Author: AAD10c Pete
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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core, Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras, Community Base addons
Island(s): Chernarus
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Version: 1.3

Date: 2010-07-23 13:14

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Operation Black Friday
AAD10 Pete

This is a typically special force mission. In the morning, the Russian captured an US carrier and have taken several hostages. Among other people an admiral. First, you have to conquer an island. After follow the track of the enemies. Search and free the missing hostages. For that you have to go through an Odysee of conquering troop camps and airports in Tschernarussia. As soon as you have freed all hostages, leave the area by evac chopper.

The key to success in this mission is teamwork.

- Happens in Tscherniarussia
- Coop mission for 10 players at maximum
- Camera sequences
- Dynamic written communication with Crossroad
- Dynamic generation of further tasks
- Find and free the hostages
- Find and free the admiral especially
- Evacuation by helicopter
- Respawn possibility
- Language: English
- Conquer troop camps and airports
- Use a Ka-52 and a Mi-8 to fulfill the mission
- The enemies are going to execute the hostages as soon as they are aware of your close presence
- Use flashbangs to free the hostages

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\MPMissions folder.

- Intro, Admiral and EvacChopper problems fixed

- JIP communication problem fixed

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- BI forums

- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - Core
- Advanced Combat Environment 2 - eXtras
- Community Base addons

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