Geloxo released an updated version of his GX Addons on the BI forums.

    Quote geloxo :
    The old GX Addons have been updated and ported to Arma3. This script pack was formerly created for Arma2 and should be compatible with it as well, provided that you adjust the config in the scripts to use Arma2 vehicles and markers classnames. This pack is now including GX Zeus Advanced Script too. The old Arma2 version won´t be updated or supported any more, sorry. The updating was made to be used on our UST101 server coops but I decided to share it after we have fully tested it on MP.

    • GX Zeus advanced script included in the mod pack
    • Existing functions now available as editor modules
    • Intel & Interaction module added
    • Ambient and traffic modules added
    • Helicopter attack added to support dialog

GX Addons v2.4

(only for missions using the population module)
Community Base addons A3
UPSMON - Urban Patrol Script

Written on 2014-11-27 by geloxo


EvroMalarkey released an updated version of his ASCZ Missing Content addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This little mod will add some additional content which is already in the game, but not available.
    Mainly adds NATO and AAF vests in additional variants (Khaki, Coyote, Olive, Black) and NATO Uniforms in Woodland and Sage variants.
    Further more it allows you to spawn Dogs (and other animals) in the editor, which were for some unknown reason hidden from editor.

    This mod is using stringtables for all available Arma 3 languages. So all content has proper name as it would be, if it was official.

    In future I plan to add some missing backpacks color variants and unlock some other hidden content.

    • fixed missing hiddenSelection definition

Written on 2014-11-27 by EvroMalarkey

Burnes15th submitted an updated version of his FV4034 Challenger 2 TES addon.

    Quote :
    This adds the British FV4034 Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank.

    The British FV4034 Challenger 2 TES MBT. Comes in 5 camo patterns and has a turret interior. There are many unfinished areas but i figure at this point i could do with some feedback and community testing to work out the values in armor etc. The armor has almost not been tested i gave it a quick blast to destruction just to make sure it was working, bear in mind that the real life challenger 2 is very tough. As in reported to be the most heavily armored tank on the planet. In one engagement it was hit by over 60 rpg's and a Milan anti tank weapon, the optics had to be switched out and it was back in service 6 hours later.

    The AI gunner problem is still there. AI gunner will not fire the main cannon by himself. you have to press CTRL FIRE to make your AI gunner fire but at present fully AI crewed vehicles will not fire their main gun.. There are some missing scripts for checking ammo count etc but that was down to my forgetfulness rather than them not being ready and i expect to update this later in the week with a finished interior etc.

    Challenger 2 V7 is out now.
    Just handling and visual improvements here. Still working on the driver LOD.
    I added some turret clutter items taken from the A2 Jackal model, this gives some consistency with the BAF stuff from A2 but I know it wont be to everybody's taste so in the next update there will be versions without those additions too. I also cleaned up some of the rushed UV mapping and textured some of the untextured areas.

    • Fixed missing animation sources from last update
    • Added custom engine sounds
    • Added 2 multi-spectral variants
    • Improved main gun ballistics
    • Minor texturing improvements
    • Fixed bad texture reference error
    • Minor physX improvements

Written on 2014-11-27 by Burnes15th


Rydygier released his RHS Merge (RU) addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is an addon for RHS: Escalation users only which merges all RHS' subfactions of OPFOR side into one faction, what enables for Hetman all russian equipment from RHS to choose from (put the pbo where all other RHS' RU pbos are). Then new faction named Russia (All) should appear in the initial settings window for EAST side. Choose it).

    What it does exactly:
    1. Creates new faction named Russia (All)
    2. Sets this faction as native for all RHS OPFOR content (units and vehicles), so in editor's unit menu instead of all RHS' subfactions is visible only this one faction holding all variants of all stuff together
    3. Under same new faction name combines together duplicates of all default groups in the editor's groups menu (user has still access to RHS' default groups as well)

Written on 2014-11-27 by Rydygier

Grace submitted the first alpha version of his Syrian Conflict Units which he also released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Here you have my Syrian army Conflict Units Currently in 0.5 Alpha as I am still adding and tweaking units.

    • Syrian Army:
        - 3 or 4 different Rifleman
        - SVD sniper
        - PKP Machine Gunner
        - RPK Automatic Rifleman
        - Crewman
        - Grenadier
        - RHS BMP2K Syrian Decals
        - RHS BMP2 Syrian Decals
        - RHS T72b 1985 Syrian Decals
    • FSA:
        -6 Fighters (WIP)

Written on 2014-11-27 by Grace

Grace submitted an updated version of his Joint Task Force 121 Addon Pack which consists of different vehicles, weapons and units.

    Quote :
    This is an addon pack for the JTF121 Community consisting of Vehicles, Weapons and Units

    • Custom Configured 762 & 556mm Bullpup Rifles
    • Custom Configured Zafir LMG
    • Custom textured and configured Uniforms, Vests and Vehicles
    • Includes Grace Warrior FV510 Retextures and Grace_Sway
    • New ACES_Unit pack with custom configured Huron

    • Added my syrian units
    • Fixed GAB_A1 .paa error when opening in VA.

