Austin_medic released an updated version of his AUSMD Editing Tool on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This tool is a combination of a few smaller programs that can help speed up some repetitive tasks by generating SQF code based on the parmeters you enter. This oculd also help by preventing you from making accidental typos and breaking the command/function you are trying to use.

    • Added a file Header creator that will automatically add a basic header to every file in the folder you select (also subdirectories). Running it a second time will only add header to files that don't already have one.
    • Added SQF analysis. Simply checks through scripts and offers some feedback on things that could be changed to improve performance (not extensive by any means but follows some rules from BIS wiki Code Optimization article).

Written on 2016-02-06 by austin(medic)


X39 informed us he released an updated version of the ObjectOrientedScripting on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    What is ObjectOrientedScripting (OOS)?
    OOS is a new script language that will be translated to native SQF meaning that it is 100% compatible with SQF.
    It makes it possible to develop modifications in an ObjectOriented way (thats why it is callen ObjectOrientedScripting ... ok i admit ... that was too obvious :P)

    Why would we want to stop using SQF?
    Well ... its a quite complex thematic where most of it is personal choice thus i cant rly help you with this questions
    there is just one thing I can tell you; ObjectOriented Programming (in this case Scripting) has the benefit that youre (in theory) faster in developing scripts for some comparison, please read this.

    • Wrapper: fixed Project.writeToFile(string) wrote buildfolder to srcfolder
    • WrapperUI: fixed saving exception which prevented saving changes
    • WrapperUI: fixed set buttons not getting disabled when loading files
    • Compiler: fixed issue where assignment type is not chosen correctly
    • Compiler: fixed member variables are "directly assigned"
    • Compiler: fixed member variables w/o def val being initialized using nil
    • Compiler: fixed missing comma printing on params for multi-arg fncs
    • Compiler: fixed static native functions args get messed up with printout
    • Compiler: fixed native functions wrappers wrong select index
    • Compiler: fixed void function wrappers tried to return something
    • Compiler: added internal script object (currently unused)
    • Compiler: added internal floor(<scalar>) function
    • Compiler: added LNK0051 exception for variable defined twice in class and function
    • stdLib: Updated ::std::Marker functions
    • stdLib: new enum: Shape
    • stdLib: new function: void setType(string)
    • stdLib: new function: string getType()
    • stdLib: new function: void setShape(Shape)
    • stdLib: new function: Shape getType()
    • stdLib: Added delete() function to ::std::Marker
    • stdLib: Added deleteVehicle() function to ::std::base::VehicleBase
    • WrapperUI: WrapperUI will inform you about unsaved changes you have made to current file upon load/close
    • WrapperUI: Implemented Ressources
    • Compiler: Implemented Ressources

Written on 2016-01-22 by X39

VanZant released an updated version of his ArmA Fast Launcher on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I've created this program because I needed a very fast tool to handle many mods, and other solutions out there, including the official launcher, are slow, confusing and clunky for some purposes.
    This tool doesn't handle updates. It is a profile manager and the default config includes example profiles for A2 and A3. Basic steps:
      1. Create a game and configure the executable path, startup arguments, and a mod folder for the game. The "mod folder" must contain folders of mods, named like @ACE3, with the @ at the start. This "mod folder" will be monitored and its content will be shown inside the program.
      2. Create profiles for the selected game.
      3. Add mods to the selected profile by adding from the mod folder ("Add to profile"), or using "Add special mod", that allows the user to select a folder that's not listed in "mod folder".
      4. Enable or disable mods for the selected profile using the checkboxes.
      5. Launch the desired profile.

    • Small tweaks in the UI.
    • Added: The mod folder can be opened from the contextual menu.

Written on 2016-01-19 by VanZant


Dekugelschieber released an updated version of his ASL - Arma Scripting Language tool on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm proud to present my first contribution to the Arma 3 Community!
    As a software developer, I was really excited to play around using SQF. But soon I realized how annoying the syntax can be. Especially for new scripters. So I decide, after writing some scripts to make life easier, like loadout scripts and automatic zeus assignment, to create my own little scripting language which can be compiled to SQF.
    ASL stands for Arma Scripting Language, is C-like and cleaner than SQF. It adds some comfort to scripting and I intend to add more in the future.

    • better error output
    • concurrent compiling
    • errors are handled per file and won't stop the whole compilation
    • function name check for build in functions
    • simpler syntax for "null" and unary buildin functions

    The download contains a Windows and a Linux build (in fact I developed it on Linux using the experimental build).

