V.I.R.U.S. Independance war released
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Sled88 has informed us about the release of the "V.I.R.U.S. Independence war" mod version 1.20.

These are the changes for this new version:

    • increased performance about 15%
    • changed the 3rd person view
    • added german and english subtitled campaign
    • fixed the grass issue
    • fixed some bugs in the missions
    • changed core version to 1.05
    • Added a M40A1 Sniper in jungle camo
    • Added normalmaps to walls
    • changed Marine-textures
    • changed some weapon values
Download this 1.29 GB file from our download section.

It is adviced you use this new version of the V.I.R.U.S. mod and delete any previous version.

Written on 2007-06-03 15:09 by Sled88  

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