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Requirements: Arma 2

Version: 2-7-3

Short description: F2 is a framework: an MP mission folder containing a library of scripts, functions and template files, plus a manual (this document).

Date: 2013-07-07 18:24

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F2 Mission Development Framework - English version

F2 supports ArmA2: Operation Arrowhead (via new build: F2 OA Folk).

The problem with mission-making:
A problem with mission-making, and multi-player missions in particular, is that the 'learning curve' is steep. The mission designer has to learn about many issues, and ensure that several key components (such as briefing files, gear selection snippets, automatic removal of dead bodies etc.) are created, correctly configured and tested in order to build a quality mission with high levels of re-playability and performance.

Often the overall quality of a designer's early missions suffers because s/he is having to 'reinvent the wheel', writing and testing his/her own library of personally developed scripts, and finding and learning how to use scripts and code snippets written by other designers.

The objective of F2:
F2 (like BAS f on which it is based) is an attempt to help the new mission designer take advantage of a library of pre-tested components that will increase the quality, re-playability and performance of his/her missions, whilst allowing him/her to focus on making his/her own unique ideas come to life.

Framework vs. template:
F2 is a framework: an MP mission folder containing a library of scripts, functions and template files, plus a manual (this document). The framework is designed to provide the mission designer, after minimal additional configuration, with a selection of pre-tested features and functionality intended to improve the overall quality and re-playability of his/her mission.

Since F2 is a framework, and not a template, the design of the actual mission is completely open; the framework is intended only to save time for the designer by providing components such as weather selections that work with join-in-progress (JIP), or pre-configured gear selections for re-equipping soldiers during the mission briefing. For many components care has also been taken to localise messages and texts (where used) into several languages.

Importantly, all components of the framework are fully explained in this online manual, feature extensive commenting within script files, and each can be disabled if desired. This manual is designed to guide the mission designer through the full configuration process, as well as provide instructions for optional components.

Who is the framework for?
F2 is aimed at the new ArmA2 mission designer, although it is not intended for complete beginners. To use F2 the mission designer should have a basic understanding of:
    How to open the MP mission editor
    How to place and edit units, triggers, waypoints and markers in the editor
    The ArmA2 scripting syntax (for .sqf files)
    The roles of key files: description.ext and init.sqf
    The role of script files (.sqf files)
If a mission designer has already created his/her first few missions, everything in F2 should be relatively straightforward. In addition, mission designers with intermediate experience may also find BAS f useful as a time-saver, or as the basis for their own personal base framework(s).

    Core components:
      Naming Your Mission
      Mission Header
      Respawn Settings
      F2 Common Local Variables
      Mission Conditions Selector
      Debug Mode
      ShackTactical Platoons
      ShackTactical Group IDs
      ShackTactical Group Markers
      ShackTactical Fireteam Member Markers
      ShackTactical Assign Gear Script
      Preplaced Game Logics
      Multiplayer Ending Controller
      Kegetys Spectator Script
      Sample Markers
      Briefing File Template
      ReadMe File Template
    Optional components:
      Gear Snippets
      AI Skill Selector (coop)
      AI Skill Selector (A&D)
      Automatic Body Removal
      Automatic Body Removal (FIFO)
      Authorised Crew Check
      Authorised Crew Type Check
      Dynamic View Distance
      Casualties Cap
      Casualties Cap (Advanced)
Future plans:
ShackTactical High Command Support *
Automatic Medical Game Logics *

You can find the Russian version here: F2 Mission Development Framework - Russian version

Credits & Thanks:
Huge thanks to current contributors: Wolfenswan, Cam, Head and Kaleovil and to all at Folk ARPS.

Change log:
Hotfix: Fixed Kegetys Spectator Script component (broken by ACRE Support component).
To fix missions built with F2 v2-7-2 simply update f/common/f_spect/specta.sqf with the version from F2 v2-7-3.

Updated ORBAT Notes component (group names are now clickable and zoom map to group marker).
Updated CO Folk ARPS JIP Reinforcement Options component (JIP group does not follow player).
Updated CO Folk ARPS JIP Reinforcement Options component (JIP option more visible).
Updated ACRE Support component (automatically splits frequencies per side).
Updated ACRE Support component (added spectator chat).
Fixed F2 Common Local Variables component (prevented double-counts of vehicle crew).

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