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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: This script will have the AI look around instead of just looking in one direction.

Date: 2010-07-13 18:22

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Simple Guard Patrol Script
Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS]

This script will have the AI look around instead of just looking in one direction.
Putting this on a searchlight really add to the immersion during night missions.
You may set the range of degrees for the guarding unit. It is also possible to set behaviour, stance, hight range and delay.

To run with default settings, just put this in the units init line:
nul = [this] execVM "GuardPost.sqf"

There are some optional settings. The format for these are:
nul = [unit, range, behaviour, stance, up/down, delay] execVM "GuardPost.sqf"
If you only put [this] the default settings will be used, they look like this:
nul = [this, 240, "SAFE", "AUTO", false, 1] execVM "GuardPost.sqf" 

The scanning range of the unit , 0 to 360 degrees. The unit will keep it's original direction as middle and scan.
So if you have a guard with azimut 0, and want it to scan 180 degrees - the unit will be looking between
270 and 90 degrees (90 degrees in each direction).
[i]Example:[/i] nul = [this,180] execVM "GuardPost.sqf"

Set the starting behaviour of the unit. Possible settings are CARELESS, SAFE, AWARE, COMBAT, STEALTH.
If you want the unit to have his weapon rested while looking, set it to SAFE. If you want the unit to aim while
looking set it to "COMBAT". You must use quotations.
[i]Example:[/i] nul = [this,180,"COMBAT"] execVM "GuardPost.sqf"

You may force the unit to stay in a certain stance with this setting.
Possible settings are:
UP - the unit will keep standing even when being shot at. Good for towers.
MIDDLE - the unit will stay kneeling. Good for units behind standard sand bag walls.
DOWN - the unit will stay in prone position. Good for snipers etc.
AUTO - the unit will change stance according to the situation.
[i]Example:[/i] nul = [this,180,"COMBAT","UP"] execVM "GuardPost.sqf"

By default the unit will look straight forward. By setting this to TRUE you can have it look upward aswell, on rooftops, hills etc.
This is very good for search lights, since they will cover a much greater area and also scan for choppers.
Possible setting are TRUE or FALSE
[i]Example:[/i] nul = [this,180,"COMBAT","UP",true] execVM "GuardPost.sqf"

The unit wait a short moment before changing direction. Here you may enter the shortest amount of time you want for this delay.
The unit will then wait between this value and the value + 10 seconds. If you want it to wait between 10 and 20 seconds you enter this...
[i]Example:[/i] nul = [this,180,"COMBAT","UP",true, 10] execVM "GuardPost.sqf"

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