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Version: 2.0 Beta

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Date: 2007-06-19 19:27

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Armed Assault Desert Island Addon
Desert Island
=DST= OcramWeb

The southern part of sara from the free demo, has been changed to look desert like !

Trees are gone, palm trees added, ground swapped with sand, increased map zoom in editor places name changed. this is a first throw, lots of things are to be change still, but it is already fully playable in this new desert like area. hope you 'll like it ;)

Place the files "SaraLiteDry2.pbo" in your ...\ArmA\AddOns\ directory

Included files:

Still to do:

  • textures shades from far distance
  • change area names
  • swap the road panels to match real names
  • swap some houses to better fit desert
  • include sand storms weather on island

=DST= OcramWeb is not related to BIS in any way,...and you can use this addon at your own risk.

Everything as been fully tested and shouldn't do anything harmless to your ArmA installation.

BIS , =DST= OcramWeb Won't take any responsibilities for whatsoever.

"Sahrani Lite from free demo - copyright by Bohemia Interactive Studio".

ArmA and it's content are copyright of BIS.

You may host this file as you please.
You may not remove this readme or modify the files from the download.

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