|TG| Will released an updated version of his Anvil Mission Editor and Framework on the BI forums.
On our downloadpage linked below you can also find a version with the Altis and Stratis maps bundled.

    Quote :
    This version is the last "Alpha" version and should represent the finalised mission data structure. Version 5.4 introduces a new "Windows 8" look and feel, as well as a lot of new editor features including a dialog for specifying your own included scripts and a briefing editor. It also includes a new approach to bundled scripts, key objective victories, random objective order mode, improved mission validity checks and some other UI improvements.

    In addition a new sample mission was released - "Angel Fire" - which is the prologue to the campaign on Altis and demonstrates the "random objective mode" across the entire map of Stratis.

    A key change in this version is that "included script" folders are no longer included with Anvil. When exporting, if Anvil detects that an included script is missing, it will prompt you to open up the download page in a web browser. It will also open the folder where you should extract the included scripts.

Written on 2014-12-21 by mecharius


Henrik Hansen released his Zeus ObjectEditor on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    So I decided to release my Zues object editor script to save creations made in zues, the script also lets you easily create the objects in mission without Zeus being enabled.
    The objects mappings are precise as the script uses VectorDir and VectorUp ect.

    Script created to have easy save functions for obects in Zeus - and being able to easily create those saved objects in missions without Zeus.

Written on 2014-12-19 by Armaholic

Austin_medic released an updated version of his After Action Report script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I decided to try to write up something like an after action report. It's pretty basic right now, and I don't think it's going to get any more complex than it already is without becoming much more sloppy than it already is.

    The first iteration I made had text information, but it appeared to just clutter the map way too much, so that was scraped.

    Anyhow, heres the marker colors and types and what they mean

    Red Markers - OPFOR
    Blue Markers - Blufor
    Green Markers - Independant/AAF
    Orange Markers - Teamkill
    Dot Marker Type - Group leader movement (color represents what side he belongs to)
    KIA/Skull Marker Type - Unit Killed (color represents what side killed the unit)

    The markers are hidden, and can only be revealed with somebody who is inside a special slot that has been named. The name can be changed inside init.sqf (variable is AUSMD_leadunit,and the unit name is myUnit), and whoever is inside that slot is able to reveal the markers at any time. Once the markers are revealed, they cannot be unrevealed again as the array of markers can get quite large and is dumped to keep the amount of lag it generates to a minimum.

    • Added arrows to ground units, also added dots to mark units in vehicles such as helicopters.
    • Added a indication marker that will show a group got into a vehicle of some sort.

Written on 2014-12-18 by austin(medic)


Sup3r6F0ur submitted his ATLAS LHD template which uses map markers to help with placing objects onto the ATLAS LHD.
The ATLAS LHD has been released by J0nes earlier today.

    Quote :
    A simple template using map markers to help with placing objects onto the ATLAS LHD.

    • Map markers to outline certain area's of the LHD
    • Approximate heights for placing objects onto the LHD

    J0nes who made the LHD said he is working on making a picture so when the LHD is placed the markers will not be needed. So this template can hold as a placeholder until then.

    Please understand that the markers are close to accurate, however are not precise. I recommend giving a meter or two of play when placing objects so they don't clip into the ship and blow up. Also, the heights are approximate and not precise.

Written on 2014-12-18 by Sup3r6f0ur

Austin_medic released an updated version of his Sand Storms script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I decided to create a sandstorm script today, and I think its time to put it out there for others to use.

    This script does the obvious, creates a sandstorm. I created a few samples that have different intensities, as well as a forth that isn't really a sandstorm at all, it just creates a few dust particles every now and then and sends them off in a random direction.

    It also comes with a postprocessing effect to make it look a bit better.

    • Fixed the sandstorm not following the player when he was in a vehicle
    • Minor tweaks to sandstorm script to make it a bit more intense.
    • Added a variable to disable the sandstorm when its no longer needed

Written on 2014-12-17 by austin(medic)

JShock submitted an updated version of his Redressing Script.

