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Version: 1.0 Beta

Date: 2007-03-23 04:49

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Bootcamp Mission pack

Karrillion: I still consider these missions BETA, but they all work fine. This includes my C&H's, CTF's and Coops.

C&H's come in two different flavors -- Sector control, and old-style C&H for points. For all my C&H missions, I strived for a 3-D battlefield approach, i.e. something that uses all vehicles.

C&H Sector Control requires that you cap all territories in specific order. You win by either having more territories than the other team when time runs out, or by dominating and holding all territories for a certain time.

C&H Assault is points-based, no order to capping, but you can still win by holding all territories.

CTF is the same as always. I included my 3-way CTF.

The different mission types all use a core set of scripts which I update frequently since I get anal about everything working well. All work fine with JIP aside from one minor marker thing I haven't fixed in CTF.

If you want to tear apart a mission and use it as a template, go ahead. If you have any questions about how to use a certain template, just ask me.

Other junk:
-All PvP missions have squad marker scripts with names
-All PvP have safezone protection, including a couple of experimental ones I'm fooling around with to further punish griefers. Still not perfect though.
-My coops all have respawn because I'm not as hardcore about those as others, not to mention insane amounts of enemies.
-Most C&H's support 64 players, a couple of CTF's do. I'm working on converting them all to support more--if it makes sense of course.
-Most C&H's have Blackhawk/Mi17 towing abilities, i.e. ability to hitch a light vehicle and airlift it into the field for support.

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