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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Takistan, Zargabad
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Version: 1.0

Date: 2010-09-05 13:32

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Takistan Rumble!

Each team starts out with one hundred tickets.

There will be two distinct zones on the map, one red and one blue

The aim of the map is to gain tickets and stop the enemy doing the same. You can achieve these goals with one of two ways:
    li]Killing the enemy – With each team death (Not counting disconnects) the enemy loses a ticket
  • Planting your flag in the enemy zone – This results in a steady ticket gain as long as that flag is up.
  • Taking the enemy flag zone - Having a holding majority in the zone for 2minutes will send the enemy flag back to their base.

Around 2km out from the AO, each side has a FOB. This FOB contains respawnable CSW (The only CSW that will respawn on the map), some unarmed and armed transport. As well as the heavier equipment; tanks and IFVs.

Further out from the AO each side has an airfield which is where the non-respawnable CSW are located, rearm boxes and fortification crates. At the Airfield are transport containers which can be airlifted by helicopters, as well as a variety of vehicles for troop resupply.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\MPMissions folder.

R3F Logistics & Arty script is also included in the map. This allows for each team to fortify their flag by taking CSW such as TOW, M2 etc to their flag position to aid in the defence and to rearm friendlies.

There are also wooden crates at each airfield. When deployed on the ground, these crates allow the squad leaders of each team to build fortifications from a drop down menu. Squad Leaders can ONLY build within a 100m radius of this box.

This allows each team to build up around their flag when the box is placed near it. This can turn a grass area, mountain top or even a remote warehouse into a heavily fortified position. The building times of each fortification varies from around 120sec to 20sec. However this time can be decreased by having team members nearby the building squad leader.

Not only does this system allow for teams to build up their flag, but inventive squads will use this system to their advantage by:
  • Setting up fortified choke points along the road.
  • Setting up OPs to monitor the enemy's main supply route.
  • Setting up a fire base for artillery or even an AA outpost.

Vehicle List:
    HMMWV M2/MK19
    UH-60M MEV

    Military Off-road & M2
    Mi-8 MEV
*FLIR disabled for all vehicles

Credits & thanks:
Goschie: Scripts, Mission Designer
Hooves: Mission Designer, Testing
Spyder: Briefing, Testing
Pirin: Briefing, Hints
t0m: Testing
Dragon: Testing

Thanks to AToW members that tested and all the communities that stepped up to help.

Many thanks to R3F for their artillery & logistics script.

And lastly thanks to all the scripters out there that helped us along.

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