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Version: Build 08
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Date: 2010-04-30 13:41

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VF Ladder

When run, this addon adds options to the player's action menu to spawn ladders. These ladders can be used to climb onto rooftops and to enter any otherwise inaccessible part of the Arma II houses (e.g. balcony) or just to annoy your buddies. It is kind of a silly addon but it opened new perspectives on urban combat for me. There is just too many locked buildings around. Check out the Youtube link to get an idea about this addon.

Ladders can be:
    * Created (small and big type available)
    * Moved around until dropped by the player
    * Raised or lowered by 50cm at any time after being placed
    * Removed within 60 seconds after placing them
    * Flipped by 180 degrees to allow positioning as required
As we always recommend use one of the modfolder methods to launch it, check our FAQ to see how to do it.

Included .pbo files:


How to use:
Drop VFladder.pbo into your addons folder. During gameplay, press ESC, then press the VFladder button and the required entries will be added to your action menu. Now go and fool around with those ladders.
Tested in MP and SP.

build 08
- Added server keys (only required on clients but still)
- Player menu entries will be removed after 5 min idle period for VFladders (press ESC to start again)
- Slight code corrections

Build 04
* Initial Release

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- BI forums

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