Zenophon informed us he released an updated version of his Co-op Mission Framework and SQF Library on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Ladies and gentlemen, Armaholics of all ages, I am proud to present a work over a year in the making: Zenophon's ArmA 3 Co-op Mission Framework. My framework is a library of over 190 SQF functions organized into a carefully designed API that is both easy to use and extremely powerful. The functions cover everything from manipulating arrays to an extensive task system. Each one has been meticulously designed and tested to provide useful features with minimal bugs and issues. The framework is designed so that each function is a logical building block that achieves a straightforward effect. The strength of the framework is that each small part fits together neatly with others, allowing you to quickly implement your mission design intuitively.

    The framework works with any map and requires no addons. It is compatible with any mod because you choose which functions execute. There is effectively no performance impact to compile the entire framework, and every function has been diligently optimized. All 150 public functions are also carefully documented in an exacting style, and many resources are provided to help you learn to use the framework.
    The framework is created with these goals in mind:
    • Simple co-op fun for both players and mission makers
    • Bottom-up design using flexible pieces that you control
    • Truly random and dynamic missions without extra work for mission designers
    • Procedural mission design instead of manual placement using the editor
    • Eliminating large, static functions with assumptions about what you want in your mission
    • Server-oriented execution to create more efficient multiplayer missions
    • A simplification of locality and interacting with clients in multiplayer
    • A solid, powerful, and bug-free library to use as a foundation for your own code

    • Fixed: Zen_AddFireSupportAction did not check its remote execution flag argument
    • Fixed: Zen_RotateAsSet tried to get the height of markers as though they were objects
    • Fixed: Zen_ReassignTask and Zen_RemoveTask deleted the task's internal data, making future changes impossible
    • Added: Framework macros for Zen_FindGroundPosition arguments
    • Added: Framework macros ZEN_FMW_Code_WaitDistanceGreater and ZEN_FMW_Code_WaitDistanceLess, for Zen_FindGroundPosition
    • Added: Framework macro ZEN_FMW_CFG_VehicleWeapons, to parse a vehicle's true weapons
    • Added: Standard macros ZEN_STD_Parse_ToArray and ZEN_STD_Parse_ToString
    • Added: Zen_StringGenerateRandom now has a parameter for character type
    • Improved: Renamed almost every framework and standard macro
    • Improved: Zen_OrderExtraction and Zen_OrderInsertion now make the helicopter land at the correct spot and stay there
    • Improved: Zen_RotateAsSet significantly optimized
    • Improved: Zen_SpawnItemsOnTable now randomly puts the object anywhere on the table
    • Removed: Standard macro ZEN_STD_OBJ_VIA
    • Documentation: Added for ZEN_FMW_Code_WaitDistanceGreater, ZEN_FMW_Code_WaitDistanceLess, ZEN_FMW_ZFGP_Beach, [*]ZEN_FMW_ZFGP_DeepSea, ZEN_FMW_ZFGP_Flat, ZEN_FMW_ZFGP_Forest, ZEN_FMW_ZFGP_Hill, ZEN_FMW_ZFGP_LandingZone, [*]ZEN_FMW_ZFGP_NotForest, ZEN_FMW_ZFGP_Urban, ZEN_STD_Parse_ToArray, ZEN_STD_Parse_ToString
    • Documentation: Improved for Zen_AddEject, Zen_AddFastRope, Zen_AddFireSupportAction, Zen_AddGiveMagazine, [*]Zen_AddLoadoutDialog, Zen_AddRepackMagazines, Zen_GiveLoadoutOpfor, Zen_GiveLoadoutIndfor, Zen_GiveLoadoutCustom, [*]Zen_GiveLoadoutBlufor, Zen_MultiplyDamage, Zen_SetWeather, Zen_RemoveFireSupportAction
    • Documentation: Updated for Zen_StringGenerateRandom and every macro

Written on 2014-10-30 by Zenophon


Mikey74 informed us he released an updated version of his Artificial intelligence Support System 2 on the BI forums.
Artificial intelligence Support System is now called Artificial intelligence Support System 2!

