Operation Flashpoint & ArmA Series Quiz Competition

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Only one and a half day left!
If you have not sent in your answers its time to sent them in now to make sure you are eligible to win one of the three free British Armed Forces DLC's!


Sprocket has given Armaholic 3 free copies of the British Armed Forces DLC which we are going to give to selected winners of a competition we have made for the Arma community.
We have decided this should be a not so easy competition, this so its a real challenge to try and answer all questions correctly. And although not easy we think a true fan should be able to answer all questions and afterall, you have a whole week to try and find all answers!

The competition will run for one week, starting today till wednesday september 1st 23:59. Any entries recieved after that time will be ignored for the competition so make sure you sent in your entry in time!

Competition setup:
The idea was to have 1 question of each game released by BIS including the OFP games, so 1 Cold War Crisis question, 1 Resistance question, 1 Armed Assault question, 1 Arma 2 question and 1 Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead question.
We have created a form where all participants can submit their entries, you can find the competition form here.
Please copy/paste the questions into the form and add your answer behind each question!
Please note some questions require multiple answers!

  • Use the competition form to sent in your answers, any other submission with the answers will be ignored!
  • Only registered members can take part in the competition.
  • One entry per person allowed only. People who submit multiple entries will be excluded from the winner selection!
  • Make sure to add a valid email adress to the competition form so you can be contacted in case you won a free copy of the BAF DLC.
  • Winners will be choosen at random from all correct entries.
  • Armaholic staff/old staff/inactive staff and active team members are excluded from the competition.

Here are the questions:
    1. In Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis if you fail spectacularly at the mission "Montignac" there's an alternative mission instead of the usual "After Montignac", what's the name of this alternative mission?

    2. In Operation Flashpoint Resistance you are helped out by an old friend from CWC, can you name him and the Resistance mission he first turns up in?

    3. In the Armed Assault (ArmA1) campaign refugees inform the U.S. forces about mass graves. From which town are those refugees?

    4. Arma 2 question: What is the name of an important file describing the relationships between ChDKZ and certain Russian high-level military commanders:
      a) Radium
      b) Cobalt
      c) Manhattan

    5. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead question: Have a look at the picture below and name the town in which the building shown in the middle is located and how many stairs does the building have (count each stairtread!).

Make sure to use the competition form to sent in your answers!
Make sure you answer all questions!! as some of you submit incomplete answers!

We would like to thank BIS for all their great games over the past years, Placebo and W0lle and of course Sprocket for giving us 3 free copies of the BAF DLC to give to the community!

Written on 2010-08-31 08:54 by Armaholic  

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