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Requirements: Queen's Gambit Expansion, MAP misc
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Version: 0.92M

Date: 2009-05-09 08:18

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Dynamic War

Heavily based on Sanctuarys Dynamic War template with a mix of TACROD's CCE.

It comes in two versions:
    - ArmA version
    - Queen's gambit version

Disseminate the mission as you like, just credit me if you do or if you nick anything. Likewise a lot of this isn't my work,
I've just changed it to AA and to my taste so a credit to the original authors wouldn't go amiss either.

Please also read the end of this readme, there you will find a portion of the original Dynawar template readme.

Igor Drukov's blood script
ICP's rifle smoke
ColonelSandersLite's populate town script <--- currently disabled in the war on lag
Kronzky's UPS script <--- currently disabled in the war on variables
Vektorbosens Heli Dust
Bas Dodge script pinched from the Littlebirds addon although this may not be working (it is now)
Babalons Shock dust script
KRON_Strings suite <--- removed
Seconds' suppression pack
and probably others I am forgetting.

To use, extract into your Arma\Missions folder.

I'm not a member or associated with the DMA team I just feel it necessary to point this out to the people that haven't played OFP.

The focus and bulletcam scripts are merely little flourishes, I like them, I appreciate some people may not and state that they are not realistic, this is true. A slow-motion camera following a grenade into a group of bad guys is
bloody good fun though so, for the moment it stays.

With Dynamic War, I noticed that I can get to a point when reloading the saved game crashes ArmA. I found a sequence that seems to help with it (and it may help with tracking down the bug, too):

1. Play Dynamic War and regularly save your game. It seems that the larger the saved game is, there is a better chance for a crash.
2. When you get to a point where reloading the saved game crashes ArmA, make a copy of the saved game.
3. Restart ArmA.
4. Restart the Dynamic War mission. (The original saved game is lost, this is why you made the copy.)
5. Save the game.
6. Copy the backup of the original saved game over to the saved game that you saved in 5.
7. Reload the game.

At this point the game that originally crashed ArmA should be successfully reloaded (at least most of the time. Obviously this is not an exact statement, since a player cannot know the internal state of the game, but for me it seemed to work quite a few times. I did have some occasions when it didn't work, but a lot less.)

Note, that if you restart ArmA after a crash but skip steps 4-5 and try to reload the original game, ArmA will crash. It seems that saving the mission in a correct state helps in reloading a previous saved game.

Additional note: I saw this same problem with several other missions. In every case, the above steps seem to help, so my guess would be that the problem is loading the island/mission information along with the saved game. Loading a game works when the island/mission is already in memory and the current mission was saved once.

Known issues:
There's a bit of lag at the start of the mission while everything gets initialised.

Missiles can take a while to arrive and the further you are away from the Batteries the less accurate they get. I take
responsibility for this, could be I'm not using them properly.

Tanks are spawned from the satellite bases, again the further you are away the longer they take to arrive.

Choppers are spawned from the main base, againthe further you are away the longer they take to arrive. Also, they don't always
seem to engage ground targets, but they do distract the enemy sometimes!

The savegame is unreliable and may cause CTD's. I would suggest keeping backups of any savegames: "My Documents\Arma\YourName\
saved\missions\dynamish.sara" and reverting back if it fails. Although it's much better since 0.91f, it's still wise to keep backups of the games that are going well, just in case...

Please refrain from using effects mods with this mission, I am treading a fine line with the amount of variables and some of these
mods increase this number. This WILL cause CTD's loading a mission, most likely when ArmA is restarted

Also, previous savegames from older versions WILL cause issues. Please restart the mission completely when using a new version.

Change log:
Show more:

DYNAMIC WAR 1.0 SP TEMPLATE -version west

Basis : Counter Insurgency 2.3 from TacRod ported to Malden island then totally reworked
by Sanctuary.

Concept : A template for mission maker
this template is delivered functional and ready to be modified by user wanting to put units they want, replacing what they need, porting to other islands and modify the features to their liking.
As a bonus it is already playable by anyone in this actual state.

Porting this template to other island is child's play.
Replacing units or weapons need the user to know their classnames and have some basic scripting modification knowledge.
Modifying features require more advanced scripting knowledge.

In this state this template is made for Single Player, to use a similar concept (with different features and scripting though) in multiplayer for coop, look for the Coin COOP Engine from TacRod.

Original idea of this system by TacRod

Legal disclaimer:
This is an unofficial mission. You knowthe drill - use at your own risk!

Failing to read this does not give you any right to ignore the following.

DMA's rules for usage of DMA missions, as well as clarify some points.

please seek permission from a DMA member (Honchoblack, TacRod or Sanctuary) before releasing a mission based on DMA work.
No need of permission request to release a mission based on a DMA template (do not confound missions and template in that case)

people may NOT release modified versions of modified DMA missions . For example, if someone makes a modification of Dynamic Afghanistan called Dynamic 'Nam, people may not modify and release Dynamic 'Nam.

TacRod Coin Coop Engine and Sanctuary's Dynamic War template are tools for mission makers to make their own dynamic missions.
We would like to encourage people to release missions based on these systems (when released). The one thing we would request is that the mission maker makes significant enhancements (eg. new mission types, new campaign elements, etc).
A simple port of units/island is not enough for a release .

We do not wish to discourage people from modifying our work, but we do ask that people respect the amount of time and effort that we have invested and do not release a simple port that would have only the island as different.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of DMA.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to:
    Tacrod, Sanctuary and the DMA team
    Macguba for some of the readme stuff
    The Biki
    The official forums
    OFPEC, when it's online ;)
    Bootleg soldier for some brainstorming
    Big and El nino Foxhound of for providing the mirror
    Firecontrol for the showradio tip

    Special thanks to Orlok for some brainstorming and beta testing beyond the call of duty
    Special thanks to troop for some brainstorming and beta testing beyond the call of duty
    Special thanks to Froggyluv for beta testing beyond the call of duty
    Special thanks to Kronzky for helping out with some editing questions, mostly how to find the variable count
Beta Testers:
    Bootleg soldier
    Intro Music by: DJ Krush
    In Game Music by: Renholder (Underworld soundtrack) String tribute to Tool
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- MAP misc

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