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Version: 0.1 beta

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Date: 2007-04-29 20:34

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Random IED creation

This is a beta release of my IED script. The script isnt fully functional as I would like it to be so thats why its still beta. The IED creation and reaction works, its just the deleting of ammo inside objects created by this script that is not working.

This script will work in your editor and on a dedicated. However what happens in SP and on a "hosted game" I havent tested yet so dont ask for support if you are using it there.

Copy the "GRF_iedcreator" folder to your mission folder.

Call the script using the following syntax

[100,"west"] exec "GRF_iedcreator\fox_ied.sqs"

"100" is the chance a location will become an IED. Set it to 100 and a marker position will always be an IED. Set it to 0 and no IED will be created.

"west" is the side the IED will be triggered for. You can use "east" or "resistance" as well. Civilian or anyone will NOT work!!!

In the script you also have the following choices:
======IED locations======
Specify below all marker names you have added (you need to use empty markers!!!) to your mission as to be a possible IED!
For example:
_iedarray = ["marker1","marker2","marker3","marker4","marker5"]

======IED types======
Add all possible ied's you want the script to choose from. For now an IED can only be an object type.
Please note that wrecks can not be destroyed by the player cause they are wrecked already. So if you add wrecks to this array the players cant do anything to destroy those!
For example:
_spawnunit = ["JeepWreck1","JeepWreck2","JeepWreck3","M113Wreck","hiluxWreck","UralWreck",

======IED ordinance types======
Here you can specify what type(s) of ammo you want the script to select from to be used as the explosives.
For example:
GRF_ammo_array = ["Sh_125_HE","Bo_GBU12_LGB","Sh_122_HE","Sh_125_HE","Sh_122_HE","Sh_122_HE"]

======IED radius======
Here you can specify at what distance (in meters) a created IED should explode.
For example:
_radius = 10

======IED deactivation======
If you want to allow the player to be able to shoot/destroy suspected IED's set this value to true.
If you dont want the player to be able to shoot/destroy IED's set this to false.
Please keep in mind pallets and wrecks (and maybe other objects I missed/didnt try) can NOT be ;destroyed since they dont register of being hit (a wreck is already destroyed and pallets dont explode right?)
Like this:
_deactivation = true
_deactivation = false

I suggest and ask you kindly to not modify this script at this point (let me finish it), however if you want to edit, change or use this script in anyway give me credit for the work I have done. I have used 2 elements in this script I got from one of Kronzky's scripts. The not working array elements (call and sent array scripts) were given to me by Bobor SK

Legal disclaimer:
You are permitted to use this script for personal entertainment purposes only.
Any commercial and/or military use is strictly forbidden.

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