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Date: 2007-01-13 00:29

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Sacred Grounds
10-78 Busterking

Mission Synopsis:

The Western Forces heard some rumors that 18 of their soldiers held prisoners by the Eastern Forces were poisoned by anthrax and their bodies are to be burried in the small village of Hunapu. Unreliable info is also suggesting that there are several barrels of anthrax at the burrial site. A Western Forces unit has been sent to search and destroy those barrels and are presently here just south of the village. They only have 20 minutes to destroy the target.
-there's a medical tent located in the village which could come of some help for the injured soldiers.
-this is a quick operation set on 20 minutes, all the barrels must be destroyed to prevent further poisoning!

It's Sunday morning April 1st. the Eastern Force Unit assigned to the small village of Hunapu are up early since they have a long day ahead of them. They have made their way to the temple and upon their arrival to the cemetary they thought someone was pulling an April fool joke on them. Alas... It wasn't so. They were now in charge of protecting the scene from any intruders.
-This Eastern Force Unit consist of the best trained officers and will make sure that no one breaches the area.

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