We have activated the new subscriber only file server!
This means subscribers will from now on download from their own file server allowing them to download without issues and higher speeds.

Subscriber plans:
At this time I would also like to share my plans with the Armaholic Subscriber system:
  • Depending on how busy the server will be (I will be monitoring the performance) we might be able to increase the download speed even higher. Currently you can get around 8MB/s.
  • When more subscribers join I will add a 1GB port allowing more traffic and even higher speeds.
  • I have noticed a lot of US based players have joined our Subscription system. Due to that I have decided that our next server will be bought in the US.
  • Currently all our file servers are located in the UK and of course the futher away you are from the UK the more your downloadspeed will decrease.
    So I will keep an eye on the location of the majority of subscribers and when I see many are from a certain region I will see if I can hire a server there allowing higher speeds for those located in that region.

Guest and member downloads:
The past weeks I have been working on a new version of the download script. This new version introduces a 'wait-line' for guests and members and some other functions.
The 'wait in line' is not yet activated as I first want to view its impact on server performance and run some tests to see if all works as I how I think I made it work.
Once I am convinced it all works correct, which is of course still no guarantee, I will release the wait line and push guests and members wanting to download in a wait line when the server is about to be overloaded. At normal times there is no wait line and your download will be served as normal.

The 'wait-line' simply means that you wait for others to finish their download before your download can be served. This will guarantee decent downloadspeeds for guests and members at busy times.
On avarage we serve hundreds of download requests per second, so contrary to what some people have written online about our service and why our servers are struggling at busy times we are not at all using some cheap servers which cant handle a few downloads. I wont bother anyone with the details but you can be sure we have very powerfull dedicated servers running to be able to serve you. Money is the limit, as you have noticed the past few weeks and that is why we decided a subscriber service is the only way to be able to fullfill our future plans.

Anyway, we hope we have informed you enough with the above information but you can always post your questions in one of the threads linked below.
Please read the disclaimer in the public topic linked below before posting your question!

When you have any questions and are not yet an Armaholic Subscriber you can post a message in this topic!

Nowadays subscribers have their own public forum section which they can use to ask questions and/or post feedback. You can find the subscriber only forum section here.

For more info about the Armaholic Subscription system and to subscribe please read the Armaholic Subscription information page!

Written on 2016-01-21 by Armaholic


***** Update *****

Our serverhost has finsihed the build of the new subscriber file server and we have just recieved all the info we need to connect to it so we can start configuring it.
This will take some time as we have to configure it properly so it does what it needs to do best and of course we have to sync it with the rest of the network!

We hope early next week (maybe sooner but I really can not promise that) the subscriber file server will be activated.


We would like to thank all of you who have joined the Armaholic Subscription system! Your support is very much appreciated.
We have reached the first goal, more than 100 subscribers.

Goal reached, what does it mean?
Pretty simple, as promised we have bought a new file server which will be used to serve files to subscribers only!

The server is currently being build by our serverhost and once that is done we will need some time to configure it and sync it with our main file servers so it can serve the exact same files.
The addition of this new server means subscribers will no longer download from the same server as the general public and our members. This way we can serve them higher speeds and at busy times they will not be placed in a wait line, like we will do with guests and members soon.

Nowadays subscribers have their own public forum section which they can use to ask questions and/or post feedback. You can find the subscriber only forum section here.

When you have any questions and are not yet an Armaholic Subscriber you can post a message in this topic!

For more info about the Armaholic Subscription system and to subscribe please read the Armaholic Subscription information page!

Written on 2016-01-15 by Armaholic

***** Update *****

Many thanks to all new subscribers who have joined since this news has been posted.
We only need 7 more subscribers to reach the first goal!

Please join the Armaholic Subscriber system to help us reach 100 total subscribers so we can buy the subscriber only file server!


We would like to thank all of you who have joined the Armaholic Subscription system! Your support is very much appreciated.
And we must admit that the amount of people, so far, willing to become a subscriber to help us provide a better service is really a huge suprise and once again we would like to thank you and we hope soon we will be able to serve you better.

