Sakuraba informed the community on the Armaholic forums he started working on the French Special Force- Ground project.

    Quote :
    I am new here and novice in edition and mod creation, and on ARMA also.
    But I'm impress by the Arma univers and the Community I would like to give back something. I decided to try to make my small contribution to the Community.

    I present you my "French Special Force- Ground" project.
    This is a retextur project, (I know there is already few french mod like this , but they give only the regular units and unifomes, and we dont have also of Snow untis and stuff and no french camo for our Air units helicopter).

    • Uniforms : Tshirt, guerilla uniform.
    • Helicopters : AH-6, Mowhak, Havok
    • Equipements : bags, helmets, vest, patch sleeve etc.

You can find more screens, videos and information in the Mod French Special Force Ground wip topic.

Written on 2016-07-25 by Armaholic


Jeza informed us Road runner released an updated version of his Tier 1 Special Operations Forces II desert uniform on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Road Runner/Hawaiian Tier1 SOF II (Desert Uniforms).
    Another addon I was working on prior to the crash now recovered.
    Here's 9 different desert camo uniforms from various countries to include:
    • AOR1:US
    • DCU:US/Any
    • CADPAT ARID:Canada
    • M/98: Norway
    • Daguet:France
    • Trpentarn:Germany
    • M90:Sweden
    • Desert Tigerstripe
    • Desert Multicam

    The DCU's can be worn pretty much by any country, the SAS/SBS have used them before in Iraq/Afghanistan.

    • fixed Blood mist error

Written on 2016-07-25 by Road Runner

Heros released an updated version of his Heros Survive on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon makes it easy to survive in the big wide world of Arma.
    You can eat, drink, check on your body temperature and use many items.

    Many parameters can be set. As a result, this addon can combined with all islands and all other addons.
    It is important to look at the Mission which is examplary to show you the world of Arma. To get experience you shod make as many experiments as possible. (#_Heros_Survive.Stratis)
    The description of the parameters requires some experience. But for that it is independent of other addons.
    It should all be described in the exemplarily Mission.

    • Added: New Glasses: Gas Mask (G_her_GasMaskA)
    • Fixed: JIP. Now works correct
    • Improved: Mission adjusted. A simple example of the gas mask.

Written on 2016-07-25 by Armaholic


StanThaMan released his Helmet Mounted IR Strobe A3 addon on the Armaholic forums.
These addons add the ability to turn on and off a helmet mounted IR strobe at night time.

    Quote StanThaMan :
    CJTF_IRstrobeA3 adds the ability to turn on and off a helmet mounted IR strobe at night time with a supporting helmet. CJTF_IRnoHelmA3 does not limit the use of an IR strobe to any headgear.

    There was a problem with the bisign in the previous version that has now been fixed and verified using DSCheckSignatures and server tests.

    • Added additional helmets from Apex expansion for the CJTF_IRstrobeA3 version.

Written on 2016-07-25 by StanThaMan

Jeza informed us Duda released the first version of his Advanced Urban Rappelling on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Rappel of anything that's more than 4-5m high. This includes buildings, cliff, towers, etc. Everything works as long a you can walk to an edge.
    Fire while rappelling! You can switch between your rifle and pistol while rappelling.
    Custom animations and sounds
    Supports swinging side to side, pushing off wall, and climbing back to the top.
    Supports rappelling AI units.
    Can be installed as server-side only addon. However, clients without the addon won't be able to shoot while rappelling and won't see custom animations and sounds. Still looks great though!
    SP and MP compatible.

Written on 2016-07-24 by Duda

AhoyWorld submitted his Bridge on Tanoa (Madman's Straights) template.

    Quote :
    Here's a template for a bridge running from the central western island to the main island, the two posts on the eastern end that show up in the editor are taken care of too. The entire bridge has been made with high attention to detail, the surface is as flat as we could possibly make it. It's possible to drive at top speed from one end to the other in the hatchback sport without a problem however we would definitely recommend braking before you get to the end, especially if travelling westbound. Cars are fine, tracked vehicles may encounter some minor issue transferring from one bridge section to another however this can't be helped, care should be taken when travelling down the western transition. Put together by AhoyWorld the creators of Invade & Annex.

