Campaign : Joint Operations by Kruger

Kruger released a new version of this mini campaign in the BI forums.

  • Player can now order the convoy to start and stop at will on "A Long Road ahead"
  • Made some changes to the FOB for easier AI movement
  • The Apache will not leave the convoy on "A Long Road ahead"
  • Added 3Rifle UK backpacks to weapon selection
  • Added Colt 1911 Sidearm to weapon selection
  • Added FGM-148 Javelin to weapon selection
  • Made changes to "Coalition Assault"
  • Reduced the amount of triggers & made missions more script based for better performance
  • Added introduction to "Coalition Assault"
  • Added new campaign outro with voice acting
  • Added UKF ammunition crates to all FOB's
  • Integrated the new UKF weapons into the campaign
  • New loading screens
  • Updated weapon selection screen on all missions
  • Made small changes to "On Patrol in Takistan"
  • Fixed sometimes you couldnt hear the Frontline Combat Footage introduction from Joe Harris on "The Ultimate Betrayal"
  • Added custom music to "Warzone"
  • Made small changes to "Warzone"
  • Added Random house patrol script to "Joint Operations"
  • Added Random house patrol script to "A Long Road Ahead"
  • Added Random house patrol script to "On Patrol In Takistan"
  • Added Random house patrol script to "The Ultimate Betrayal"
  • Made enemy locations more random on all missions
  • Refined and tweaked all missions

Written on 2010-08-07 20:04 by Big  

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