Takistani Training Base Template by Bryce23
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Bryce23 has released his Takistani Training Base Template on the BI forums.

Quote Bryce23 :
I have completed work on my new Training base. The main base is at the airport in southern Takistan. There is also a FOB located near the center of the map. The purpose for this is to help with group training or to just hone your skills and the ranges. I also intended for this to be a template for mission makers so they can have a realistic base or FOB in their mission without having to spend time creating one. I have also made 4 optional objectives with live enemies. They can be completed in almost any way. So this is perfect for ex, a clan that wants to train new recruits or do some practice. Everyone begins unarmed as you are on a guarded base. But there is no shortage of firepower at your disposal.

It is completely up to the player to decide what to do. You can stay at base doing some target practice or fly an Apache and do some live combat missions. Or if you plan on just practicing without any "live missions", i have designed the Main base and FOB so you can drive/fly between the two without taking enemy contact.All US Army vehicles are included as well as all weapons. Only blufor weapons can be found at the marker "equipment" but every weapon can be found at the armory. I have also included a base re spawn and the medical module is also active. This is playable in single player or multiplayer.The possibilities of what you can do in this training base/mission/template are endless and i hope it will be useful to everyone.

Written on 2010-07-03 19:42 by Bryce23  

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