A new goal?
Yes, we have decided to set a new, quick to reach goal!
We have decided to do this because we are very pleasantly suprised by the amount of people willing to support us and becoming a subscriber, wether it is annually or monthly.
As a result of this we have decided to buy a new server much earlier than we first promised to do (see goals on this page).


Written on 2016-01-03 by Armaholic


Today we are pleased to announce from now on we will allow authors to add donate links to their pages here on Armaholic!

In case you wonder, what is so special about this.
Well, we have been forbidden in the past to add these kind of links to our pages as it was said it might look like as if it was ok to make money from content created with the BI tools.
Nowadays however, as many of you will probably have seen already, on the BI forums there are donate buttons all over the place. Not to mention the Steam Workshop where its even more of a practise to add donate link even though the content placed is often not even created by the uploader.

Since BI seems to fully support this we see now reason why we can not as well allow content creators to add their donation links to our pages in order to support all their work.
Currently it is possible to add a paypal button and/or a patreon link to your own pages. All you have to do is sent a private message to Foxhound () and sent him the link to your patreon page or the code of your paypal button/link!

When you do not have PayPal or Patreon:
When you have another kind of donation account please contact Foxhound and we can discuss which options we have to add those to the page.

Do you make any money with the donation links?
Any donation made to an author goes directly and fully to the author! We do not take any money from the donation or make any money in any way from a donation link!

Contrary to the SWS and other places, if you abuse this and submit content which is not yours while adding a donate button we will ban your account here on Armaholic. Thiefs are better served on the SWS and as such should stay there!

Armaholic staff

Written on 2015-12-23 by Armaholic

***** Update *****

All contributers/donators accounts have been upgraded with 6 months of subscription for free.

All people who have subscribed should have their accounts upgraded. A few of you seem to not have an account here and you can only enjoy the higher downloadspeed (and in the future your own file server) by having an account and being logged in while using the site. So, if you have subscribed but you are one of those without account please check your email. I have sent all of you a message about it!

If anyone has the idea his account should have been upgraded and it has not happened and neither have you gotten any message please contact me!


It is time to officially announce the Armaholic Subscription System.

I am sure many of you will already have read the short info page about it while you were trying to download at busy times. Good, than at least this will not be a surprise and if you haven't gotten the message yet its even better cause than you have been using our services without issues and we are sure you would like to keep it that way.

To improve the service we provide to the Arma community we have decided to start the Armaholic Subscription system.
The Armaholic Subscription system offers those who choose to subscribe to our website the fastest downloadspeeds for the files we host.
In the future, once we get enough subscribers, we will buy new servers which will only be available to subscribers.
This will make sure participants in the Armaholic Subscription system get the highest downloadspeeds and will not have to wait to get access to the requested file, not even at busy times.

So what does it cost:
There are two different subscriptions available, monthly and annually.
The monthly subscription costs €7 euro and the annual subscription costs €75 euro.

Where to subscribe:
Please make sure you are registered here on Armaholic and add your username to subscribe selection form! Without your username we can not upgrade your account to subscriber and you will not be able to profit from the subscriber advantages!
So yes, as a subscriber you need to be logged in to be able to use the subscription services.

You can choose the preferred subscription and pay it through paypal.
When you do not use paypal and also have no intention to use it but still want to become a subscriber you can sent Foxhound a PM () and additional options can be discussed.
The subscription form can be found on this page (scroll a bit down)!

For donators, early subscribers and content creaters we have added additional information about this system. When you are part of any of these groups make sure to read the Armaholic Subscription Information page.

Of course we welcome any feedback and questions, when you wish to share those with us you can do that in this topic.

We will now begin to add all people who have subscribed already to the proper member level and when you have subscribed but we do not know your account we will contact you on the email address you provided with the subscription.
Please allow us some time to get all accounts upgraded, all early subscribers will get one month free for their patients and early support!
When you have subscribed keep en eye on your profile, there you will be able to see until when your subscription is active (also with a count down counter).

Written on 2015-12-21 by Armaholic

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