Hey guys and welcome to our new look site! You may notice the big red banner at the top of the screen mentioning about the site is still in beta, so please bare with us if you come across any problems, its unlikely as the site has been tested much in the past few days by myself and my fellow staff member Alex_Tarentura, though if you do come across any problems then please do let us know by using the tab on the right of the main page called “Feedback”. There you can leave your ideas for the site, praise us on our work, or let us know of any problems you find within the site, not only that but any other questions you have regarding things around Modsaholic. I must stress that normal general discussion topics should be within the “Community” section in the top menu, use the “Feedback” tab only for what its labeled as.

Another thing you may notice is that the site currently has only half of our files from the old site though more and more are being added every minute, most files on the old site are outdated to the new versions of the game(s) so were actually adding the most recent updates of them all. As per usual when you find a mod which is outdated then please report it to us in the respected section and we will promptly update it and put it front page too.

The forums are no more! instead now we have a “Community” tab in the menu at the top of the page where you can now ask anything as before within the respectful category of where you want to ask your question for. This can be used as a guest or a member thats up to you to sign up or just be an anonymous guest. Same with the comments on Modsaholic now, its all handled by Disqus comments to make things much easier not only for you guys but for us too. If you would like to help us out making this place better with more and more mods then why not upload your own? have some free time to spare? so why not offer us your time and help us writing the news and providing this community active content, its all around for the taking.

Most importantly please do be kind to rate the files you download, leave your much needed feedback within the comments, report that spam, and vote them questions up or down, all in all have fun within our community!

Welcome to Modsaholic once again.

Modsaholic Staff.

Written on 2015-07-01 by DarkXess


***** Update *****

And we are back.
We encountered no issues so we expect everything to run without problems.

Of course it is possible you find broken links. With tonights upgrade we made it so we are automatically informed when a link does not work, but if you do not see such a conformation feel free to report the page.

All bans and blocks have been removed, everyone should be able to download without troubles. In case you still experience issues downloading feel free to !


Later today, probably late afternoon, we will disable all access to our website.
We are changing some things and for that we will have to disable the website so we can work on things.

This means during this time you wont be able to access the site and also not the files.
Sorry for the inconvenience but this change should improve our service. Additionally it means everyone who was affected by blocks/bans from downloading will again be able to download from us.
Also all downloadlinks will be fixed so no more dead links to the inactive French server.

We cant give a timeframe of how long the downtime will be, we do our best to keep it as short as possible.

Armaholic staff

Written on 2015-02-23 by Foxhound

Today the time has come to announce the winners of the Armaholic Xmas caption competition 2014.

We would like to thank all who participated, we had a good time reviewing all your entries. Its always a blast seeing the captions people come up with.
So, without further delay, here are the winners we have chosen:
  1. Tier1Voodoo
  2. slingfig
  3. Gibbins.S

Tier1Voodoo will be able to choose first out of the three games we have available, than the next one to choose is slingfig and Gibbins.S will get the last remaining prize.
In case you forgot here is the list of games we offer as prize: We will contact all people who have won by sending them a PM and those people have until january 13th 23:59:59) to claim their prize.
Any prize which is not claimed after that time will be given away at a random person who also took part in the contest and did not win already in the 2014 caption competition!
So, make sure to check your PM's later today!

All winners should reply to a PM they recieve from Foxhound and give their email which they can use to claim gift games with their Steam account. So make sure you give us a valid email address!

Here are the winning entries:


We would again like to thank Jeza for supporting us with the contest and providing us with the prizes!

Written on 2015-01-06 by Armaholic


The entire Armaholic team wishes the ARMA community a very good and successful 2015. We would like to thank all the addon makers, mission designers, script developers and all others who make the community enjoy the ARMA series so much!

This year we would again like to sent our thanks to many people for their support:
  • My good friend sunraa for keeping the and the servers alive!
  • My good friend Big and fellow admin who spends so much of his spare time to help on this website.
  • B4mBi for his support with the French file server.
  • DarkXess for his help on the forums.
  • Jeza for always sending us news we havent covered yet and for supporting us with our Xmas Caption Competition.
  • Fr3eMan for informing us about all Arma related news he finds.
  • All people who are working with us in the background to improve our services in the near future.
  • All community members who supported us in any way!
  • All of you who support us by not using ad blockers, only thanks to your support we can pay the bills to keep running and improve our service!
  • All donators who helped us to pay the bills.

All the best and lets make 2015 a really great year!

Armaholic staff

Written on 2014-12-31 by Armaholic

Today we are proud to announce our annual Armaholic Xmas caption competition!

Thanks to the support of Jeza, we are able to give you all a chance to win one of the available game packages when you enter our caption competition.
The prizes are Steam gift versions of the following games:
  1. Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition
  2. Rising Storm
  3. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
The winners can choose their game, so the person who ends in first place can choose from three games, the person ending second can choose from two games and the person ending in third place will get the remaining game.

What do you have to do?
    Use one or more of the images we provide below and add some caption to it. Thats all!
    The caption can be anything, just let your fantasy flow and submit your entry in this topic.

  • Add the caption onto the image!
  • We will choose the winners based upon the caption added.
  • Anyone can submit as many entries as he/she wants.
  • You have until january 2 2015 23:59:59 (CET) to submit your entry.
  • Normal forum rules apply.
  • After the competition is closed we (Armaholic staff) will choose 3 winners.
  • Armaholic staff and team member are excluded from entering the competition!
  • We will announce the winners as soon as possible after the closing of the competition and you will recieve your Steam gift code from Jeza.

So if you are up for the chance to win a games and want to spend a little time to make some funny, interesting, realistic, or what ever other text you can think of caption, make sure to post your entry in this topic.

Written on 2014-12-31 by Armaholic

 The entire Armaholic Team wishes the Arma community a very Merry Christmas 2014!
 We hope you will enjoy these days with your family and friends.

The Armaholic team

Written on 2014-12-24 by Armaholic

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