Coop mission : ORC - Operation Silent Blade by Soucy

Soucy has submitted his first mission for Operation Arrowhead.

Quote Soucy :
You are part of the 9th Infantry Division - Alpha Company. Ever since the US-led invasion of Takistan 4 days ago the Takistani Army has
been falling apart. Recruitment has swelled but the more they send to the front, the more they lose. When the invasion launched we took a back seat, we were ordered to flank the enemy and cut off any retreating soldiers.

Well we have done that and are now sitting down in a nice village on the north side of the country. The locals say the enemy have no clue were here, lets hope so, we have nothing to deal with a large enemy assault.

But anyway, the enemy have setup a radio station in the town of Nagara to help them prepare from the battles as they move closer.

We also have heard about a recruitment center that has been having alot of new recruits going through. Command wants it taken out.

Finally, we will be getting known, we are also being tasked to launch a assault on the enemy northern airfield, the last airfield in all of Takistan. Once that's ours, the enemy will have no choice but to give up.

We better be ready cause this is going to be a long day.

Written on 2010-07-03 20:52 by Big  

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