    Quote Mikey74 :
    Like AISS AISS2 is mostly autmatic and features:
    • Waypoints play a role
    • Infantry
    • Mech units
    • Armor, and CAS
    • Radio calls for support by AI

    • version 1.2:
      • fixed anoying debug warnings
      • made few more extra tweaks
      • left out some user configs
    • version 1.1:
      • AISS2 modules now has there own category in the module menu. They also come with a description.
      • Added a kill switch to user configs for stopping the deletion of bodies and vehicles if you do not want this.
      • AISS_AI_Enhancments = 0 will now kill the suppress script.
      • AISS2 now uses a bin instead of cpp so that AISS can be uploaded to steam.

Written on 2014-10-29 by mikey74

Cool=Azroul13 sent us the updated version of the Urban Patrol Script on the BI forums.
The UPSMON script was originally created by Monsada for Arma 2, improved by Rafalsky, Nordin and Shay_Gman and ported to Arma 3 by Ollem. Cool=Azroul13 is now working on further improving its usage in Arma 3.

    Quote Cool=Azroul13 :
    This is a personal project to enhance IA in combat and making easier mission edition. I have used the version 2.0.3 of Urban Patrol Script de Kronzky. I have to congratulate Kromzky for his script UPS.sqf that has inspired me for doing UPSMON.

    • Added:
        - New parameter "DORELAX", it must be use with civilian group.
        - New parameter "NOARTILLERY", the group will not call artillery support.
        - AI can mount static if there are a gunner and assistant in the group.
        - AI can rearm themself (only for infantry), check the file UPSMON_Init to activate it.
        - Equipment of each units in the group is saved for Template, respawn and clone module.
    • Corrected:
        - If multiple groups are linked to the marker and only one of them has the "SHOWMARKER",
        then the marker will be visible
        - Group with Random parameter will not occupy building outside the marker area
        - "TRACK" parameter is re-added.
        - Corrections in the combat behaviour
        - Correction of the vehicle respawn

Written on 2014-10-29 by Cool=Azroul13


geloxo released his GX Zeus Advanced Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Currently one of the limitations of Arma3 curator module (aka Zeus) is a proper exportation system to allow further editing and usage on other missions. Therefore I have created a simple script set to bypass this situation and also enhance the Zeus experience by allowing multi-editing tasks shared between several Zeus players in real time, online or offline.

    This script set is configured for Arma 3 by default but can be also used with other addons such as All in Arma, Unsung, Iron Front or any Arma 3 and Arma 2 based addons.
    The content is published as script instead of as an addon to allow an easy integration with any mission and due to it´s small size. In the future I may create an addon if needed or integrate it with GX Addons pack but currently it´s not needed.
    This adds a powerfull extension to the great Zeus module approach and I hope it helps editors and mission makers to develop intense missions until we can have a true 3D editor available in game.

    There are similar addons available which allow real time edition and exporting but the main advantage of this one is that it is compatible with any mission, as it does not require to have the script running on them due to the usage of native sqf format exporting instead of a propietary one.

    • Advanced real time edition in SP and MP, supporting native sqf language
    • Zeus players can access the content created or imported by other Zeus players in real time in MP.
    • Real time data exporting to clipboard, game RTP log file and jayarma2lib log file in SP and MP (clipboard is disabled by BIS in MP).
    • Real time data importing from multiple pre-saved scripts sources in SP and MP.
    • Configuration of available items for Zeus editors
    • Standard and advanced editing modes
    • Example mission included
    • Most common elements edited by Zeus can be exported, but anything accessible via script commands can be added to the list in the future. Currently the following is exported:
        a) Units (including group members)
        b) Vehicles (including their edited crews)
        c) Static weapons (including their gunner)
        d) Buildings and other static objects
        e) Any object position, direction, vectorup, damage and soldiers UnitPos (eg: prone)

Written on 2014-10-29 by geloxo

DreadPirate released his Jebus - Just Editor Based Unit Spawning script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    It's a very simple, but a useful tool for writing quick missions.

    • Units are added to Zeus automatically.

Written on 2014-10-28 by DreadPirate

Austin(medic) released an updated version of his Dialogs guide on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This guide is meant to help you learn how to create a basic dialog that will accept user input and display it on the screen.

