Author: Clayman
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.3
Signed: No

Short description: Addon to play music from the game or custom music while driving any vehicle.

Date: 2010-07-18 12:49

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Car Radio

Addon to play music from the game or custom music while driving any vehicle.

# Fully working Car Radio for all cars and trucks in ArmA2
# All ArmA2 musictracks already included
# Add as many own musictracks as you wish
# Filteroptions InGame / own music
# Repeat Funtcion
# Random play
# 12-color display
# 7-color softkeys
# Two designs
# Output Level depending on your soundcard / speakers

Copy the two folders @CLAY_CarRadio and userconfig to your ArmAII directory.
Add the startup parameter -mod=@CLAY_CarRadio to your ArmAII shortcut. (Or use an ArmAII Launcher of your choice!)

Check our FAQ for a clear explanation how to use modfolders.

Included files:

An example mission showing you how to add your own music and how to add additional vehicle types can be found here:
- Demo mission

Read the included readme file for detailed instructions how to use this radio and how to add your own music!

Known Bugs:
* Clicking on the next (>>) or previous (<<) keys very fast might result in the timer not working correctly.
* Drag & Drop in Playlist Editor only works to add tracks to your own playlist. You can't remove tracks this way nor can you sort your playlist.

Change log:
- All Operation Arrowhead musictracks added
- Added missing musictracks from Patch 1.05 (Eagle Wing)
- Fixed: Some buttons didn't work after leaving Playlist Editor via Cancel button
- Car Radio can now be found under Modules (F7) and has a custom icon

- Drag & Drop Function for Playlist Editor
- Create your own pre-defined Playlist (in userconfig .hpp)
- No additional variables have to be used if not needed
- Define vehicle types which don't have the radio available
- Optional tooltips for most buttons

- Adding own music will work now
- Add additional vehicle types which have the radio available
- Playlist editor
- Main functions of the radio can be accessed via keyboard

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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