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160th SOR Australian Arma Community
One of the only Australian communities running as US army and USMC, with a vast range ... Read all..
Strategic Outcomes - Recruiting
=SO= Strategic Outcomes is a tactical Realism clan.

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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit - Now Recruiting!
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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit | Arma 2 Realism |
The 31st MEU is a ArmA 2 CO realism unit. Our Main focus being the Mod: ACE.
We are ...
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GeCo Night Event
The German Coop Community invites all German speaking Community members to take part ... Read all..
Special Operations Command Australia has moved onto to ARMA 3!!!
What is Special Operations Command Australia (SOCA)?

Special Operations Com ...
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AAG - Amphibious Assault Group is recruiting!
Hello, let me start out by introducing myself, in-game people know me as Giorox and i ... Read all..
Buffalos Tactical Squad
Buffalos Tactical Squad is a squad of special forces anti-terror for the UN. It has s ... Read all..
1st Ranger Battalion Realism Unit Recruiting ACE/ACRE
1st Ranger Battalion

We need you!

[/u ...
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Black Eagles Team Arma 3
BlackEagle's looking great soldiers to give everything on the clan to fight against o ... Read all..

Screen of the week

Soner released an updated version of the battleWarden:RCon tool on the BI forums.

    Quote Soner :
    battleWarden is a highly flexible toolset for the anti-cheat engine BattlEye which is being used in the popular tactical military simulation known as ArmA 2. Currently it only consists of battleWarden:RCon (commonly known as ArmA 2 RCon), a powerful remote control tool for Armed Assault 2 servers running with BattlEye.

    The development started back in the year 2010 when there was not any remote control tool available for administrators featuring a graphical user interface but only a standard console-based program provided by BattlEye itself. This case resulted from the fact that there was not any official specification of the BattlEye network protocol released at the time. Thus we decided to analyse the whole protocol and to build our own fully compatible BattlEye client which was then integrated into a new flexible GUI for the Windows platform. After its release it quickly became the de facto standard remote control tool among the server administrators in the Armed Assault community.
    Since then battleWarden:RCon has been updated consistently in order to support all new releasing features of BattlEye. By this way we ensure to fit all the needs of the Armed Assault administrators.

    • the ingame colors are back
    • bugs were fixed
    • some new variables for bW:Spy were added
    • the spy module is now also able to play sounds

Written on 2014-04-19 by Kochleffel


cortez471 informed us an updated version of the EPM RCon Tool by Uncle Dave has been released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a tool to help manage your Arma 2 or Arma 3 server.

    • General stability of the rcon has been improved. Made massive changes to the Bnet Lib to make it more stable.
    • Added a donation button
    • Added Admin names to messages.
    • Fixed some of the BattlEye commands
    • Fixed an issue with settings.xml
    • Fixed an issue with TS3 Messages

Written on 2014-04-19 by EPM Cortez

Dust2Dust submitted his Ballistic Calculator.

    Quote Dust2Dust :
    Calculator made in xlsx format using "steping method". User sets variables and calc gives bullet trajectory data.
    Best for normalArma/ACE/reallife sight adjustment calculations.

    • accomodates bullet, sight adjustment and environment data
    • gives detailed trajectory data
    • 4 additional calculators included: drag coeff,air friction,initial energy,unit
    • metric units

Written on 2014-02-11 by Dust2Dust

nuxil released an updated version of his Battleye Extended Controls (B.E.C) tool on the BI forums.
Bec is a admin tool for ArmA2/OA/CO dedicated servers for Windows that has enabled Battleye.

    Quote nuxil :
    Bec is a admin tool for Arma 2 series and Arma 3 dedicated servers for Windows that has enabled Battleye.
    This is a server application only, no install requirements are necessary client-wise.
    Basically what Bec does, is giving you the Battleye-power conveniently on the ArmA2/OA/CO-chatline in-game.
    Bec is a multi-admin tool, you can define as many admins you want, there is no limit on the number.
    You are able to define many custom commands and permissions to several different admin levels.
    Bec also have the option to use a global ban list, but you will need an account for this to be enabled.
    When this is enabled, Bec will report hack to a central ban database, it will also check players guid against it upon connection to the game.

    Finally I got some time to update Bec.
    Bec 1.59 will be the last version I do for a some time "maybe the last". The time has come to move on to other projects!

    Make sure to read the changelog. if you are using plugins with version <=1.58. you might need to do some editing and or replace some files.
    If I get the time I will do more documentation on plugins, but as for now best way is just to dig around in existing plugins.

