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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.1

Short description: This mission is to demonstrate the use of random aerial patrols.

Date: 2010-04-27 15:22

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cB Random Aerial Patrols

The patrol area is specified by a rectangular marker, where the randomly spawned aircraft will patrol within. There are both OPFOR and BLUFOR patrols to keep things interesting. Use the radio commands to teleport and camera functions. Now includes Odin's multi-faction random group code.

Use in the following way - place a Game Logic object down and put the following in the INIT line:
call{[rectMarker, spawnPos, spawnDelay(opt 600s default), faction(optional)] execVM "crB_scripts\crB_aerialPatrol.sqf";};
rectMarker - is the rectangular marker specifying the patrol area
spawnPos - the location where the aircraft will spawn (usually far out of sight)
spawnDelay - the delay between respawns if the patrol is disabled or destroyed (600s default)
faction - can be EAST, WEST, CIVILIAN, "USMC", "CDF", "RU", "INS", "GUE" or any factions available - see RandomGroup readme.

Here is a list of nifty components to be found in this mission.

Random Group Spawn code by Odin
- This piece of code has turned out to be the most important piece of my future mission making. Using GameLogic objects, this code will spawn random enemy groups of Infantry, Motorised, Mechanised, Armour and Air. In conjunction with Binesi's taskDefend and taskPatrol code, randomised mission making has never been simpler. Now includes multi-factions.

Credits and Thanks:
Random Group Spawn code by Odin
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- Added: Added BIS Functions module
- Changed: Updated crB_randomGroup script
- Changed: Updated crB_Teleport script
- Removed: Dependency on ACE

- Added: HideCorpses script to clean-up
- Added: West Aerial Patrol
- Added: Set ViewDistance to 2000
- Changed: Teleport and randomGroup scripts
- Changed: Method to detect disabled patrol
- Removed: Static Anti-Air
- Removed: Debug messages
- Removed: CreateCenter from randomGroup (setFriendly not set)

- Added: Multi-faction random group spawning to keep things interesting.
- Added: Optional delay parameter
- Added: Optional Faction parameter
- Changed: Uses crB_randomGroup.sqf to spawn vehicles
- Changed: Set AI skill to 1 for all vehicles
- Fixed: Now stays withing rectangular marker
- Fixed: Will respawn if crew bail from vehicle

- Initial Release

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