John681611 has submitted a new version of his FIA Offroad Augmentation script that provides a way to augment any Offroader or flatbed cive truck with the majority of static weapons found in vanilla A3.

  • Updated to work work in MP with a much smoother more efficient system. No need to call execution on each vehicle, just add the class to the config, set the positions and any scripts you want to run as well done!
  • New Features:
      - Hold Actions
      - Animation
      - Configuration
      - Vanilla vehicle config
      - Vehicle to weapon action
  • Improved:
      - Getting out of weapon.
      - Action limits
  • Removed:
      - Most MP bugs (hopefully)
      - More stuff I can't remember

Written on 2016-10-26 by john681611


M1ke_SK released his Simple Bomb Defuse script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Idea was to create simple "mini-game" / "chalenge" when defusing bombs in game, where unit have little time to think and create space for errors. With this script you can add possibility to "screw something" when deactivating mines. Script randomly generate string of 3 color matrix, where unit must identify which color have most appearances in matrix and cut that color wire accordingly. You can stress out unit with timer you set for deactivating the bomb. If unit cut wrong wire or timer runs out, then bomb will explode. Best object to make bomb is burning barrel, but you can use any object, just need to modify little attached objects. I added C4 and light and beeping sound to improve finding bomb in dark.
    Bomb can be defused with any unit, just need to have toolkit in inventory. In future, I can modify script for demotilion class only if needed.
    Should be working on multiplayer / dedicated server, need more testing.

    • friendly hint with instructions
    • defusing bomb with Toolkit
    • random generation of matrix
    • beeping sound
    • blinking light

Written on 2016-10-25 by Armaholic

Phronk released an updated version of his Melee Weapons Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Scripted melee weapons system which doesn't require addons. Currently supports up to 7 different melee weapons, each with slightly different characteristics.

    • Added: Miss & Impact sound effect to all weapons
    • ​Removed: Redundant check for full stamina when attacking
    • ​Removed: _LoS variable comment
    • Removed: Author and YouTube channel link comment from all scripts, except for cfg.sqf
    • Tweaked: Weapon speeds adjusted to synchronize with new sound effects
    • Fixed: Hammer and Knife weapons were broken, due to a typo

Written on 2016-10-24 by Phronk


Aliascartoons released a new script called Searchlight on the Armaholic forums.

Written on 2016-10-22 by aliascartoons

TheBarret released his AI Taxi Driver on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    It's a little funny addon script that is used when you want an AI to be your taxi driver, the setup is easy.

Written on 2016-10-19 by TheBarret

Aylas released the first version of his Doomsday Nuclear Command Center on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Are you ready for the apocalypse ? Doomsday command center alias "Nightwatch" is the flying hub of the nuclear war, lots of screens, lots of functionnalities, lots of nuclear warheads. With this mod you will have full access to the real world nuclear arsenal from many countries, SLBM are launched from a real submarine, ICBM are launched from a silo, you can choose number of warhead per missile (MIRV), you can also command normal operations from this C-17 and walk inside of it. Nuclear operations are also enhanced, with real world size, yield, physics and power.

    • Real world nuclear physic, power, radiation, fallout, destruction and yield
    • Easy to use terminal with full access to almost all nuclear warheads and missiles
    • Live feed of the submarine, silo, plane, missile launch and detonation

Written on 2016-10-17 by Aylas

[TcB]-Psycho- released an updated version of his A3 Wounding System script on the BI forums.

    Quote [TcB]-Psycho- :
    This wounding system based on the AIS Wounding Module from BonInf*`s Arma 2 version. Again this one based on the vanilla wounding module from BIS. (but it wasnt MP compatible)
    Well, essentially not a completely new stuff. But I think this was one of the best wounding systems we had with Arma. Cause I do not want to miss it in upcoming Arma 3 missions I rewrote and expanded the system for further use.

    The greatest advantage I see in the system is that you dont realy die before the unit go in agony (what happens by any other normal revive system). That fact give the mission designer the possibility to create non-respawn missions with a revive system, too.
    The second big advantage is the possibility for unconcious players by pressing "W" to roll on their jelly and croush forward or empty their loaded magazine.

    • fixed: players are not able to crawl in agony-mode since patch 1.62

Written on 2016-10-15 by Psychobastard

Aliascartoons released his Searchlight Script on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Until BIS will bring back the searchlight this script can be used to add a searchlight to ground vehicles, helicopters and turrets.
    For more information watch the video.

Written on 2016-10-14 by aliascartoons

HoverGuy released his Currency Formatting Function on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Function to return currency symbol & passed amount as text

Written on 2016-10-11 by HoverGuy

Aliascartoons released a new script called Flare Fix on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Using this script you can customize brightness and illumination range for vanilla flares in Arma 3.

Written on 2016-10-10 by aliascartoons

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