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Version: 2.0

Date: 2006-12-20 16:33

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This ones a small one and I originally started it, intending it to look like Little Kolgujev from OFP but then found out I could basically port the positions of the buildings over to ArmA. This means its basically lil k with some improvements and slightly different ground heights. Its a small, fast map which is great for a smaller amount of players.



One of those unfortunate updates, I had a trigger which I set to !alive player from alive player because it was messing things up when I was making the mission. I sort of forgot to switch it back to alive player so dead bodies were immediately transported back to spawn, especially bad when the dead body has the flag :(

I've also figured out that I can't show the players name in the hint box when they enter a killzone, it just seems to display the local player name so I've taken that out. This's hopefully the only update I'll have to make.

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