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Worthy Platoon
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160th SOR Australian Arma Community
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Strategic Outcomes - Recruiting
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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit - Now Recruiting!
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31st Marine Expeditionary Unit | Arma 2 Realism |
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We are ...
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GeCo Night Event
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Special Operations Command Australia has moved onto to ARMA 3!!!
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Special Operations Com ...
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AAG - Amphibious Assault Group is recruiting!
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Buffalos Tactical Squad
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1st Ranger Battalion Realism Unit Recruiting ACE/ACRE
1st Ranger Battalion

We need you!

[/u ...
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Screen of the week

JTS released his PM Compact script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    A personal messages script for Arma 3.

    • Send private messages to any player
    • Received messages will be stored in your inbox
    • Ability to remove messages
    • You can disable the reception of messages
    • Notification when a message is received
    • ARMA 3 GUI style
    • Compact dialog window

Written on 2014-04-23 by JTS


big_wilk released his Fence Cut / Repair script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I've have made two scripts that you can download here in the form of a demo mission.

    The first is a fence / wall repair script that allows a mission maker to repair fences in a defined area the result been no gaps in fences on the map in the defined area. A readme is included on how to edit this along with the demo mission. The script works by hiding any object of a classname given by a mission maker and replaces them with another objected defined by the mission maker this new object is placed in the same position and at the same angle and pitch as the object it is replacing.

    The second is a fence cut script that allows any player with a tool kit to cut down any fence available by default in arma3 that you have placed, as well some of the fences that are on the map by default such as the fences around airports. You can also edit this script to include fences from your own mods. See the readme included to learn how to uses / edit this script.

    A friend asked me to make the fence cutting script and gave sxp2high BTK's fence cutting script as an example of what he would like the script to do. I started this project from scratch but borrowed his attaching a pair of pliers to a players hand while cutting the fences idea as it looks cool! I thought I'd put share my finished work on here as it might be useful to someone.

    If you find any bugs feal free to report them here I'll try and look at any problems there might be when I get time.

Written on 2014-04-23 by big_wilk

DudeGuyManBro released an updated version of his Categorized Crate Filler Script on the BI forums.
This script enables you to fill and refill containers with a chosen category of items and randomize the amount of items in a container as well as spawn certain categories with a predefined chance.

  • new: ability to refill crate when player joining game in progress

Written on 2014-04-22 by DudeGuyManBro

Djotacon released an updated version of his VDEBUG script on the BI forums.

    Quote djotacon :
    VDEBUG is a tool for debugging vehicle missions on Arma 3 based on EditingHelper by R0t.
    It only works inside vehicles.

    • Added new color scheme.
    • Revamped interface to be more accesible
    • Added new function "Destructor"

Written on 2014-04-22 by djotacon

Beerkan informed us he released version 2.5 of his Simple ParaDrop script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A simple ParaDrop script that works with both AI and Players, where you can assign a unit any backpack and let that unit board a Helo, paradrop from it and keep their original assigned BackPack without having to add a parachute backback to the unit.

    So what happens is when the helo gets to the waypoint or activates the trigger, it hoofs out everyone onboard (except aircraft crew) and the helo continues on to it's next waypoint. Para's will descend until they reach your specified ALTITUDE (or 100m if you don't specify) where they will deploy a Parachute. No need to assign one, and you can keep your existing backpack.

Written on 2014-04-22 by Beerkan


Olds released his Configs for Newbs on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    OK, it's not a mod, it's just a working config guide for new modders. I got frustrated with the absurdly scattershot nature of Arma modding "documentation". Unfinished tutorials, obsolete documentation, it's a freaking mess!