Written on 2016-01-14 by DeKugelschieber

Tophe submitted an updated version of his Arma Dedicated Server Tool.

    Quote Tophe :
    The Armed Assault series allows an amazing array of settings to freely customize dedicated servers.
    This means you will have to edit quite a few config files to get it running the way you like.
    TADST is a tool that will greatly simplify this. All you need to do is to choose the settings you like. Then the application will create all necessary files according to your settings and start the server with the appropriate arguments.

    • New: Added serverCommandPassword
    • New: Information about which ports to open
    • New: Checkbox to enable Upnp.
    • New: Allowed File Pathing selection
    • New: Headless client settings now have settings for localClient as well.
    • Fixed: Bunch of minor bugs
    • Fixed: HeadlessClient config entries was a bit messed up
    • Removed: Required Secure ID, not used anymore
    • Removed: Steamport settings, not used anymore. Hardcoded from gameport.

Written on 2016-01-03 by Tophe

-esus-krachenko released his Esus Server A3 Administration Tool on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I decided to release Esus Server A3.
    At first I only realized my gaming clan to replace TADST because unfortunately its development appears to be on stand-by.
    This is a simple application written in C # to launch servers Arma 3 with support for HC.

    The parameters used by this tool are updated with the wiki bohemia, however due to its many errors may have, please feel free to communicate to correct them.
    I believe this program can be an alternative to TADST, at least until they can return to update.

    Esus Server A3 generates a folder structure and all necessary files for the server can be launched.
    These folders where both various profiles like staying settings are created within a root folder inside Arma 3, called "EsusA3".

    • Portable
    • Low weight less than 0.5 megabytes
    • HC support
    • Ability to copy parameters to clipboard
    • Ability to import and export list of addons
    • Updated with latest server parameters Arma 3
    • Save and Load profiles.
    • Two areas (red and green) to organize profiles to work well and those that need revision.
    • Other..

Written on 2016-01-02 by Krachenko

TheMeq submitted his ArmA3 BEFilter Manager.
ArmA3 BEFilter Manager is a tool designed to help you manage your battleye filters with ease.

Written on 2015-12-30 by TheMeq

Czarny informed us he released an updated version of his Arma Debug Window tool on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I've created a simple tool to view RPT files.
    This sof just loads RPT file, parse it line by line and reformat to more user friendly form.
    Main purposes is to recieve confortable output during debugging of the mission (currently A3 in window mode has too small output font also it is little bit blurred - often also it dissapears too quickly).
    ADW to the rescue!

    If you want to recieve debug output in ADW, set it to "live mode" (check "tail" and then "refresh time"). Set suitable refresh rate in seconds.
    From now every debug data that will appear in RPT also will appear here.
    "Normal mode" (with unchecked "live") is to simple scrolling of RPT.
    'autoload RPT' option allows you to load automatically RPT if new one will appear in AppData directory of A3. It also open newest RPT if there is nothing open. Autoload check RPT directory every 20 seconds.

    ADW is designed to work with A3 but it also should read RPT files of A2 and DayZ (remember it is not tested).

    • Changed: exe is 64-bit only
    • Added: "difference" checkbox
    • Added: tooltips

Arma Debug Window (ADW) v1.7

Java 8_66 64-bit

Written on 2015-12-21 by kromka

Torndeco released an updated version of his extDB2 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Arma3 Database + Rcon Extension for both Windows + Linux.

    • Fixed: 9:LOCAL_TIME now returns localtime
    • Updated: Poco Library + MySQL + Intel TBB Malloc
    • Updated: extDB2 now build against Windows 10 SDK

Written on 2015-12-18 by Armaholic

Larrow released an updated version of the Ultredit/UEStudio Syntax highlighting on the BI forums.
The Ultredit/UEStudio Syntax highlighting have previously been released and updated by Kronzky and W0lle.

    UltraEdit Syntax highlighting for Arma 3 scripts (sqs, sqf, sqm and biedi), works of course also with UEStudio.

    Current up to date wordfile for Ultredit/UEStudio.
    Also included is a template list for some of the more verbose commands as well as templates for EventHandler params.
    All 1.54 (plus some from Dev branch) commands including some that are absent from the Wiki.

Written on 2015-12-12 by W0lle

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