Austin(medic) submitted his AUSMD Builder script which he also released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script allows you to build pretty much whatever you want using a dialog. You can maneuver the object using various different buttons on the keyboard.
    Not all types of objects are included as some don't work well with being referenced after they are placed, and some don't have a display name so they are omitted.
    This script mainly contains things like walls and some military towers and buildings (also includes some smaller objects that can be used to decorate).
    Once an object is placed it can be moved again as long as it was you that placed it. You can also delete any objects that are relatively close to you (and are owned by you).

Written on 2015-09-02 by austin(medic)


POLPOX released an updated version of his new, reworked version of his calm animations script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    POLPOX's calm animations 2.0 script is now available!
    Adds calm animation for some units which they cancel when under fire.

    • Added: New animation "DEAD_AT_WALL"
    • Added: New animation "WARMUP"
    • Changed: Changed animation ID "KNEEL_TREAT1" to "KNEEL_TREAT_U"
    • Changed: Changed animation ID "KNEEL_TREAT2" to "KNEEL_TREAT"
    • Tweaked: Loop event handler
    • Tweaked: Execution script
    • Tweaked: Dead script
    • Tweaked: Attach script
    • Tweaked: End script
    • Tweaked: Smooth in script

Written on 2015-09-01 by Armaholic

Donbass submitted an updated version of his FOB Eagle, Raider, Wardak province template.

    Quote :
    I did transormation of FOB Eagle in Southern Wardak province. I said that I will add more details and I hope that it will be enough for you.

    • FOB Eagle and FOB Raider merged together
    • FOB Raider:
        - Added a pumping station
        - The addition of containers that will be placed at each other
        - Added around the base of the tower
        - Adding a few objects and buildings to the hospital and FARP
        - Addition of transmitting towers
        - Adjusting the positions of some lamps
        - Replacement of the existing lights on the runway for more clear
        - Change color from green to desert at barracks
    • FOB Eagle:
        - Addition of transmitting towers
        - Change color from green to desert at barracks
        - Replacement of the existing lights on the heliport for more clear

Written on 2015-08-31 by Donbass


Donbass submitted an updated version of his Expanding ISAF bases in Sangin template.

    Quote :
    My goal is to expand all the bases (FOBs, COPs, Outposts, VCPs, MOB) in Sangin for Arma 3. In addition, I want to add MOB functional ILS runway so there could be aircraft landing and add a few outposts. I hope you will enjoy.

    • The addition of a few objects in some FOBs
    • Added a pumping station
    • Change of A3 H-Barrier on the A2 H-Barrier in some FOBs
    • Replacement of the color green camouflage netting for desert
    • The expansion of the base at the dam
    • Adjusting the positions of some towers around the runway

Written on 2015-08-31 by Donbass

Quiksilver submitted his Turret Safety System script.

    Quote :
    Pilot control over mounted aircraft weapon turrets
    Compatible with:
    • UH-80 Ghosthawk (both variants)
    • CH-67 Huron (armed variant)
    • Easily add modded helicopters to the system, in the config section of the script.

    • Replaced use of BIS_fnc_MP with new remoteExec command.
    • Slight optimization
    • Made easier to add modded helicopters to the system.
    • Pilot can now toggle the turrets even from the co-pilot seat.

Written on 2015-08-31 by Quiksilver

Goon has submitted his .5 Kiloton Tactical Nuclear Weapon script.
This is a multiplayer Nuclear Weapon script for Arma 3.

Written on 2015-08-31 by goon

JW Custom released an updated version of his Close Air Support Field System script on the BI forums.
This is a script to add close airsupport to your mission.

  • Removed JDAM/Clusterbomb combo
  • Added Napalm bomb
  • Changed global names to unique names
  • Added option to block munition types
  • Added option to use CAS blocked zones

Written on 2015-08-29 by Armaholic

Pwner Actual released an updated version of his Application for Developing ArmA 3 multiplayer Missions, called ADAM, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    GUI desktop application for developing complete ArmA 3 multiplayer missions easily and in record time.

      • Backwards compatibility between all versions
      • Minor tweaks on several scripts
      • Minor tweaks in application source code
      • Reworked the caching script
        • much less resource hungry
        • will increase framerate by a minimum of 10-15 fps when dealing with a couple hundred entities
      • Fully functional consistent gear and loadouts option
        • player loadouts are consistent upon mission save/load
        • player's gear is given back to the player when he respawns (at base or where he died)
        • player's gear is loaded 5 seconds after respawn to overwrite the default respawn loadout
        • in line with logic, player will adopt the AI unit's gear if he respawns as a playable AI unit
      • Added a 2nd SNIPPETS tab to include:
        • code concerning virtual arsenal
        • direct access to bookmarks (scripting commands, functions, assets)
      • Added an R-FORCE tab:
        • to create reinforcements
        • similar to the PATROLS and CAMPS tabs
        • select the type of reinforcements to spawn
        • have them scramble from marker 1 to marker 2
        • if no engagement occurs, the reinforcements will patrol or defend the area around marker 2

Written on 2015-08-27 by Pwner Actual

Austin_medic released his Gear Dumper script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Ever needed as a mission maker to dump gear from players or vehicles into some other container for saving it for the next mission or some other purpose?
    This script does exactly that, it enables you to dump all items and weapons from a player or vehicle into some other object that is capable of containing things.

    It's currently set up as inline functions so you could simply copy and paste the code into init.sqf in order for it to work.

Written on 2015-08-25 by austin(medic)

Jack Ost submitted his Aircraft Pushback script.

    Quote :
    The included script can be used to activate pushback on aircraft.

    • Aircraft pushback activation & deactivation on action menu

Written on 2015-08-25 by Jack Ost

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