Written on 2016-07-24 by Muckduck

NorX Aengell submitted an updated version of his XENO - Taru Pod Mod.

    Quote :
    Hi everyone, I'm happy to share a mod who add the possibility for the Taru (Heavy lifter helicopter of CSAT) to attach and detach the various Pods he can lift. Feel free to ask for some features I can add.

    • Fixed : Conflict with TFAR mod.
    • Added : Possibility to shorten or extend ropes (and the pod) to 10m at 100m.
    • Fixed : Some Zeus modules has their fonctionnality fixed.
    • Added : Icon for Ace3 actions and Zeus modules.
    • Changed : The parachute pass now trought the pod during the landing to avoid glitch.

Written on 2016-07-23 by NorX_Aengell

Igitur released an updated version of his High Command Converter addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This addon enables a leader player to convert any unit or group of units into a controlable HC group. Conversely, any HC group under player's command can join the leader's group.
    The default High Command system has been modified to allow thoughtful plans and coordinated execution via the addition of a few new commands in the game's commanding menus.

    This version expands the definition of controllable arrays to Platoon and Company levels. A custom-made Chain of Command system has also been implemented to make the player able to command full arrays via their leader's group.

    • Fixed : several minor issues with color assignment.
    • Fixed : team switch should now be functional in SP .
    • Fixed : groups formations were not included in the Chain of Command system.
    • Fixed : the scope of commands in the Chain of Command could mess up when a group was leading a squad, a platoon and a company at the same time. The process has been streamlined and is now based on this simple rule :
    • Display the platoon page to command at platoon level (6-0-8). Display the company page to command at company level (6-0-9). You're commanding the squad by default on any other page.
      This principle applies to several critical leader commands:
        . 6-3 : Subgroups mode.
        . 6-4 : Subgroups formation.
        . 6-5 : Chain of Command.
        . Regroup subgroups (HC root menu).
    • Added : Define Array As -> Not Defined (1-8-4). Resets the selected groups and removes them from any previously defined array.
    • Added : Subgroups mode -> New Positional / New directional. Assign current groups positions to the selected leader's array. New Positional is actually the former 'Positional' mode, which now simply resets the variable instead of defining new positions.
    • Added : High command formations:
        . 6-4 : Subgroups formation -> 1. Line 2. Column 3. Wedge 4. Circle. -> Interval : 20 ... 200 m.
    • Just like 'Subgroups Mode' and 'Chain of Command', this command only becomes available when at least one defined leader is selected. You can combine formations at different levels (e.g. 3 squad Wedges in a platoon Line).

Written on 2016-07-23 by Igitur

Road Runner, Warden_1 and Sha9ow'sreleased their Ops Cores addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Okay guys, I've managed to recover from various locations on my laptop and hard drives the basic layout of the Ops Core's pack.

    There are 10 variations, on standard colour, FG, AOR1 and Multicam (Please don't ask for other camo's remember I still haven't recovered the proper files etc after my HDD crash).

    There's also 4 variations of the Air Frame, the covered versions ( Again please dont ask for the coverless version)

    There ARE US Flags on some of the helmets, again, please don't ask to change them, you have permission to edit the flags acordingly.

    There is plenty of hidden selections NOT used, again, don't ask me to keep creating based on personal desires.

Written on 2016-07-23 by Road Runner

Direone released an updated version of his Static animations pack on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I'm glad to present to you my Static Snimations Pack for Arma 3. I've started this work for me at the beginning but now I've decided to share my static animations with all the members of the great community of Arma 3. I hope you will enjoy my work and surely I will update the pack in the future.

    • added 14 new poses

Written on 2016-07-23 by direone

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