released an updated version of the ADF UNCUT project on the BI forums.

    Quote pastor399 :
    Australian Defense Force (ADF) Uncut is an ongoing project aimed at re-creating as authentically as possible the uniforms, vehicles and weapons pertinent to the ADF.
    We are directly supported by Day0, an Australian gaming community that provide us a home and host our official ADF Uncut Arma 3 servers.

    • ADF Uncut Re-Release
    • Added CBA Keybind Support
    • Added Weaponswitch Keybind
    • Added Opticswitch Keybind
    • Added M72A6 - Uses WS Keybind
    • Added Eotech 552 - Uses OS Keybind
    • Added Blackhawk RotorLib Support
    • Added Blackhawk Sling Point
    • Added Blackhawk Cargo
    • Added Blackhawk FFV Support
    • Added Landrover 4x4 Transport
    • Added 4x ASLAV Variants
    • Added CH-47F Chinook
    • Added WeaponBoxes
    • Added Bipod function to SR-25, Maximi, Minimi & Mag58

Written on 2015-04-25 by Sbats


(AEF)Duck released an updated version of the AEF Uniforms Pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    AEF Uniforms Pack is a community made addon that gives you access to a complete set of different uniform types spread over three factions, AEF Tactical, AEF DCU and AEF AUSCAM. These uniforms are used by the AEF’s ArmA Team, 2CAV. In total there are over 150 Items, Unit and Squads available.
    All factions come with a complete set of AI units and squads that are available in the Editor and in Zeus mode.

    • Added:
        - 3 Additional Uniforms - Alt-DCU
        - Additional AMCU Types
        - Additional Insignias
        - Additional Flight Helmet
    • Improved:
        - All Insignias updated to high quality
        - Updated green coveralls

Written on 2015-04-25 by (AEF)Duck

djotacon released in our forums a new version of the second mission in the Assault Zargabad series.

  • Removed VAS
  • Added Virtual Arsenal
  • Added pre-load Virtual Arsenal
  • Fixed Markers No errors on Coop
  • Fixed init
  • Added ammo marker.

Written on 2015-04-25 by djotacon


thhamm informed in the BI forums about the release of a new version of this CTI (crCTI).

Written on 2015-04-25 by Armaholic

Code34 has submitted an update for this cooperative mission where the ultimate goal is to conquer the Altis island facing the Enemies forces.

  • planes deployment are now like other vehicles with pop counter time
  • add kneels, and tune redeployement.
  • add translation stringtable.csv (if you want to translate in your own language)
  • add flare for enemy infantry during night
  • add some local missions zone on the map
  • put some random mines field
  • tune fog for more realistic weather
  • add ground target for enemies airplanes
  • fix enemies vehicle type
  • protect pop convoy zone
  • accelerate night time
  • and a lot of little tuning, and fixes for more stability

Written on 2015-04-25 by code34

JCae2798 informed us he released in the BI forums an update for this mission where you have to successfully recon and retrieve all chemical weapons.

  • Fixed problem not being able to recruit units

Written on 2015-04-25 by gigas27

Jigsor released in the BI forums an update for his custom version of the traditional Insurgency mission.

  • Added: Altis, Fata, Kunduz, and SMD Sahrani versions.
  • Added: Virtual Arsenal Preloader
  • Added: Virtual Arsenal quick loadout.
  • Added: Static Weather Overcast options.
  • Added: Support for "Hamas and Hezbollah" factions from MEC mod.
  • Added: "Save Loadout" action to main Blufor ammo box. This will restore loadout on respawn/revive.
  • Added: More zones to coastlines in N'ziwasogo version.
  • Added: Marksman DLC content.
  • Fixed: @MEC related errors. Removed all "MEC_XXX_RPG7Grenadier" units. Missing rpg.p3d caused popup errors.
  • Fixed: Digital Heading activation only requires 1 button press now after respawn/revive.
  • Fixed: High bandwidth usage and latency for all players when JIP occured.
  • Fixed: Exploding helis upon driver entry on all helis.
  • Fixed: Civilians can no longer trigger mine filed objective failure.
  • Change: Default RHS Opfor player loadout has 9 rifle mags.
  • Change: Removed useless "Load Cargo" action from Opfor players.
  • Change: Delivery objective will utilize anti-air vehicles from one of the optionally activated mod sets.
  • Change: Removed VAS.

Written on 2015-04-25 by Jigsor

Merrick362 released in our forums a mission and he is looking for some feedback and help polishing it.

    Quote Merrick362 :
    US special forces have been tasked with retaking an enemy-held airfield in order to disrupt CSAT freedom of movement on Altis. This is critical to the future operations of NATO forces on the island, as it will cripple CSAT supply lines and ability to conduct offensive action in the AO.

Written on 2015-04-25 by Merrick362

Slatts released an updated version of his Irish Armed Forces Mod on the BI forums.

    Quote Slatts :
    The IAF mod is semi-fictional/ARMA-Verse take on the Irish Defence Forces, while staying close to Irelands current capabilities but with a near future twist, but nothing too drastic.

    • Added:
        - Bipod function for FAL and 417 DMRs
        - Pivot points for rested AUGs
    • Fixed:
        - Armor values for RBH303IE helmets
        - Muzzle flash on AUG rifles
        - Floating GL sight

Written on 2015-04-24 by Slatts

Slatts released an updated version of the M27 IAR & basic HK416's addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Hey guys. A few weeks back I set about porting the M27 IAR I made using Vilas' models for arma 2 over to arma 3. Yet again my PC decides to go and troll me by not starting up so this isn't fully complete yet but it's more then enjoyable and usable so knock yourself out. Due to the PC crash it isn't fully ASDG compatible nor can AI use it similar to a MX SW as I intended.

    Just because I could. I also made two basic HK416 models. One standard, and one GL variant.

    Feedback is as always, more than welcome and when I get my PC back from the doctor I will of course do my best to update it.

    • Support for BIS' bipods

Written on 2015-04-24 by Slatts

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