Janez informed us he released an updated version of the Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion plugin for the Notepad++ opensource editor on the BI forums.
This plugin which was originally made by Nicolas and updated for Arma 3 by GossamerSolid, Sanjo and Bakerman.

  • added: few missing commands introduced with 1.58
  • added: commands introduced with 1.60
  • added: commands introduced with 1.62
  • added: commands introduced with 1.64

Written on 2016-10-19 by Sanjo


Ussrlongbow released an updated version of his VIM-SQF on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Just made a little cool thing for my self: a vim syntax for SQF,

    • all latest commands from stable branch
    • BIS_fnc_* functions
    • CBA_fnc_* functions

    • Added script I used to generate syntax file (part of it)
    • Support for ACE mod
    • Support for CUP mod
    • Support for TFAR mod
    • Support for ALiVE mod
    • Fixed ftdetect

Written on 2016-10-17 by ussrlongbow

Jonpas, representing the ACE3 development team and the Arma community effort, informed us he released an updated version of the Arma language support for Atom on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This packages adds syntax highlighting and auto-completions for SQF files in Atom, including functions and macros from the CBA and ACE3 projects. This package is maintained and developed by the ACE3 development team and the Arma community effort.

    • BI Commands from Arma 3 v1.64
    • BI Functions from Arma 3 v1.64
    • ACE3 Public Functions from ACE3 3.7.0
    • CBA Functions from CBA 3.0.0
    • Added some ACE3 macros
    • Fixed `PATHTOEF` and `QPATHTOEF` CBA macros

Written on 2016-09-28 by Glowbal


Larrow released an updated version of the Ultredit/UEStudio Syntax highlighting on the BI forums.
The Ultredit/UEStudio Syntax highlighting have previously been released and updated by Kronzky and W0lle.

    UltraEdit Syntax highlighting for Arma 3 scripts (sqs, sqf, sqm and biedi), works of course also with UEStudio.

    • Updated commands, functions and templates to 1.64

Written on 2016-09-24 by W0lle

SkaceKachna released his SQFLint on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    SQFLint is command line tool, that checks specified files for syntax errors. It can output those errors in human readable format, or JSON for some futher processing.

    • Syntax error checking
    • Undefined variable warnings
    • Exports some info about file for futher processing by external tools

Written on 2016-09-20 by Armaholic

Steve submitted his MsRcon - Multi Server Rcon tool.
Before installing this utility we urge you to read the installation notes on our downloadpage!

    Quote :
    A tool for managing multiple servers using Rcon. You can connect to more than one server at a time while maintaining a database between them.

    • Muliple server connections
    • DNS resolution for server IP
    • Server connection storage
    • Local player database
    • Filterable ban & player lists
    • Global bans
    • Admin name defining
    • Chat triggers
    • Reload Events & Scripts
    • Lock & Unlock the server
    • Manage players on the server
    • Add & remove bans
    • Kick players
    • Send messages to the whole server
    • Send message to a player
    • Log Kicks and Bans
    • View player seen, name and IP history on server
    • Auto updater and installer

Written on 2016-09-19 by steve1

Macser informed us he released an updated version of his ArmaRig for Blender on the BI forums.

    Quote Macser :
    A constrained Ik rig built in Blender.Aimed at A2/A3. Intended for use with Alwarren's Arma toolbox.
    Static and hand anims can be exported direct to PBO. Dynamic animations like walk/run cycles can be also be exported directly with some extra work.

    I'm not an expert on the internal workings of Blender.Nor would I consider myself a grade A rigger/animator.So bear that in mind if you find mistakes or bugs.

    I created a slightly different version of the rig and updated the first page.

    The parenting for some of the bones has been removed, and replaced with "childof" constraints. This allows the bone's parenting to be switched by the animator. It also allows for keyframing of the influence value. Practically this means you can stack the same constraint more than once for the same bone and keyframe what's called a "handoff" during an animation. Where the bone can switch parenting during the sequence. Either locking to an empty object or another bone in the rig, and back again.

    If you see the child bone pop out of position when you initially switch the parent, don't panic.
    Just hit the "Set inverse" button. The bone's position will be updated relative to the new parent.

    An important note while using the childof constraint. If you decide to change the parenting via the constraint, remember to change it back to the appropriate parent when editing a different sequence. Each animation records the bone transforms with the parenting used at the time. For most of the stuff you'll do you may never bother changing anything, in which case the rig operates as usual.

    Animations (actions) created with the previous version (Version 6) may not work correctly out of the box with this one. So bear that in mind.

Written on 2016-08-04 by Armaholic

CCT Primo submitted his ARMA Control Client and Server application.

    Quote :
    So, im Primo from Combate Tático Brasil and one of the few problems we'd in all these 8 years together is that we do use alot of addons to make our simulation more accurate. But that takes some time, and some support for each new people we attended to.

    So, ARMA CONTROL comes with the idea of providing a painless/supportless manner to approach and help new people coming into your house/community/clan easily, without having the pain to download eveyr addon one by one and either needing more programs to launch each mod correctly.

    This is still a BETA program, and the features it already have available are:
    1. You can load up your ARMA folder and choose from your list of addons
    2. The application will auto-update each time when you starts it and it finds a new update.

Written on 2016-07-30 by Primo

Bux578 released an updated version of his open source tabler - Arma 3 Translation Helper on the BI forums.

  • Added: github release check
  • Changed: Updated dependencies, .NET framework version and code

Written on 2016-07-22 by bux578

Arkensor informed us K-Town released am updated version of his Arma Intellij Plugin on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Arma Intellij Plugin is a plugin developed by K-Town (me) for Intellij IDEA. Intellij IDEA is a Java IDE developed by Jetbrains and offers many amazing API's for creating support for custom languages to be used inside the Intellij editor.
    Intellij is free, but I recommend reading the license agreement regardless.

    • Syntax checking for Header files and SQF files
    • Description.ext Function lookup
    • Documentation 'tags' which can link to command wiki documentation without opening the browser.
    • Automatic plugin update checking
    • Finding usages of variables
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Rename refactoring for functions and variables
    • Seamless config function creation
    • Auto-completion
    • An "Arma Color" picker dialog which allows to convert HEX or RGB to Arma's color format
    • Wiki documentation on commands and BIS functions via ctrl+Q

Written on 2016-07-21 by Armaholic

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