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Requirements: ArmA 2, World In Conflict Tool
Island(s): Takistan
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Version: Beta 0.21

Date: 2010-08-08 11:05

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Feed, and Regard Him Not

You are one of six officers who have been chosen to receive medals for your service in Takistan. A convoy stands ready to escort you to the UN base where the award ceremony is due to take place. An easy journey is anticipated, since Army Intelligence are convinced we are now in full control of the central region of Takistan. To impress this success upon the international media, the convoy will travel with an escort of only light vehicles and a couple of relatively lightly-armed air assets.

  • Use of playmove animations.
  • Mortars, both at your command and hostile.
  • Scripted SP action for those who don't always want to be a SpecOps Captain bossing everyone about .
  • Your weapon choice is limited. You can't choose to have thermal optics and be a 21st century Future Soldier TM (unless you're a cold-hearted bandito who doesn't mind killing an AI fire-team leader at the mission start # hint, hint #).
  • Dynamically spawned WICT OPFOR at controlled times during the missions.
  • UAV module (if you succeeded in defending the convoy in the first mission).
  • GITA module: so you won't know where every house will be positioned.
  • Custom music track.
  • Some silliness and humour.
  • Save points. So you don't have to sit in the convoy doing nothing more than once

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead\Campaigns folder. (If it doesn't exist just create it).

    Known issues:
    It's my first proper release, and nobody else has tested it. It relies on a good few triggers and is a beta. That should give an indication of what to expect!

    I'd be grateful to hear any issues reported in this thread, and I'll try to fix them after I've had a couple of days of fresh air and sanity.

    There shouldn't be any show-stopping bugs. I predict the following issues are most likely:

    -The rate of units spawned for the finale of mission two. Let me know if you find any types of group in particular behaving weirdly or spawning six feet away from you .
    -The helo extraction at the end of mission two.
    -The transition between missions one and two. The friendly AI should keep the same weapons they had and should be alive or dead as they finished the first mission. I say should... .
    -At times, the convoy moves painfully slowly. This can't be helped; at least they stay on the road (and only shunt each other once or twice...). Use the '+' button and be glad that autosave is implemented

    Debriefings aren't functional. I need to look back at how my briefing.htmls are working.

    v0.21 Beta
  • Fixed: Helo extractions

  • v0.2 Beta
  • Fixed: Helicopter extraction. Both helos now land and take off on player's radio command. Chopper 2 won't take off without any other surviving officers in it, but I think that is perhaps a good thing (may be revised in the future).
  • Fixed: Altered WICT AIgroup numbers for both missions; aim - to present a stiff challenge but not be unsurvivable.
  • Fixed: init.sqf updated for proper compatibility with WICT version 1.8.
  • Fixed: Campaign is now called 'Feed.PBO' rather than 'Feast.PBO'

  • Credits & thanks:
    - to ArmaIIholic for producing such an enjoyable and useful tool for Arma 2, and also for supporting it diligently.
    - to Kronsky for his excellent patrol script.
    - to Kegetys for producing CPBO.
    - to Clayman for his awesome animation viewer.
    - to Mr. Murray for his Arma editing guide, which made the editor a lot less impenetrable.
    - to the many selfless members of this community who take the time to offer advice on OFPEC, the Biki, Armaholic and here.
    - to you for trying my mini-campaign!

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