    This one isn't too complex, I wrote it up in about an hour, all it covers is one basic dialog.
    It consists of a frame, a button, and a edit box. It also contains a download link to a hpp file that you will need for the dialog to function

    I didn't really take the time to beautify the dialog either, so it looks hideous, I could care less really about how nice it looks for the purposes of demonstration.

    I might add a second section for something a bit more complex than this and cover other resources such as the list box in the future.

    • Updated the guide with a section on how to make and use listboxes
    • Some corrections to the first section

Written on 2014-10-27 by austin(medic)

Madbull informed us the Team R3F released an updated version of the [R3F] Logistics script on the BI forums.

    Quote Team R3F :
    The [R3F] Logistics is a collection of scripts to install in a mission (no required addon).
    It is MP and SP compatible, dedicated and non-dedicated server compatible.

    • Added : ability to send/sell back objects to the creation factory
    • Added : the objects are locked to the side/faction/player/none
    • Added : planes and wheeled vehicles have been set as towable in default configuration
    • Added : countdown during the helicopter lift hooking process
    • Added : logistics configuration for the "All in Arma" addon
    • Added : logistics configuration update from A3 1.22 to A3 1.35
    • Added : disable the R3F's airlift when the BIS' airlift is currently in use
    • Added : tutorial mission to learn how to use logistics
    • Improved : the towing feature is allowed only if the front side of towable object is near of the rear of towing object
    • Improved : the cost of creation in the factories are configurable and more realistic
    • Improved : the vehicle's content interface shows the place taken by each item and a global progress bar of the cargo load
    • Improved : easier and more efficient way to protect essential objects (see USER_FUNCT\do_not_lose_it.sqf)
    • Improved : when creating/unloading a movable object, the initial height fits to the player's sight
    • Improved : when creating/unloading a non-movable object, the warning message is replaced by a confirm dialog
    • Improved : take benefits of the getHit command in the injury protection system
    • Improved : performance optimizations to determine the logistics capabilities of an object/vehicle
    • Fixed : AI can no longer walk through walls and other objects
    • Fixed : autonomous vehicles can now be loaded/moved/towed
    • Fixed : autonomous vehicles from the creation factory can now be used
    • Fixed : underwater diver can now take an object in its hands

    If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

Written on 2014-10-27 by madbull

|TG| Will informed us he released an updated version of his Anvil Mission Editor and Framework on the BI forums.
On our downloadpage linked below you can also find a version with the Altis and Stratis maps bundled.

    Quote :
    This version is the last "Alpha" version and should represent the finalised mission data structure. Version 5.4 introduces a new "Windows 8" look and feel, as well as a lot of new editor features including a dialog for specifying your own included scripts and a briefing editor. It also includes a new approach to bundled scripts, key objective victories, random objective order mode, improved mission validity checks and some other UI improvements.

    In addition a new sample mission was released - "Angel Fire" - which is the prologue to the campaign on Altis and demonstrates the "random objective mode" across the entire map of Stratis.

    A key change in this version is that "included script" folders are no longer included with Anvil. When exporting, if Anvil detects that an included script is missing, it will prompt you to open up the download page in a web browser. It will also open the folder where you should extract the included scripts.

    • Fixed: Long standing issue with incomplete mission.sqm generation (Thanks to |r| Santa from the BI forums for helping debug)
    • Fixed: Error when parsing some mission.sqm formats (caused by missing sections or use of scientific notation)
    • Added: Line numbers and syntax highlighting to SQM Browser

Written on 2014-10-25 by mecharius

Austin(medic) submitted his Arma 3 Coding Basics guide.

    Quote :
    This guide will try to teach you the basics of coding. It will go over the main areas of coding and also covers camera scripting.

    Sections on:
    • Helpful Websites
    • DataTypes
    • Files
    • Variables
    • Comments
    • Functions
    • Passing Variables to a script
    • SQF File Structure
    • Camera Scripting
    • Error Box
    • Clean Code

Written on 2014-10-25 by austin(medic)

Iceman77 released his LWSH script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A simple HUD to monitor the player's health and fatigue.

    • A clean cut UI to monitor the player's health and fatigue
    • Toggleable:
        - Default key: Caps-Lock
        - Defalt key is overridden if the user has a key mapped to custom user action 17

Written on 2014-10-24 by Iceman77

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