    The main utility is probably:
    Human-readable descriptions of config properties
    Links to the information source(s) (the little hyperlinked X's)

    The workbook consists of several sheets:
    • typ: file types, I started this early on and haven't updated it at all; somewhere there's a BIS webpage that actually describes all these--I need to find that link
    • fil: a rough and ready description of what's in the vanilla A3 PBO's, primarily from the config perspective
    • doc: a general list of important documentation links
    • Tnk: the first config template is drawn from a BIS tank, descriptions of properties to the best of my ability and links to sources. I plan to add other templates for Cars, Helos, etc.
    • P3D: a summary of the various LOD's in a P3D file

    This is a rough-and-ready WIP, not a modding bible.
    I'd really appreciate any corrections from more experienced modders!
    Reply, PM, whatever and I will correct the errors & omissions.

Written on 2014-04-22 by Foxhound

Mikey74 informed us he released an updated version of his Artificial intelligence Support System 2 on the BI forums.
Artificial intelligence Support System is now called Artificial intelligence Support System 2!

    Quote Mikey74 :
    Like AISS AISS2 is mostly autmatic.

    Waypoints play a role:
    Right now the important ones are Hold,Support, and Cycled.
    If a group has a current waypoint at hold. AISS2 will ignor them as far as a support call. But they will still call others to support them.
    The support way point will ignor Garrison and patrol commands by AISS but they will be in the pool to be called in for support.
    If a unit has a cycled waypoint and its the current way point it will be treated like a hold waypoint.

    All other waypoints at the moment are remembered but do not affect AISS command and control.

    Infantry will now Garrison a building if one is close by, or go on a patrol. If they are Garrisoning a house they will not be in the pool for support. That being said Garrisoning units will not Garrison forever, but every so often change buildings. Also They will not stay in a building if engaged by an enemy and they do not have a good firing lane. They will leave there post to find a better firing position. There is more that needs to be done with this, but its a bit beyond my knowledge at the moment.
    Patroling groups willl be in a supporting pool, but once they have finished there support call they will resume there patrol, or Garrison if AISS dictates this.

    Mech units:
    Basically same as before they will mount if enemy is far off and dismount with in 300 meters of known enemies. They do not search houses at the moment. This may be added later updates as well as adding a user config for you to dictate ranges of mounting.

    Armor, and CAS:
    If they are called in for support. They will try and find position supiriority on the enemy, and engage.

    Radio calls for support by AI:
    If a group deams Enemy strength to be greater than there own they will call for support. Much can be improved on this in future updates.
    Artiller is done basically the same way. There are user configs that you can adjust to you tastes.

    • Add code for better server stability.
    • Reduced waypoint spam to 1 or 2 waypoints at a time instead of 7 to 20.

Written on 2014-04-21 by mikey74

JTS released his Squad system SQ-1 on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    This is the Squad system I made for ARMA 3.

    • Join any player, who is on your side (join to AI is not possible, but you can have them in your squad)
    • Kick any player in your squad
    • Send invitation to another player
    • Create password for your squad
    • You can leave your current squad
    • Pop-up messages, when you hover the mouse over the player in the Squad-list
    • Editable variables
    • Messages for players
    • Script will automatically find you in the list
    • User friendly UI

Written on 2014-04-21 by JTS

Signaller submitted his Survivable Helicopter Crash script.

    Quote :
    A simple script for simulating a Helo crash landing & if your quick enough it's possible to survive.

    • AI Activates crash script by flying over it (press 0,0 to access radio menu) or you can activate it with the radio at any time.
    • 3 included helicopters in script, Ghosthawk, Hellcat & Mohawk, others to follow if enough interest.
    • Helicopter doors open & close (except Hellcat) when above or below 10 metres
    • Helicopter will explode after the crash landing so make sure you get well clear!

Written on 2014-04-21 by Signaller

Drongo69 released a new version of his Random Displacements script on the BI forums.

  • Fixed a bug with RD\Objectives\Check.sqf that was preventing anything but the first check of enemy/friendly presence
  • Altered RD\Objectives\Check.sqf to prevent air units from capping objectives

Written on 2014-04-20 by Foxhound

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