Author: Foxhound
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.8 beta
Signed: No

Short description: This script simulates an AC130 and is singleplayer and multiplayer compatible!

Date: 2011-10-14 12:30

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AC130 Script


This script simulates an AC-130 in ARMA2.

You can use the script (v.0.6 and higher) only with Operation Arrowhead or ARMA2 + Operation Arrowhead (Combined Operations).
If you use ARMA2 standalone (v.0.5 or lower) you can only use the simple old FLIR instead of the new OAH FLIR (thermal view black and white).
You can use the script with and without the Addon(ldl_ac130.pbo).
New shells are only available for the Addon.

1.1 Put the @LDL folder into your ARMA2 folder and launch it with ARMA2.
1.2 There is an example mission called "AC130_v0_6_Addon.Zargabad". Put this
mission into your Arma 2 missions folder. (...\Documents\Arma 2\missions)
There are also example missions for the script version.

More info on how to use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems can be found in our FAQ.
When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

2. Script (not necesarry if you have the Addon)
2.1 Put the "AC130_v0_6_Script.Zargabad" or "AC130_v0_6_Script.utes" folder into
your Arma 2 missions folder. (...\Documents\Arma 2\missions)
2.2 Start Arma 2 and the editior. Load the mission and click "Preview".

Included .pbo files:

Online readme can be found here.


Known issues:
- Sometimes weird camera/gun behaviour when fixing the camera with Shift
- Script error in createParticleSource.sqf
- Infantry strobes are hardly visible with FLIR enabled
- Standard (not mando) hellfire is weak and rather useless

Credits & Thanks:
Uses Scripts:
- mando_angles.sqf v1.0 by Mandoble (
- setPitchBank.sqf by General Barron (;t=73312;&#top)

- Mandoble (mando missiles used for the UAV)
- Kremator, Cyborg11, Pele93, Uziyahu--IDF, 204 Kallisto, ademczuk, B1n4ry, UGLY58 (beta testing)
- swtx (sounds)
- kju (multiplayer scripting)
- =L2D=Curry (rearm script)

- Detailed online readme
- New AC-130 Mode: Only functional in MP with two players (COOP pilot/gunner), more stable and interactive (see readme)
- New designed HUD (with working buttons)
- When hit ESC the script won't terminate any more: a dialog with the options "close" and "continue" appears (
- Improved some functions, scripts and fixed some minor bugs f.e: AI delay via parameters didn't work
- Assign targets for AI AC-130 with Laser Marker is now possible (see readme)
- Shells for invisible AC-130 (lite AC-130) need more time to hit the ground
- Script uses new shells (thanks to B1n4ry)
- Fixed: Exiting the script with FLIR enabled and starting a new camera lead to the issue that the new camera had FLIR enabled
- Change camera modes with N is now possible
- Change the radius and height of the AC-130 in the map is now possible with a dialog window
- Rearming is only possible for a slow or standing AC-130
- Help dialog (F1 or H) redesigned

* Scripts now terminate correctly
* Fixed: Minor bugfixes, HUD indicators showed wrong values in attached mode
* Added: More options, LDL_actionsInGame, UAV Mapclicks, Rearm-Logic and function
* New Sounds for 25mm and 40mm, empty sound

* OA Standalone & Combined Operations support (ARMA2 standalone is no longer supported)
* Improved weapon system for the UAV
* New HUD
* MMA Missiles for the UAV (only if MMA is correctly initialized)

* Type of plane (and pilot) depends on the players faction now
* There is now a maximum / minimum height and radius
* Some code optimization
* Time is now shown formated: f.e: 00:02:00
* Fixing the camera on a target/position in exterior view now possible
* Plane stops changing height/radius immediately when released an arrow key

* Minimap
* Set height and radius in the map
* Delay for mapclick AC130 to arrive
* Marker for AC130 / AI AC130
* Fix camera on target (or position)
* Give AI AC130 orders
* New 25mm gun sound (still bad)
* Disable sound
* Optical zoom (BETA only for rotating AC130)

* Sound "amb07" was missing
* Slow down AI aiming
* Removed engine sound when calling mapclick AC130
* Limit the amount of times the mapclick can be called

LDL_options added:
* Delay for mapclick AC130 to arrive
* Sequence at startup
* Available mapclicks per player
* Disable sounds
* Enable optical zoom

- Added Ooperation Arrowhead FLIR
- Added Addon version
- Easy configuration for AC-130
- AI uses all guns now
- You can set a time how long the AC-130 is in the air
- Enable/disable Hud, Monitor, Vehicle squares, Infantry signals, Third person view...
- Added new shells (Addon only)

- Multiplayer support
- New HUD
- New particles
- Improved zoom (every weapon has its maximum zoom)
- AI controlled AC-130
- C-130J has gear up
- Shells are less accurate, more slowly and fly correct now
- Only one player can use the AC-130 at a time
- You can see when your weapon is reloading or empty
- If you activate the NVG FLIR will be turned off
- Simpler to set up the script

- Camera now flawless (even with ACE2. However if problems occur, please report)
- Starting the script from an existing C-130J as a pilot or copilot
- AC-130 is now able to fly to a new position (right-mouse)
- New sounds
- New crosshairs
- New controls
- ...

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