creekz has submitted his new mission where your objective is to transport the president to the nearby United Nations base while avoiding insurgents set up to stop your journey.

    Quote creekz :
    2nd mission Ive ever made on my own!
    Please share so I can add more content ;)!
    Scripted patrols that randomly have selected points to move so each time you play it can be different.
    This is NOT as randomized as escape chernaruas!
    Max 20 players, recommended to play with 20 since AI positioning is a bit wonky.
    Made originally for arma 2 operation arrowhead. ranger ops A.K.A a.o.a.r.o and their ops.
    Look them up on steam to join and participate in our ops!
    Made solely by creekz A.K.A nick

Written on 2014-06-10 by creekz


Outlawz7 informed us he released in the BI forums an updated version of this close remake of the ArmA1 single player campaign as a series of nine coop missions for 1-8 players, which can also be played in single player with player as the squad leader..

  • Fixed critical bug in Tsunami

Written on 2014-06-09 by Armaholic

creekz has submitted his first Arma 2: Combined Operation mission.

    Quote creekz :
    The sacred cows of the east must be killed to decrease the enemies moral.

Written on 2014-06-08 by creekz


SAN released a new version of the second mission in this series featuring the Invasion 1944 - D-Day mod in the BI forums.

  • Solved the problem with the blinking planes.
  • The action menu is also now available after the revive.
  • Now you get the number of revives you have choosed.
  • Some minor changes.

Written on 2014-06-07 by SAN

SAN released a new version of the first mission in this series featuring the Invasion 1944 - D-Day mod in the BI forums.

  • Solved the problem with the blinking planes.
  • The action menu is also now available after the revive.
  • Now you get the number of revives you have choosed.
  • Some minor changes.

Written on 2014-06-07 by SAN

JJwalker56 has submitted this mission where you have to seize the city of Zargabad eliminating Igla Pods, armor and infantry.

    Quote JJwalker56 :
    Seize the City! This is a work in progress. You and 10 fellow soldiers have been inserted into the Zargabad region and charged with a daunting task. You must remove the Igla pods, armor and as much infantry as you can using your combat skills. The squad leader/commander will have access to unlimited CAS and artillery fire missions to help complete the task!

Written on 2014-06-06 by jjwalker56

HeadUp & RCMW has submitted, using our Public FTP, a campaign inspired by real operations in Afghanistan. It comes in two versions: Lite and Addon+.

    Quote HeadUp & RCMW :
    A fictional campaign for Arma 2 Combined Operations, inspired by real operations in Afghanistan. Showcasing the variety of the UK's special forces, take part in the hunt for a dangerous JPEL-listed target, code-named 'Black Shadow.' Conduct infamous night raids with the SBS, intel-gathering ops with the SRR, a long-range patrol with the SAS, and more!

    The Addon+ version is recommended for the ideal playing experience: it features extra missions and content, and is supported by carefully-selected addons that match more closely the vehicles, uniforms, and weaponry that the UKSF are believed to use.

Written on 2014-06-03 by headup

AST|Raptor has submitted using our Public FTP, the second mission in the Operation Hydra series, a cooperative mission where 10 BAF Paratroopers assault nearby villages.

    Quote AST|Raptor :
    Ground and air units of Esbekistan attacked NATO coalition forces in Clafghan without any warning or prior provocation. US and German forces are trying to stop the surprising invasion in the North, but they lack of air support and heavy weapons. French and British Armed Forces prepare a counter attack and consequently the invasion of Esbekistan.
    2 Para as current Air Assault Task Force will land in enemy territory and cut off the supply lines.

Written on 2014-06-02 by AST

Domcho released in the BI forums a remake from OFP/ArmA Cold War Assault of his The Great Escape mission.

    Quote Domcho :
    Hello everyone. It has been a while since I made any missions but recently I came back to mission editing and decided to recreate a mission that me and a friend of mine made back in Operation Flashpoint Resistance (ArmA Cold War Assault). The mission is called "The Great Escape". It's made both for singleplayer where you play alone with no friendly AI and for multiplayer where you can play with AIs or with friends. You start at the village of Cancon with nothing but a handgun. All your friends are dead, no ammo's left behind. You must head Northwest to the US base near the airfield where's the only place that has a flying vehicle - a Mi-24 Hind stolen by the Americans. The whole island is held by the US and the FIA who are working together against the USSR. All Soviet forces withdrew from Malden and what was left behind was either killed or captured except you. Your ultimate objective is to grab the Hind and fly to Kolgujev however before making your retreat home you must go through 5 villages controlled either by the US or by the FIA and destroy everything you find there as an act of vengeance against your foes which slaughtered your comrades in Cancon (and not only) while you were away. If you skip 1 single village you will not be able to complete the mission.

    At first our plan was to ignore the villages and put patrolling squads all over the island but since Malden has no trees and forests like Everon and Kolgujev, it will be kind of impossible to hide once you encounter hostiles. That's why you are forced to go through the villages situated on the road leading to the US base near the airfield. If you are wondering "How am I gonna now if the village is cleared and there aren't any soldiers hiding in the buildings/tents/bushes?" - Well once you kill the last enemy in the village you'll get a hint and a task update.

    There is only 1 huge difference that's not important that much for the mission and gameplay. In Operation Flashpoint Resistance/ArmA Cold War Assault this mission was created on the AEC island created by PMC Snake which consists of the 3 original islands (Malden, Everon, Kolgujev) on 1 place where you can go from one island to the other. Unfortunately no such addon exists for ArmA 2 at least not to my knowledge.

Written on 2014-05-26 by Armaholic

TerroRPL2 has submitted a singleplayer mission with a simple task: eliminate all enemy's camps.

    Quote TerroRPL2 :
    After the conversations, you are being assigned to team, callsing "Boomerang". You'll be transported to LZ, where you'll go to clear the camps with leader. We've got the informations that there's 1 abandoned camp, there might be an ammunition, be awary, we just lost contact with them. Go and kill 'em all!

    Come get some, Marines!

Written on 2014-05-26 by TerroRPL2

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