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Version: 1.4

Date: 2007-03-16 03:37

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The Northern SLA Forced have captured the entire mainland of Sahrani. They drove the Southern Army and the few Marine Units that were stationed here into the sea in a surprise blitzkreig style assault.

Not to be beaten so easily the US Marine Expeditionary Force has landed on Rahmadi Island to establish an airfield as a base of operations to prepare for the final assault on the mainland and to get revenge for the deaths of
many US Marines. Not willing to give up so easily the SLA have entrenched their position in the village northeast of the airfield.

Yesterday both forces got tired of waiting and met in a large scale battle in the large open areas in between the airfield and the village. This battle left the SLA Air Forces decimated. Intel tells us though that the SLA have reinforced their positions with more armor, artillery, machine gun nests, attack boats, and AA. So at this point the Marines have air superiority while SLA maintains the advantage of more armor and plenty of cover and lots of areas to set up ambushes in the city. Each side is believed to have secret bases nearby with additional vehicle reinforcements so be prepared.

- Moved spawnpoints to a safer area away from flags
- Fixed waypoints
- Added an extra exit at the SLA base
- Fixed some files that were leaving errors in the arma report log file
- her small changes

- Moved US spawn a little further inland. After moving spawns to prevent spawn rape, some people were spawning and having to swim for about 3-5 seconds to land. This has been fixed.

- Removed some objects for optimization. Such as the remote bases with extra vehicles. Reason:vehicles were rarely used and were just causing unneccasary load on the servers
- Removed RACS littlebird helos from SLA base. US forces where seeing them as friendly even with an SLA enemy flying them
- Added an extra KA-50 Kamov to make up for both lost littlebirds.
- Removed one of the SLA camel's and replaced with SU-34
-Removed some smaller boats from US port and added another 2 turret RHIB
- Removed one of the US M113, Vulcan, second styker with grenade launcher and added an M1A1.
- Removed 3 4x4 offroads from SLA base and added 3 TT650 motorcycles in their place.
- Removed 4 RACS 4x4 from US base and added 4 USMC motorcycles.
- Optimized for Arma v1.05

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