Zenophon informed us he released an updated version of his ArmA 3 Co-op Mission Framework on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Ladies and gentlemen, Armaholics of all ages, I am proud to present a work over a year in the making: Zenophon's ArmA 3 Co-op Mission Framework. My framework is a library of over 190 SQF functions organized into a carefully designed API that is both easy to use and extremely powerful. The functions cover everything from manipulating arrays to an extensive task system. Each one has been meticulously designed and tested to provide useful features with minimal bugs and issues. The framework is designed so that each function is a logical building block that achieves a straightforward effect. The strength of the framework is that each small part fits together neatly with others, allowing you to quickly implement your mission design intuitively.

    The framework works with any map and requires no addons. It is compatible with any mod because you choose which functions execute. There is effectively no performance impact to compile the entire framework, and every function has been diligently optimized. All 150 public functions are also carefully documented in an exacting style, and many resources are provided to help you learn to use the framework.
    The framework is created with these goals in mind:
    • Simple co-op fun for both players and mission makers
    • Bottom-up design using flexible pieces that you control
    • Truly random and dynamic missions without extra work for mission designers
    • Procedural mission design instead of manual placement using the editor
    • Eliminating large, static functions with assumptions about what you want in your mission
    • Server-oriented execution to create more efficient multiplayer missions
    • A simplification of locality and interacting with clients in multiplayer
    • A solid, powerful, and bug-free library to use as a foundation for your own code

    • Fixed: Zen_CloseDialog and Zen_RefreshDialog did not return void
    • Fixed: Zen_InvokeDialog does not immediately fire list selection events when called
    • Fixed: Zen_RefreshDialog did not always refresh changed controls
    • Added: Zen_CreateControl control types DropList and Slider
    • Added: Zen_CreateControl properties Picture, PictureColor, PictureColorSelected, and SliderPositions
    • Documentation: Fixed for Zen_GetControlData
    • Documentation: Fixed JIP demonstration didn't synch global dialog and control data
    • Documentation: Improved POWDialog tutorial with MP and locality section
    • Documentation: Updated for Dialog System
    • Documentation: Updated Notepad++ SQF language and autocompletion file with ArmA 1.52 stable commands

Written on 2015-10-04 by Zenophon


Heeeere's johnny! informed us he released an updated version of his Trigger List Changed script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script is about handling units which enter or leave a trigger's list. This is different from handling "thisList" or "all units inside/outside the trigger".
    It's easy to handle units in the trigger's "thisList", but handling only those which just entered or just left is a different story.

    Such distinction might be important for instance if a certain value/operation should be added/reduced/applied/executed only on such units or when a unit enters in the very same 0.5 seconds as another unit leaves, which would let the number of units in thisList remain unchanged while one unit is actually different.

    • added "isCall" parameter -> if true, trigger statements will be called, else they will be spawned
    • hardcoded the generated functions into the trigger statements (no setVariable/getVariable anymore)

Written on 2015-10-02 by Heeeeres Johnny

Kellojo submitted an updated version of his ETG Heli Crash And Drop Script.

    Quote :
    This script allows you to add heli crashes and supply drops to your mission.

    • even more code cleanup (removed some global variables)
    • Added configurable altitude
    • Added configurable loot spawn radius
    • Added configurable fire at crashsites
    • Added configurable AI to heli crashes and supply drops
    • Added configurable despawn of supplys and onjects after x ammount of time
    • Added random time between crashes/drops (toggable)
    • Made configuration and customisation much more easyer, by adding a 'menu' to the top of the script

Written on 2015-10-01 by Kellojo


Donbass submitted his Takistan bases template.

    Quote :
    On request some of my fans, I returned after some time back to Takistan and expanded FOBs in Feruz Abad, Jilavur, Rasman (police station) and added a communication tower outpost. Of course not all finished works. These bases have added Rasman airbase, a helicopter airport in Loy Manara and the second communication tower outpost. I hope you will like.

    After a while we go back to the distant Takistan so we are here to help with the construction of bases on the wishes of the command of ISAF troops who operate in this region.

    • Fixed template dependencies

Written on 2015-09-29 by Donbass

Heeeere's Johnny! sent us an updated version of his Automated doors script which he previously released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script manages triggers to automatically open doors of buildings, fences and cargo containers when a (human) player is close.

    At some point, I got annoyed of having to walk really close to a door and sometimes even having to scroll, if my default action is something different, to get the right action to finally open it. Maybe there's some people out there feeling similarly.

    • fixed door positions for "Land_i_Barracks_V1_dam_F" and "Land_i_Barracks_V2_dam_F"
    • fixed search for locations, because "mapCenter" from configFile is not the exact map center
    • added support for side specific locations:
        - setVariable ["locationSide", any side here] to a location with name "doors..."
        - doors inside that location automatically open only for players of that side
    • "action removal waiting loop" is terminated when all script-related actions are removed intentionally by the player

Written on 2015-09-28 by Heeeeres Johnny

POLPOX released an updated version of his new, reworked version of his calm animations script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    POLPOX's calm animations 2 script is now available!
    Adds calm animation for some units which they cancel when under fire.

    • Fixed: Missed syntax for "SIT_LOW"

Written on 2015-09-26 by Armaholic

Def released an updated version of the Virtual Vehicle Spawner script on the Armaholic forums.
The Virtual Vehicle Spawner script was originally created by Tonic but he has dropped all his projects.

    Quote Tonic :
    Virtual Vehicle Spawner (VVS) is what the title says. It is similar to Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) but this allows you to spawn in vehicles with a simple to use GUI menu. VVS is something that a lot of Armory missions could benefit from and possibly other missions. This was requested by quite a bit of people and after chucking what I did 3 weeks ago I did this in 4 hours.

    • Updated BuildCFG function: now it's pretty simple to add support of your own vehicle class / vehicles from mods
    • Updated example map (now it's ready for multiplayer)
    • Submarines at now is a subclass of ships

Written on 2015-09-20 by Tonic

Quiksilver submitted an updated of his Soldier Tracker (Map and GPS Icons / Markers) script which he released on the BI forums

    Quote :
    A system for showing Soldier, Vehicle and Group information on the Map, GPS and HUD.
    Designed for scenario authors to have a powerful, high-performance and highly flexible solution to presenting player, vehicle and group information on the map, GPS and HUD interfaces.

    • Fixed: Script not initializing when the player is also the host/server.

Written on 2015-09-18 by Quiksilver

John681611 submitted an updated version of his Skyhook script.

    Quote john681611 :
    Simple script to simulate the Fulton surface-to-air recovery system for infantry. Now working with Arma 3 and any aircraft with cargo space.

    • Complete Re-Write
    • Variable based now
    • Better Looking Balloon
    • Any baloon can be interacted catched by any catcher vehicle
    • Rope Technology
    • Slingloads compatible vehicles / objects
    • Attach for non compatible vehicles / objects
    • Mass Simulated for unit (90KG + gear) and vehicle (tanks work as land anchors)
    • Range of balloon textures
    • NOT MP tested (yet)
    • 15 second refresh for any new Skyhooks
    • Clear Sky check
    • Animation for man.
    • Probably a load more

Written on 2015-09-17 by john681611

Ussrlongbow released an updated version of his Russian Warfare Toolset script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I would like to introduce the project I am started to work on - Russian Warfare Toolset (named after server inspired me to do this).
    AIM of this project - extend the gameplay without addons. Arma 3 scripting engine gane give you near to ACE for OA functionality without the need of addons (considering we use stock 3d models).

    • new Smart menu
    • 3D explosives interface
    • Chemlights and IR strobes attachment

Written on 2015-09-16 by ussrlongbow

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