    Quote :
    This script allows for a mission developer to essentially dress units to his/her liking, from insurgent armies, to just about anything. This script is, as far as testing can tell, mod friendly all you need are the classnames.

    • Added parameter for script support with systems such as MCC/Zeus/EOS/etc.
    • Script structure (moved to file functions)
    • Added the ability for user to define special unit classnames
    • Removed capability to add grenades via the call line

Written on 2014-12-15 by JShock

austin_medic released an updated version of his Zeus Mission Builder on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This script saves missions created with Zeus in sqm format.

    Today I sat down and added in support for ammo boxes. Simply stick a box down in zeus, fill it with guns and ammo, then export the mission, and it will fill up that ammo boxes initilization field with all your stuff for you. It should be noted that my method for doing this is kinda sloppy and the format command takes a LONG time to stick larger arrays inside the vehicle init variable so it can be used later (just to fill 1 box for me with about 30 items total took about 43 seconds).

    • small code optimizations

Written on 2014-12-13 by austin(medic)

Victim913 released his Mi-24 Hind Textures on the Armaholic forums.
These textures can be used by missionmakers in their own mission to retexture the Hind.

    Quote :
    A while after A3 came out I was missing the Hind. So I basically did something along the lines of porting it into A3, but as A3 advanced, I gave up.
    I did however, start making textures for them for when someone did port them over. I originally created them for AAF but couldn't stop. Now I have a few. They are basically complete, well, complete enough to release. They still need a little work but I don't know when I will have time to finish completely.

    So here they are. I made 3 AAF and 2 Russian. I also put logos or symbols on a few to be used for other factions. Each Hind has a clean and dirty version (since a lot of you like clean) and each has an unmarked version so that any faction can have them.
    As a little side note, I tried using the CSAT Hexagon, but it just kept ending up looking like a giant flower. So I settled for a small flag. I wish BI would consider a new or different Logo that looks good on vehicles.

    All have clean and dirty versions:
    • AAF digital
    • AAF green - I'm finally getting used to that terrible green color
    • AAF gray
    • Russian Black
    • Russian Camo (Atis friendly colors)
    • Black with CSAT flag logo
    • Black with CSAT lion/sun logo
    • Camo with CSAT flag logo
    • Gray with Griffin logo
    • Black unmarked
    • Camo unmarked
    • Green unmarked
    • Gray unmarked

Written on 2014-12-12 by Victim913

Zenophon informed us he released an updated version of his Co-op Mission Framework and SQF Library on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Ladies and gentlemen, Armaholics of all ages, I am proud to present a work over a year in the making: Zenophon's ArmA 3 Co-op Mission Framework. My framework is a library of over 190 SQF functions organized into a carefully designed API that is both easy to use and extremely powerful. The functions cover everything from manipulating arrays to an extensive task system. Each one has been meticulously designed and tested to provide useful features with minimal bugs and issues. The framework is designed so that each function is a logical building block that achieves a straightforward effect. The strength of the framework is that each small part fits together neatly with others, allowing you to quickly implement your mission design intuitively.

    The framework works with any map and requires no addons. It is compatible with any mod because you choose which functions execute. There is effectively no performance impact to compile the entire framework, and every function has been diligently optimized. All 150 public functions are also carefully documented in an exacting style, and many resources are provided to help you learn to use the framework.
    The framework is created with these goals in mind:
    • Simple co-op fun for both players and mission makers
    • Bottom-up design using flexible pieces that you control
    • Truly random and dynamic missions without extra work for mission designers
    • Procedural mission design instead of manual placement using the editor
    • Eliminating large, static functions with assumptions about what you want in your mission
    • Server-oriented execution to create more efficient multiplayer missions
    • A simplification of locality and interacting with clients in multiplayer
    • A solid, powerful, and bug-free library to use as a foundation for your own code

