Coop mission : Virtual TrainingSpace for Operation Arrowhead updated

L etranger released a new version for the Operation Arrowhead version of the Virtual TrainingSpace in the BI forums.

  • Fixed loading loadout on a shop with some item not in store would bug sometime.
  • Brush should now be able to select plane & ship up to 5000 meters of altitude / depth .
  • Delete should now be able to delete plane & ship up to 5000 meters of altitude / depth.
  • Take control should now be able to take control up to 5000 meters of altitude / depth.
  • Improved mouse over: When an unit in a group is a player, its name is displayed instead of the classname.
  • Fixed: Right Shift now also work for 3D Spawning & 3D displacement (to reduce rotation & height speed).
  • Improved GM interface opening process: Opening GM UI should be faster, better and stronger.
  • Revive fix: Workaround to stop people able to get up or reload even after behind injured.
  • Fixed Tasks manager: Tasks updating would bug if a player changed class or GM used take control.
  • AI Micro management improved: Not moving AI units will now cover & better hold territory when alerted.
  • AI Micro management improved: AI units doing small distance patrols (under 150m of travel) will now cover & hold territory when alerted.
  • Improved Fill cargo function: Will now create a driver of another group from the cargo group, if the vehicle is empty.
  • Fixed Plane spawn: Maned Plane would not get the right velocity on spawn
  • Improved Transport unload: Now paradrop AI vehicle cargo if it's an Aerial vehicle flying above 125 meters.
  • Fixed: Shop content of Resistance side & Civilian sides were not sync between GM & Players
  • Fixed: Spectating camera not aiming at the correct height when a unit is not on the same height as ground.
  • Improved: Payers > respawn, should now also teleport inside the base , if the base is in different height than the ground.
  • Fixed: sometime in 3d spawning, object where jumping before beeing spawned
  • New feature: Unit properties (which can also be applyed to the unit group) allow to change damage, ammo, fuel, stance etc of specific units .
  • Improved: Saving loadout & loadout name, now also save profile next to avoid potential lose due to game crash.
  • Fixed: Dead & Unconcious players could be able to open shop or change class in base.
  • Fixed: Deads player were able to get up in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Shops are no more accessible before the game data are loaded.
  • Modified shortcut: Del, now only remove dead objects under the brush. (to avoid miss usage)
  • New shortcut: Shift + Del & Ctrl + Del, now delete all objects under the brush. (more secure)
  • Improved: When using Respawn and have no life left, if ACRE is used player will be swaped in spectator.
  • Improved: Unit spawn selection listing is now sorted on alphabetical order
  • Improved: Shops now display your class special ability

Written on 2013-07-08 13:42 by L_etranger  

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