Campaign : Joint Operations - BAF by Specialist updated

Specialist released a new version of his Joint Operations featuring the BAF in our forums.

  • Added new mission "Poppy Rush"
  • All new campaign introduction
  • All new FOB
  • Increased performance
  • Player can now rearm and refuel vehicles at the FOB
  • Fixed issues with AI behaviour inside the FOB
  • AI can now drive out of the FOB alone
  • AI will now enter vehicles inside the FOB
  • Added AAN news border to the frontline combat footage scene
  • Added AAN news border to coalition assault intro
  • Updated AAN news tickers with the latest news from the AAN website
  • All new campaign outro
  • Added credits & thanks
  • Other minor fixes

Written on 2010-10-23 07:55 by Big  

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