Someone4 has submitted where your objective is to need to clear a base on Altis and secure the weapon containers.

    Quote Someone4 :
    Blufor intel has detected that a large shipment of mass destruction weapons has arrived to an Opfor base on Altis, known as "The Hexagon". Your need to clear the base and secure the weapon containers (in 1 verified location, and 3 other possible locations), in a NATO combined arms attack on the base. Your team needs to parachute to a rally point near "The Hexagon", ride in an aromored vehicle into the base, and assault the base while another team is being parachuted north of the base and joins the attack.

Written on 2014-09-18 by someone4


Snake Man released an updated version of the PMC Somalia mod on the Armaholic forums

    Quote Snake Man :
    This is Somalia conflict mod featuring realistic Mogadishu terrain, 1993 era US Army Rangers, Delta Force, Navy SEALs, 160th SOAR pilots plus littlebirds, black hawks, ah1 cobra, hmmwv, 5 ton trucks and Somali militia / civilians.

    • Warning Message: Addon 'pmc_mogadishu_cfg' requires addon 'PMC_terrain_obj', fixed.
    • Warning Message: Cannot open object pmc\pmc_terrain_obj\pmc_bis_zed_kamenna_desert.p3d, fixed.
    • Warning Message: Cannot open object pmc\pmc_terrain_obj\pmc_bis_dum_olez_istan2_maly.p3d, fixed.
    • Warning Message: Cannot open object pmc\pmc_terrain_obj\pmc_bis_dum_istan3.p3d, fixed.
    • Warning Message: Cannot open object pmc\pmc_terrain_obj\pmc_bis_dum_istan2_04a.p3d, fixed.
    • Warning Message: Cannot open object pmc\pmc_terrain_obj\pmc_bis_dum_istan3_pumpa.p3d, fixed.
    • Warning Message: Cannot open object pmc\pmc_terrain_obj\pmc_bis_dum_olez_istan2.p3d, fixed.
    • Warning Message: Cannot open object pmc\pmc_terrain_obj\pmc_bis_dum_olez_istan1.p3d, fixed.

Written on 2014-09-18 by Foxhound

Goblin informed us he released an updated version of his H.A.L.O. System addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This will be my first official Addon for the ArmA community! This HALO System will allow you to Jump from extreme altitudes over 30,000ft from a C-130 Hercules Aircraft.

    - Now includes Low-Level, No-Gear-Required, Jumps in v1.2!
    - Supported: Boeing C-17 Globemaster
    - Supported: Ivory Aircraft - IL-76/78/A-50 Candid/Midas/Mainstay (limited support)

    The included Altimeter will be reading Barometric Pressure. ASL, Above-Sea-Level. You should know the Altitude of the DropZone and plan ahead. Tracking over 2km while in FreeFall is possible; more if under canopy for a HAHO. The jump location and altitude will be random to start. Option to re-route Flight possible. System should work for most ArmA Maps.

    There is a helmet-view complete with custom sounds and dramatic environmental effects! Your visor can (and will) fog-up, freeze over, can crack, etc. There will be thermal layers and accurate and varied temperatures displayed for most ArmA Maps and Climates. The temperature will also fluctuate with months, seasons, and time-of-day.

    The Altimeter can be displayed by using your 'Watch' button while geared-up in your HALO Gear for any Keyboard or Gaming Controller. If you are NOT Geared-up properly, the JumpMaster will deny your Jump and you will have to recheck and repack your gear. The temperature at extreme altitude can reach -70*F with little to NO Oxygen!

    Thermal Jumpsuit, Helmet, and Oxygen Supply IS required. ALL your Gear will be saved and packed into the Pack attached onto your front so you can Jump into the AO fully combat-ready! Water landings possible (and encouraged) for the Black-Ops operative you know you want to be!

    • fixed MP issue with Menu
    • minor misc code tweaks

Written on 2014-09-18 by Goblin


Burnes15th submitted an updated version of his Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) addon which he released on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    A functioning LCAC capable of carrying vehicles during an amphibious assault. Currently only water-capable.
    Please watch the instructional video for details on its use.

