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Requirements: No addons required
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Version: 1.03

Date: 2007-04-23 14:09

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Main objective of mission is to clear airport from enemy presence. But as already you know, we can't drop you there directly. We send two squads: Strike Team Alpha and Special Force Team Bravo. First you need to clear Rashidah village.

Be aware of possible counterattack! After you burn out tanks, wait in village for Strykers (they will transport you to danger zone). If you need - rearm, ammocrates are waiting for you. Strategy of attack is based on mix of infantry, tanks and air support. Strike Team and SF Team should secure road. Two additional squads will attack from east.

If our first wave of tanks fail, we will call for air support and another tanks from Paraiso. Note that Spotter can call artillery strike from hill.


  • Clear Rashidah from enemy presence.
  • Take role in combined assault and clear airport.
  • Blow up radar.
  • Go to BMP Park and erase them using satchels.

  • intensive combat
  • Spotter can call artillery
  • support form air and land
  • 2 squads, which one is typical strike team, and second is special force team
  • 30 seconds respawn

Author's note:
Play both squads to complete all required objectives.

Extract the put pbo file to your MPmissions folder

BIS Forums topic:
- Link.

- Fixed: Respawn script error - mission ends if all players killed
- Fixed: Some German texts if mission failed
- Fixed: Rashidah objective completed but there's still enemy
- Changed: Strykers can assist you in assault - just clear tanks and BMP's

- Fixed: Strykers arrive but the waypoint remains in waiting mode
- Fixed: Triggers activated by AI earlier than player reach drop zone
- Fixed: M1A1 crash
- Fixed: AI trying to shoot down Mi-17

- Added: RHIB near the beach
- Added: M107 to Spotter
- Added: Urban Patrol Script by Kronzky
- Added: AI disabled to description.ext (due the some possible AI dumb ideas)

Known issues:
There is small chance that only one Stryker will arrive to village...

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