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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: This software automatically backups your work

Date: 2010-06-22 07:59

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What this software does:
  • - Keep your sources under backup, by recreating the real project structure of your work. The application will explore your project structure every X minutes (configurable) and save all modified files into your backup folder, keeping original file path (under backup folder).
  • - Works on a customizable set of extensions, starting by the project root folder
  • - Supports Oxygen and Visitor3 projects (concurrently), but can be used to keep safe your missions too, by configuring the right root folder and extensions (Oxygen or Visitor3 window can be used at your choice).
  • - Files are organized in folders by date / time. No renaming will be done on the files.
  • - Only updated files will be copied. By making a backup folder copy over your project folder you can rollback the situation.
  • - First save of the day will be FULL (every file on the configured extensions list will be saved). Subsequent backups will be only relative to changed files.
  • - MANUAL save will be FULL in any case.
  • - This application does not replace your daily full backup. Do it on different devices, usb keys and keep them away from lightning, ants, hurricanes, earthquakes and your childrens!
  • - Audible reminders (configurable) that inform you 1 minute before, 15 seconds before and just after backup operation.
  • - Right click menu on systray bar for fast start/stop/manual backups.
To all Oxygen users:
I've worked on simulated environment. Please do some testings and let me know before i'll release to the extended community outside of there. Thank you in advance.

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