Campaign : John - A Rambo Medley by Mondkalb updated

j_frost informed us Mondkalb released an updated version of his singleplayer campaign John - A Rambo Medley for Arma 2: Combined Operations.
The campaign focuses on stealth. This campaign features many new things never before been used in a campaing or even ArmA2.

    Quote Mondkalb :
    Your name is John and you're being sent to Chernarus to find and destroy enemy SCUDs. But soon everything comes the way least expected. (Okay... the average Rambo-Fan may know what is going to happen.)
    This is not a recreation of any of the Rambo-movies.
    The campaign focuses on stealth and solving little riddles, although violence is always an option.
    Besides that it features many new things never before been seen in a campaign or even ArmA2 at all:

      I really just replaced all the .lip files and made a small config adjustment. Hopefully this time the .lip files wont break with the next patch.
      thanks to j_frost for pointing out the .lip files were causing CTDs.

Also thanks to Royal-Killer for informing us about the update.

Written on 2011-06-15 22:13 by Mondkalb  

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