CimaleXXI has submitted this singleplayer mission where as aprt of the VMF troops you fight the Takistani resistance during the soviet occupation of Takistan.

    Quote CimaleXXI :
    October 1985 - Takistan, western desertic region.
    During first months of 1985 the economical situation in the East block have worsen, while in the free world things were going fine, this had as a consequence social disorders in East Germany and Poland, while hundreds of refugees tried to flee the eastern countries.
    While Mikhail Gorbachev has come to power in the Soviet Union, his Glasnost and Perestroika reforms are welcomed by western governments, but there are communist hardliners in his own government that are unsympathetic to his cause, ready to do anything to stop these reforms.
    Aleksei Guba, a renegade general, was determined to bring down Gorbachev and make himself the next leader of the Soviet Union.
    Guba lead an army on the island base of Kolgujev, he invaded nearby Everon, crushing the militia force there, and planned to take the war to the Americans.
    Our forces didn't only reclaimed Everon but pushed onto Malden as well which bring the Americans on the edge of defeat.
    NATO leaders on the islands received an ultimatum from Guba but at the same time Guba was aware about a full NATO carrier group on route at flank speed to lend assistance.
    Both the U.S. and Moscow denied that hostilities broke out on the Malden islands to prevent panic but at the same time the USSR began a full-scale mobilization, allegedly as a military exercise.
    General Guba was in possession of a nuclear-tipped SCUD aimed at Malden but the American forces prevented the missile launch and by a massive counter-strike pushed out all our forces from the archipelago.
    At the end of the conflict we soldiers of the VMF have been forced to surrender, then after capture by British troops, we have been stripped of our weapons and equipment and sent back to Russia where we received a bitter and cold welcome home.
    After a trial where many of our officers have been arrested or outranked, our VMF regiment have been finally punished and sent to Takistan to fight the local uprising instead of a leave period at our base in Sevastopol.

Written on 2014-12-15 by cimaleXXI


1stLt.J.Aero Aka AeroDuhMedic has submitted a new version of his first cooperative mission where your objective is to help the pinned down U.N. Troops in the town of Rasman.

  • Deleted some 12+ Opfor units and 6 PMC units
  • Changed Path of PMC & OPFOR Conflict Compound to the U.N. Troops
  • Replaced U.N. Basic Weapon Boxes to U.S. Special Weapons, Basic Weapons, Launchers & Explosives Boxes
  • Added Vehicle Ammo Box to the Marine Outpost

Written on 2014-12-05 by 1stLt.J.Aero


CimaleXXI has submitted a mission for CWR2 and DE West German Army Expansion: Soviet invasion of Eilte West Germany.

    Quote CimaleXXI :
    August 1985 - Eilte Lower Saxony, West Germany.
    During first months of 1985 the economical situation in the East block have worsen, while in the free world is rising up, this have a consequence some social disorders in East Germany and Poland, while hundreds of refugees try to flee the eastern countries.
    In spite of the economical supplies aided from the west to those countries that have more needs such as Poland, Czecko-Slovakia and Hungary, and the Perestroika politics of soviet President M.Gorbachev, plenty of workers strikes and violent disorders erupted all along those countries, and in Soviet Union too. The Kremlin responded bitterly and strongly suffocating the uprising and declaring martial law in Poland and Hungary, while western countries are accused to finance illegally the social and economical disaster in the Comecon countries.
    The Politburo have also planned as usual, the Warsaw Pact summer exercises, despite of NATO asking for a delay, due to the tense situation between the two blocks. President R.Regan asked for an immediate NATO summit in Brussels, sending to Europe the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force, and alerting all U.S. units in western Europe, NATO declared the Defcom3 state of alert, and activates the Rapid Reaction Force, made mostly by Airborne units from Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.
    The situation has got even worse during last days, after several soviet aicraft violation of german and danish airspace, NATO forces have been alerted, while some soviet and East German units have crossed the borderline landing in a a couple of islands of the Baltic sea, Everon and Malden, formerly indipendent but under NATO control, and a few dozens of miles far from the Polish coastline. Skirmishes have been resulted with U.S. and british troops on those islands, but it is still not clear if the soviets have planned a full scale invasion of West NATO territory or whatever else.
    The two formerly indipendent baltic islands of Everon and Malden have been invaded by renegade soviet general A. Guba in response of the uncertain situation in soviet union, surely some soviet generals are attempting a coup against reformist president M. Gorbachev. While the soviets are defeated in the Malden island by US and british forces, a new unexpected crisis opens along the East-West German border. A single regiment of the soviet army crosses the border in a poorly guarded area, and try to reach the town of Eilte and its strategical highway.
    You as a Colonel of the BundesHeer are called to lead and coordinate the defense of the area.
    This mission features lots of firefighting in and outside the town of Eilte, enjoy.

Written on 2014-12-01 by cimaleXXI

SHJ Sudio has submitted a new version of the remake of the original OFP Red Hammer campaign.

  • fixed: Mission 06defend.eden "prove.sqs","Ende1 debriefing text"
  • fixed: Mission 15returnchopper.abel "Ende1 debriefing text"
  • fixed: Mission 18ambush.eden "Ende2 triggered too early"
  • fixed: Mission 22sabotage.cain "Helis ( hangar.sqs) script Error has been fixed"
  • fixed: 02invasion.eden "Waypoint fuel storage task Obj4"
  • fixed: 19convoy.eden "Ende1 trigger text has been fixed"
  • fixed: 23village.cain "task Obj4 script error Seek shelter has been fixed"
  • fixed: campaign description.ext "line 55: '/CfgIdentities/Fowley.face': Missing ';' at the end of line"

Written on 2014-11-22 by SHJ-Studio

Megahurt has submitted a new version of this cooperative mission where a Rapid Deployment FOB is tasked to destroy and capture ISIS assets.

  • Server frame rate improved
  • New captures, rescues and targets
  • Several trigger fixes and adjustments
  • More Dynamic.. Questioning Civs will alter mission parameters

Written on 2014-11-20 by Megahurt

K&A has submitted a randomly generated single-player dynamic mission based in Takistan map.

    Quote K&A :
    Lead PMC Mercenaries to fight with Takistani troops.

Written on 2014-11-06 by K&A

CSLA Studio released in the BI forums an update for the singleplayer campaign featuring their Czechoslovak Peoples Army (CSLA) mod.

    Quote CSLA Studio :
    This small patch or better say fix, contains updated PBO for our SP campaign '89 which was released in the regular full release v2.26.
    So, you need to have installed this latest version of our Mod for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

Written on 2014-11-05 by EMSI

Churrofighter has submitted his new Insurgency cooperative mission.

    Quote Churrofighter :
    Search and destroy all insurgent ammo caches. The number of destroyed caches can be checked using the radio.
    Insurgency is based off the game mode created by the Project Reality team.
    Target is to find and blow up all weapons caches. In order to pinpoint the weapon caches, one needs to evaluate intelligence dropped from killed insurgents. While the BLUFOR team advances through the villages, and towns, clearing out armed insurgents, the squares will go from red to green, marking that the area has been cleared and safe.
    OPFOR players can spawn into enemy AI units to make the task of BLUFOR a mayhem.

Written on 2014-10-31 by Churrofighter

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