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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.992 beta
Signed: Yes

Short description: This is a beta release of the Main Force Police units for the upcoming post-apocalyptic island Jade Groove.

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Date: 2010-06-03 11:38

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MFP & Raiders Units

MFP (Main Force Patrol): The crumbling remnants of the government created a tiny, underfunded group of special highway patrol officers (MFP) to try and restore order to the Jade Groove highways. They use fast Interceptor II cars. Their area of operations is all over the island, but they like to be near their HQ in Justice Port (SW of the map).
- MFP Captain (MFP_Captain)
- MFP Patrolman (MFP_Patrolman)
- MFP Medic (MFP_Medic)
- Car (Plymouth Roadrunner MFP Interceptor)

RAIDERS: the largest gang on island. They are terrorizing the already scarce local population, vandalizing property and stealing fuel and vehicles. They love to scavenge and they hate cops (MFP). They use custom-upgraded V8 cars that can cope with fast MFP police vehicles. Their HQ is in Dogtown (SE of the map).
- Raider Leader (Raider_Leader)
- Raider Bandit(Raider_Bandit)
- Raider Medic (Raider_Medic)
- Car (Plymouth Roadrunner Stolen & Repainted)

CRAZIES (AI only): they lost everything and don't trust anyone anymore. They open fire on anyone approaching them. They wear old civilian clothes and use various personal weapons to protect their lives.
- Crazy Loner (CrazyLoner)

IceBreakr is from Slovenia, Europe. He's been active in gaming community since 1997 working on several total conversions and mods. He joined GT Interactive (later acquired by Infogrames) to finish up two titles on Duke3D engine. Later he put his passion to level design on Source engine with Kuma, LLC on titles such as KumaWar and KumaWar 2 and couple other mods. His true passion is now running his own mil-sim team/community and creating open worlds such as Bohemia's ArmA & ArmA 2 engines. This website now features two such projects / islands. Try them, they are FREE and a gift to BIS Community.

As we always advice use mod folders to keep your mods organized and to prevent errors in the future.
Check our FAQ for a clear explanation.
Be sure to delete any previous versions prior to the installation!

Included .pbo files:

Credits & Thanks:
IceBreakr (heightmap, textures, placement, research)
El Diablo (object templates, ideas & research)
Berghoff (great cacti & bush vegetation pack, included with his permission)
IceWindo (Raider model and Crazy Loner, based on Sahrani A1 Civilians converted to A2)
Sigma-6 (MFP & Raiders car model)
CSJ (Gyrocopter pack, permission to include it with island)
PeterGrozni (ideas, help)
RStratton (config help)
Sgt.Elias (config & sound help, Interceptor car)
ANZACSAS Steve (config & sound help, Interceptor car)
Special thanks to all beta testers, without you this project just wouldn't be the same. Thank you: SBP Team, Maj Z., Minimalaco, and others. And last but not at least: to Bohemia Interactive Studio crew for making ArmA 2 and their continuous support and dedication!

Dead3yez the author of turbo speed script used by both sides' cars.
Maj Z. did the wooden jump ramp.
Also thanks to all the testers, especially SBP Team.

Thanks go to: IceWindo (conversion, model), BIS (original model) and Lennard(skin template)

- fixed bug with rvmat error
- added Jade's Freedom Fighters (jade_ff) group under Independent.
Classes: ibr_jadeff_officer, ibr_jadeff_rifleman, ibr_jadeff_rpg, ibr_jadeff_mg, ibr_jadeff_medic, ibr_jadeff_saboteur
- added Kassfort Survivor (unarmed) under Independent (ex-Raider). Class: jadesurvivor

- added CSJ's gyrocopters to island units pack (along with MFP, Raiders & Plymouth Roadrunner car)!
- improved Raider Leader texture skin (leather belt)
- upgraded sounds for Roadrunner car (tnx to ANZACSAS Steve)
- included Gyrocopters (tnx to CSJ)

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- BI forums

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