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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras, Community Base addons
Island(s): Chernarus
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Version: 1.39W Beta5

Date: 2010-05-16 06:43

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Carl Gustaffa

More infantry oriented version of Domination, with highly specific roles.

Basic Features:
* Slot based equipment and weaponry. If you're not a SMAW guy, you won't get it. For "alone emergencies", some extras can be found in the ammo truck and engineers truck (salvage truck).

* You start "naked", carrying only the most basics of equipment. Where you start is where your "personal crates" are. None of this equipment will ever respawn. In addition to equipment and weapons, it also contains ammunition. If you exchange your weapon for an enemy weapon and leave yours behind, you have to take the consequence.

* It is more oriented toward the infantry job than anything else. Don't expect a ton of armor to fight. Makes it more fun to be infantry, and makes it a lot more survivable. For the same reason, in order to keep balance, you don't get any tanks or air units as rewards, as that would be overkill against the AI. Also tanks seem to be immune to createVehicle based artillery.

* Limited and sensible weapons and equipment selection, matching the class. This is not a mission where you can choose between anything in ACE. A machine gunner only gets M240 and M60 to choose from, as well as the basic rifles. Scopes are very scarce, and forget about the DMR as it leaves the true sniper our of a job.

* Updated weather system that tries to synchronize overcast (this is also in vanilla Domination), fog, rain, and wind. Overcast and fog are done in intervals and should be JIP friendly. Rain is changed in 30 second intervals based on input from the server where overcast is considered, but looped tightly enough to allow tiny amounts of rain without system over ruling it. Wind is done "somewhere in the overcast and fog cycle", and will be somewhat determined by wind. Dense fog usually occur at very low winds.

* Mission data can only be accessed within vehicles, or the deployed HQ in the base. It also have a LR radio, in case you are using A2T addon. Damn! TODO: Check if addon is present.

* All slots/roles have some sort of special weapons access, but most roles will have access to some of its ammo. Similarly, all slots/roles have some sort of drawback. I.e. on the default difficulty, only a few gets access to GPS. The sniper team actually never gets the GPS (they get their own MH6 recon chopper to compensate), as they are considered to be better trained and usually have better time on their hands to navigate the old fashion way, compared to those "in the heat". It is also a deterrent against the "typical sniper", that tend to not have a clue. The current GPS implementation also breaks some planned features not in yet (mortar targetting system). Will be reconsidered later when the new ACE GPS comes along.

* There are some new difficulty modes under the multiplayer parameter screen. GPS and NVG availability ("no NVGs" are particularly fun now, since also AI will be stripped), as well as how close the "mission objectives" (radio tower, camps) can be located towards the center. Mission area sizes are also increased greatly. You can expect enemy encounters up to a kilometer away from the target now. This makes a tactical play more easy to plan. However, due to the sheer size, you are no longer required to kill off everyone for a mission success. That would just take forever Finally, I've added some new mission locations.

* Many convenience aids removed, to make it "more serious". You may still teleport between the MHQs, but you'll have to park one of them in such a way that a benefit can be obtained. I.e. near the respawn flag in the base is an ammo crate that refills. Or put it near the C130 if you plan to do lots of parajumping in. But you can't have both. You have to choose between one of several "exploitable positions". Or take both to the field and rely on ferrying the new guys.

* With 120 second respawn delay, it should hurt more to die. I'm sick of those playing rambos since dieing doesn't matter.

* HALO and Combat Jumps from the C130, based on the chute you carry and if you have GPS. Also equipment drops will come by the C130, dropping some flares for good measure Forget HALO insertions unless you change the GPS difficulty setting. HALO is done now from high altitude, while the combat jump is done from low altitude. HALO can be started from two static green zones, while the Combat Jump can be done anywhere except the two red zones. Hopefully the reasons are obvious. None are as convenient as they were; HALO takes a long time, and Combat Jumps might require a good walk.

* A new radio system. If messages from HQ comes in, you won't be able to see them unless your squad leader carries a radio, or you're in a radio equipped vehicle. This radio works kind of like the A2TS addon.

