Author: Tophe
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.01

Short description: This script will fill crates and vehicles with equipment

Date: 2011-02-12 08:39

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Universal Crate Filler
Tophe of Östgöta Ops [OOPS]

This script will fill crates or vehicles with weapons, ammo and equipment.
It is universal so you can set it to fill the crate with an optional amount of BLUFOR or OPPFOR weapons, magazines and equipment.
Also you can choose to use weapons from Arma2, Arrowhead, BAF, PMC or all.

Remember that some containers have limited space.

To run with default settings, just put this in the units init line:
nul = [this] execVM "crateFiller.sqf"

There are some optional settings, the format for these are:
nul = [this, "side", "game", refill, amount weapons, amount magazines, amount equipment] execVM "crateFiller.sqf"

If you only put [this] the default settings will be used, they look like this:
nul = [this,"west","all",false,30,75,30] execVM "crateFiller.sqf"

Set from which side you want to add equipment.
You must put this in quotations. Default is West.
  • "west"
  • "east"
  • "all"
nul = [this,"east"] execVM "crateFiller.sqf"

Set from which game configurations you want to add weapons.
  • "all" - Both Arma 2 and Arrowhead
  • "arma" - Only Arma 2 equipment
  • "oa" - Only Arrowhead equipment (including baf & pmc)
  • "baf" - Only BAF equipment
  • "pmc" - Only PMC equipment
  • "user" - Only user defined arrays (*more info further down)
nul = [this,"east","AO"] execVM "crateFiller.sqf"

If you want to it to refill every 5 minutes set this to TRUE, if
you want it to fill up only once set this to FALSE.
  • TRUE - Refill every 5 minutes
  • FALSE - Fill up once.
nul = [this,"east","AO",FALSE] execVM "crateFiller.sqf"

Amount of Weapons, Magazines and Equipment:
Set the the amount in that order.
This example will add 10 of each weapon, 50 magazines and 5 of each equipment (binocular, NV's etc.)
 nul = [this,"east","AO",FALSE,10,50,5] execVM "crateFiller.sqf"

In the script there are four empty arrays to use for user defined weapon loadouts:
_user_weapons_west = [];
_user_magazines_west = [];
_user_weapons_east = [];
_user_magazines_east = [];
These allows the mission maker to add custom loadouts.
The user defined arrays are activated when the option game is set to user.

Change log:
- Completely rewritten
- Added BAF and PMC
- Added support for User Defined Loadouts
- Fixed MP bug

- Completely rewritten
- Added BAF and PMC
- Added support for User Defined Loadouts

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