Code34 released an updated version of his Object Oriented Persistent Data World script, which depends on the iniDBI addon, on the BI forums.
You can find some examples of what this script does on the downloadpage.

    Quote code34 :
    OO PDW is an object oriented that permits to save & restore world and players datas and make worlds persistent. This object uses Object Oriented SQF scripting of Naught and requires the INIDBI addon.

    • Add setIncludingMarkers method
    • Add setExcludingMarkers method
    • Add setAroundPos method
    • Add setExcludingTypes method
    • Add setExcludingObjects method
    • Add setIncludingObjects method
    • Delete saveObjectsAroundPos method
    • Delete saveObjectsInMarkers method
    • Delete saveObjectsOutOfMarkers method
    • Delete saveObjectsExcludingObjects method
    • Delete saveObjectsExcludingTypes
    • Control type methods parameters

Written on 2016-02-06 by code34


HoverGuy released an updated version of his [HG] Simple Weapon Shop System script on the Armaholic forums.
This adds a weapon shop dialog with weapon shop functions.

  • Magazines / Items / Scopes support
  • Custom shops support
  • More weapon infos
  • Localization support
  • And some minor additions

Written on 2016-02-05 by HoverGuy

SirFlavalot submitted his AI Spawn Groups script.
This Arma 3 script spawns random groups in either a full circle or in a half circle in any direction. The groups converge on your current location.
It is super-easy to set up, perfect for beginners who just want to jump into the action and fight.

Written on 2016-02-05 by SirFlavalot


Engima submitted his Engima's Civilians script.

    Quote :
    Engima's Civilians is a script that adds dynamic civilians to an Arma 3 mission. Civilians spawn near player(s) and are removed again when they are far away. Works on maps with enterable buildings.

    You can customize how many civilians there will be, civilian unit classes, the maximum number of groups to use, minimum spawn distance, maximum spawn distance, and blacklist markers to define areas where no civilians will be. You also add callbacks if you want to do something when units spawn or being removed. Script works in singleplayer, multiplayer, hosted, dedicated, for JIPs, and on any map with enterable buildings.

    Also released as CPack "Engima.Civilians" for the TypeSqf Editor.

Written on 2016-02-04 by Engima

Diesel tech jc released his Data Terminal Arsenal script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is the Animated Data Terminal from inside the game that works as an Arsenal. It includes 2 different scripts, one that allows one player at a time to use the box and the other for multiple people using the box.
    Also included is small sample mission.

Written on 2016-02-01 by Armaholic

Gienkov released his ACC Artillery Shell Tracker script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I've made simple script to help artilleryman out there with ACE3 MK6 mortar module and ruPal's Advanced Artillery.
    This script will:
    • Track 2D location of fired shells on map in realtime as marker
    • Show Time Of Flight (TOF) in seconds of fired artillery shell as said marker text
    • Show it's current altitude in meters (ATL) as said marker text
    • Mark shell peak point on map as marker
    • Mark shell hit location on map as marker
    • Display 2D (map) distance to that location in meters as systemchat message
    • Display 3D (three dimensional) distance to that location as systemchat message
    • Display gun height, impact height and difference in altitude between those two in meters as systemchat message

    Purpose of whole script is for training and also to help with learning artillery rangetables.

Written on 2016-01-31 by gienkov

Kellojo has submitted an updated version of his script which allows you to travel between markers very fast with a nice camera journey.

    Quote Kellojo :
    This Script allows you to travel between markers very fast with a nice camera journey.

    • dynamic price (based on distance)
    • dynamic travel time (based on distance)
    • a nice camera journey
    • easy to implement (using markers)
    • easy to modify (only one array)
    • server friendly

    • code cleanup

Written on 2016-01-29 by Kellojo

DonbassCZ submitted his FOB Honor.

    Quote :
    This base is a remake of Battlefield 3 in Operation Firestorm (point E / Army base) with several objects which I added.

    • Virtual Arsenal
    • Ambient life
    • Vehicles
    • Lights
    • Details

Written on 2016-01-29 by Donbass

Code34 released his OO extDB2 script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    OO_extDB2 is a driver for extDB2 addon (Mysql/Sqlite)

    • Facilitate the use of extDB2 by giving ready to go methods.
    • Standardize methods name and return value

Written on 2016-01-28 by code34

GieNkoV released an updated version of his ACC EqKreator script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm proud to release an updated version of my equipment script creator - ACC EqKreator!

    This will be propably last version of EqKreator cause of three things:
    • Ability to assign gear in 3DEN
    • Feature complete
    • Bugfree

    • Simplified whole script
    • Script converted to function - uses call now instead of execVM (using execVM in unit init line is highly not advised!)
    • Added ability to assign callsigns for BFT markers from ACE3
    • New: immediately after assigning uniform/vest/backpack clear it from any equipment that could be added from uniform/vest/backpack default config items - no more additional unwanted items

Written on 2016-01-28 by gienkov

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