    • Fixed: names with spaces was stored wrong on event, connecting
    • Fixed: Slotlimit was a bit buggy.
    • Fixed: whitelist file with format ansi and utf-8 missed one line.
    • Fixed: Some typos, "i bet there still are some".
    • Fixed: And more misc code cleanup, not worth going into detail.
    • Added: Extension check on the BEServer file.
    • Added: --enc switch for startup. "use: chcp ,in cmd to get your active char table" default for bec is 65001. "experimental"
    • Added: log plugins that starts.
    • Added: Timeout setting in [misc], back by user request.
    • Added: Exception block to rss plugin.
    • Added: Status xml generator plugin.
    • Added: Connectionlimiter plugin. this works the same way floodcontrol2 did in version 1.48
    • Removed: LogDir removed from the config. the log directory will instead be same as your config name.
    • Changed: Some varnames has been changed. will affect plugins.

Battleye Extended Controls (B.E.C) v1.59

Dedicated server running on Windows.
You might also need Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package.


Written on 2013-12-05 by nuxil

Mikero informed the community on the BI forums he released updates and additions to his Mikero's Dos Tools.

    Quote Mikero :
    The Dos Tool kit contains over twenty different exe's to ease the burden, chief among them:
      - Make/ExtractPbo
      - Rapify/Derapify/LintCheck
      - ConvertWrp
      - MoveObject
      - Eliteness
      - Powerful lintchecking
      - Make and extract pbo's

    The heart of all Dos Tools and Eliteness is dePbo.dll. This dll is in a continuous state of refinement, and has been consistenly upgraded for past 5 years. DePbo.dll is the 'driver' behind most of Mikero's tools.
    It is intended to be a non-reinventing-the-wheel service so that any application can access one, well proven, decompression algorithm (eg), rather than re-writing or pasting the source code again and again into different exe's.

    • updates to dep3d and friends (eliteness) for better decoding of arma3 p3d's
    • pboProject which replaces BI's binPbo / AddonBuilder and builds islands 'correctly' The bis equivalents cannot do so without some serious stuffing about.
    • improvements to deKey to ensure correct version2 bisign files (*some*) arma3 alphas were occasionally incorrect.
    • small fixes to dews to properly decode (and encode) stereo channels. Eliteness now uses this decoder to autoplay wss files

Written on 2013-12-03 by mikero


Linnet submitted an updated version of his SQL-Life stat save using Arma2Net and Arma2MySQL.

    Quote Linnet :
    Hello there arma community, I've been working on a stat saver for life missions using Arma2Net (ScottNZ) & Arma2MySQL (Firefly2442), thanks to them for creating such awesome additions to the arma community!
    Before I go any further I'd just like to say that the latest version has not yet been tested with a full server, so far only with 25-30 people however it worked rather well then. So if you are intrested in implementing this it might contain bugs, exploits or may not even work at all!

    • Saves your inventory, bank account, licenses, streetrep
    • Comes with a premade loading screen & dialog for stat saving.
    • Save one car of your choice and puts it back in the impound lot after a restart.

    • Insert has been improved to be more efficent.

Written on 2013-08-11 by Linnet

Firefly2442 released his Arma Mission Briefing Conversion tool on the BI forums.

    Quote firefly2442 :
    Just a small program I put together for converting missions.
    This program batch upconverts old OFP and Arma style missions to the new briefing system used in Arma2. It parses the briefing.html file and pulls out the appropriate sections and creates a briefing.sqf file. Debriefing is still kept and saved to a new briefing.html file.

    It's mostly untested at the moment, although it seems to be able to run without any errors.

    Hopefully this is helpful to someone who is nostalgic about all the great old missions that are out there. If anyone wants to add support to this program for converting from Arma2 to Arma3, I would certainly love to get a pull request on Github.

Written on 2013-07-18 by firefly2442

SpunFIN submitted an updated version of his SPUNs Color Picker.
This is a small tool which can help you converting colors into hpp format.

    Quote spunFIN :
    My buddy had hard time converting colors into format hpp files requires, so I made very simple color picker which allows user also to convert colors from different formats (including html, rgb, hex, and arma's hpp syntax).
    It also has customizable palette table where user can set colors once he has adjusted them. Also alpha included.

    This app is done with Flash (I know, not probably the best choise, but the only one I'm used to) and I really dont know if there already is something similar or if some of those dialog makers already includes something similar.

    • version 1.2:
        - Custom palette now saves and loads itself locally (SharedObject)
    • version 1.1:
        - Added Alpha

Written on 2013-05-03 by Foxhound

StatusRed released his EM RPT Viewer on the BI forums.

    Quote StatusRed :
    I decided to start working on an ArmA 2 / ArmA 3 RPT reader that will work in Windows, Linux and Mac. This reader allows you view the logs of any ArmA 2 / ArmA 2 game server that allows public access to it’s log file.

    • Multi-platform; works in Windows, Linux and Mac
    • Every other line in the RPT output is coloured to make it easier to read
    • Add / remove servers on the fly
    • Choose between raw or wounds output
    • Set individual timezones for each server (format: Continent/City)

Written on 2013-04-25 by Foxhound

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