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Date: 2010-04-09 11:28

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ArmA Fence Generator

Another tool - fence (and any object type) sequence generator.

Unpack the archive and install the program by starting the executable.

0. Open visitor.
1. Create waypoint (WP) objects to setup your walls / fences, etc:
For each WP:
    * WP-object IS NOT FAKE OBJECT OF ANY TYPE, but real part of fence / wall sequence. For example, if you want to get wall, yo must to create wall object as WP. As a feature, you can setup different type for next WP-object and makes sequences like Wall-Wall-Door-Wall-Window-Wall.
    * Every WP-object cloning from current WP position to position of next WP. Copies rotates for Y-local axis as forward. If you see, that copies rotates invalid (90 degrees error), you must rotate WP-object on angle compensation (90 degrees usually). NOT ADDITIONAL, BUT ABSOLUTE! Direction of WP-object uses only for this.
    * Because stupid visitor cant correct export object size (exports size equals z coord - height), you must setup z-coord (height) as object size. For example, if wall section 5m long, you must setup height as 5.0.
2. Select WP-objects (ORDER IMPORTANT!) and export to txt-file.
3. Run tool with params (Run without to usage).
4. Import created file to visitor.

- Default angle = 90 degrees - there is not need to rotate walls, fences, etc.

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