ResentedDuck has submitted a game-mode similar to his previous Arma's Extreme Hide in Go Seek! mission yet in this case there are 2 hunters(Heli) against 14 hiders(Guerrilla) where the U.S. army must kill the escaping terrorist who have hidden in local brush.

    Quote ResentedDuck :
    Welcome back to Extreme Hide in Go Seek! During Manhunt style you will either be playing as the hider(Guerrilla) or the hunters(Heli). The hider can stay in any space they can squeeze into as long as its on the map. During this edition the whole map is available. The hunter will spawn in with weapons and ground and air vehicles will be available. Both teams can travel around the map to hunt or hide.

Written on 2014-06-23 by ResentedDuck


ResentedDuck has submitted this mission where you have to hide as a chicken throughout the brush as the hunter tries to find you.

    Quote ResentedDuck :
    During Extreme Hide in Go Seek you will either be playing as the hider(Chicken) or the hunter(Pilot). The hider can stay in any space they can squeeze into as long as its within the boundaries that are 150 by 150 meters. The hunter will spawn in with no ammo and they will have to search the immediate area for a gun and ammo which they could use to kill the hiders. Both teams cannot leave the map or they will be killed.

Written on 2014-06-23 by ResentedDuck

Estord has submitted an update for this singleplayer mission pack containing 3 missions featuring the Modern Polish Army and Police - Military mod.

  • Fixed some bugs,
  • Added Surrendering Module to every mission,
  • Added randomly playing music during gameplay to all missions,

Written on 2014-06-21 by Estord


Churrofighter has submitted a port of Bon_Inf*'s Takistan Force mission to MBG Celle 2 Island.

    Quote Churrofighter :
    From a collection of different missions the server randomly picks one mission at a time, let it take place at a randomly chosen location on the map of Celle, German Lower Saxony.

    There are 10 different missions at the moment, like clearing a town, capturing high value assets, hostages, searching ammo caches, escorting a convoy to a solitary outpost etc. - a mission parameter can be set to the maximum number of missions the team has to accomplish or can fail, respectively.
    A mission generally can fail, when the overall team's deathcount exceeds a certain value during a mission, so "not to die is vital".

Written on 2014-06-20 by Churrofighter

Rip51 released in the BI forums his edited versions of the original Fireball's Insurgency.

    Quote Rip51 :
    Find and destroy all insurgents ammo caches.

Written on 2014-06-17 by RIP

Estord has submitted this mission where You, Capt. Patrick Scott with your Team, callsing "Bullethole" are being put in Operation Armed Deal.

    Quote Estord :
    You have been assigned to Operation Armed Deal. After Ruskies tookover the Chernarus and after multiple suspicious war crimes (Mass graves), this will be the Armed Deal. Kill any Rusky you'll meet on your road.

Written on 2014-06-16 by Estord

creekz has submitted this mission where your objective is eliminate Colonel Aziz and the PMC contractor.

    Quote creekz :
    Colonel Aziz has hired PMC to kill an American spy on Takastani land and is handing the classified documents of the agents identity to the PMC. Assume mission completed when Colonel Aziz and the PMC contractor has been eliminated.

Written on 2014-06-12 by creekz

creekz has submitted a Team Death Match gamemode mission for 10 players.

    Quote creekz :
    A simple 5v5 Team Deathmatch where you can play as Blufor or Opfor! Rush the other team or take your time tactically setting up positions around the small field for a strategic assault!

    Very small map, so expect possible rushing!!!

Written on 2014-06-11 by creekz

Joe98 released in the BI forums a mission where you are faced with the same tactical situation but you use 5 different weapons so it needs 5 different approaches.

    Quote Joe98 :
    A small party of enemy have advanced to nearby crossroads. They were seen filling sandbags. It is now late afternoon. We need to take the crossroads before dark, otherwise they will probably reinforce the position overnight.

    Your mission is to re-take the crossroads.

Written on 2014-06-11 by Armaholic

Titi has submitted an update for these two versions (German and west sides) of the Domination (by Xeno) using the Invasion 44 2.6 mod.

  • Updated Grenade in tanks script
  • Added JIP for dropped ammoboxes
  • Added sound when player is hit
  • Added Player manager (press U to bring it up) Thanks to Aerosol

Written on 2014-06-10 by Titi

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