The mission has vehicles and weapons from BOTH Arma 2 AND Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead so be sure to have them. Thanks for playing and have a great time!

Written on 2016-02-24 by WubWubz

Wesley Wilson has submitted a new version of this campaign where you take different roles in a Russian Army that invades Chernarus in retaliation for the murder of his Vice President.

  • The HVT in mission The_Rise_Of_NAPA can no longer be harmed. Before if the HVT died the mission would fail, and AI would tend to be the cause of his death.
  • You are no longer required to destroy uncrewed damaged vehicles in mission Traitors_Will_Be_Dealt_With to complete an objective.
  • You are no longer required to destroy uncrewed damaged vehicles in mission The_Fall_Of_The_Chedaki to complete an objective.
  • In mission The_Battle_For_Electrozavodsk you must manually set your next objective. This is because When the other friendly strike teams would complete an objective this would mess up your objectives.
  • A Bug was verified in mission When_Super_Powers_Collide. An invincible LAV would sometimes go roaming around destroying everything in its path. He was suppose to stay put until the player entered a trigger zone which would then allow the LAV to take damage like normally. The bug has been fixed and the LAV can no longer go roaming around.
  • Re-worked objective triggers in mission When_Super_Powers_Collide. After Objective 2 you must manually set your next objective. When the other friendly strike teams would complete an objective this would mess up your objectives.
  • Re-worked objective completion triggers in mission When_Super_Powers_Collide.

Written on 2016-02-23 by redbaron

Bsnott has submitted a new version of this mission where a team of Marines takes part in the US-led counter invasion of Chernarus against a Moscow-controlled puppet government.

  • Fixed helicopters
  • Fixed some waypoints

Written on 2016-02-07 by bsnott

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