Written on 2014-11-27 by Grace

Leight released an updated version of his OPFOR Pack on the BI forums.
This is a small patch to make his addons work with ALIVE. If you already downloaded and installed version 0.2 just download the patch file (less than 1mb) and overwrite the old files.

    Quote :
    This is OPFOR which are currently in the Afghan army&police, militia ISIS and Chechen militants ChDKZ. All these armies are using RHS Escalation vehicles and equipment like a BMPs, tanks and etc. Whole addon is compatible with ZEUS and ALIVE. All armies are mostly armed in AK weapons. All equipment is retextured in good quality textures. Addon is based on real opfors but not at all. Not every army is real equipped. All armies are on red side - OPFOR. This is first release of this addon so please bear with us.

    What armies are in addon?
    • OPFOR
        - ISIS militia
        - ChDKZ militia
    • INDFOR
        - Afghan National Army & Police
        - Ultranationalists Army (beacuse of Russians )

    • Hotfix supporting ALIVE

Written on 2014-11-27 by Leight

[MSK]Delta8 submitted an updated version of his HeliDoor Script.

    Quote :
    Hello pilots, co-pilots, gunners and passengers, this is my helicopter-door-opening script. At least a beta-version of it.
    It adds actions to open/close every door of every (supported) helicopter in your mission.
    Script is MP-compatible.
    Currently I've uploaded a english and german version only (translators are welcome).

    The script supports the following Helicopters:
    • Huron
    • Ghosthawk
    • Mohawk
    • Kajman
    • M-900
    • Taru (front-doors and cargomaster's door)
    • Littlebird (if doors are added before mission starts!)

    • Fixed: Issues in French translation (sorry to all Frenchman!)
    • Added Russian translation (thanks to Shuravi_rnd)

Written on 2014-11-27 by [MSK]Delta8

Deltagamer released another updated version of the Arma 2 Stryker Pack on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Currently this mod is just a port of the Arma 2 Strykers to Arma 3, however I do plan on improving these vehicles greatly. Check the list below for what I have planned. I will be releasing these unbinarized and binarized for everyone to use and enjoy Please don't post this on steam, I will eventually put it up soon.

    Included Vehicles:
    • M1126 ICV M134
    • M1126 ICV M134 (SLAT)
    • M1126 ICV M2 CROWS
    • M1126 ICV M2 CROWS (SLAT)
    • M1126 ICV M2 GPK
    • M1126 ICV M2 GPK (SLAT)
    • M1126 ICV mk19 CROWS
    • M1126 ICV mk19 CROWS (SLAT)
    • M1128 MGS
    • M1128_MGS (SLAT)
    • M1129 MC MK19 CROWS
    • M1129 MC MK19 CROWS (SLAT)
    • M1130 CV M2 CROWS
    • M1130 CV M2 CROWS (SLAT)
    • M1133 MEV
    • M1133 MEV (SLAT)
    • M1135 ATGMV
    • M1135 ATGMV (SLAT)

    • version 1.3.1:
      • Fixed Vehicle Classes
    • version 1.3:
      • Added water durability of 3 meters
      • Added Woodland Camo
      • Increased speed acceleration
      • Wheels are now fixed
      • Increased armour values
      • Added M1126 ICV M2 GPK (SLAT)

Written on 2014-11-27 by deltagamer

IceBreakr informed us he released an updated version of his Island Panthera for Arma 3 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Name Panthera itself comes from Slovenian history of "black panther" crest. Map itself is based on the real height data of Slovenia's Northwest part in Europe - named Gorenjska Region.
    "Gora" in Slovenian means mountain and Gorenjska region (represented in Panthera) certainly lives up to its name being home to most of Slovenia’s biggest mountains, including the highest of them all – Triglav (three heads) standing at an impressive 2,865 metres. The Julian Alps and the beautiful Triglav National Park are the main features of the region – offering not just outstanding scenery, but a wealth of plant and animal life and an abundance of outdoor activities. It is also home to the unforgettable lakes Bled and Bohinj. It is almost impossible to decide which one you prefer – Serene Bohinj and its majestic mountain setting or fairytale Bled with its seventeenth century church on an island overlooked by a castle perched on a rocky outcrop.

    • massive improvement of hills & mountains (rock formations)
    • fixed runway markings to correct specs (magnetic azimuth of the runway's heading in decadegrees)
    • set up some basic lightning on streets in bigger towns
    • ice_zoofence warning eliminated
    • replaced couple of houses with new A3 ones
    • new factory and warehouses in Porto Ritmo
    • upgraded Visitor's Center to Villa structure
    • fixed carwreck location (059093)
    • removed dual building (091003)
    • ammo bunker extended to hill (081011)
    • guard tower now facing road (095031)
    • tweaked river crossings heights on Nuba

Written on 2014-11-27 by IceBreakr

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