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And.......we are back!!!
We are happy to open our new website for the community again. It really was a lot of work and we have spend countless hours making the site ready for launch this weekend.
Although we hoped we would manage to go "live" on sunday it was just to much work to manage, so with a small delay, here we are!!

The Armaholic website is now running a new CMS, we have updated the entire website which includes the structure, the skin and the content. We are not going to list here what has been changed, as we are sure you will notice all the little and big new additions and tweaks soon enough while browsing the new website.

We would like to thank everyone who made this move possible and helped us during the process, I personally would like to thank my fellow admin Big who put so much work and effort into this new website and put up with my annoying requests over and over again, thanks mate!!!
And don't let me forget Sunraa who I can always bother with my questions about the server we are using to run Armaholic, if its running without issues praise him, if its down blame yourstruly!
Of course also the entire Armaholic staff we thank a lot for continuing to help us making Armaholic the best place to be!
  • Dead3yez - who is already with us for years, thanks for all your help mate!
  • tom_48_97 - thanks to his support with the server we can offer the community all files without problems.
  • Leopard - one of our newsposter, running along with us for a long time, thanks for everything!
  • Nightrain - recently joined the staff and has been a great help since, thank for everything.

We have done our best to make sure everything is working like it should, there still are some small things to be done so if you encounter anything not working please be so kind to inform us about it in this topic. Of course you are also very welcome to leave us your feedback, both positive and negative. We are looking forward to read what the community thinks of this website upgrade and where we can improve the work done even further.

We would also like to thank the following people in particular for their help with the new website:
  • Alex72 - for his graphical work, you will see the pictures he made for us in the news items. Thanks mate!
  • tom_48_97 - for his graphical work for the new website. He made the header and some other pictures all around the website.
  • NoQuarter - for all his help on the test site, giving us feedback and bug reports.
  • W0lle - for all his help on the test site, giving us feedback and bug reports.
  • Grimfist - for his help on the test site, giving us feedback and bug reports.
  • kju - for his help on the test site, giving us feedback and bug reports.
  • Leo Lems of - for his help with some coding troubles.
  • Para - who's friend helped us with some coding troubles, beer is coming to Croatia in August!.
  • All other testers and people I forgot - thank you all for the help.

Now, get out there, browse the site and let us know what you think. I am openeing a beer here to celebrate the release!
Armaholic staff

Written on 2010-06-21 11:09 by Armaholic  

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