PvP gamemode : Cotala Insurgency by Cotala Studios

Cotala Studios released a new adversarial gamemmode in the BI forums.

Quote Cotala Studios :
Well, I can't wait for PR, and I want to give PR converts a taste of A2 life, and vice versa, so:

I introduce Cotala Insurgency for Arma 2. Note this is in no way competition, or a replacement for PR, and I most likely will stop working on it besides changing cache locations after the PR release. I have not tested this on a dedicated server, however I believe I have done everything right. Server admins: this is a pure PvP mission. TURN THE AI OFF!!!. It causes lag, and all they do is stand at their spawn points. They have no waypoints, and add nothing to the mission.

Written on 2010-08-19 07:39 by Big  

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