Tophe submitted an updated version of his Arma Dedicated Server Tool.

    Quote Tophe :
    The Armed Assault series allows an amazing array of settings to freely customize dedicated servers.
    This means you will have to edit quite a few config files to get it running the way you like.
    TADST is a tool that will greatly simplify this. All you need to do is to choose the settings you like. Then the application will create all necessary files according to your settings and start the server with the appropriate arguments.

    • Fixed: Difficulty system overhaul (Thanks to Baconeo)

Written on 2016-05-03 by Tophe


K-Town released his Arma Intellij Plugin on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Arma Intellij Plugin is a plugin developed by K-Town (me) for Intellij IDEA. Intellij IDEA is a Java IDE developed by Jetbrains and offers many amazing API's for creating support for custom languages to be used inside the Intellij editor.
    Intellij is free, but I recommend reading the license agreement regardless.

    • Syntax checking for Header files (*.h, *.hh, *.sqm, *.ext) and SQF files
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Finding usages of variables
    • Rename refactoring for functions and variables
    • Seamless config function creation (alt + insert)
    • Auto-completion (ctrl + space)
    • An "Arma Color" picker dialog which allows to convert HEX or RGB to Arma's color format (black -> [0,0,0,1])

Written on 2016-05-01 by Armaholic

Jonpas, representing the ACE3 development team and the Arma community effort, informed us he released an updated version of the Arma language support for Atom on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This packages adds syntax highlighting and auto-completions for SQF files in Atom, including functions and macros from the CBA and ACE3 projects. This package is maintained and developed by the ACE3 development team and the Arma community effort.

    • BI Commands from Arma 3 v1.58
    • BI Functions from Arma 3 v1.58

Written on 2016-04-24 by Glowbal


Bakerman released an updated version of the Notepad++ SQF Syntax Highlighting and Auto Completion plugin for the Notepad++ opensource editor on the BI forums.
This plugin which was originally made by Nicolas and updated for Arma 3 by GossamerSolid, Sanjo and now Bakerman.

  • Updated to ARMA3 1.58
  • Added 3DEN functions
  • Added 'CBA_fnc_addKeybind

Written on 2016-04-23 by Sanjo

Optix released his Server Management/Restart Tool ARS on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Since my arma server tends to crash randomly I decided to make a small tool to keep it alive.
    While writing it I added some other features and in the end I had a small server management tool (ARS) which can be used to maintain your server easily.
    It might be interesting for people that don't know how to script .bat files or just want a simple GUI to work with instead of .bat files.

    • Fixed several issues
    • Added the ability to create rcon more than one rcon account
    • Server admins can manage the account's permissions, such as
    • -> the ability to edit the reserved slots, kick players, ban players, restart the server, set the maximum ping, broadcast messages, remove bans, reassign players, lock/unlock the server, reload scripts/events
    • Added client RCON tool which only works with the created rcon accounts of the server application (TCP-Port Gameserver + 8 has to be opened e.g. gameserver runs on 2302, open 2310)
    • RCON account's permissions are update live, any permission change is applied instantly on the client

Written on 2016-04-03 by Armaholic

X39 informed us he released an updated version of the ObjectOrientedScripting on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    What is ObjectOrientedScripting (OOS)?
    OOS is a new script language that will be translated to native SQF meaning that it is 100% compatible with SQF.
    It makes it possible to develop modifications in an ObjectOriented way (thats why it is callen ObjectOrientedScripting ... ok i admit ... that was too obvious :P)

    Why would we want to stop using SQF?
    Well ... its a quite complex thematic where most of it is personal choice thus i cant rly help you with this questions
    there is just one thing I can tell you; ObjectOriented Programming (in this case Scripting) has the benefit that youre (in theory) faster in developing scripts for some comparison, please read this.

    • stdLib: Added interface ::std::ISerializable
    • stdLib: Added ::std::Vehicle(string, vec3) constructor
    • stdLib: Added `using ::std::Tupel`
    • Added Tupel2<T1, T2>
    • Added Tupel3<T1, T2, T3>
    • Added Tupel4<T1, T2, T3, T4>
    • Added Tupel5<T1, T2, T3, T4, T5>
    • Compiler: ReEnabled (& implemented) interfaces
    • Compiler: Fixed TryCatch variable is not getting printed
    • Compiler: Changed how virtual functions are adressed
    • Compiler: Changed where object meta data is located
    • Compiler: Fixed issue in switch
    • Compiler: Fixed NPE in Idents on LNK errors
    • Compiler: Only one PreInit function is allowed now
    • Added new Linker exception LNK0060

Written on 2016-04-02 by X39

Major_Shepard submitted an updated version of the ArmA3Sync - launcher and addons synchronization software which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    ArmA3Sync is both a launcher and addons synchronization software for ArmA 3. It is intend to be used by players, server administrators and ArmA 3 teams. ArmA3Sync development has been inspired from ArmA 2 Game Launcher (SpiritedMachine) and AddonSync 2009 (Yoma).

    • Added: Addon Priorities: user can now move an addon to the top of the list in one click.
    • Added: Addon Priorities: user can now reset the list to default alphabetic order.
    • Added: Repositories management: new "Administrate Repository" button from Repositories panel.
    • Changed: Files synchronization: "Advanced configuration" button changed to "Settings" button. User can now change read and connection timeouts within the download settings.
    • Fixed: Profiles are no more erased from the disk if a I/O exception occurs on saving (thanks to Protozorq contribution).
    • Fixed: Repositories are no more erased from the disk if a I/O exception occurs on saving.
    • Fixed: Build repository: wrong error message about free disk space requirement with compression of pbo files.
    • Fixed: HTTP based repository: error message "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in authority at index 7" is returned on Check for Addons if the repository URL contains blank spaces.
    • Fixed: HTTP based repository: error message "java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException" is returned on Check for Addons if zsync file content is empty or corrupted server side.

Written on 2016-04-01 by Major_Shepard

Torndeco released an updated version of his extDB2 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Arma3 Database + Rcon Extension for both Windows + Linux.

    • Fixed: Minor Issue of not trimming whitespace from INPUTS Options in SQL_CUSTOM_V2 ini file.
    • Updated: Poco Library
    • Updated: TBBMalloc (Windows Build only)
    • Updated: MySQL

Written on 2016-03-14 by Armaholic

Silola informed us he released a new version of his X-Cam In-game 3D Object Placement Tool on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    X-Cam is an InGame 3D object placement tool with many different functions. All these functions make it much easier to place objects on any terrain.

    You can export your work as a terrain builder import file, but also as a mission or script file. So X-Cam supports both mapmakers, as well as missionmakers.

    • New:
        - Object layer is automaticly activated if you start X-Cam
        - Last used object class is automaticly reloaded if you restart X-Cam
        - Expand the object list view
        - Expand the object types list view
        - Expand the object classes list view
        - Wrong list entry deleted after the use of the delete brush
        - Object detection no working correctly, after you have pressed the key [ V ]
        - Some buttons disabled after the saving process
        - The function "Import mission objects" was broken

Written on 2016-03-13 by Armaholic

Austin_medic released an updated version of his AUSMD Editing Tool on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This tool is a combination of a few smaller programs that can help speed up some repetitive tasks by generating SQF code based on the parmeters you enter. This oculd also help by preventing you from making accidental typos and breaking the command/function you are trying to use.

    • Added junk filter for RPT Helper so you can filter out stuff that is spammed repeatedly (searches line by line)
    • Added dedicated forms to descripton.ext editor and expanded functionality.
    • Fixed bug in structured text editor with 'align' parameter doing nothing.

Written on 2016-03-06 by austin(medic)

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