AAS gamemode : Advance and Secure v1.14 for Operation Arrowhead

As reported on Cat Toaster just released Version 1.14 of the official "AAS for Operation Arrowhead Mission-Pack". One of the main reasons for this release are 14 new missions (plus the 16 of V1.13 makes 30 total now!). We also use some of the latest Features of the latest 1.54 OA-Update and BAF-(Lite)Content like Artillery (Drill Bill) and Shapur (Shapur Showdown). Also we finally really removed FLIR from all vehicles with this Release of AAS in an consistent and JIP-Safe state and the Medic Revive ability is brought back to live again without the requirement of using Beta-Patches.

These are the changes in V1.14:
  • Thermal View disabled in AAS on Vehicles that gave Blue an unfair advantage
  • Medic Revive working again
  • Removed M203s from Mk16 GL TWS to balance it a bit more with Reds counterpart AK74 Goshawk that has no GL
  • Removed BetaCMAG 100Rnd Mags from Ammo-Crate to avoid usage with Assault-Rifles
  • Added Nightvision-Sniper-Rifles (Sniper-Class)
  • Changed Vehicle Respawn-Delay from 30s to 60s (Default)
  • Changed Default Friendly-Tag Display-Range from 500m to 1000m
  • Exchanged Binoculars with Target Designator/Rangefinder/Lasermarker-Thingy with FLIR and NV (Recon-Class)
  • Fixed Custom Loadouts (Loading a Custom-Loadout without having one saved before won´t let you end up being naked anymore)
  • 14 new AAS-Missions including Patch 1.54 Shapur and Artillery-Support (Drill Bill)
  • Several Bugfixes
  • Tons of Mission-Fixes

Please note: Only Hosts/Modders/Mission-Designers need to download Releases. No Addons are required, not even Arma2! Operation Arrowhead patched to V1.54 is all you need to run this.

For Feedback and Suggestions please visit the AAS-Project Space at Dev-Heaven or the Advance and Secure-Forums.

This Project still needs a Coder and dedicated Supporters! Visit to get in Touch with Project Manager Cat Toaster.

Written on 2010-08-29 08:51 by Big  

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