Kommiekat informed us he released in the BI forums a new version of this four missions campaign inspired by true events that could and may have happened by the C.I.A.

  • Added NV Goggles to Player in all missions only
  • Added NV Goggles to Enemy Patrol Leaders only
  • Increased enemy patrol groups by one unit
  • Fixed trigger in Phase 3 (Third Mission)

Written on 2014-05-04 by Kommiekat


PnK2 a.k.a =A2SM= Petar has submitted this coop multiplayer mission for 20 players.

    Quote PnK2 a.k.a =A2SM= Petar :
    Players are divided in 4 squads of 5 players (two marines adn two ranger squads) and they have like in all insurgency game tipe mp missions primary objective to clean all red squares from enemies and collect intel in silver suitcases after that they get map markers of possible locations of enemy ammo boxes wich they must to destroy.

    Players have mobile base and vehicles at their disposal and weapons from the 90's era like M16's, M4's, with iron sights or RCO and no modern weapons from this century bcs players are in the role of US Military soldiers from 80s and 90s created by Delta Hawk.

Written on 2014-05-03 by PnK2

Antifiriz released in our forums a simple, medium length, covert ops mission for OPFOR side.

    Quote Antifiriz :
    South Zagoria is in turmoil. Tension is growing higher and higher every minute, Russian units are stationed at the border, while the ChDKZ getting hit hard both by USMC, CDF and NAPA. A three-sided war going on in the northern area, and ethnic Russian population is getting terrorised by NAPA. A peacekeeping operation was considered, the area was a matchbox, and today, an explosion in Red Square ignited it.

Written on 2014-04-28 by Antifiriz


CimaleX has submitted a new mission following the Real-World Operations (RWO) initiative.

    Quote CimaleX :
    November 1970, equatorial Africa: Portugal commenced Operacao Mar Verde or Operation Green Sea on 22 November 1970.
    This seaborne invasion of Conakry, conducted under cover of darkness, sought to overthrow Toure', a staunch PAIGC ally, to capture the leader of the PAIGC, Amilcar Cabral, and to cut off supply lines to PAIGC insurgents.
    Guinea very actively supported the nationalist forces attempting to end Portuguese colonial rule in adjacent Guinea-Bissau, from their first appearance in the early 1960s until their ultimate success.
    The only significant nationalist organization, the African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and the Cape Verde Islands (Partido Africano da Independencia da Guine' e do Cabo-Verde—PAIGC), had maintained its headquarters in Conakry and its rear area bases in Guinea close to the border with the Portuguese colony.
    The leader and major force of the PAIGC until 1972 was Amilcar Cabral.
    Cabral's residence in Conakry was close to that of President Toure', and the two leaders espoused a similar ideology on domestic and international affairs.
    Portugese Guinea HQ (General-Governor Spinola) dediced to launch an articulated and hazardous plan against Conakry, the goal is to infiltrate during night into guinean/PAIGC controlled territory in the capital of Guinea Conakry, several squads of portugese marines and commandos of five men each, onboard some Zodiac/Zebro rafts.
    Portugese task is to infiltrate the city and strike the main guinean armed forces infrastructures with the aim of destroy as much equipment as possible, especially the guinean/PAIGC naval assets (Komar and PT-6 patrol boats) vehicles and light APCs (held inside a Hangar close the piers) the headquarters of the Guinea Conakry army (Camp Samory) and the Republican Guard.
    Other important target during the mission is to find and assassinate or capture the leader of the PAIGC, Amilcar Cabral and Guinea president Sekou Toure', that might be in the presidential compound, while a secondary but relevant target is the hangar at the airport, where we suspect some Mig-17s are held and kept airworthy with the support of cuban/soviet advisors.

Written on 2014-04-28 by cimaleXXI

JTS released in our forums the pre-history of my Escape coop missions. 01: Escape, 02: Escape, 03: Escape and 04: Escape. This is, what happened 6 years ago...

