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Requirements: Arma 2, Cold War Rearmed², Cold War Rearmed² - British Armed Forces Expansion, Cold War Rearmed² - Royal Netherlands Army Expansion, Community Base Addons
Island(s): Eden
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.1

Date: 2013-07-30 11:13

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CWR2 Operation Lumberjack Hill


The two formerly independent Baltic islands of Everon and Malden have been invaded by renegade soviet general A. Guba in response of the uncertain situation in Soviet Union, surely some soviet generals like him are attempting a coup against reformist president M. Gorbachev. Royal Netherlands troops have already landed in the island with the purpose to seek and destroy a radar installation, a radio beacon plus other soviet army installations. Unfortunately the strike have been poorly planned, with the result the Royal Netherlands Army unit involved is lacking of logistic support and is actually pursued by superior enemy forces and hammered by artillery, well concealed on the top of the strategical Lumberjack Hill.
You will have direct control over a squad of US SOF of the Green Berets tasked to give support to the Dutch unit pinned down around Saint Pierre. CAS will be carried out by a AH-1 Cobra and an A-10 Wharthog. A British airborne platoon will reinforce your unit during the second phase of the mission. You have to lead and coordinate a retaliatory strike against the garrison that held an area of the Baltic island of Everon, that is under soviet control. NATO HQ don't know if the past strike against the two islands is the beginning of an invasion and WWIII, or worse a deadly mistake of soviet planners with unpredictable consequences.

Extract the pbo file(s) to your .\ArmA2\Missions (installation) folder.

This file will replace completely the old mission made years ago with P85 addons.

- Arma 2
- Cold War Rearmed²
- Cold War Rearmed² - British Armed Forces Expansion
- Cold War Rearmed² - Royal Netherlands Army Expansion
- Community Base Addons

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