NeoArmageddon informed us he released an updated version of his Map Builder Tool, an in-game 3D-Editor for terrain creation, on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Map Builder is an ingame 3D editor for the game ArmA3 from Bohemia Interactive. Map Builders aim is to assist in the creation of object compositions for terrain creation (export to Terrain Builder), but it can be used for the creation of mission templates (SQM) and object compositions in the form of executable SQF-scripts. Map Builder is not a mission editor. It's sole purpose is the placement and manipulation of static objects. Map Builder is in Alpha state. That means it is not feature complete and definitly not bug free. But I try to polish every release, so Map Builder can be used in a productive environment.

    Map Builder 0.9 released.
    You can find the full changelog between 0.8 and 0.9 here:

    I will now start working on the version 1.0 branch. I have some really fancy ideas for the next version and I also want to incorporate some engine features/changes the recent release of the EDEN Editor introduced into to ArmA3.

    Also keep the feedback coming! And maybe someone wants to share some compositions and brushes with us.

Written on 2015-09-28 by NeoArmageddon


Major_Shepard submitted an updated version of the ArmA3Sync - launcher and addons synchronization software which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ArmA3Sync is both a launcher and addons synchronization software for ArmA 3. It is intend to be used by players, server administrators and ArmA 3 teams. ArmA3Sync development has been inspired from ArmA 2 Game Launcher (SpiritedMachine) and AddonSync 2009 (Yoma).

    • Added: Detection of incorrect file size transfer.
    • Fixed: FTP transfer may hang at the end of a download with some servers.
    • Fixed: Uncompressing may not operate with the last downloaded file for repository built with pbo compressing option and multiple connections enabled.
    • Fixed: ArmA3Sync GUI may not display with last JRE 1.8.0_60.

Written on 2015-09-23 by Major_Shepard

PAxton submitted his pAx Description Builder application.

    Quote :
    I have made a simple easy to use application for making a Description.ext and it saves it in the mission folder you choose. It makes it easy to quickly get a mission up for testing multiplayer without having to go through what I consider annoying process of making a little file when your buddies are waiting for you to put your mission up and you realized you forgot it.

Written on 2015-08-31 by pAXton


Bakerman released an updated version of the Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion plugin for the Notepad++ opensource editor on the BI forums.
This plugin which was originally made by Nicolas and updated for Arma 3 by GossamerSolid, Sanjo and now Bakerman.

  • Supports all ARMA3 functions and script commands up to version 1.50, CBA functions are also included.

Written on 2015-08-27 by Sanjo

Combatetatico submitted an updated version of the SquadSync Client and Server tool which he also released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    SquadSync Server/Client are applications developed by CCT (Comunidade de Combate Tático) to manage dedicated servers for Arma 3 as well as the user version of your ArmA 3. (It also works with ArmA 2.

    It is the most time saver app of all time for your ArmA 3 Community.

    It basically works like this:
    You put the IP of the server you want to be synced with, everytime it updates you will get a message, click on
    Update and you're in Sync with your community/clan's server until there is another one.
    Then you just press launch ArmA to connect automatically to the Server(with password) and you're ready to Get Some

    • Client v2.1.6:
        - If battleye is in binary name, will add 0 1 parameters
        - Improved application status information
        - Only shows running presets
        - Quick adding of multiple hosts
    • Server v2.1.5:
        - Remove deprecated configuration file entries “Launch graphical interface”
        - Remove deprecated configuration file entries “Reporting IP”
        - Remove deprecated configuration file entries “Equal MOD Require”
        - Remove file entries “Checkfiles”

Written on 2015-08-26 by combatetatico

X39 released an updated version of the ObjectOrientedScripting on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    What is ObjectOrientedScripting (OOS)?
    OOS is a new script language that will be translated to native SQF meaning that it is 100% compatible with SQF.
    It makes it possible to develop modifications in an ObjectOriented way (thats why it is callen ObjectOrientedScripting ... ok i admit ... that was too obvious :P)

    Why would we want to stop using SQF?
    well ... its a quite complex thematic where most of it is personal choice thus i cant rly help you with this questions
    there is just one thing i can tell you:
    ObjectOriented Programming (in this case Scripting) has the benefit that youre (in theory) faster in developing scripts
    for some comparison, please read this.

    • Compiler: changed block native code
    • Compiler: Added "native(<instructions>)" specially for expressions
    • Compiler: Added SQF Call instruction
    • Compiler: Added missing detection for unsigned integer/double values in VALUE
    • Compiler: Added missing detection for >, >=, <, <= operations in EXPRESSION
    • Compiler: Added missing LOCALVARIABLE alternative for FORLOOP

Written on 2015-07-21 by X39

ParadoxParadoxon released an updated version of the lite version of the ArmA-Banlist on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ArmA-Banlist is a community minded banlist which collects bans from registered and validated servers.
    Thereby is a difference between Hackers / Bugusers or regular bans.
    The bans caused by Hacking / Bugusing are avenged by a global ban in this list.
    This avoids the jumping between servers by hackers.
    The bans will be distributed to other connected servers within a few minutes.

    • New features:
        - Improved auto updater
        - Added whitelist feature
    • Bug fixes:
        - Tool crashes when login server isn't reachable

Written on 2015-07-10 by ParadoxParadoxon

Torndeco released an updated version of his extDB2 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Arma3 Database + Rcon Extension for both Windows + Linux.

    • Removed: HTTP_RAW, it was broken and no-one was using it.
    • Removed: SQL_RAW + SQL_CUSTOM + STEAM (V1 Protocols)
    • Changed: TBBMalloc over to statically linked JEMalloc. No extra tbb/tbbmalloc dll's required anymore.

Written on 2015-07-09 by Armaholic

Bux578 released an updated version of his open source tabler - Arma 3 Translation Helper on the BI forums.

  • Added: Settings for Indentation, Tabs/Spaces
  • Added: Setting to remove empty XML language nodes
  • Added: Markdown variant of the statistics export
  • Added: German and Russian translation
  • Fixed: Settings dialog has an icon now

Written on 2015-07-04 by bux578

Igniseros released an updated version of his Arma 3 EXT Generator tool on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    I got bored and made a description.ext files generator. I'm always open to constructive criticism!
    It can do the following:
    • Load ArmA3 missions
    • Export description.exe files
    • Change respawn weapons
    • Allow Debug Console
    • Custom Code
    • Allow Respawn
    • Different respawn types
    • Different respawn delays
    • Choice to spawn on start
    • Help with most of the weapons and ammo in it
    • Changeable files for respawn weapons
    • Allow ai to score
    • Corpse limits
    • Preview
    • and probably more...
    • export directly to MPMissons folder
    • author textbox
    • ability to edit mission path
    • the struggle of exporting your mission through the ingame editor

Written on 2015-05-16 by igniseros

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