    Quote JTS :
    This mission is based on the cut scenes. This is the pre-history of 01,02,03 and 04 Escape series. A lot of high-quality cut scenes and (I hope) a good story. Much shooting, deadly PSI-radiation and great atmosphere of the game. The mission has an inventory. You can use some medicines to heal you

Written on 2014-04-27 by JTS

Kallusmax has submitted a random Battle Generator where you battle for grid positions to gain control of zones.

    Quote Kallusmax :
  • Gain radio trigger points by killing and winning battles.
  • Spend trigger points on radio commands.
  • When the battle starts check your map notes for zone stats and bonuses.
  • Battle count only includes ground forces.
  • Win conditions are: At least 21 men and twice the enemy count.
  • Auto-MultiVac is free, and is initiated when the battle has been won and the enemy is reduced to 15 men.
  • To end the current battle, extract and enter the upper barracks on the island.
  • Extraction can be requested at any time, but thereafter, you can no longer win the battle.

Written on 2014-04-26 by KallusMax

Alkanet has submitted a beta version of this open source horror mission for Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    Quote Alkanet :
    Your Helicopter has crashed and you are stranded in Chernogorsk. Follow the objective to get out of the town. But be aware every game round someone will get infected by a virus and be the Hunter. His objective will be to kill everyone.

Written on 2014-04-26 by Alkanet

CimaleXXI has submitted a new mission following the Real-World Operations (RWO) initiative focused on rendering missions in Arma 2 inspired by military operations taking place in the real world. This is the first mission of a mini campaign based on real recent facts in East Ukraine.

    Quote CimaleXXI :
    End of April 2014: After the peacetalks in Geneva many pro-russian militias in Eastern Ukraine surrendered to regular armed forces and halted occupation of police stations, airfields and public buildings.
    Kiev's army wanted to make a display of strength to show the world the situation is under control.
    Early on Wednesday a column of six armoured personnel carriers trundled through the town of Zelenogorsk, in eastern Ukraine, Donetsk region.
    Some 24 hours earlier Ukrainian soldiers had recaptured a small disused aerodrome, those operation were a success, with the loss of few Ukrainian solders and dozens of militiamen.
    In reality large chunks of the east of the country are now in open revolt despite our warnings and military action.
    Ukraine is rapidly vanishing as a sovereign state, we must do something to stop this!
    What happens next is unclear.
    But the Kremlin can either annexe the east, as it did Crimea, again shrugging off western outrage.
    Now well trained Ukrainian army brigades are ready to fight the pro-russian militia off from Donetks region, giving a clear message to the rest of the country, and to the Russian president that Ukrainian soveiregnity is not under discussion.
    Today, UAF will launch a large scale assault against the militia-held town of Zelenogorsk, combining tanks, APCs and motorised infantry. Those chaps will curse the day that they stood up against the best units of the Ukrainian Army.

Written on 2014-04-22 by cimaleXXI

Kommiekat informed us he released in the BI forums a new campaign following the Real-World Operations (RWO) initiative focused on rendering missions in Arma 2 inspired by military operations taking place in the real world.

    Quote Kommiekat :
    "The war in Guinea has been termed "Portugal's Vietnam". The main indigenous revolutionary insurgent movement, the Marxist African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde or PAIGC was well-trained, well-led, and equipped and received substantial support from safe havens in neighbouring countries like Senegal and Guinea-Conakry.
    The jungles of Guinea and the proximity of the PAIGC's allies near the border proved to be of significant advantage in providing tactical superiority during cross-border attacks and resupply missions for the guerrillas."

Written on 2014-04-16 by Kommiekat

Churrofighter has submitted a port of Bon_Inf*'s Takistan Force mission to MBG Celle 2 Island.

    Quote Churrofighter :
    From a collection of different missions the server randomly picks one mission at a time, let it take place at a randomly chosen location on the map of FATA.

    There are 10 different missions at the moment, like clearing a town, capturing high value assets, hostages, searching ammo caches, escorting a convoy to a solitary outpost etc. - a mission parameter can be set to the maximum number of missions the team has to accomplish or can fail, respectively.
    A mission generally can fail, when the overall team's deathcount exceeds a certain value during a mission, so "not to die is vital".

Written on 2014-04-14 by Churrofighter

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