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Requirements: CAA1 project, Pedagne Mod, Pedagne Mod Hotfix, SLA Pack
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Version: 1.1

Date: 2010-06-12 08:16

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Pedagne Mod Mini-Mission Pack 3

Third mission pack for Pedagne Mod units involved in the Sahrani conflict of 2007. The conflict is going better on US/RACS side as some reinforcements came from the USMC expeditionary force and USAF units as well as some tiny
contingents from NATO countries (Italy, UK, France, Germany etc...) that joins the US/RACS coalition.

1 - Corazol Raid: A unit of the IXth Rgt Col. Moschin of the italian army (SF Paracommandos) lead the Coalition strike against the well defended city of Corazol; who takes this strategically important town of the Sahrani Kingdom have an open door to the North Republic.

2 - GOI Raid Operation Eagle's nest: The GOI (Gruppo Operativo Incursori) are the heirs of the Italian Navy WWII raiders, specialised in naval sabotage
and other special operations, are the best SpecOp unit of italian armed forces.
Recently SLA Air Corps have received a couple of russian built Su-30, these fighters are based on the SLA airstrip of Pita, and must be destroyed before
they become a nightmare for our naval pilots, equipped with AV-8B light attack aircraft.
The saboteurs unit will come from the sea at night, and will be lead by GOI elements together with their cousins, the US Navy SEALS.

3 - Alcazar Strike: The coalition with the welcome help of some NATO elite units have broken through the SLA frontline and are going to seize the capital Bagango. Aware that they are losing the war, SLA High ranks are organising a non conventional war after the defeat on the battlefield, the militia have been mobilized and SLA elite troops are preparing weapons caches and strongholds in the densly forest mountainous area north of Bagango.
A mountain paratrooper squad of the Mte Cervino Rgt (Mountain Paratroopers - Ranger unit of the Italian army Mountain Bde) will be ferried on the mountains
by an AB-412, with the task of seek and destroy SLA militia and Escapas weapons caches and strongholds, before it's too late and the Iraq nightmare becomes a realilty in Sahrani.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.

- CAA1 project
- Pedagne Mod
- Pedagne Mod Fix
- SLA Pack

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