* Ai will use artillery against you a lot more than before. AI will "share information" to the observers who will call it in. Now includes both artillery and mortar fire, depending on a lot of factors. They will use flares, smoke, coordinated illumination, spotrounds, and APICMs. Staying safe and slow behind cover is not so safe anymore. AI will anticipate where you will be when the rounds land, so move often, and change course, that will help you stay alive.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

It should be run on a dedicated server.

HQ Element, Tactical and Logistical planning and responsibility.
Platoon Commander - good old fashioned "RESCUE". Can call in artillery and rescue people.
Platoon Sergeant (FAC) - also "RESCUE2", but instead of artillery, gets ability to call in air drops etc (no free M119s though).

Army Assault Element, Alpha Assault and Bravo Support (M4, SMGs, no scopes, but flashlights and silencers).
1 Squad Leader - RTO and Stinger.
2 Team Leaders - M203.
2 Automatic Riflemen - M249, others may need to obtain extra ammo for these.
2 Engineers/Ammo Bearers - Wirecutters, explosives and M1014, and spare ammo for others.
2 AT Specialists - M136.
1 Combat Medic - vanilla healing (sorry, still feel vanilla healing is better than creating morphine addicts).

USMC Charlie Heavy Weapons, support from the rear (M16 scopes to better protect the closer squads).
1 Squad Leader - RTO and Stinger.
2 Grenadiers - M203 and M32 MGL.
2 Assaultmen - SMAW.
2 Machinegunners - M240 and M60.
2 Engineers/Ammo Bearers - Explosives (close protection only, not satchels), pluss ammo for others. Special vehicle. Can build a "wall" to protect the machinegunners, but no more free and endless MG ammo exploit.
1 Corpseman - vanilla healing (same reason as above).

Delta Sniper Team, recon specialists (no GPS, but have special MH6 chopper only they can fly).
1 Spotter - Typical spotter equipment, pluss extra sniper ammo. Can call in mortars.
1 Sniper - M40 and M107 with somewhat limited ammo. A lone sniper will not be a good shooter due to lack of ammo, so team up!

All teams will have "unique colors" in terms of smoke and chem lights, which should match the color coded vehicles and markers. Only squad leaders will have a marker shown, the rest have been removed.

Squad Leaders also function as "signal men", that means they get access to colored flares. But they have to give these to their team leaders when appropriate. But I don't expect many to play on this level (used if radio silence is part of the procedure).

I've tried to avoid beta2 features of ACE, such as the new radios etc. I'm aware of them (and they rock!), but I've tried to keep it v1 stable compatible.

As for "awards", I've tried to keep it similar but reversed. For side missions, you only get HMMWVs. This because all side missions have been updated to reflect less armor, and thus is far far easier than in vanilla. For main missions, you'll get anything else except jets, gunships, and heavy armor.

Note that all enemy vehicles except cars are locked. For realism reasons, it doesn't make sense that a regular grunt should drive around in enemy armor or planes. No commander in his right mind would allow such a thing.

For server difficulty settings, I reccommend turning off absolutely everything. There is no need for any of those helps. There are Stingers, but there are no Javelins that could lock onto wrong vehicle. Crosshairs doesn't make sense, same with 3rd person. Squad Diamonds could be tolerated, but turn them off if you use the group hud addon. I suggest starting with a relatively low enemy accuracy setting and going up from there, as the point of having no scopes is to get closer to the enemy and have some close up firefights.

Grass is forced on, but you can still choose the amount. Reason is that if you face a grass problem you should relocate instead of complain about it. This makes it the same problem for everyone. Grass remains an issue like in the real world, not something you can just turn off and completely ignore. Remember, most of the time, a real enemy remains invisible, even if not for the same reasons as in Arma. If grass is turned off (along with shadows which I cannot control), the concept of an invisible enemy is dead wrt close combat fighting.