    New version of the LCAC is up. still no cosmetic improvements but I've altered the ramps, made the deflation animation go lower and increased thrust response to make slow maneuvers easier. (for anyone who has the link saved or has it linked on a website this update is at a completely new location, the old link will still go to the old version so please use the new link on the main page)
    here is another instructional video that shows how to safely load vehicles on from the LPD and explains a few other caveats not properly addressed before.

Written on 2014-09-18 by Burnes15th

Zenophon informed us he released an updated version of his Co-op Mission Framework and SQF Library on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Ladies and gentlemen, Armaholics of all ages, I am proud to present a work over a year in the making: Zenophon's ArmA 3 Co-op Mission Framework. My framework is a library of over 190 SQF functions organized into a carefully designed API that is both easy to use and extremely powerful. The functions cover everything from manipulating arrays to an extensive task system. Each one has been meticulously designed and tested to provide useful features with minimal bugs and issues. The framework is designed so that each function is a logical building block that achieves a straightforward effect. The strength of the framework is that each small part fits together neatly with others, allowing you to quickly implement your mission design intuitively.

    The framework works with any map and requires no addons. It is compatible with any mod because you choose which functions execute. There is effectively no performance impact to compile the entire framework, and every function has been diligently optimized. All 150 public functions are also carefully documented in an exacting style, and many resources are provided to help you learn to use the framework.
    The framework is created with these goals in mind:
    • Simple co-op fun for both players and mission makers
    • Bottom-up design using flexible pieces that you control
    • Truly random and dynamic missions without extra work for mission designers
    • Procedural mission design instead of manual placement using the editor
    • Eliminating large, static functions with assumptions about what you want in your mission
    • Server-oriented execution to create more efficient multiplayer missions
    • A simplification of locality and interacting with clients in multiplayer
    • A solid, powerful, and bug-free library to use as a foundation for your own code

    • Fixed: ZEN_FMW_MP_REA, ZEN_FMW_MP_REC, ZEN_FMW_MP_RED, ZEN_FMW_MP_RES, did not execute the function locally when they should
    • Fixed: Zen_OrderInfantryPatrol did not recognize parameter 7, for chasing the enemy
    • Fixed: Zen_RotateAsSet now keeps the heights of objects the same
    • Fixed: Zen_SpawnGroup now interprets the height of the given position as ATL or ASL correctly
    • Added: Standard macro ZEN_STD_MTH_RNP, Random Negative or Positive
    • Added: Standard macro ZEN_STD_MTH_VCC, ZEN_STD_MTH_VCP, for vector transformations
    • Added: Standard macro ZEN_STD_OBJ_TPT, Transform Position ATL
    • Added: Zen_SpawnParachute now has a parameter for the signal grenade attached to the object
    • Improved: Zen_ConfigGetLocations massively optimized for repeating argument calls
    • Improved: Zen_GiveLoadoutCargo and Zen_GiveLoadoutCustom can now give multiple matching weapons
    • Improved: Zen_FindTerrainSlope slightly optimized
    • Improved: Zen_OrderFastRope now checks to correct fastrope stop height from the rope's exact position
    • Improved: Zen_OrderHelicopterLand now makes the helicopter reach a fastrope position more accurately
    • Improved: Zen_OrderInfantryPatrol now applies chasing the enemy for civilians, they now chase everyone
    • Improved: Zen_SpawnAmbientVehicles optimized
    • Improved: Zen_SpawnGroup now places all units at the exact given position
    • Improved: Zen_SpawnItemsOnTable now exits when it runs out of paired tables
    • Improved: Zen_SpawnItemsOnTable now orients to object to the table better
    • Improved: Zen_TriggerAreRescued now only triggers when the units' Z positions are within 2 meters
    • Documentation: Fixed Notepad++ SQF language readme file function hint instructions
    • Documentation: Improved for Zen_OrderInfantryPatrolBuilding
    • Documentation: Updated for Zen_SpawnItemsOnTable, Zen_SpawnParachute
    • Documentation: Updated Zen_CustomLoadouts Demonstration
    • Documentation: Tweaked Legal.txt terms for derivative frameworks

Written on 2014-09-18 by Zenophon

SpectreRSG informed us he released an updated version of his TFA - Naval Special Warfare Gear addon on the BI forums.

