Author: Franze
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Requirements: F/A-18E/F Super Hornet

Version: 0.1 alpha
Signed: No

Short description: This is a comprehensive package containing a number of unfinished and incomplete addons.

Date: 2010-08-22 10:13

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Su-17/22M4 'FITTER-K'

After 2 years in development, I've decided to go ahead and release my Su-17/22M4 aircraft. It's pretty far from finished, but ArmA1 is fast becoming obsolete and I'd like a few people to enjoy it before I move on.
This is a comprehensive package containing a number of unfinished and incomplete addons:
    * Cy-17M4 'FITTER-K' Fighter-Bomber
    * Su-22M4 'FITTER-K' Fighter Bomber (in NATO Polish or SLAF colors)
    * MiG-23MLD 'FLOGGER' Fighter
    * An-12B 'Cub' Transport
    * 1S91 'STRAIGHT FLUSH' Tracking and Guidance radar
    * 2k12 'SA-6 GAINFUL' SAM system
    * 9M31 'SA-9 GASKIN' SAM system
    * M1097 Avenger HMMWV SAM
    * ZiL-157 Fuel and Ammo trucks (by Nodunit)
    * Molinya/Tarantul III class missile boat
    * Kurilekia 51x51km island
This was all intended to be supporting material for a campaign focusing on the Su-17; unfortunately time constraints meant I simply could not finish it all. Most of this stuff is not super-high quality standards but enables a relatively complete experience without sacrificing too much performance.

The focus is still on the Su-17/22M4 fighter-bomber aircraft - this is a further step in the evolution of our aircraft line, presenting new features and redesigning old ones:

- CCIP system - the ASP-17 gunsight can display a basic impact point for bombs, rockets, and guns. Not a very refined system and incredibly inaccurate, it still offers more options than 'guess bombing'.
- Steerpoint systems - the HSI has the ability to map steerpoints, similar to waypoints. The HSI will display the heading to the next steerpoint and the distance until that steerpoint is reached. It enables a better hands-on flying ability than having to check the map every now and then, in addition to offering a useful tool for indicating distance to certain targets, etc.
- ELINT - the Su-17/22M4 can equip the KKR combined camera, flare, and ELectronic INTelligence pod. This pod can take pictures which other players can view from the Photography Tent, flares for lighting up areas at night, and the ELINT suite which can detect hostile radiation sources. Radiation sources can be defined for a mission or known radiation sources detected (i.e., PIVADS, GUNDISH). This pod will automatically identify the radiation source of a SAM that fires upon the aircraft.
- Missile spoofing has been improved dramatically. By default, the aircraft has flares and chaff which offer some protection, but require the aircraft to beam the missile: flying perpendicular to the missile. Failure to do so gives the missile a greater chance of hitting at the 12 and 6 O'clock positions. The SPS jammer pod greatly increases missile spoofing capability as well as providing an active ECM jammer.
- Damage system - the aircraft will display varying states of physical damage depending on which systems are hit. Handling can be affected, weapons will fail, fuel will leak, hydraulic systems will lose pressure, and critical damage can cause catastrophic results.
- Improved cluster bombs will dispense munitions along their axis of motion now instead of a random square.
- Klen Laser/TV targeting system offers a manual guidance capability for destroying static targets with laser guided or TV guided weapons.
- Dynamic arming system offers 22 different weapons and pods to be equipped on the aircraft in varying orders.

There are 6 missions included with this package:
Singleplayer -
Su-17 - Quick Mission Player (Play a number of quick scenarios with three different aircraft in various conditions)
Su-17 - Search and Rescue (As a Polish Su-22M4 pilot, assist in the rescue of a downed pilot)
Su-17 - Basic Flight Training (Familiarization with basic aircraft features)
Su-17 - Demo (A simple demo mission for flying around and blowing stuff up)
Multiplayer -
Su-17 - Furball 2-8 MP (4 vs 4 gunzo dogfighting mission pits Polish and SLA Su-22s against each other in a per-round basis)
Su-17 - The Pipes 2-8 MP (8 player cooperative mission has all players work to eliminate objectives over Kurilekia)

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

Included files:

Here is the online manual detailing additional features, functions, editor usage, and other information.

This is an ALPHA release. That means: unfinished, buggy, incomplete. This addon and associated addons may not work 100%!

Credits & Thanks:
Franze (modeling, texturing, scripting)
Nodunit (ZiL-157 model and texture)
General Barron (getpitch, getbank, setpitch, setbank functions)
Footmunch (afterburner script)
Gaia/Xenom (nuclear blast script)
Gedis (provided information sources on Su-17)
Hellcat (testing)

Music Credits:
Peter Johnston (La ere gymnopedie) courtesy of
Davis High School Symphony Orchestra (Polyvetsian Dances) courtesy of
United States Marine Band (Grand Fantasie from Die Walkure) courtesy of
Bernd Krueger (Moonlight sonata 1st movement)
(Space Fighter Loop, What You Want v2, Cool Rock, Pulse Rock) Kevin MacLeod (

Special Thanks:
Col Klink - Many scripting concepts based upon his work
CrazyIvan - Cyrillic/Russian translations

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- BI forums

- F/A-18E/F Super Hornet


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