    • Fixed: Zen_CreateObjective did not rotate individual convoy vehicles to face along the road
    • Fixed: Zen_FindBuildingPositions checked argument 3 wrong
    • Fixed: Zen_FindGroundPosition did not always print an error message when no valid point was found
    • Fixed: Zen_GiveLoadout did not send the right arguments to preset loadout functions
    • Fixed: Zen_GiveLoadoutCustom did not send remote execution arguments correctly
    • Fixed: Zen_MoveInVehicle did not set the default turret types correctly
    • Fixed: Zen_MoveInVehicle did not count FFV positions when checking if the vehicle had room for all passengers
    • Fixed: Zen_SpawnAircraft did not give the aircraft a reasonable starting velocity
    • Fixed: Zen_SpawnConvoy did not account for the troop vehicle having no passenger seats
    • Fixed: Zen_SpawnInfantryGarrison did not verify that it had valid positions in the building
    • Fixed: ZEN_STD_OBJ_AnimateDoors used the entire path of the door config instead of just the classname
    • Added: Zen_FindGroundPosition parameter for the maximum number of filters to satisfy
    • Added: Zen_FindTerrainSlope parameter for the average slope in a radius
    • Added: Zen_OrderInfantryPatrol parameter for patrols of divers
    • Added: Zen_TransformObject parameter for object speed
    • Improved: Zen_FindBuildingPositions checking algorithm is much more reliable
    • Improved: Zen_FindBuildingPositions includes positions on all possible floors of a building at the same 2D location
    • Improved: Zen_FindBuildingPositions sets a minimum number of positions to find
    • Improved: Zen_FindGroundPosition terrain slope parameter has an option for average in radius
    • Improved: Zen_FindGroundPosition house avoid parameter includes more structures that are not technically houses
    • Improved: Zen_FindGroundPosition ambient clutter rock avoid parameter includes more rocks
    • Improved: Zen_GetAmbientClutterCount detects more rocks, especially large ones
    • Improved: Zen_GetTurretPaths filters for true weapons when deciding gunner or commander/copilot turrets
    • Improved: Zen_MoveInVehicle places troops in FFV positions when given 'cargo'
    • Improved: Zen_OrderExtraction and Zen_OrderInsertion keep the helicopter's engines on when on a slope
    • Improved: Zen_OrderVehicleDrop now gives the dropped object the velocity of the aircraft
    • Improved: Zen_SpawnConvoy places troops in FFV positions in the troop vehicle
    • Improved: Zen_SpawnVehicle now automatically gives jet aircraft some starting speed
    • Documentation: Corrected code syntax error in Zen_SpawningDemonstration
    • Documentation: Corrected for Zen_FindBuildingPositions, Zen_StringGetDelimitedPart, ZEN_STD_Math_TransformATL
    • Documentation: Updated for Zen_FindGroundPosition, Zen_OrderInfantryPatrol, Zen_TransformObject
    • Documentation: Updated Notepad++ SQF language and autocompletion file with ArmA 1.36 stable commands

Written on 2014-12-11 by Zenophon

MDCCLXXVI submitted version 1.0.0 of his Recurring Cleanup Script .

    Quote :
    Made partially redundant by the BIS remains collector, and seeing some members still having issues with cleanup scripts in their scenarios ...

    The problem with the BIS Remains Collector is that it has only limited cleanup support (just vehicles and bodies). This means you also then have to run a separate thread to manage other accumulations (such as weapon holders, which are created beside dead bodies). It would be better if all cleanup and garbage management was done in one thread, for performance reasons. As far as I know, it also runs in FSM, which uses a lot more evaluations than is necessary to get the job done, another performance hit.

    This code will maintain healthy levels of all the 'garbage' that can build up over the course of a scenario.

    • Bodies
    • Destroyed vehicles
    • Craters
    • Weapon Holders (ground garbage)
    • Static weapons (may conflict with scripts)
    • Land mines (may conflict with scripts)
    • Ruins
    • Orphaned triggers
    • Empty Groups

    Stuff is removed on an oldest-first basis, to mitigate the chance of stuff deleting in-front of players. BIS remains collector does effectively the same thing for bodies and vehicles, but it does not account for weapon holders, craters, or ruins. Would be handy if BIS would include support for these things too, which can build up to quite large quantities over the course of a scenario.

    There is an integrated config to set your desired healthy limits.

Written on 2014-12-10 by Quiksilver

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