Nomisum released his GRAD Fireworks script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I am pleased to announce my first script release.
    What it does, Shoots rockets in the air.

    Takes input:
    Color (Random, Red, Green, Blue, White)
    Type (Random, Fizzer, Normal, Rain)
    Rain is always white.

    How it works
    Uses Flares, Lightpoints and some sounds to achieve the effect. Therefore totally vanilla compatible. Computation is done on the server which then sends precalculated stuff to the clients. Those display the effects locally, but it should look the same on every computer.

Written on 2015-08-04 by nomisum


Heeeere's Johnny! sent us an updated version of his Automated doors script which he previously released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script manages triggers to automatically open doors of buildings, fences and cargo containers when a (human) player is close.

    At some point, I got annoyed of having to walk really close to a door and sometimes even having to scroll, if my default action is something different, to get the right action to finally open it. Maybe there's some people out there feeling similarly.

    • addAction for each player to individually enable/disable automated doors

Written on 2015-08-04 by Heeeeres Johnny

Skullfox released an updated version of his Ambient Helicopters script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script searches for all defined helipads and create pairs, startpad and endpad.You can place even helipads in the editor or use the map helipads. Then it create a random helicopter and give the order to move to the paired helipad and rest for a random time, about 8min then it will return to the first helipad and rest again. If the helicopter is damaged(30%) it will be deleted and a new one will start from the first helipad.

    • Readme
    • Sample Mission
    • Settings now on top ( _heliArray, _heliPadClasses )
    • Removed Eventhandler file only "ambientHeli.sqf" required

Written on 2015-08-03 by skullfox


Genesis92x released his Soccer and Hungry Hungry Fish scripts on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Hungry Hungry Fish:
      I have no excuse or reason to why these exist... please forgive me
      Just take it.
      I am unleashing it upon this world.

      Maybe you can troll a friend with this. Who knows.
      I mean, if you like fish eating people and what not.
      It is a soccer ball.

Written on 2015-08-03 by Genesis92x

Lala14 informed us he released an updated version of the Targeting Pod for Air Vehicles script which he has been working on with Tajin and GeraldBoso1899, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So you may have noticed GeraldBolso1899's post on the forum in the Addons & Mods Discussion about Making a targeting pod.
    I made a script which was very basic then but since that week I've created a much better version.
    GeralBolso, 161st V-SOAR & some guys from the 39th Battalion tested it out and reported some feedback for me and ideas which I have implemented.

    • Added in version checking of the script
    • Added in clean up of TGP_config to remove duplicates
    • Added in more parameters to TGP_config
    • Changed the attachTo part of the script to also allow strings
    • Redone a lot of the PiP functions to allow for 3D pip
    • All commands that used the lockCameraTo in the script now follow a function
    • Added in new keybindings to allow movement of camera through these keys
    • Added in a new addAction
    • Added in a global kill TGP function
    • Removed camera shake when controlling the TGP to allow for smoother controls
    • Added in temporary CBA keybinding fix that should eliminate the problem about the keybinds for now until CBA fix this
    • And as you would expect these all will report via TGP_RPT_Debug

Written on 2015-08-02 by Lala14

Pwner Actual released the first version of his Application for Developing ArmA 3 multiplayer Missions, called ADAM, on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Application for Developing ArmA 3 multiplayer Missions.

    • Side by side with the ArmA 3 editor, create your own missions.
    • You do not need to tinker with any files. Everything is done through this application.
    • Build a complete mission in record time.
    • Get assistance from ADAM's efficient and user-friendly controls.
    • Write up a custom briefing and generate tasks like never before.
    • Make use of Pwner's PUGS patrol script and realistically populate your sandbox.

Written on 2015-08-01 by Pwner Actual

JW Custom released an updated version of his Close Air Support Field System script on the BI forums.
This is a script to add close airsupport to your mission.

  • Changed here and there
  • Fixed possibility to have unlimited CAS calls
  • Added proper Multiplayer support

Written on 2015-07-28 by Armaholic

Goon submitted his Arma 3 Napalm script.
This is a multiplayer napalm script for Arma 3.

Written on 2015-07-27 by goon

Quiksilver submitted an updated of his Soldier Tracker (Map and GPS Icons / Markers) script which he released on the BI forums

    Quote :
    A system for showing Soldier, Vehicle and Group information on the Map, GPS and HUD.
    Designed for scenario authors to have a powerful, high-performance and highly flexible solution to presenting player, vehicle and group information on the map, GPS and HUD interfaces.

    • Optimizations enabled by 1.48-introduced script commands.
    • Improved admin/debug/dev config option, to draw all units/vehicles/objects if desired.
    • Fixed: If you do not want incapacitated shown on the map/gps, their player icon is now invisible. Prior version, the icon would be purple.
    • Fixed: Related to the above re shown wounded, the Group hint card can allow/disallow indication of injured/incapacitated soldiers.
    • Tweaked: Hardened against script errors with more isNull checks.
    • Added: File for download separate from example mission

Written on 2015-07-23 by Quiksilver

CRAZYbox submitted his American Town Template.

    Quote :
    I made this template because I wanted a more western style town / city to make missions in, but don’t really know how to make islands myself, let alone have the time too.
    It took me about a month to put this together slowly, and I did my best to make it as detailed as possible, though there still might be a few out of line sidewalks, or fences.
    This works best as an infantry battle template, since A.I. driving can get stuck a lot.
    I used just about every editor expansion I could find, and though I’m sure I covered them all in the requirements, I can’t promise I didn’t miss one.
    I have a pretty high end PC and even I receive some lag when using the whole town and placing a lot of units in it, so I recommend that mission makers using this just use the parts they want and delete the rest as needed.

    I made some really fun all infantry sector control missions with it, and I plan to work on some police vs. robbers stuff, as well as zombie survivor stuff… but its uses are pretty much limitless.
    Everyone is more than welcome to edit, change, or expand this as they see fit.

Written on 2015-07-23 by CRAZYbox

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