If you want to "see" how the AI "thinks" wrt artillery, you can turn on debug mode in the multiplayer parameter screen. Some new markers will be placed on the map to understand what is going on. AI will have the same wait times as the players, except our mortar operator (spotter) will have reduced times. This artillery system is very similar to what I had in Dominatrix, except rewritten to FSM (my first real one!) to better follow the code. Expect varying incoming sounds (which is why the mission is so big, I wish they were available in ACE!), trails effects, and a burning flare effect similar to this. #lightpoint are used to get the intensities up, with custom descent rates and wind reaction (lacking in vanilla). Smoke will utilize ACE viewblocks, but although better than vanilla, it still have some problems (probably engine related) if you was already targeted (similar to how grass "block" works, I guess).

Oh, btw, the enemy reinforcement timer was changed, as I got sick of it at times. I might change it back later.

v1.39W Beta5
- Changed: For space reasons and WOUNDS version reasons, removed connection to specific Domination version, v1 is good enough.
- Added: On request, added stretchers to all squad trucks. WOUNDS version not required.
- Added: WOUNDS version. Everyone will get two bandages per crate, squad leaders the double, and medics a lot to give around. Morphine and epinephrine only for medics. Uses the module that prevents non medics from using epinephrine and morphine. So...
- Added: Due to WOUNDS, a hostpital in the base in case you don't have a medic around. Supersimple, just to test if it works. Unconscious players are now out of luck and will have to respawn. Ambulance has no practical function yet.
- Fixed: You should again get back what you had when you were killed.
- Changed: Radio range for automatically forwarded messages over group radio increased from 500m to 1000m to match a2t short range radio range. Also messages will come as yellow commandChat for radio carrier.
- Added: Charlie engineers gets new toys in big crate . Note that both roles needs to be occupied in order to make it work. These a not solo weapons, and teamplay is enforced this way to avoid spamming. Again, they will be lost forever if destroyed, so place them well.
- Changed: Some weather readout stuff, will now use Calm winds and Light and variable for very low winds.
- Fixed: Grass Cutter works again when Charlie Engineers creates a "fortification". Class name had been changed.
- Fixed: Better handling of the personal ammo crates at your starting position. Is setPos'd after creation, hopefully looks better and equal for all now. Also put in a grasscutter in the area.
- Changed: Squad trucks will be filled with M72s instead of M136s. MHQs still have the usual two, and I don't touch the 4 in the ammo truck, except giving it 12 more M72s. More than enough.
- Added: SPAS12 Shotguns for the Army "Engineer" classes, means only Alpha and Bravo gets them (and M1014). Can't really see their purpose in this mission though.
- Changed: Due to heavy weapons now available for Charlie Engineers, chances to get TOW, AA Pod, or or M119 at mission startup has been set to 60%, 35%, and 10% respectively.
- Removed: All traces of T90. Without tanks, planes and gunships combined with planned ARENA defense, the options of fighting them are extremely limited. You may still face T72s in counterattacks though.
- Changed: Respawn time for WOUNDS version set to 60 seconds, due to using ACE "poor mans revive" feature. Timer defaults to 300 seconds (60 available as startup option), but anyone trying to "cheat" and respawn instead will get punished by having to wait the full timer followed by a new respawn (added punishment is another death in the scoreboard, so there you have it ). Might be tough on lone players waiting for company on a persistent server.
- Changed: New AI artillery breakout oppurtunities. They will not use artillery if they have air units in the area, spotter was not class man, or if spotter dies during initial or adjustment "chatter".
- Fixed: Some issues in the radio system where you would get messages if you were dead or your radioman was dead. Not sure yet if this covers unconscious state. TODO: Check if it does.
- Fixed: HQ messages again shows up on the command channel for those who carries a west radio ruck. Was caused by checking against only a single radio, but now that we have more something needed to change.
- Fixed: Admins no longer able to unlock enemy vehicles. That was not the intended use for this Lockable/unlockable vehicles is defined in d_radiovehicles.
- Changed: Beta5 is archived, and contains two versions; regular ACE and ACE Wounds. The simple trigger in the base hospital will still be running in the non wounds version, just ignore it and use it's "Heal at" action instead.

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