    Quote SpectreRSG :
    So I had a small bit of free time this week. I'm going to push out an update below. Regardless, I just checked the fatigue, armor values on current BI stuff and mine.. My armor values are still higher than BI and all my mass values are lower than BIS. Unless I'm misunderstanding everything my stuff is still stronger and lighter than vanilla stuff - so fatigue and armor should be fine. But I made tiny tweaks here and there. Stuff may not even be noticeable.

    Anyways, this is going to be a final update for a while or until I have a want to add something or have to fix something. I truly hope people enjoy this mod and continue to use this. This will also be on Steam Workshop shortly. This is v3.90 and includes the following, but note that for the new camos, I will not be tweaking much as I didnt even want to include them or put time into them as other modders have done the stuff to hell already, if someone wants to open it up and make a tweak for me, I'm open to that however.

    • Added:
        - Kryptek Camo (Highlander, Nomad, Mandrake)
        - ACU Camo
        - ECH and FAST DOU helmets.
        - DOU Lite and Heavy Platecarrier
    • Fixed:
        - Minor display name issues on ATACS

Written on 2014-09-17 by SpectreRSG

McRuppert submitted a new video of the Jurassic Arma project for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    Here is a new video update showing some Raptor Gameplay. Enjoy!
    This is all still work in progress and the sounds are just placeholders since I need to find out how to make some good dino sounds.
    The Raptor comes with a normal attack and the jump attack.

    You can find more information and leave your feedback in the Jurassic Arma WIP topic.

Written on 2014-09-17 by Ruppertle

Eggbeast released an updated version of his BAFX and Rangemaster mod packs on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Two packs of mods that brings together lots of community developed improvements into a set of enhanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons to play with.
    I would like to offer a huge thank you to all the contributors over the past 18 months that have allowed this mod pack to come about.
    It's still a little shabby in places - my fault entirely - and we have plans to polish it up some more in due course.
    Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy playing with it.

    BAF-X mod pack:
      To provide an expansion of Arma 2 OA BAF faction with previously released UK forces content, with enhanced coherence in faction, classname, weaponry, armour, speed, useractions and crews, and especially for use in Evolution co-op missions by Eggbeast.

    Rangemaster mod pack:
      To provide a broad refresh of Arma 2 content, and especially for use in Evolution co-op missions by Eggbeast.

    • added 8 Su34's including blue and desert skins
    • added 8 AV8B Harrier II including USMC and RAF skins
    • added F-35A/B USMC (author: Feint) and RAF skins
    • added AH6 prototype - still working on it, Desert skin by Spock

Written on 2014-09-17 by eggbeast

S@ndBob informed us he released a new version of his Northrop B2 "Spirit" on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This adds the Northrop B2 "Spirit" to your Arma 2: Combined Operations.

    • Length = 21.03 m
    • Wing Span = 52.40 m
    • Height = 5.18 m
    • Crew : 2: pilot and co-pilot
    • Armament : 216 GBU-39 (small diameter bomb)

    • new texture and texture errors fixed
    • fixed vapour script (log-rpt: Error, undefined Variable)

Written on 2014-09-17 by S@ndBob

Angel released in the BI forums a massively expanded Great Altis Highway Race version, including up to 10 separate epic courses for you to race along as well as other improvements and additions.

    Quote Angel :
    Welcome to The Great Altis Race! Based on the original Great Altis Highway Race mission I released last year, this is a massively expanded version, including up to 10 separate epic courses for you to race along as well as other improvements and additions.

    This is a Multiplayer mission only! There are no AI to race against! Though you can run the race on your own where's the fun in that? So I advise you have at least one other person play with you. You can race with up to 13 other players plus 4 civilian observer slots for anyone wishing to document a race from above. There are no rules beyond getting to the end of the race, so its up to you to decide how you want to do it!

Written on 2014-09-17 by AngeI

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